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Display your photos in a cool mp3 flash photogallery page

What would a web site be without pictures? Plain and very boring! Many people need online photo albums to display pictures of family, friends and their life. So why a flash photo gallery? Static photo galleries are good too. But a flash photo gallery makes your images come alive. You can fit more images in a smaller amount of space on your web page.

With a flash photo gallery you give your site visitors the control to choose which enlarged view images they would like to see. Its easy!. Initially your site visitors see a thumbnail (smaller view) of your picture. If they want to see the enlarged (bigger) view of the picture they can click on the picture thumbnail and the picture will quickly load for them. Your site visitors will thank you for thinking of them!

Customize your photogallery page

This awesome little flash photo gallery is sure to match your web site because you can customize many things including:

  • Texts, background and colors
  • Opening screen image
  • Thumbnails size
  • Titles and number of images for each album
  • Slideshow delay time
  • Your own mp3 music with loop repeating you need
  • and many many more...

Growing with photogallery page

You have unlimited possibility to put whatever amount of albums, which could contains different photo galleries. You can divide your photo galleries to many kinds of images. Divide your gallery by type like Nature, People, Travel, Macro, Black & White, Panorama, Animals, Art, etc. Also you can divide your photos by date, so you can simply add your photos from digital camera every day.

Every gallery is one mouse click from another. This is quick and easy not only for you, but also for your site visitors. Every subgallery could be customized differently. First one can have a black background, another white. In some gallery you can allow to listen music, in other you can enjoy the silence.

Control your photogallery page

Control panel helps you and your visitors to use comfort of flash photo gallery. Simple click to play a slideshow or turn the music on. You can control many things including:

  • Navigating photos in the gallery forward or back
  • Browsing your photos with slideshow
  • Turn on/off music if mp3 file is enabled for specific gallery
  • Displaying your photos description (your own added or from digital camera meta data)
  • Show/hide thumbnails for better focusing on actual image

... or you can write us, what navigation on your page you need. Please check examples and references for different support of navigations...