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       50 top games all-time        
1. Cubefield - race - 25013 plays
Link: Play
Dodge the blocks for as long as possible.

Size: 80690 Bytes

2. Super Stacker 2 - logic - 22792 plays
Super Stacker 2
Link: Play
Great logic game, new pazzly, new challenges and new solutions. Many more levels and very cute blocks reacting to the actual situation!

Size: 1465542 Bytes

3. Manic Rider - race - 20872 plays
Manic Rider
Link: Play
The popular flash game - Manic Rider. Excellent bike-toy with advanced physics engine. The main thing is to safely reach the finish line :-).

Size: 1479787 Bytes

4. Waterfalls 3 - logic - 20406 plays
Waterfalls 3
Link: Play
Excellent relaxing puzzle game with beautiful piano music by YouMaybe singer. Carefully place force directors (and portals) on the play-field to guide the particle flows towards the containers. Use your mouse to move portals, and direction changers to make the glow flow to fill the correct shapes.

Size: 3424050 Bytes

Armed With Wings Culmination
Link: Play
Provoked by his King into a fit of rage; the fallen Hero of the Earth, now at his lowest point. Driven by the desire to culminate, he embarks on his last journey to fulfill his destiny. An adventure awaits you in armed with wings: culmination, the sequel to the epic adventure RPG from Sun Studios. Slice, dice, and destroy enemies as you bring justice to the one who destroyed the rebellion army. Play as the fallen hero of earth, who has reached rock bottom in his life. Driven by his vendetta determination, he embarks on his last journey to fulfil his destiny. Storm your way through 15 levels and lay waste to countless different enemies. Complete with multiple difficulties and packed with 20 achievements, Culmination is a wildly chaotic action / platform game focused on delivering a unique and grand experience. Players with little time can get a full taste of Culmination thanks to the unique automatic leveling system. Players looking for deep experiences will find Culmination to have a well though combat system, rich with complex mechanics. Use Arrow Keys to control your character, Up key to Jump. WASD to attack, A to Strike, S to Double Strike, D to Power Strike, W to Ultimate Strike. See other in game instructions for complicated moves and attacks, spells, and other awesome features.

Size: 9003533 Bytes

6. Gunmaster Onslaught 2 - action - 19350 plays
Gunmaster Onslaught 2
Link: Play
Blow the crap out of any enemy on screen with multiple weapons.

Size: 467955 Bytes

7. Raze - action - 18380 plays
Link: Play
Create your profile and fight. Use WASD or Arrow keys to control your character. Use mouse to aim and numbers to select a specific gun or Enter/Shift to switch weapons. In the game there is a lot of weapons and different modes like deathmatch or capture the flag, amazing physics, and great music!

Size: 6468422 Bytes

8. Guess The Celebrity Thong - erotic - 16641 plays
Guess The Celebrity Thong
Link: Play
Can you guess whose thong is showing in the picture? Test your thong knowledge.

Size: 1384935 Bytes

9. Bridge - logic - 15846 plays
Link: Play
Your job is to build a bridge and help your workers to get items from the other side of valley. You have to design your bridge with design icon in the upper left corner. You have to bridge elements available: "walks" and "connectors".

Size: 724803 Bytes

10. Pinktris - erotic - 15738 plays
Link: Play
Tetris with the erotic pictures.

Size: 502576 Bytes

11. Red Car - skill - 15310 plays
Red Car
Link: Play
Drive the car and drift around corners without hitting anything. Make it to the end. Cool!

Size: 211327 Bytes

12. Boxhead 2Play Rooms - action - 15049 plays
Boxhead 2Play Rooms
Link: Play
The Boxhead series continues with another box zombie shooting game. Pick your level and go to it.

Size: 1943061 Bytes

13. Kingdom Rush - strategy - 14635 plays
Kingdom Rush
Link: Play
The kingdom is under attack! Defend your realm against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends; armed with a mighty arsenal of warriors and mages of your own! Fight on forests, mountains, and wastelands. Upgrade your towers with special powers, rain fire upon your enemies, summon additional troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters. Earn +50 achievements in this epic fantasy defense game by Ironhide Game Studio. Build towers to attack incoming enemies and stop them from getting past your defenses. Earn gold by defeating enemies and use it to build more towers. Use your mouse to click and create towers. 1 to select/cancel rain of fire spell. 2 to select/cancel reinforcements spell. 3 to select/cancel lightning bolt spell (premium content only). 4 to activate/cancel sunray tower. Spacebar to cancel any selected spell/power/rally point.

Size: 22860338 Bytes

14. Earn To Die - skill - 14505 plays
Earn To Die
Link: Play
Your goal is to get to the helicopter. Upgrade your car and drive your way through hordes of zombies in order to reach your destination – alive. Equip guns, jet engines, and upgrade your wheels, tires, suspensions, transmission and all sorts of other misc items. Smash through zombie bones as hard as you can to earn various bonuses. Use Arrow keys to control the car. Up key for acceleration, Down key for brake, Left/Right keys for tilt. Press X or Ctrl to use boost.

Size: 3900662 Bytes

15. Planet Racer - race - 14030 plays
Planet Racer
Link: Play
Customize your car, bet money, upgrade car.

Size: 1262899 Bytes

Vehicles 2 - Municipality Unleashed
Link: Play
Second version of the game, created by Dmitriy Fyudorov and Dmitriy Zaletov. Bad vehicles are causing havoc on the streets. Use your vehicles to ram them off the screen and restore peace to the streets. Click on the vehicle to make it move. Click on it again to stop it. Bad vehicles cannot be driven by click. Bad vehicles are black and they do not care about the rules, they do prohibited things. Try to ram the bad vehicles off the screen and restore the law & order. Every municipal vehicle has a unique ability, to activate it press power and then click on the vehicle. Police special ability is U-Turn. Ambulance can make reactive jump. Firetrucks can use reactive engine and they cool down everything what is hot. Purple cars are neutral. Use mouse to control the game, watch in-game tutorial to learn and R to reset the level if you are stuck.

Size: 4704184 Bytes

17. Max Dirt Bike - skill - 13299 plays
Max Dirt Bike
Link: Play
Surreal motorcycle game. The aim is to get over all the obstacles on a level in the fastest time possible. If you need a break just hit P to Pause. Or if you are tired of using the mouse to click next, just hit the SPACE bar. Use arrows to control your bike.

Size: 862986 Bytes

Mooo Twooo! - Genetically Enhanced
Link: Play
Crazy scientist has invented a drug for turning cows into pig and sheep. In each level, you have to roll up all the experimental test bottles with the potion. Sometimes you have to use injections to reach potions. Use your mouse to click on yellow haystacks to remove them. Get the cow to the bottle of Mutatium. Click on the cow to inject it with Mutatium. It will turn the cow into flying pig. A second injection of Mutatium will turn your pig into a sheep. Sheep cling and hold onto things. Inject the sheep again to turn it back to a cow. The number of Mutatium doses you have is shown at the bottom. You can also create your own level and there is 30 standard levels and infinite amount of levels created by players like you!

Size: 2453400 Bytes

19. Sprinter - sport - 12189 plays
Link: Play
A sports and skill game combined to make a running game. A key tapping game. Tap wrong and you trip.

Size: 408164 Bytes

20. Drag Racer V3 - race - 12151 plays
Drag Racer V3
Link: Play
Pick your ride, customize it, race it.

Size: 3955691 Bytes

21. Fancy Pants Adventure - action - 11968 plays
Fancy Pants Adventure
Link: Play
One of the best games with perfectly realized animations and great gameplaying opportunity. Use left and right to move the S key to jump. Press up to open doors, down to duck. Duck while on a slant or landing to roll. Space pauses the game, Q cycles quality.

Size: 2434523 Bytes

22. Lines - logic - 9763 plays
Link: Play
Make lines on the board. Control with your mouse.

Size: 35730 Bytes

23. Being One - Escape The Lab - logic - 9349 plays
Being One - Escape The Lab
Link: Play
You awake inside a vat, liquid bubbling up in front of your eyes. You have no idea where or who you are. Your eyes take a while to adjust to your surroundings. You must get out of this vat and escape this vile laboratory... You can possibly discover details about your confinement, as well as the identity of your unnamed ally in the process. Enjoy great graphics, sounds, puzzle and science fiction adventure thriller. Use your mouse to find items and solve item-based puzzles. Meanwhile, navigation is as simple as clicking on the yellow arrows that point to various landmarks.

Size: 3856896 Bytes

24. Crush the Castle - logic - 9108 plays
Crush the Castle
Link: Play
Destroy castles built of stones and wood. New players pack. Control with the mouse.

Size: 3058354 Bytes

25. TU 95 - skill - 8729 plays
TU 95
Link: Play
Manage all Tu-95. Serious job to fly a given distance, gently land, refuel and return to base.

Size: 2857599 Bytes

26. Bubble Struggle II - shoot - 8473 plays
Bubble Struggle II
Link: Play
Shoot the bubbles and shoot the smaller bubbles that divide from the larger bubbles.

Size: 3153177 Bytes

27. Deadly Venom 3 - action - 8383 plays
Deadly Venom 3
Link: Play
The gameplay of Deadly Venom 3 is not all that unique but it is rare. The renegade stealth assassin is back to take down the evil empire set on creating a deadly mutant weapon. Attack in stealth mode and unlock bonus costumes. Use your mouse to move, interact with targets or pick up objects. Press Spacebar to cancel attack. Press G to wear your thermal goggles on keypads. Use W, A, S, D keys for stealth attacks. Game starts in the building where you have to attack a guard. Click on a guard. Select stealth attack when he is not looking at you. Then click on a dead body to search it and to find a motorbike key.

Size: 5496667 Bytes

Sports Head Football Championship
Link: Play
Go head to head against opposing soccer players in intense one minute matches. Hit bonuses that appear on the field for special powerups and earn money to purchase upgrades after each game. See if you can you beat all 10 opponents and win the Championship cup. Use Arrow keys to move, Up arrow key to jump and the Space bar to kick. Hitting the power-ups will help you win or break your leg!

Size: 1387711 Bytes

29. Dragon Ball Z Devolution - fight - 8229 plays
Dragon Ball Z Devolution
Link: Play
A manga anime fight game where you listen to Master Roshi's instructions in dojo. He teaches you the art of kung fu. Start your 23rd tenkaichi budokai and challenge Piccolo in the world martial arts tournament. To perform a kamehameha, hold the charge button until the bar is full and then press X key to release a devastating energy blast. Learn control with a in-game training at the beginning. Press Arrow keys to move Goku. Double tap with a directional key to dash. C key to put up your defences to block attacks and to charge up your KI, X key to punch or kick.

Size: 6295713 Bytes

30. Demolition City - logic - 7886 plays
Demolition City
Link: Play
A great toy, where you destroy buildings with the help of dynamite. However, it is necessary to place explosives wisely: the building will collapse only if you are able to find the most vulnerable place. Place dynamite on concrete. Hit boom and get building rubble below the height marker to win.

Size: 1914948 Bytes

31. Zombie Pinball - skill - 7745 plays
Zombie Pinball
Link: Play
Zombie Pinball is those two great things put together. This isn't just zombie themed like in graphics, it actually features zombies. Use the graveyard pinball machine to score points and smash zombies. Zombies come out of the ground from tombstones and you get points for squishing them with the ball. Zombie Pinball does try and make a very detailed pinball game. There isn't one "layer" of pinball but rather three. Each with a separate, but still with zombies. Not only this but there does seem to be goals. Break apart all the tombstones, complete the Satanic ritual, etc. There is also dungeon levels that you can get to if you hit certain spots. Left and Right arrow to move paddles, Down arrow to control the plunger. Hold Down arrow to charge the plunger. You can also set your own keys to control the game.

Size: 4862600 Bytes

32. Palisade Guardian 2 - shoot - 7642 plays
Palisade Guardian 2
Link: Play
Building protection from the enemy, shoot at anything what moves. Space to zoom.

Size: 5274088 Bytes

33. Tattoo Artist - fun - 7442 plays
Tattoo Artist
Link: Play
Let's see whether one of you good tatoo artist. Keep track of all the indicators - apply drawing gently and try not to hurt the client, otherwise you are dismissed.

Size: 888095 Bytes

34. Tetris - tetris - 7146 plays
Link: Play
Tetris that allows you to jump to a hard level at the beginning.

Size: 13241 Bytes

35. Platform Racing - race - 7005 plays
Platform Racing
Link: Play
Run online with friends. Right arrow or D to run right. Left arrow or A to run left. W or Up arrow to jump. Down or S to charge a super jump. Space to use an item.

Size: 1599.3 KB

36. Bubble Hit - skill - 6765 plays
Bubble Hit
Link: Play
Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board. Shoot down 3 or more bubbles in the same color.

Size: 400492 Bytes

37. Dead Drunk - skill - 6182 plays
Dead Drunk
Link: Play
Once a sysadmin has spent the entire day to work with the server. Many cigars were smoked and beer drink... But the day ended and sysadmin go home...You must bring the drunken man to the destination, on the road with a bottles of alcohol.

Size: 1931655 Bytes

38. Motocross FMX - race - 6153 plays
Motocross FMX
Link: Play
Rev up your bike, buts a few hallacious tricks and catch some fatty air! 9 different tracks with obstacles and difficulties. Your mission is to successfully land as many tricks as you can and score hight. Controls: Accelerate - Up arrow, Brake - Down arrow, Slope - Left and Right arrows, tricks: 1-7

Size: 4183608 Bytes

39. Red Remover - logic - 6007 plays
Red Remover
Link: Play
Red shapes are miserable. Remove them all by clicking on them. Dark red shapes are strong and you can't click them. Make them fall off the screen instead. Green shapes are lovely. Keep them on the screen. Blue shapes are neutral. It doesn't matter if they stay or go. There are 4 planes of grafity. Look at the shapes faces to see which way they will fall.

Size: 1117072 Bytes

40. Weapon - shoot - 5924 plays
Link: Play
Your Black Hawk was shot down by enemy and your task is to provide cover until the arrival of evacuation. There are available various types of weapons and upgrades for you.

Size: 3846888 Bytes

41. Takeover - strategy - 5877 plays
Link: Play
The Empire united all the countries of the continent Rivadis ages ago. Centuries later, the Emperor and the nobles turned to dark doctrines. Hunger and decay has set in the lands of Rivadis but several nations in the outskirts of the empire rebelled against their cruel rulers. Time for Takeover has come! Use your Mouse to lead one of 3 nations in the battle for Rivadis in this real-time strategy game.

Size: 16473185 Bytes

42. Decision 2 – New City - shoot - 5858 plays
Decision 2 – New City
Link: Play
Your objective is to stay alive and kill as many zombies as you can. Survive as long as you can. Angry zombies will attack you from everywhere. Use different weapons to kill them in this abandoned city. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move. Use your Mouse to aim, fire and look around.

Size: 13270322 Bytes

43. Lust or Bust - erotic - 5697 plays
Lust or Bust
Link: Play
Don't get caught looking at the boobies.

Size: 959581 Bytes

44. Rocket 2 - skill - 5584 plays
Rocket 2
Link: Play
Fly past the moon as you attempt to reach the planet mars with your custom built space rocket. Your goal is to reach for the moon with your home built rocket. Collect enough money to buy upgrades at the store. Use the mouse to countdown and initiate the launch sequence and Arrow keys to steer the spacecraft through coins and dollar bills.

Size: 2848261 Bytes

45. Sands of the Coliseum - rpg - 5553 plays
Sands of the Coliseum
Link: Play
Sands of the coliseum game is a turn based combat within the gladiatorial arena as you go up against some of Romes finest warriors. You level up you can use the skill points on various traits of yours (health, dexterity, strength, etc.) as well as special skills like combo strikes, throwing, and power boosts. Also as you progress through the ranks you can loot and buy better weapons and armor to help you in your quest to be the best gladiator you can possibly be. Use your Mouse to select different body parts on your opponent to deliver a devastating attack with your sword. Once you've defeated the gladiator choose whether to please the crowd and execute him or show mercy by letting him live. Finishing him or her off will reward you with more loot an bonuses. Don't forget to visit the blacksmith to forge new weapons and to upgrade your strength, dexterity, health and defense with xp earned at the skills section.

Size: 10706787 Bytes

46. Crimson Momentum - action - 5395 plays
Crimson Momentum
Link: Play
You are a jumpy ball and there are 3 types of levels. Survival - you are in an hostile environment and your goal is to stay alive for required time. Time trial is race where you need to reach goal before time runs out. Scavenging is to collect all the coins of a level without time limit.

Size: 2663865 Bytes

47. Guess The Celebrity Thong 3 - logic - 5390 plays
Guess The Celebrity Thong 3
Link: Play
Guess the thongs of celebrities and try not to miss any.

Size: 1597324 Bytes

48. SAS Zombie Assault - strategy - 5245 plays
SAS Zombie Assault
Link: Play
Build barricades, buy weapons and kill zombies as long as you can.

Size: 2146020 Bytes

49. Swords And Sandals Crusader - fight - 5245 plays
Swords And Sandals Crusader
Link: Play
The Swords and Sandals series continues. Ready to pick a fight with another would-be conquerer?

Size: 3523690 Bytes

50. Theme Hotel - strategy - 5182 plays
Theme Hotel
Link: Play
Construct and develop your own hotel by playing free and extensive online flash game. Start your construction from scratch to high rise a superior resort, crowded by happy guests. Give your hotel room a unique stylish look so the guests are indulged in pure luxury and wellness. The elevator feature will allow you to build and connect multiple floors to expand your hotel. Hire staff members to keep the hotel running smooth and safely. Use the mouse cursor to select and build building blocks. WASD or Arrow keys to pan.

Size: 3299158 Bytes

       50 top games all-time        
action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris