Three easy steps to get iPhone Application with your own photos

1. Register

Register in our photo gallery service at www.toprq.com. After registration you can upload your own photographs. After all three steps, they will be automatically displayed within new iPhone/iPad application created by us.

2. Upload

Your can upload 100 Megs of your photos for free. Photo albums can be public or private. In iPhone application you can have up to 5 different albums for free. If you need either more albums or space for your images, please send us a query.

3. Pay

After your iPhone/iPad application is finished, reviewed and approved by Apple, you will be asked by email to pay 99 € for developing iPhone/iPad application. Downloading iPhone application from App Store will cost you 0.99 € for each new device.
That's it... Is it worth to pay almost 100 € for your own photo gallery in an iPhoto Application? We do think so...
Additionally, you can tell to all your friends to get your application from iTunes App Store. Your friends will be always in touch with your new photos. Whenever you upload new photos to our web photo gallery at www.toprq.com, iPhone/iPad application will automatically display all your uploaded photographs.

How does the iPhone Application looks like?

Here is an example of our Top Photos Application. It has more than 150,000 photos inside and over 10 albums and there is no problem in speed. You can also find it in App Store and download it for free.

Top Photos iPhone Application Screenshots

Top Photos iPhone Screenshot 1  Top Photos iPhone Screenshot 2  Top Photos iPhone Screenshot 3 
Top Photos iPhone Screenshot 4  Top Photos iPhone Screenshot 5  Top Photos iPhone Screenshot 6 

Top Photos iPhone Application Video

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