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Bogee ExpeditionBogee Expedition
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This game is about a great adventure of Bogee, an anthropology student sent to explore wild and dangerous tribes on the edges of the civilized world. His primary task is to find artifacts of native life, but also he would like to collect all the valuable items and tasty fruits of exotic lands along the way – just as any other smart student would.

Bogee is a very kind and amiable young man, he finds it is a pleasure to feed animals, and tries to give something tasty to every creature on his way. As a true scientist Bogee detests any violence, so the best way to meet the goals of this expedition and stay alive is to avoid unfriendly Aborigines and dodge weapons hurled at him. Bogee has limited time to explore every location in this exciting world of ancient people.

Game features:
- 9 levels + 3 bonus levels;
- 7 types of enemies;
- animated environment;
- adaptive enemies;
- ingame hints;
- unique melodies for different locations.

Size: 160.3kB For the specific mobile phone follow this link



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