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As you walk around in your village, Anldruid, you dont know that terrible events are going to change your life forever. Best swordsman of the village, you have never known war, neither has your village. The plains of Gotha has been pieceful as long as anyone can remember and no one knows that the gargoyle people has raised an army, walking towards Anldruid! No one except the wise old man, who knows that if you fail bringing back help, it will be the end of Anldruid. Characteristics: - 35 levels in 5 different graphic styles - 33 different enemies - 255 different Arms and 255 different Armors - Many hours of gameplay - A new fighting system based on the characteristics of the hero and the reflexes of the player. A complex nonlinear scenario - Several playable heroes - The terrible Dacrid and other Bosses - Save the game any time.



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