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Collection of over 30,000 pictures around the world with trekking and hiking routes, trails, maps, ratings and photography to promote and protect natural areas and the journey on foot experience.

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Online Physics elearning

Study our online materials in one of the oldest academic disciplines.

Physics is a natural science and more broadly, it is the general analysis of nature, conducted in order to understand how the world and universe behave.

University Physics

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Slovak version - original


Discover countries in Europe

Online photo gallery with photos of Austria or Slovak Republic, Vienna, Bratislava or High Tatras mountains, areas whose natural beauty makes it one of the most attractive tourist destinations.


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High Tatras
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iPhone App

Top Photos 1.0.1 Application

Top Photos application gives you 300,000+ latest pictures from all over the world. 500+ images added daily - and they are automatically displayed in your iPhone with newest on top.

Photographs, wallpapers, backgrounds, landscapes and other images are divided into several categories. Easy navigation, beautiful fullscreen slideshows.

Send any photo to your friend by email of MMS, or use it as wallpaper or contact picture.



8,000 online free games

Play or download 4 Gigs of latest new addicting games in Flash. Choose your action, casino, fight, adult, fun, logic, race, retro, rpg, shooting, skill, sport, tetris or strategy game. Filter games by category or a letter. Search input field helps you to find your favorite game.


You can also download free JAVA games and applications for your older mobile phone or smartphone.



4,500 mobile phone ringtones

This project contains many original music sounds, polyphonic ringtones and several different music styles.

You can download an unlimited number of songs organized by artist and title. You can filter MIDI files with a starting letter or search input field.

The MIDI file is a universal format of musical data exchange between various devices, mobile or cell phones, smartphones and computers.




Database with 300,000+ photos

Browse our largest database of spectacular photos from around the world. New images are added every day!

Pictures are divided into different galleries - world and sport events, hot sexy swimsuit and lingerie babes, glamorous girls, celebrities and stars.

Find photos of animals, buildings, unique vehicles, artistic, stock and astronomical photos as well as large collection of emoticons and smileys.

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Slovak folklore videos

Watch Slovak folklore videos and groups, their songs, dances or read about the folklore history, their news events and festivals.

Slovakia is rich in national art or folk culture and they are performed in all corners of Slovakia. Summer is the time for many folklore festivals and events.

Almost every region in Slovakia has its main festival, the most famous being the Vychodna and Detva festivals being held traditionally in July.



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