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       50 top games this month        
1. Lines - logic - 131 plays
Link: Play
Make lines on the board. Control with your mouse.

Size: 35730 Bytes

2. All Star Dodgeball - sport - 49 plays
All Star Dodgeball
Link: Play
Time for some good old dodgeball.

Size: 885133 Bytes

3. Catchy Orbit - skill - 33 plays
Catchy Orbit
Link: Play
Space themed chain reaction game. Everything in the Universe is obeying the gravity laws. You have 3 shots in every level. Goal is to get enough blue balls or blow up the rocks. 2 special balls in the game. Levels generated randomly every time by an algorithms. Break the obstacles, collect power balls from which the new stars will be created. It's never very hard to finish a level, but getting all three stars requires some skill. Your task is to aim and launch a star as it rotates around the central planet. Press the Space bar key or click anywhere on the screen to launch one or more balls into other balls (planets). Try to get a chain reaction going. The number of destroyed balls determines how many stars you'll get, and you'll need at least one to pass a level. At the beginning, you can only launch normal balls, and later you'll get three other types, which means you'll have to adjust your tactics for maximum impact. You can use restart button to catch better combination or if you want to get 3 stars.

Size: 4991357 Bytes

4. Naughty Office - logic - 32 plays
Naughty Office
Link: Play
It's time to get your boss to show, what she's really made of. Use your mouse to play. Left click to point and click on objects to make combinations.

Size: 1613995 Bytes

5. Pac Xon - retro - 29 plays
Pac Xon
Link: Play
Block off as much area as possible in this PacMan remixed gameplay.

Size: 375237 Bytes

6. Soccer World Cup 2010 - sport - 27 plays
Soccer World Cup 2010
Link: Play
Looking forward to the World Cup? Choose your favorite team and lead it to victory. A worthy attempt to make a football simulator in the flash.

Size: 2920809 Bytes

Simple Soccer Championship
Link: Play
FIFA World Cup and the victory of your team depends entirely on you. Click and drag anywhere to aim and adjust power. Release to set shot, player will kick when close enough. You must score more goals than opponent to win the match.

Size: 767547 Bytes

Dragon Ball Z Devolution
Link: Play
A manga anime fight game where you listen to Master Roshi's instructions in dojo. He teaches you the art of kung fu. Start your 23rd tenkaichi budokai and challenge Piccolo in the world martial arts tournament. To perform a kamehameha, hold the charge button until the bar is full and then press X key to release a devastating energy blast. Learn control with a in-game training at the beginning. Press Arrow keys to move Goku. Double tap with a directional key to dash. C key to put up your defences to block attacks and to charge up your KI, X key to punch or kick.

Size: 6295713 Bytes

Hole in the Wall - Twisted Figures
Link: Play
Twist and turn each player's body to match the hole in the wall, otherwise you will fall to the pool of water. Click the small yellow circles to change pose. Use powerups cards to use Bomb, Freeze or Pose special powers. In bonus levels, try to memorize several poses.

Size: 1306218 Bytes

10. Tiny King - logic - 22 plays
Tiny King
Link: Play
The king's cake has gone missing. Set out on a quest to find it in this point-and-click adventure. Help out tiny little king get his cake back. You play a little king who wakes up to discover that his nightmare has come true, and his cake is missing. On each level you must find the golden key that will open the blue door and will lead you further on on this surreal quest. Figuring out what to click or manipulate in each level can be quite tricky, and the fact that you can see the key doesn’t always mean you can get to it, so you’ll have to click around and experiment with everything in each stage. Make sure you find the secret golden piece hidden in each level for some extra challenge.

Size: 8847737 Bytes

11. Beach Baseball - sport - 19 plays
Beach Baseball
Link: Play
Playing baseball is not easy. When you move the ring, the landing marker will show you where the ball will land. Move mouse so that the marker is on the scoring area. Try to hit the ball as close to the centre of the scoring area to get the maximum points.

Size: 907196 Bytes

Sports Head Football Championship
Link: Play
Go head to head against opposing soccer players in intense one minute matches. Hit bonuses that appear on the field for special powerups and earn money to purchase upgrades after each game. See if you can you beat all 10 opponents and win the Championship cup. Use Arrow keys to move, Up arrow key to jump and the Space bar to kick. Hitting the power-ups will help you win or break your leg!

Size: 1387711 Bytes

13. Bloons Tower Defense 5 - strategy - 18 plays
Bloons Tower Defense 5
Link: Play
Turret based action game where you place clever little super monkeys on tracks to defend against menacing balloons. 5th version has heaps of new features including all of your favourite towers from previous versions with 8 awesome upgrades and two brand new never before seen tower types. Tower upgrades with cool Super Activated Abilities, new Bloon types, fun new tracks with moving parts and tunnels, powerful Special Agent towers, Specialty Buildings, daily rewards, and daily challenges – a fun new challenge to play each and every day! Use your Mouse to place a chimp on the map. Once you have earned enough experience points you will be able to upgrade your monkeys ability to launch darts further or to hire special agents to help you out in the field. Use Shift to place multiple towers of the same type. Space bar key to send in bloon rounds and toggle fast forward. You can use hotkeys on towers, mouseovers tell you which hotkey select which tower. Green disk shows whether your most recent progress has been saved. Watch out for double armoured creeps, they can be quite tough to pop.

Size: 11083894 Bytes

14. Paw paw miaw - fight - 18 plays
Paw paw miaw
Link: Play
Fights between two cats with a choice of your look and character. You can play as a one or two players.

Size: 409337 Bytes

15. Slam Drift 2 - race - 17 plays
Slam Drift 2
Link: Play
Its Slam Drift time again. You are once again on the run from the police and have to get rid of them with bold maneuvers and risky driving. Use the Items wisely to shake the police cars off or let them crash into obstacles with your driving skills. Start your engine and lets go. Race your car around avoiding the cops and performing wicked stunts. Use your Arrow keys to drive and Space bar key to bomb.

Size: 9697682 Bytes

16. Weapon - shoot - 17 plays
Link: Play
Your Black Hawk was shot down by enemy and your task is to provide cover until the arrival of evacuation. There are available various types of weapons and upgrades for you.

Size: 3846888 Bytes

17. Megaman Polarity - action - 17 plays
Megaman Polarity
Link: Play
Change shield polarities to absorb enemy blasts, power up your mega blaster and find Bass to destroy

Size: 3628135 Bytes

18. Pro Racing GT - race - 17 plays
Pro Racing GT
Link: Play
Beautiful top view race with lots of cars and championships with good soundtrack. Choose Carrer mode, quick race or time trial. Select your car, a race track and racing direction forward or backward. Use Arrow keys to control your car, X for turbo when it is available, Z for brake, R to reset and P to Pause.

Size: 6870227 Bytes

Two Powers to rule Japan
Link: Play
In medieval Japan there were mass civil wars between different clans. Choose your clan and try to conquer all the territory of its neighbors. Conquer new provinces to increase your income. Try to keep your expenses lower than your income. Use scrollbars to move around the map and click on any province of your color on the map. See how easily the province can be defended or click transfer forces to see how to distribute samurai among your provinces. Transfer all samurais in all provinces. Then place spy into the enemy province. When you are finished, end your turn. Use built-in tutorial to learn the strategy. Turn off the sound if you have problems on some computers/browsers.

Size: 2155055 Bytes

20. GWA Wrestling Wriot - fight - 17 plays
GWA Wrestling Wriot
Link: Play
Are you read for chest thumping ground shaking confrontation? Step right up to the ring and select your wrestler. The game goes on style stone, paper, scissors. Choose one of three bruising moves. First wrestler to win 4 rounds will be the undisputed champion!

Size: 371452 Bytes

21. World Wars 2 - strategy - 17 plays
World Wars 2
Link: Play
It's not over yet, soldiers! Another mess of maps to conquer. Choose how many armies you want to defeat at once, and prepare for battle, baby. Try to dominate the map as you attack the enemies controlling area of the land mass. There is another variety of two different maps to conquer, you can choose from either Europe or Random. Use your Mouse to play and choose how many enemies you want to defeat at once between 1 and 8.

Size: 1899604 Bytes

22. Ninja Frog - action - 16 plays
Ninja Frog
Link: Play
The prince Edward turned Ninja Frog, guide Shinobi Kaeru through 48 levels of deadly puzzles and crazy acrobatics. Will you gather the magical gems that will break the witch's curse and return him to his human form? Use your mouse to decide the angle and power of your jump to collect all the coins, Space bar to pickup/throw objects, M to mute, P to Pause, R to Reset.

Size: 3206260 Bytes

23. Demolition City - logic - 15 plays
Demolition City
Link: Play
A great toy, where you destroy buildings with the help of dynamite. However, it is necessary to place explosives wisely: the building will collapse only if you are able to find the most vulnerable place. Place dynamite on concrete. Hit boom and get building rubble below the height marker to win.

Size: 1914948 Bytes

24. Battleship War - strategy - 15 plays
Battleship War
Link: Play
The purpose of this game is to sink all the ships of your opponent. You and your opponent first arrange ships in an area, and then the two of you will take turns to bomb each other's ships. Since you do not know the location of each other's ships, you need to bomb strategically in order to be as efficient as possible. Select level and then drag a ship on the grid on the left. If you want to rotate it, drag it to the editor and click on the rotate button on the bottom left. Place all ships on the grid and start the battle ship war.

Size: 3560986 Bytes

25. Garfield Crazy Rescue - logic - 15 plays
Garfield Crazy Rescue
Link: Play
Garfield's girlfriend Arlene has been kidnapped by a gang of crazy rats, with Joker Rat as their leader. She is being held prisoner in the sewers of the city. Help Garfield rescue her before it's too late! To interact with persons/objects click on it and choose an action, mouth to talk, taste or bite, hand to grab, take, punch, or eye to see a description of the element. To trigger actions drag an object of your inventory and drop it over any other element. Use mouse to control the game, click to speed up sentences or press Esc to cancel the sentence.

Size: 4171004 Bytes

26. SAS Zombie Assault - strategy - 14 plays
SAS Zombie Assault
Link: Play
Build barricades, buy weapons and kill zombies as long as you can.

Size: 2146020 Bytes

27. Dream Roller Coaster - skill - 14 plays
Dream Roller Coaster
Link: Play
Use Left/Right arrow keys to control the movement of the roller coaster. On the way, there are all kinds of barriers. Three kids are in the roller coaster. Try your best to shun these barriers. Make sure kids can reach the destination safely. There are ten levels in this game and three chances in each level. You have one minute to finish each level. The less time you take, the higher score you will get.

Size: 388749 Bytes

28. Bubble Hit - skill - 14 plays
Bubble Hit
Link: Play
Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board. Shoot down 3 or more bubbles in the same color.

Size: 400492 Bytes

29. Rocket 2 - skill - 14 plays
Rocket 2
Link: Play
Fly past the moon as you attempt to reach the planet mars with your custom built space rocket. Your goal is to reach for the moon with your home built rocket. Collect enough money to buy upgrades at the store. Use the mouse to countdown and initiate the launch sequence and Arrow keys to steer the spacecraft through coins and dollar bills.

Size: 2848261 Bytes

30. Hand Grenade Hacky Sack - skill - 14 plays
Hand Grenade Hacky Sack
Link: Play
Play with the hacky sack. Hold down mouse button and move the mouse around to move your legs and hit the ball. A/D to walk left/right, W to jump. Combine moves and tricks for extra points.

Size: 1258426 Bytes

Kim Possible Super Villain Face Off
Link: Play
A game similar to Bubble Bobble. Fire the balls next to other balls with the same enemy face on them

Size: 223756 Bytes

32. Hobo Brawl - fight - 13 plays
Hobo Brawl
Link: Play
A great game about man who is exposing fists and challenge to all of society.

Size: 4967978 Bytes

33. Super Stacker 2 - logic - 13 plays
Super Stacker 2
Link: Play
Great logic game, new pazzly, new challenges and new solutions. Many more levels and very cute blocks reacting to the actual situation!

Size: 1465542 Bytes

34. Max Dirt Bike - skill - 13 plays
Max Dirt Bike
Link: Play
Surreal motorcycle game. The aim is to get over all the obstacles on a level in the fastest time possible. If you need a break just hit P to Pause. Or if you are tired of using the mouse to click next, just hit the SPACE bar. Use arrows to control your bike.

Size: 862986 Bytes

35. Miniball - sport - 13 plays
Link: Play
Kick soccer goals and more in this simple game. Only tap the controls.

Size: 338165 Bytes

36. Zombie Mart - strategy - 13 plays
Zombie Mart
Link: Play
In the near future an unstopable zombie outbreak changed planet Earth forever. After 99% of the population was infected, the zombies turned into... shopping customers! Fill your store with delicious brains, finger chips, and other human organs and products while unlocking new items and expanding your business. Control and manage the zombie market and earn as much zollars as you can. Run your own pixel market for zombies. Use your Mouse, WASD or Arrow keys to scroll the map. Expand your store and assortment, hire more employees, order stock, expand your empire and keep the zombies calm. Don’t forget to research new things.

Size: 4617928 Bytes

37. Imperium 2 - strategy - 13 plays
Imperium 2
Link: Play
Being an emperor is not easy task. First all, you can build various buildings in your village. Then you can order soldiers to the war, move resource to other city and trade. You will win the game if you conquered all of 96 areas in the game. Good luck!

Size: 6754279 Bytes

38. Bod World - logic - 13 plays
Bod World
Link: Play
An educational game of knowing where locations are on planet earth, and what their capitals are.

Size: 525548 Bytes

Guess The Celebrity Thong 2
Link: Play
Can you guess the celebrity thongs correctly in this quiz of butts?

Size: 1779849 Bytes

40. Red Car - skill - 12 plays
Red Car
Link: Play
Drive the car and drift around corners without hitting anything. Make it to the end. Cool!

Size: 211327 Bytes

41. Platform Racing - race - 12 plays
Platform Racing
Link: Play
Run online with friends. Right arrow or D to run right. Left arrow or A to run left. W or Up arrow to jump. Down or S to charge a super jump. Space to use an item.

Size: 1599.3 KB

Guess The Celebrity Thong 3
Link: Play
Guess the thongs of celebrities and try not to miss any.

Size: 1597324 Bytes

43. Raccoon Racing - race - 12 plays
Raccoon Racing
Link: Play
Racing in Raccoon with variety of bonus features that helps your way. Use weapon with Space, Move with arrows.

Size: 7483452 Bytes

44. Renegade Racing - race - 12 plays
Renegade Racing
Link: Play
Side scrolling based action game where you compete against a medley of different vehicles in a dash to get your mini morris to the finish line. With amazing stunts, cool missions and crazy AI cars across 18 challenging levels featuring 6 visually stunning environments. 12 different vehicles to drive including: a Mini, a London bus, Monster trucks, and even an ice cream truck. Each vehicle has its own specs, physics, handling, engine sound, and horn. A garage where you can purchase new vehicles, change your paint job and upgrade different specs. Use your WASD keys or Arrow keys to accelerate, brake or perform front/back flips and X key or Space bar key to jump over obstacles. W key or UP arrow key to accelerate. S key or Down arrow key to brake and reverse. A key or Left arrow key to balance the car and preform back flips and back wheelies. D key or Right arrow key to balance the car and preform front flips and front wheelies. Possible stunts - INVERT: Hold your car upside down while in mid-air for more than one second. BACK WHEELIE: Drive your car on its back wheel for more than one second, hold A key or Left arrow key while accelerating or reversing. FRONT WHEELIE: Drive your car on its front wheel for more than one second, hold D key or Right arrow key while accelerating or reversing. BACK FLIP: Rotate your car anti-clockwise 360 degrees while in the air. Do multiple flips to gain extra turbo and money. FRONT FLIP: Rotate your car clockwise 360 degrees while in the air. Do multiple flips to gain extra turbo and money. PERFECT LANDING: As your car lands, make both the wheels touch the floor at the same time. Each competition you enter has different objectives such as finishing within the last 6 places or performing N amount of backflips. The more aerial stunts you perform the more turbo boost bonuses you'll get. To complete the game, you must complete all of the achievements.

Size: 6885370 Bytes

Robokill 2 - Leviathan Five
Link: Play
Continued excellent shooter game! In this series, added new weapons, new keys, new maps and levels, and much more. You are picking some life forms on the scan. Try to find out what is with Leviathan 5. You can be extend your robot, opening up more and more new types of weapons. A total of 12 levels of play.

Size: 12444334 Bytes

46. Zombie vs Hamster - fight - 12 plays
Zombie vs Hamster
Link: Play
The war between the plump hamster and zombies with brain. Fight in 3 rounds, use arrows and X,Z keys.

Size: 6521401 Bytes

47. Blobs Story 2 - logic - 12 plays
Blobs Story 2
Link: Play
The bodacious blob is back in action and he’s looking for love. It is about the tragedy of lovers, who got separated. Your aim is to bring the male blob to his cute lady. Think wisely and cut the ropes in the right order to free the black ball. Let him roll over all flowers for his beloved. Cut ropes in the right order to reunite the blobs in each level. Try to collect all the flowers, which are required to unlock new levels.

Size: 4383976 Bytes

48. Milk Panic - skill - 11 plays
Milk Panic
Link: Play
The cows in the field have eaten something strange and now they are giving off milk, instantly!

Size: 340737 Bytes

Sports Heads Cards – Soccer Squad Swap!
Link: Play
Sports Heads how you’ve never seen them before: in card form! Compete for the biggest and best squad in this addictive card game. Beat seasoned football managers by lining up your ace scorers against their own picks. Use your Mouse to select a card from the deck, try to choose a card that has the highest amount of season goal scoring points. You can force a penalty shootout if your card has the exact value or the nationality is the same as your opponent. Each match last 18 turns (roughly around 90 minutes) and then at the end your high scoring cards are matched against your rivals for a final comparison. Read the game tutorial to play this game.

Size: 2739618 Bytes

50. 3D Mountain Bike - sport - 11 plays
3D Mountain Bike
Link: Play
Realistic 3D cycle race. Just try to go to the finish, obbey large boulders and pick up coins.

Size: 2137897 Bytes

       50 top games this month        
action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris