600+ Games & Apps (Java/Flash)600+ Games & Apps (Java/Flash)


Over 600 games/apps to play on your cellphone or webpage! Search support, divided to categories, just click & play!

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This pod allows you to play or download the latest JAVA and FLASH games & applications. It also gives you all needed information when the game or application is updated to a newer version. You can play these games on your phone or directly on the SMS.ac webpage. You can find your favorite game very quickly either with the search input, or filtering by category or letter.

Now over 600 games in these categories: arcade, casino, erotic, fight, fun, logic, race, shoot, sport, strategy, tetris.

Applications groups: browser, calendar, dictionary, education, email, graphics, messenger, utility.

Additionally, you can chat with the other SMS.ac members inisde the pod. New items are added all the time. Works well in both sizes.

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