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       50 top games today        
1. GWA Wrestling Wriot - fight - 12 plays
GWA Wrestling Wriot
Link: Play
Are you read for chest thumping ground shaking confrontation? Step right up to the ring and select your wrestler. The game goes on style stone, paper, scissors. Choose one of three bruising moves. First wrestler to win 4 rounds will be the undisputed champion!

Size: 371452 Bytes

2. Ninja Frog - action - 12 plays
Ninja Frog
Link: Play
The prince Edward turned Ninja Frog, guide Shinobi Kaeru through 48 levels of deadly puzzles and crazy acrobatics. Will you gather the magical gems that will break the witch's curse and return him to his human form? Use your mouse to decide the angle and power of your jump to collect all the coins, Space bar to pickup/throw objects, M to mute, P to Pause, R to Reset.

Size: 3206260 Bytes

Cargo Shipment Chicago
Link: Play
Real time strategy based management game where you build up your own transport company by hiring workers to load trucks with precious cargo. You become a cargo transport company manager. Build houses for the workers who will load your truck with goods and deliver them from point A to point B. Use your Mouse to place an upgradeable warehouse building down on a shaded green patch of ground to intercept vehicles as they travel along the road. Cars are driving from A to B and your aim is it to load the cars with your workers. Pick up a warehouse on the top and place it in one of the orange fields. Find the best field to place them to get all cars filled up with people. Tip, construct roadwork's near supply depots to slow heavy goods trailers down so your employees can fill them up quicker. You can also build fast food restaurants along the path to make drivers stop for a minute.

Size: 1314064 Bytes

4. Beach Baseball - sport - 4 plays
Beach Baseball
Link: Play
Playing baseball is not easy. When you move the ring, the landing marker will show you where the ball will land. Move mouse so that the marker is on the scoring area. Try to hit the ball as close to the centre of the scoring area to get the maximum points.

Size: 907196 Bytes

Dragon Ball Z Devolution
Link: Play
A manga anime fight game where you listen to Master Roshi's instructions in dojo. He teaches you the art of kung fu. Start your 23rd tenkaichi budokai and challenge Piccolo in the world martial arts tournament. To perform a kamehameha, hold the charge button until the bar is full and then press X key to release a devastating energy blast. Learn control with a in-game training at the beginning. Press Arrow keys to move Goku. Double tap with a directional key to dash. C key to put up your defences to block attacks and to charge up your KI, X key to punch or kick.

Size: 6295713 Bytes

6. Poo Dodger - shoot - 4 plays
Poo Dodger
Link: Play

Size: 247.1 KB

Robokill 2 - Leviathan Five
Link: Play
Continued excellent shooter game! In this series, added new weapons, new keys, new maps and levels, and much more. You are picking some life forms on the scan. Try to find out what is with Leviathan 5. You can be extend your robot, opening up more and more new types of weapons. A total of 12 levels of play.

Size: 12444334 Bytes

8. Knight Age Christmas - fight - 4 plays
Knight Age Christmas
Link: Play
The Christmas version of the original Knight age game released by Addicting Games. Santa has organized a jousting tournament. Select your knight and defeat a series of winter-characters to prove yourself victorious. Your goal is to push your opponents off their toy horses with a broom stick to earn coins for upgrades. Try to win the entire Christmas knight tournament. Press left mouse button once to set horse speed. Press again to put down your lance and start aiming. Press repeatedly to keep your lance on target and above the ground.

Size: 3006340 Bytes

9. Doctor Acorn - logic - 4 plays
Doctor Acorn
Link: Play
Join the great adventure of Doctor Acorn, it is a fun adventure game, where you have to solve the puzzle in order to move on in your adventure. Help the oak nut get back into his tree house after being blown out of the window by a sick patient. Use your Mouse to manipulate buttons, switches, levers and hot air fans to get the surgeon to the top of the tree. Watch out for spikes, giant hungry birds and other harmful hazards. Click on golden acorns to unlock a bonus mini game. Press R to restart the level.

Size: 4779273 Bytes

10. Road Of Fury - shoot - 4 plays
Road Of Fury
Link: Play
In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich, community escape a band of bandits. The road is dangerous, can you survive? While driving along the Road of Fury heavily armed hostile forces are attacking you and your convoy from air and ground. Take them safely across the country before bandits will destroy you. Use your Mouse to drive along the highway and shoot lots of enemies from your minigun placed on the roof of your vehicle. Use your gun to shoot 'em up, but note that the mob will react in a mad fury, dead set on killing you. Use your Number keys for launching air missiles, avoid radioactive barrels, kill bikers with machine guns and gangsters flying with the jet packs. Try to survive as long as possible and use upgrades, unlock new weapons and machines and make additions to your convoy until you can survive to the end of the city.

Size: 3617528 Bytes

Hole in the Wall - Twisted Figures
Link: Play
Twist and turn each player's body to match the hole in the wall, otherwise you will fall to the pool of water. Click the small yellow circles to change pose. Use powerups cards to use Bomb, Freeze or Pose special powers. In bonus levels, try to memorize several poses.

Size: 1306218 Bytes

12. Morbus - rpg - 3 plays
Link: Play
A well created RPG exploration game. Pick your character and then begin your adventure.

Size: 6919243 Bytes

13. Koutack - logic - 3 plays
Link: Play
Try to stack all the coloured tiles into one huge pile. A minimalist mind-bending puzzle game. This version contains 30 levels with each one increasing in difficulty. Use your Mouse to click in a space adjacent to each tile to make them collate into one. Stack all the pieces into a single stack. To earn an extra bonus try to squish the star with your stacked tiles.

Size: 1100844 Bytes

14. Achilles - action - 3 plays
Link: Play
Excellent game about ancient Greek hero Achilles. The action takes place on the beautiful island of Crete in the evening hours. Control the game with arrow buttons and T, Y, R.

Size: 1798525 Bytes

15. The Simpsomaker - fun - 3 plays
The Simpsomaker
Link: Play
Make your own Simpsons character in this nongame.

Size: 235553 Bytes

First Person Shooter In Real Life 1
Link: Play
The first in the FPS In Real Life series. More animation than gaming.

Size: 5190546 Bytes

17. Celebrity Photo Hunt 7 - logic - 3 plays
Celebrity Photo Hunt 7
Link: Play
Find 5 differences with the two pictures showing off hot celebrity women.

Size: 742841 Bytes

18. Worm Escape - skill - 3 plays
Worm Escape
Link: Play
Dodge the seagulls and gather up what looks like poop.

Size: 112157 Bytes

19. Billiard Blitz Hustle - sport - 3 plays
Billiard Blitz Hustle
Link: Play
Put your pool skills to the test in your quest to turn $100 into a million. Hustle 21 different opponents each with their own character and skills. Play for money, enter tournaments, and collect trophies. Beat your opponents in the lounge at 8-ball pool. Earn prize money by beating skilled players at tournaments to increase your ranking. Before heading off into a match against another opponent you may want to have a practice session to get the hang of things. Once in the player lounge, you can click on the icons at the bottom to choose different options. Select a name and avatar in your profile, and have a look at your emails. You can then have a practice game by yourself or dive straight into a game for money. Use your Mouse to angle the snooker cue then adjust the stroke to hit the white ball hard or soft. Click and drag back in the direction of the cue to set your power, and release to shoot. Whilst the Mouse button is held down you can also use the Arrow keys to fine tune your aim.

Size: 4595635 Bytes

20. Words And Physics - logic - 3 plays
Words And Physics
Link: Play
Words and Physics is quite surprisingly a neat game featuring words and physics. A truly original take on physics games played out in 18 levels. Each level you have to get rid of this block of text which says 'RemoveMe' to do this you have to manipulate the other blocks of text around the level. Word and Physics really pushes your brain power at times and the keyboard interaction is very unique. Solve the puzzles by deleting or typing keyboard commands.

Size: 1243609 Bytes

21. Sling Jumper 2 - logic - 3 plays
Sling Jumper 2
Link: Play
30 levels and 30 different versions how to deliver the white ball to the goal.

Size: 203123 Bytes

22. Anti Tetris - tetris - 3 plays
Anti Tetris
Link: Play
Stack Tetris pieces without lining up the same colors. Reach the red line as fast as possible.

Size: 327805 Bytes

23. Gearzzle - logic - 3 plays
Link: Play
Goal of this puzzle game is to spin up the orange gear on each level. Move blue gears in order to transmit motion from the operative gear (green). When you place a mouse pointer over the blue gear, you will see possible directions of the movement. Click on the arrow to make a move. Gear can move if its center is placed on the coloured area or line and if there are no other gears on its path.

Size: 573013 Bytes

24. Eskiv - action - 3 plays
Link: Play
Grab as many squares as possible. Everytime you grab a square another enemy ball appears.

Size: 7668 Bytes

25. Team Killer - fight - 2 plays
Team Killer
Link: Play
Team Killer is a action game where the main objective is to kill the enemy, obtaining weapons and ammunition to meet the objectives of this addictive game. Help our skilled stickman killer eliminate all his foes. Shoot or kill all the other stickmen, even the ones on your team. Use arrow keys to move, X, Z keys to fight.

Size: 5866089 Bytes

26. PaintBall The Game - logic - 2 plays
PaintBall The Game
Link: Play
Draw the lines to route the ball to bounce into the red box.

Size: 2068816 Bytes

27. Little Loki - action - 2 plays
Little Loki
Link: Play
Make your way out of hell. The lava is rising, keep making your way up top.

Size: 897889 Bytes

28. Sea Explorer - skill - 2 plays
Sea Explorer
Link: Play
Collect the balls on the platforms in this short lander game.

Size: 514757 Bytes

29. Field Command - strategy - 2 plays
Field Command
Link: Play
Pick the best tactic to use or you're dead.

Size: 3159805 Bytes

30. Tripod Attack - shoot - 2 plays
Tripod Attack
Link: Play
Humanity is a virus that occupied this poor planet. They replicate uncontrollably and eventually destroy their environment. It’s time to clean up! Play as a large alien tripod and use your laser beam to destroy the human race! You can upgrade the radius of your heat gun, damage, shield power and recharge rates. It is a fairly typical upgrade system but it gets the job done and works with the gameplay fairly well. Use the mouse to direct short laser targeted beams at soldiers and enemies, burn projectiles, shoot tanks and military aircraft to incinerate them. Don't overuse your lasers and keep an eye out on your shields. Upgrade your armour, laser ray and recharge levels after each wave.

Size: 6041960 Bytes

Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2
Link: Play
Explore the world and have an adventure as Nicholas.

Size: 3966340 Bytes

32. Domino Fall 2 - logic - 2 plays
Domino Fall 2
Link: Play
Surely everyone in childhood played with dominoes, causing a chain reaction and enthusiasm for watching it. It is time to remember the old skills! In this game use cannon to put down all the dominoes with images of various. Mouse click to shoot cannon. There are some dominoes which cannot fall down.

Size: 2239108 Bytes

33. Vermilion Archetype - shoot - 2 plays
Vermilion Archetype
Link: Play
Race down the tube blowing up the enemies as they approach your vehicle.

Size: 4476390 Bytes

34. Killer Sprouts - skill - 2 plays
Killer Sprouts
Link: Play
Squish the sprouts before they hop in your mouth.

Size: 342215 Bytes

Tower Breaker 2 - Across The Seas
Link: Play
The Great Volcano erupted, our king must relocate his kingdom. He must travel across the seas to find a new land for his people. Help him battle his way to this new land. He will encounter many foes, among them pirates and orcs. Physics shooting game with breakable objects, upgrades and a complex storyline. If you like stories don't forget to check the dialogues in the game. Your task is to help king destroy all forts and collect all gold on his way. In order to save the kingdom from invaders you need to destroy the platform on which they stand. Use your Mouse to aim the gun and test your shooting skills, terminate the platform and destroy the enemy. Click with your Left mouse button and adjust your shot and hit the target and see how far you can advance.

Size: 2550849 Bytes

36. Super Villainy - shoot - 2 plays
Super Villainy
Link: Play
Super Villain Battle Royale! Fight for the title of top super villain in this multidirectional shooter! Choose missions that will have you killing enemies, destroying structures, and trying to survive whatever is thrown at you. Completing missions will unlock missions of higher difficulty. You will keep your money whether you complete or fail a mission, so collect as many coins as possible. Money can be spent on upgrades and minions that will make it easier for you to complete the more challenging missions. Show the rest of the villains who's top dog in this awesome shooter with tons of upgrades, turrets and even minions. WASD or arrow keys to move. Use your Mouse to aim, click and hold mouse to use bullet time. Space to use special attack. P to pause.

Size: 3460694 Bytes

New super mario bros flash
Link: Play
Everyone knows the game Super Mario, so here it is an updated version. The game become more complex and interesting, you can play only one character (Mario), who lost the ability to break bricks with bonuses, but there are new ones.

Size: 1491668 Bytes

Airport Madness 5 – Time Machine
Link: Play
This is the fifth edition of Airport Madness. You are an air traffic controller in the year 1925. As time progresses, your small grass airfield grows up into a major international airport in 1970. Witness WW2, the flying mail service in the 1920’s, the breaking of the sound barrier, and birth of the passenger jet. Click on the airplanes to access their control panels. Keep airport delays to a minimum, and avoid midair collisions.

Size: 6506376 Bytes

39. Sirtet - logic - 2 plays
Link: Play
Sirtet is a new skill game with unique gameplay. Your mission is to select and turn the shapes to place them on top of the red blocks. Destroy all the blocks in each level by matching them up with the various pieces given to you. A brain tester game with 25 challenging levels. Click the shapes at the left hand side to place them in the play field. The sleeping blocks in later levels can be removed by blowing them up with TNT.

Size: 8113101 Bytes

40. Decision 2 – New City - shoot - 2 plays
Decision 2 – New City
Link: Play
Your objective is to stay alive and kill as many zombies as you can. Survive as long as you can. Angry zombies will attack you from everywhere. Use different weapons to kill them in this abandoned city. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move. Use your Mouse to aim, fire and look around.

Size: 13270322 Bytes

41. Monster Castle - retro - 2 plays
Monster Castle
Link: Play
Monster Castle is an addictive tower defense game developed by Fliptic. Your mission in this retro defense game is to protect the sweet princess from an evil human army. Place skeletons, demons, plants and other monsters on every floor and kill soldiers, priests, mages and other enemies. Defend the Monster Castle at all costs, protect your queen from the evil human army that wants to destroy her. Summon monsters, upgrade, evolve and create a powerfull army. Use Mouse to play and select monters to ugrade attack with sword button, evolve with arrow button, and sell with money button. Hotkeys: Q,W,E,R,A,S,D,F for monsters, Z,X,C,V for spells. First select a monster, t to rise attack, g to upgrade, B to sell.

Size: 2986013 Bytes

42. Mustached Adventure - retro - 2 plays
Mustached Adventure
Link: Play
Help the man sporting the funny looking moustache make a living for himself by mining precious minerals deep underground. Collect minerals from deep underground and sell the recious ore for cash. Upgrade your equipment to dig deeper and use ancient elevators to go deeper in order to find rarer ores. Use your Arrow keys or WASD keys to guide the miner towards the lift and then descend into the shaft to mine coal, silver, gold, emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamonds and other precious ores by digging into the shaded blocks. If you run out of energy, visit the topside cafe shop to drink a cup of coffee. Do not forget to sell your cargo at the merchants shop or to upgrade your equipment from the nearby surplus store.

Size: 1688374 Bytes

43. DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 4 - fun - 2 plays
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 4
Link: Play
This is not a game, but it’s a musical toy to have some fun with. It’s the 4th version of the famous Sheepwolf Mixer series. Train your DJ skills and hit the tunes you like best. Play new loops, beats and tones, customize your equipment and more. In addition to cranking out tunes using your electronic keyboard use the turntable to scratch old vinyl records. Use the keyboard keys to strike notes on the piano and Mouse to select different musical modes such as bass, snares, kicks or to choose background melodies from the record menu. Close other games or videos otherwise you may encounter synchronization problems.

Size: 4046583 Bytes

44. Johnny Upgrade - skill - 2 plays
Johnny Upgrade
Link: Play
Johnny Upgrade is a cartoon super hero with no powers at all! Collect coins to be able to upgrade your skills and to master a big arcade level and its boss in this action/upgrade game mashup! Arrows or WASD to jump and run, Space to shoot, mouse to upgrade your skills.

Size: 3960081 Bytes

45. Penguin Gem Cannon - logic - 2 plays
Penguin Gem Cannon
Link: Play
You are a penguin with a fish, use your mouse and try to shoot all the gems. Shoot the same color gems in a row for a perfect score. Ice crystals explode when shot. Try to get good rank with one shot for AAA. Black gems are special, they roll like balls and they can't fall off the bottom.

Size: 2909096 Bytes

46. Epic Charlie - action - 2 plays
Epic Charlie
Link: Play
Master teacher was murdered. Charlie has 15 days to prove the innocence, otherwise he will be closed for good. Help him to find the murderer and protect the village which is in great danger. Collect all diamonds for you strength, Move with arrows, Jump and climb with S, Shoot with D.

Size: 5756781 Bytes

47. Treasure Snake - logic - 2 plays
Treasure Snake
Link: Play
Hold and drag left mouse button to rotate the game level. Gravity will do the rest. Collect all pearls to gain victory and watch for morphers to pass obstacles. Topaz turns your snake into sandsnake and ruby turns it into fire snake. Saphire turns it into watersnake and diamond turns it into pearlsnake. Collect treasures to gain additional points and achieve bonuses.

Size: 3113252 Bytes

48. Hardcore Bike - skill - 2 plays
Hardcore Bike
Link: Play
The roar of the engine, bike with chrome parts, a series of obstacles and unique aroma of freedom - what can be better! Conquer all obstacles and reach the finish line alive!

Size: 2603820 Bytes

49. Demolition City - logic - 2 plays
Demolition City
Link: Play
A great toy, where you destroy buildings with the help of dynamite. However, it is necessary to place explosives wisely: the building will collapse only if you are able to find the most vulnerable place. Place dynamite on concrete. Hit boom and get building rubble below the height marker to win.

Size: 1914948 Bytes

The interactive torture machine
Link: Play
In 2018 humanity has invented cruel punishment for criminals and terrorists - they run into the room of death, and they can choose where to go. The new version adds more possibilities you can make fun of.

Size: 3468739 Bytes

       50 top games today        
action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris