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       50 top games today        
1. Mars Cannon - shoot - 12 plays
Mars Cannon
Link: Play
The planet Mars is full of dangers. Destroy all hostile lifeforms which are always green. Friendly lifeforms are always pink, try to protect them. There are two modes of shooting. Click further away from the cannon to increase the power of the shoot. Or keep the mouse pressed to increase the power of the shoot. Harder to achieve but it will bring more points.

Size: 1878076 Bytes

2. Epic Combo Redux - fun - 7 plays
Epic Combo Redux
Link: Play
Hit the turtles with your hammer as they swarm out from the sewer pipes and earn cash! Buy cool upgrades with your money to smash more turtles. Use awesome combinations and try to reach 10.000 combos as fast as you can. Use your Mouse for purchasing chain reaction upgrades. Use your Arrow or WASD keys to move the stickman. Press Space bar key to bash the critters with your hammer. Visit the shop and get upgrades such as machine guns, lasers, buzz sawes, chainsaw, proximity mines or even party disco lighting effect.

Size: 2111327 Bytes

3. Bug Rampage - skill - 6 plays
Bug Rampage
Link: Play
A lone caterpillar fighting against the might of the insect kingdom. Control an angry caterpillar as it seeks vengeance against all the other insects for stealing its food supply. Intuitive control with 16 distinct enemy types with their own behaviour and attack styles. Bug head trophies to earn with 25 level arenas across 5 distinctive themes. Use your Mouse to control the caterpillar as it slithers around and Left Mouse button to perform a dash (useful in quick getaways from swarms of insects). Grab all the fruit to fill your belly to complete each level. After each attack wave you can upgrade your legs, bullet power or dash with the DNA you've collected.

Size: 4150389 Bytes

4. Lines - logic - 5 plays
Link: Play
Make lines on the board. Control with your mouse.

Size: 35730 Bytes

5. World Wars 2 - strategy - 4 plays
World Wars 2
Link: Play
It's not over yet, soldiers! Another mess of maps to conquer. Choose how many armies you want to defeat at once, and prepare for battle, baby. Try to dominate the map as you attack the enemies controlling area of the land mass. There is another variety of two different maps to conquer, you can choose from either Europe or Random. Use your Mouse to play and choose how many enemies you want to defeat at once between 1 and 8.

Size: 1899604 Bytes

6. Bubble Hit Halloween - skill - 4 plays
Bubble Hit Halloween
Link: Play
Burst halloween bubbles with a haunting pop! Shoot halloween bubbles so that they attach to other bubbles, creating groups of 3 or more of the same color to clear them. The more bubbles you take down with a single shot, the more points you'll score. If you make a mistake by shooting without clearing any bubbles, new rows of bubbles will sometimes appear. The game will end either when you clear the board or when the bubbles have reached the bottom of the screen!

Size: 390413 Bytes

7. Dynetzzle - logic - 4 plays
Link: Play
Dynetzzle is an original mind bending mathematical puzzle game. Player have to imagine dice from given nets to solve puzzles. Every new level is more difficult for your thinking. You should fill the faces of the cube with numbers in order that the sum of all numbers on each side was the same. Wherein you shouldn't use the same number twice. On the cubes, cycle through different numbers with your Mouse, that for all dice opposing sides equals to the same number.

Size: 662628 Bytes

8. Little Protector Planes - rpg - 4 plays
Little Protector Planes
Link: Play
The planes have been invaded by evil creatures of many shapes and sizes, creatures that have stolen the astral treasures and are feasting on the energy you need. Each time you play Little Protector Planes a whole new plane is created for your party of ascended souls to adventure in. As an omnipotent being it's up to you to bring order to infinity, one plane at a time. Recover the Astral treasures, Ascend new classes of hero, stockpile Astral Equipment and earn Astral energy every game you play. As you grow in power so do the challenges the planes present. Use the Arrow keys to move around the map or switch the option for Mouse move. Try to grow your party, clear dungeons, ascend heroes and destroy spawning shrines. Remember you have a limited amount of time on the plane. Move your Mouse over aspects to learn more. Read in-game tutorial for more playing tips.

Size: 4445695 Bytes

9. Rogan The Swordmaster - action - 3 plays
Rogan The Swordmaster
Link: Play
A mighty and dark sorcerer used the Ancient Jewel to open the forgotten Gates of Despair. Then he split the Jewel into four separate pieces and gave these pieces to four mystical creatures so noone will ever can use the Jewel to close the Gates. You have to destroy those creatures and collect all of the pieces to close the Gate of Despire forever. Destroy all evil and collect coins in order to upgrade your weapons and armour. Press WASD keys to walk and Left Mouse button to attack. Use Space bar to activate a fury mode.

Size: 3213427 Bytes

10. Soccer World Cup 2010 - sport - 3 plays
Soccer World Cup 2010
Link: Play
Looking forward to the World Cup? Choose your favorite team and lead it to victory. A worthy attempt to make a football simulator in the flash.

Size: 2920809 Bytes

Two Powers to rule Japan
Link: Play
In medieval Japan there were mass civil wars between different clans. Choose your clan and try to conquer all the territory of its neighbors. Conquer new provinces to increase your income. Try to keep your expenses lower than your income. Use scrollbars to move around the map and click on any province of your color on the map. See how easily the province can be defended or click transfer forces to see how to distribute samurai among your provinces. Transfer all samurais in all provinces. Then place spy into the enemy province. When you are finished, end your turn. Use built-in tutorial to learn the strategy. Turn off the sound if you have problems on some computers/browsers.

Size: 2155055 Bytes

Guess The Celebrity Thong
Link: Play
Can you guess whose thong is showing in the picture? Test your thong knowledge.

Size: 1384935 Bytes

13. Creative Kill Chamber 2 - logic - 3 plays
Creative Kill Chamber 2
Link: Play
Infiltrate the evil Creative Kill Chamber corporation so that you can rescue Kenji - your one and only best friend. Your friend has been kidnapped by the organization. Can you rescue him in this 3 minute point-and-click adventure? Use your Mouse to instruct your stickman to perform certain actions, such as sniping with a high velocity rifle or breaking into a highly sophisticated computer terminal. Sometimes you may come face to face with a security guard, shoot him quick before he pumps you full of bullets. You'll need fast reactions if you want to succeed.

Size: 2186257 Bytes

Simple Soccer Championship
Link: Play
FIFA World Cup and the victory of your team depends entirely on you. Click and drag anywhere to aim and adjust power. Release to set shot, player will kick when close enough. You must score more goals than opponent to win the match.

Size: 767547 Bytes

15. Daymare Town 4 - logic - 3 plays
Daymare Town 4
Link: Play
The day the mare stood still… Here we are again, the daymare town welcomes you with open arms. Point and click your way through the adventure. Explore landscape called the sea of smoke as you try to find a way out of the nightmare reality. Use your Mouse to move across the abandoned land and to collect items.

Size: 13906219 Bytes

16. Zombie Mart - strategy - 3 plays
Zombie Mart
Link: Play
In the near future an unstopable zombie outbreak changed planet Earth forever. After 99% of the population was infected, the zombies turned into... shopping customers! Fill your store with delicious brains, finger chips, and other human organs and products while unlocking new items and expanding your business. Control and manage the zombie market and earn as much zollars as you can. Run your own pixel market for zombies. Use your Mouse, WASD or Arrow keys to scroll the map. Expand your store and assortment, hire more employees, order stock, expand your empire and keep the zombies calm. Don’t forget to research new things.

Size: 4617928 Bytes

17. Space Defenders - skill - 3 plays
Space Defenders
Link: Play
Space Invaders is one of the all time classic video games and kickstarted the modern games industry. It introduced the world to... fighting aliens. In this game, the aim is opposite. You are the Space defender and you have to destroy the all humans and the earth. The aim is to defeat humans in several levels. Use your Arrow keys to move, dodge, and avoid counter missiles. Human race will send tanks, bazookas, rockets, mine planes and they will even build shields to kill you and reach victory. Who will win this battle. Will human kind extinct?

Size: 4466541 Bytes

18. Poo Dodger - shoot - 3 plays
Poo Dodger
Link: Play

Size: 247.1 KB

19. Cloud Climber - skill - 3 plays
Cloud Climber
Link: Play
Going up on clouds. Control with the mouse, click to jump. Catch as many coins as you can in a single jump to boost your combo. Failing to catch coins will reset your combo.

Size: 1741938 Bytes

20. Let It Rain - logic - 2 plays
Let It Rain
Link: Play
Let It Rain is a physics based game where you water flowers by making raindrops fly back to the clouds to make it rain. Use hot-air balloons to remove obstacles so that the water droplets can get to the clouds. Set the balloons on wooden items to release the raindrops and make them fly to the clouds to make it rain. Each cloud needs three drops to start the rain. Remember to limit your clicks, if you are going for the high score.

Size: 3111991 Bytes

21. Let The Bullets Fly - shoot - 2 plays
Let The Bullets Fly
Link: Play
Use your skills you learnt with ricochet bullets as you try and kill all the enemies with the limited amount of bullets you have. Use your Mouse and aim and shoot all enemies for each levels. Also be careful not to kill yourself with dynamites or other explosive staff.

Size: 3220380 Bytes

22. Texas Holdem - casino - 2 plays
Texas Holdem
Link: Play
Texas Hold’Em Poker offers classic game play with cards. Simple interface that’s easy to navigate. Everyone wants to win the chips in the pot. Winning can depend on a few things, inlcuding the quality of the hand, how players bet and whether others fold. Players who have some skills usually dont focus on individual pots, and instead play a long game strategy. They know how to make a better choices and earn money in the long term. The dealer will shuffle up a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Each player is dealt two private cards (called hole cards or pocket cards) face down. After players bet the blinds and cut the deck, the dealer button will begin to deal cards, starting with the player to the left, and on to the others. Only one card will be dealt to each player, each round. Each player will hold two hand cards after two rounds. There is a small blind and a big blind in Texas style poker. The dealer button will move to each player in turn (clockwise). The player to the left of the dealer pays the small blind. The player to the left of the small blind dealer pays the big blind. The big blind must be double the small blind. During the game, the blinds and antes will be raised over time. In game, players can choose to bet or raise any amount of chips they have, or go “All in”, which is similar to "Show hand" in Five-card Stud. The smallest bet players pay each time must be more than the big blind. There is no upper limit.

Size: 842278 Bytes

23. Rogue Soul 2 - skill - 2 plays
Rogue Soul 2
Link: Play
The sequel of the award-winning Rogue Soul is finally here. Everything you were waiting for is now in the game. Campaign with 10 areas, 90 objectives, 3 bosses, 16 trials and challenges to complete. Survival mode with infinite epic running. 5 insane boss fights in Arena. New awesome skills and tons of upgrades and stuff to buy, 42 skins, 16 enemies and 14 types of loot. Slash your way across the land in this amazing running game. New enemies, loot, environments, skills, bosses, upgrades, challenges, skins… Bash enemies and steal their loot as you run, jump and slide through each level - completing missions along the way. Use your Arrow keys to Move, Z key to slide, X key to throw. P/Escape key to pause and R key to Restart the level.

Size: 9452084 Bytes

24. Stream Master Unlimited - logic - 2 plays
Stream Master Unlimited
Link: Play
Join up all the colours on the board by interconnecting them with one another. Once you have finished with easy levels you can try the medium to hard levels or you can try the computer generated levels if you are up for a challenge. Use your Mouse to create a flowing pipe to its matching colored counterpart. To complete each level every blank tile must contain a pipe going through it.

Size: 4072871 Bytes

25. Troll Tale - logic - 2 plays
Troll Tale
Link: Play
You can join a ridiculous story with the troll face. This troll is about to embark on an adventure. Maybe he will encounter some real trolls during his travels? Use your Mouse and try to help him to unravel the mystery behind the weird call he had received from his grandmothers house. Left button click on the environment and find a way to finish. How long do you need to reach the goal?

Size: 9820141 Bytes

26. GregManiacs - race - 2 plays
Link: Play
Take part in several crazy races with lots of cool stunts to be the Greg Maniac. And yeah, Gregzilla is after you, so ride faster. A one-off highscore-based cyclomaniacs spin off made out of bits. Get Greg to work by racing his bike against competitors. Use X key or Space bar key to jump. Up Arrow or W key to Accelerate. Down Arrow or S key to brake. You can tilt forward and backwards with Left/Right Arrow or D/A keys.

Size: 3977784 Bytes

27. The Emerald Hotel - logic - 2 plays
The Emerald Hotel
Link: Play
The Emerald Hotel is a quite nice special place that will make you really happy because it is quite sure that you will enjoy your time there. The hotel is located in very attractive area, wonderful nature – little bit mountainous… In this place everyone is a winner. When you just book a vacation, you will get a chance to win 5 real emerald diamonds. Have you ever heard about emeralds? Emerald is actually a very attractive gemstone in amazing green color. People said about it that is a gem of the finest water, to express the combination of two qualities: color and clarity that this gemstone has. This gemstone is regarded as the traditional birthstone for May, plus the traditional gemstone for the astrological signs of Taurus, Gemini and sometimes Cancer. If you haven't seen one by one, we recommend you to visit Emerald Hotel and see what we are talking about. Find the hidden objects that'll help you win five real emerald diamonds and complete all challenging levels. Use your Mouse to play this game and interact with the environment.

Size: 1710988 Bytes

28. El Papel - logic - 2 plays
El Papel
Link: Play
A funny puzzle game where you play as a toilet roll. A bizzare mexican puzzle game. Stretch Juan “El Macho” Hernandez long neck to solve 40+ puzzles. Help Juan get the precious toilet paper that his evil arch enemy stole. Use your Arrows or WASD keys to move, R to reset.

Size: 8930166 Bytes

29. Atomik Pong - retro - 2 plays
Atomik Pong
Link: Play
Another remix of Pong but from top to bottom and other objects floating between the paddles.

Size: 386721 Bytes

30. Hand Grenade Hacky Sack - skill - 2 plays
Hand Grenade Hacky Sack
Link: Play
Play with the hacky sack. Hold down mouse button and move the mouse around to move your legs and hit the ball. A/D to walk left/right, W to jump. Combine moves and tricks for extra points.

Size: 1258426 Bytes

Dragon Ball Z Devolution
Link: Play
A manga anime fight game where you listen to Master Roshi's instructions in dojo. He teaches you the art of kung fu. Start your 23rd tenkaichi budokai and challenge Piccolo in the world martial arts tournament. To perform a kamehameha, hold the charge button until the bar is full and then press X key to release a devastating energy blast. Learn control with a in-game training at the beginning. Press Arrow keys to move Goku. Double tap with a directional key to dash. C key to put up your defences to block attacks and to charge up your KI, X key to punch or kick.

Size: 6295713 Bytes

32. Fort Blaster Ahoy There - shoot - 2 plays
Fort Blaster Ahoy There
Link: Play
What if you are a pirate? What if you have a big ship and cannons? What if you see an enemy fort? That’s right! Blast enemy soldiers within their forts! Destroy everything on your way to the booty! Your mission is to help your pirate to eliminate all soldiers from the building. Earn achievements and collect the entire collection of trophies! Use your Mouse to aim and click to shoot. Move Mouse cursor over game borders or use Arrow keys to scroll game screen. R key to restart current level. Use minimal number of cannon for a better score.

Size: 5527403 Bytes

33. Pac Xon - retro - 2 plays
Pac Xon
Link: Play
Block off as much area as possible in this PacMan remixed gameplay.

Size: 375237 Bytes

34. Medieval Wars - strategy - 2 plays
Medieval Wars
Link: Play
In this game you are playing for 10 different and complex missions. Goal of the game - to capture the entire map before rivals. You can play for the 6 nations. Hurry! Enemies are already on the way!

Size: 7173937 Bytes

35. Atomic Minesweeper - retro - 2 plays
Atomic Minesweeper
Link: Play
A game of minesweeper with some newly added gameplay.

Size: 36327 Bytes

36. Zombie Land - action - 2 plays
Zombie Land
Link: Play
Roll on your skateboard and shoot the tons of zombies. Grab weapon upgrades to make it easier.

Size: 1655496 Bytes

37. Fluffy Steel - logic - 2 plays
Fluffy Steel
Link: Play
Help the sword wielding squirrel get rid of all the hungry zombies that have invaded his woodland home. Contains 40 levels, with each one increasing in difficulty. Use your Arrow keys to move the squirrel around screen as he hops from each tree trunk to the next. Try not to leave the area by flying off it. Watch out for spikes appearing later on. Find the way to kill all zombies by your blades.

Size: 2277807 Bytes

38. Ninja Showdown - fight - 2 plays
Ninja Showdown
Link: Play
An awesome looking fighting game with loads of moves both defensive and offensive. Nice!

Size: 2051846 Bytes

39. Space Shuttle - skill - 2 plays
Space Shuttle
Link: Play
Use the mouse to fly. Point are awarded for beris collected. Every level has own time and point requirement. You must reach the corresponding standard to open the next level. Too hard for us!

Size: 2599763 Bytes

40. Flash tuning car - fun - 2 plays
Flash tuning car
Link: Play
You are given one of three and assignment: tune your car to the maximum! The game is a lot of details and methods of painting.

Size: 5323578 Bytes

41. Bubble Bound - logic - 2 plays
Bubble Bound
Link: Play
Another bubble game, but this time the game doesn't always give you the color you need.

Size: 173171 Bytes

42. Planet Racer - race - 2 plays
Planet Racer
Link: Play
Customize your car, bet money, upgrade car.

Size: 1262899 Bytes

Metal Slug Battle Creation
Link: Play
Create your own non-interactive battle scene using Metal Slug characters.

Size: 3664834 Bytes

44. Dodging Circles - skill - 2 plays
Dodging Circles
Link: Play
Keep your mouse cursor on the green thing but avoid the circles that come your way.

Size: 35717 Bytes

Desert Road - Vinnie's Rampage
Link: Play
Winnie is driving in a car with a suitcase with the money. And suddenly - a blow from behind! Someone else is interesting about his money. But there is no time to find out who. Choose gun and get rid of the enemies, mouse to aim and shoot, space to reload.

Size: 3886585 Bytes

Original Free Kick Challenge
Link: Play
Now you see, the idea of the game is to score as many free-kicks in a row as you can. The more you score, the harder the game will get. See how many you can score in a row, and then challenge your chums to beat your score. In order to score a goal you will need to set the pitch, power, swerve/course/curve and direction of the shot. Use your Mouse and your skills as a football player and shoot as many goals as you can. Direct the ball towards the goal. Pitch determines the angle, bend it around the wall with the swerve gauge. Click Set to choose all the attributes the ball will travel and score the goal.

Size: 602824 Bytes

47. Run Robo Run - skill - 2 plays
Run Robo Run
Link: Play
Escape an oppressive robot factory in Run Robo Run, an addictive jump-and-run game from Kano Games! Leap platforms, smash power cells, upgrade your robot and collect energy orbs to run farther and escape your evil human masters before they slag you! Run Robo Run delivers intense, fast-paced jump-and-run fun! Any button to jump. Upgrades and additional controls: Butt Drop – tap a key while in air to slam down, butt drop on the crates to gain major air! Anti Gravity – hold a key in air to delay descent. In workshop, hover over all upgrades to learn more about them.

Size: 12888634 Bytes

48. Absolutist BlackJack - casino - 2 plays
Absolutist BlackJack
Link: Play
Play casino style Blackjack. Hit, stand, or double down. Insure against ace.

Size: 99650 Bytes

49. Sky Diver - skill - 2 plays
Sky Diver
Link: Play
Jump just right so that you move from cloud to cloud.

Size: 445572 Bytes

Save The Dummy – Level Pack 2
Link: Play
Find a way to help Save The Dummy in each level in this physics puzzle game. You must find an exit using different systems as fast as possible. Help a dummy to complete all the levels, letting him fall down. Free this dummy from his suspended stasis Use your Mouse to remove red shapes and allow the stickman off the screen into the empty space. Light blue blocks are static and cannot be moved. Try to complete each location as quickly as possible to get better score.

Size: 3640051 Bytes

       50 top games today        
action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris