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1. Airport Madness 4 - strategy - 1 plays
Airport Madness 4
Link: Play
In this new Airport Madness episode, manage the departure and the arrival of the planes in the airport. Do your best to avoid collisions. Manage the airport and guide airplanes when they should take off so they don't crash into each other. Use the mouse to click on the planes to access their controls. Keys 1 through 5 are your menu shortcuts.

Size: 3483621 Bytes

2. Battleship Nexus - strategy - 1 plays
Battleship Nexus
Link: Play
The classic game of Battleships in a flash game. Played against AI.

Size: 218542 Bytes

3. Armies 2 - strategy - 1 plays
Armies 2
Link: Play
Build some buildings and keep your people happy. Set out to conquer the map.

Size: 5059040 Bytes

4. One off - rpg - 1 plays
One off
Link: Play
Explore and find out codes on items spread around.

Size: 2781229 Bytes

5. A Walk in the Park - logic - 1 plays
A Walk in the Park
Link: Play
Must seek a way out of the park, while solving simple puzzles. To jump simply press the Arrow Up Key, R to restart the level, Space or Enter to the next level. The blue box with a plus on it makes the leash longer, while the blue box with a minus on it makes the leash shorter. If you pick up a fly-cap, you can press and hold the Arrow Up key to fly. But remember that you don't have unlimited fuel. If you press Arrow Down key you will bark. Barking is usefull when you want to interact with the environment. In levels where you can find crackers you have to pick up all the crackers in order to finish the level. In some levels you need to push a button to be able to get to the finish. Bunnies can be useful if the buttons are too far away, or if you need to press many buttons at the same time.

Size: 825462 Bytes

6. Sieger Level Pack - logic - 1 plays
Sieger Level Pack
Link: Play
Use your logic and physical law of the gravitation. You have to destroy the fortress with a gun and 3 shots. You need to find weak spots in the building so it will made the biggest destruction. If you can doit within one shot you will get a gold medal (two shots a silver, three shots a bronze).

Size: 7540469 Bytes

7. Rogan The Swordmaster - action - 1 plays
Rogan The Swordmaster
Link: Play
A mighty and dark sorcerer used the Ancient Jewel to open the forgotten Gates of Despair. Then he split the Jewel into four separate pieces and gave these pieces to four mystical creatures so noone will ever can use the Jewel to close the Gates. You have to destroy those creatures and collect all of the pieces to close the Gate of Despire forever. Destroy all evil and collect coins in order to upgrade your weapons and armour. Press WASD keys to walk and Left Mouse button to attack. Use Space bar to activate a fury mode.

Size: 3213427 Bytes

Galactic Gems 2 Accelerated
Link: Play
You have only 3 minutes to complete each level. Collect galactic gems. Discover powerful bonuses. Explore new planets. Set up patterns of more than 3 gems to create helpful power ups. 30 challenging levels with 5 beautiful planets and 12 extra bonuses. Swap adjacent gems to make matches of 3 or more in vertical or horizontal lines. Clear all background bricks to proceed to the next level. Create bonuses by matching more then 3 gems. Press R key to restart the level.

Size: 96104 Bytes

9. Coral Cup 2 - skill - 1 plays
Coral Cup 2
Link: Play
Blast away the briny deep in search of sunken treasure… Shoot to make matching clusters of 3 or more runes and clear them from the board. Clear them before they reach the bottom to pass each level. Collect treasure, but watch out for bombs… Use the Mouse to shoot blocks. Space bar to change colour. Try to clear all the corals and avoid exploding the bombs.

Size: 95820 Bytes

10. Bubble Shooter - skill - 1 plays
Bubble Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot the bubbles and line up 3 or more of the same colour. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. Try to remove all bubbles.

Size: 146471 Bytes

11. Castle Tales - logic - 1 plays
Castle Tales
Link: Play
Castle Tales is a unique physics game with great graphics. The Knight, his Lady, and assorted royalty need to get back to the castle. They need your help to make it home. Eliminate logical obstacles and solve puzzles in 54 levels of medieval gravity. Use your Mouse to remove blocks in correct order.

Size: 4040255 Bytes

12. Mexican Train Dominoes - logic - 1 plays
Mexican Train Dominoes
Link: Play
Mexican Train Dominoes is an arcade game in which your mission is to try to play all your dominoes. There are 13 rounds. You start round by placing round double in proper place. You start your train according to the round number. Use your Mouse and play all your dominoes. Try to get rid of all your dominoes before the other computer controlled players do. Double-click on domino to rotate, and play the correct domino. You need to play a double domino, and then go again. If there is no domino to play, you can click PASS. A double is played but not covered. Cover the double. The one who can get the lowest overall points wins the game.

Size: 491946 Bytes

13. Rubble trouble Tokyo - logic - 1 plays
Rubble trouble Tokyo
Link: Play
Explosives, rockets, powerful drilling rigs and even a mega godzilla. This is all you need to destruct the constructions for new shopping center. Collect money by destroying buildings. Complete the level by reaching the target value. Select your tools at the bottom of the screen. Some tools may be limited, some will be infinite. Make sure you don't hit protected buildings or workmen that are stranded on the building. You will lose money if you do.

Size: 2642573 Bytes

14. Lazy Liz 2 - logic - 1 plays
Lazy Liz 2
Link: Play
Lazy Liz is a puzzle flash game in which you must navigate a lazy lizard to the fly and avoid various hazards. Click anywhere to grab the next closest stone so you can get to that yummy fly. Avoid bamboo because bamboo are quite hard. Some rocks are sometimes missing, but you might still find a path.

Size: 3085751 Bytes

15. Viking Attack - shoot - 1 plays
Viking Attack
Link: Play
Shoot the vikings as they popup from all sorts of places.

Size: 995572 Bytes

16. X Wing Shooter - shoot - 1 plays
X Wing Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot as many enemy forces spacecrafts as you can.

Size: 386144 Bytes

17. Quarterback Challenge - sport - 1 plays
Quarterback Challenge
Link: Play
Throw the footballs at the refs knocking them out.

Size: 508432 Bytes

18. War in Iraq - action - 1 plays
War in Iraq
Link: Play
Walk around with your soldier and kill iraqi troops before they shoot you avoid shell blasts from je

Size: 86214 Bytes

19. Escaping Paris 2 - rpg - 1 plays
Escaping Paris 2
Link: Play
Paris is back in jail, can you help her escape again?

Size: 2547763 Bytes

20. Let The Bullets Fly - shoot - 1 plays
Let The Bullets Fly
Link: Play
Use your skills you learnt with ricochet bullets as you try and kill all the enemies with the limited amount of bullets you have. Use your Mouse and aim and shoot all enemies for each levels. Also be careful not to kill yourself with dynamites or other explosive staff.

Size: 3220380 Bytes

21. GregManiacs - race - 1 plays
Link: Play
Take part in several crazy races with lots of cool stunts to be the Greg Maniac. And yeah, Gregzilla is after you, so ride faster. A one-off highscore-based cyclomaniacs spin off made out of bits. Get Greg to work by racing his bike against competitors. Use X key or Space bar key to jump. Up Arrow or W key to Accelerate. Down Arrow or S key to brake. You can tilt forward and backwards with Left/Right Arrow or D/A keys.

Size: 3977784 Bytes

22. Troll Tale - logic - 1 plays
Troll Tale
Link: Play
You can join a ridiculous story with the troll face. This troll is about to embark on an adventure. Maybe he will encounter some real trolls during his travels? Use your Mouse and try to help him to unravel the mystery behind the weird call he had received from his grandmothers house. Left button click on the environment and find a way to finish. How long do you need to reach the goal?

Size: 9820141 Bytes

23. Ark of Treasure - logic - 1 plays
Ark of Treasure
Link: Play
Use your Match-3 powers to discover priceless relics from ancient civilizations. Play ark of treasure puzzle game and go on a treasure hunt to uncover lost artefacts and relics from ancient civilisations. To play ark of treasure use the Mouse to match 3 or more lotus flowers to gently nudge the treasure chest to the bottom. To complete a level, get the treasure chest to the bottom of the game board by clearing items underneath it. To clear items, click and drag over groups of 3 or more adjacent matching items. As you play, you’ll earn special powers, which you can use to improve your score. Scroll down the treasures at the bottom of the grid to earn them.

Size: 6432596 Bytes

24. Sky Quest - skill - 1 plays
Sky Quest
Link: Play
Sky Quest is a cross side shooter defense game with RPG element. Gain more skills, level-up, equip your hero, your ship and defeat all enemies on the screen. Side-scrolling shooter comes along featuring an angelic hero named Conquest soaring and defending his airship from the creepy forces of the evil Wartrake. Control Conquest with the Mouse, automatically firing your weapons against the creatures attacking your sky-fortress. Your hitbox is your head, and slamming yourself into either the creatures or the red ammo they fire will drain your health bar. While the red ammo the creatures fire won't hurt your ship, watch out for when they decide to go kamikaze. If either you or your ship run out of health, the level is failed. Blasting enemies will grant you both cash and experience, both of which can be used to upgrade you and your ship's equipment and defense. New items in the shop can be unlocked by collecting magical orbs, and there are also special uncommon items that become available for sale every five real-time minutes. Defeating 100% of the enemies on a level or completing enough in-game missions will give you a bonus star that can used to purchase skills that can be activated with 1, 2, or 3 number keys. Collecting enough stars will grant crystals that can upgrade your current items, be crafted into rare or legendary items. Sky Quest has a huge world map, with several sub quests to dive in to, so don't expect this adventure to be over in a single sitting.

Size: 12200705 Bytes

25. Super Rally Challenge 2 - race - 1 plays
Super Rally Challenge 2
Link: Play
Super Rally Challenge is a rally racing game set over forest tracks, desert terrain and snowy mountains, slide your rally car round the track and try and beat the best times. With 8 tracks, upgrades and different cars to unlock. Four superb high-speed rally cars, racing against the course time. Weave past slower competitors as you strive to achieve first place. Steer using your Arrow key cursors and X key to use your turbo boost. Finely balanced difficulty and tuning curves to give the best possible game-play experience.

Size: 5271449 Bytes

26. Four Boxes LP - logic - 1 plays
Four Boxes LP
Link: Play
Try to remove all the red cubes off the screen. Use your Mouse to play the game. Split the color cube into smaller – 4 cubes. Remember that the number splits is limited. Less splits, the more stars you get.

Size: 2405224 Bytes

27. Quest for Milkshake - logic - 1 plays
Quest for Milkshake
Link: Play
In this Sesame street tribute game you’ll help Snuckers, the green furry monster, to make a coconut milkshake for his favorite customer. When the cursor changes to show an interactive area, just click your Left button Mouse to move around or, well, interact! Made as an homage of sorts to bastion of childhoods and puppets Sesame Street, you'll need to hunt down ingredients around town if you want to make your customer happy, but this place is seriously weird to say the least, and you'll need the help of other monsters to make your coconut dreams come true.

Size: 7647973 Bytes

28. Modular - action - 1 plays
Link: Play
Fly your spaceship through multiple levels of enemies as your upgrade and change your ship around.

Size: 4059828 Bytes

29. Ultimate Pie Theft - retro - 1 plays
Ultimate Pie Theft
Link: Play
Pacman remixed into a strange land of a bull chasing strange creatures. Can you keep up with them?

Size: 990770 Bytes

30. Sobics - logic - 1 plays
Link: Play
Another brick game. Pull them off one column and place them on another of same color.

Size: 562381 Bytes

31. Stress Game - shoot - 1 plays
Stress Game
Link: Play
Take your stress out on these little smilie faces.

Size: 211655 Bytes

32. Frozy And Fred - skill - 1 plays
Frozy And Fred
Link: Play
Frozy and Fred is a sweet physics-based platform game. Help the hero to return the stolen candy! Nice storyline, boss battles, secrets, achievements, intuitive controls, and a great challenge and two friends. Arrow keys or WASD to move, Esc for menu. Collect candies, ballons and lives and try to clear all stages, then reach the door exit to reach the next level.

Size: 4546140 Bytes

33. Mobs Down - fight - 1 plays
Mobs Down
Link: Play
Fight multiple enemies at the same time with different combo moves. Great graphics.

Size: 4901561 Bytes

34. Bugongo - action - 1 plays
Link: Play
In Bugongo you play as a little green dragon who is desperately trying to chase and at the same time protect his egg from the dangerous viridian hills of the world! The main feature of the game is the ability to control both Bugongo and his egg, and start running because, believe me, the egg will not wait for you! Run the first level to learn the game mechanics and key mapping. Arrow Keys (or WASD to move your character. Z key button (or N key) to Jump/Double Jump, X key button (or B key) to Dash, Up arrow and Down arrow key (or W and S key) to control the egg. Space bar key to activate Egg's Power. M key to mute, R to Restart.

Size: 5881193 Bytes

35. Territory WAR - strategy - 1 plays
Territory WAR
Link: Play
All controls are listed in game. Territory War face two teams of players agains each other in a turn based fashion. When it is your turn you have two options. Move and Stay. If you choose to move remember you can only move a limited amount.

Size: 1005978 Bytes

36. Bow Man 2 - skill - 1 plays
Bow Man 2
Link: Play
Give your bow the right power to hit the computer or 2nd player.

Size: 103509 Bytes

37. Asteroid Blaster - action - 1 plays
Asteroid Blaster
Link: Play
Pick up your laser powerup and start blasting away asteroids. Limited shots per powerup.

Size: 758916 Bytes

38. Keeper of the Grove - strategy - 1 plays
Keeper of the Grove
Link: Play
Greedy creatures are on the way to rob the magic grove and you need to stop them. Grow unique nature defenders to keep the crystals from being stolen and save the gifts of the nature. Sprout towers are cheap, but fast and can shoot far away. Aqua towers are more expensive, but worth every penny in upgrades to slow the creep onslaught. Most expensive and powerful are rock towers, but you'll have to wait awhile before you can upgrade. After a few levels, you'll unlock the ability to research better towers, which you will have to do again in each new map. Collect coins and upgrade your towers. Press Space to speed things up. Press Space again to slow things back to normal. Enter to start the wave, Esc to pause.

Size: 11220379 Bytes

39. The Emerald Hotel - logic - 1 plays
The Emerald Hotel
Link: Play
The Emerald Hotel is a quite nice special place that will make you really happy because it is quite sure that you will enjoy your time there. The hotel is located in very attractive area, wonderful nature – little bit mountainous… In this place everyone is a winner. When you just book a vacation, you will get a chance to win 5 real emerald diamonds. Have you ever heard about emeralds? Emerald is actually a very attractive gemstone in amazing green color. People said about it that is a gem of the finest water, to express the combination of two qualities: color and clarity that this gemstone has. This gemstone is regarded as the traditional birthstone for May, plus the traditional gemstone for the astrological signs of Taurus, Gemini and sometimes Cancer. If you haven't seen one by one, we recommend you to visit Emerald Hotel and see what we are talking about. Find the hidden objects that'll help you win five real emerald diamonds and complete all challenging levels. Use your Mouse to play this game and interact with the environment.

Size: 1710988 Bytes

40. El Papel - logic - 1 plays
El Papel
Link: Play
A funny puzzle game where you play as a toilet roll. A bizzare mexican puzzle game. Stretch Juan “El Macho” Hernandez long neck to solve 40+ puzzles. Help Juan get the precious toilet paper that his evil arch enemy stole. Use your Arrows or WASD keys to move, R to reset.

Size: 8930166 Bytes

41. Dark II - action - 1 plays
Dark II
Link: Play

Size: 5754416 Bytes

42. Climbo - logic - 1 plays
Link: Play
Are you ready for some amazing adventures? You mission is to help the hero of the game to reach exit. You'll meet a lot of dangers on the way. If you are brave and strong enough, it will not be a big problem for you to complete the game - however, it just depends on your skills. Climbo, is a set of 24 levels that must be overcome. Turn the world to find solution. Use your Arrows or WASD keys to move, R to restart the level.

Size: 5187487 Bytes

43. Locom - logic - 1 plays
Link: Play
Help a plumber to complete all levels and to get out of this dark sewer. You have a tank with water behind your back and a powerful pump. Avoid saws, show your skills and solve puzzles. Use your Mouse to shoot out water to move yourself through the tricky platform levels of this skill game. Witness the power of water in Locom and reach the exit in each level. Try to complete all levels with the use of water particles and the power of preserving impulse.

Size: 3216219 Bytes

Hidden Crystals Of Deep Earth
Link: Play
This miner named Jack got an order for mining some rare crystals which can be found underground. It is not so difficult to get them – it's much more difficult to exit the mine after collecting the crystals. Dig underground to collect all crystals spread across the deep earth. The goal of the game is to collect the three crystals on each level, which despite the name, aren't hidden at all, and make it to the exit alive. Use the Arrow keys to move and jump, and push the Space bar key while holding an Arrow key to mine in that direction. It's important to note that you can mine while jumping, as there are levels you can't pass unless you use this technique. Miners are tough, but do still get tired, so you've got a limited number of blocks you can chop before you wear yourself out, indicated by the pick at the bottom of your screen. If you run out of moves, hit R key to restart the level.

Size: 1896885 Bytes

45. Epic Combo Redux - fun - 1 plays
Epic Combo Redux
Link: Play
Hit the turtles with your hammer as they swarm out from the sewer pipes and earn cash! Buy cool upgrades with your money to smash more turtles. Use awesome combinations and try to reach 10.000 combos as fast as you can. Use your Mouse for purchasing chain reaction upgrades. Use your Arrow or WASD keys to move the stickman. Press Space bar key to bash the critters with your hammer. Visit the shop and get upgrades such as machine guns, lasers, buzz sawes, chainsaw, proximity mines or even party disco lighting effect.

Size: 2111327 Bytes

46. Curse Village 4 - skill - 1 plays
Curse Village 4
Link: Play
The zombies have returned and once again you’re put behind the barricades the fight off the undead. You must head deep into the zombie filled streets of Curse Village where you will have to battle your way through hundreds of the undead if you want to find all the answers. Use the 1-6 number keys to quickly select a weapon. Use your Mouse and click to use the selected weapon. Kill multiple zombies at once with the verticle melee weapons (axe, light-saber), handy when they crowd before the barricades. Range weapons are best used against small zombies, large zombies can be easily killed by melee weapons. Use the laser gun only in critical conditions. The maximum barricade (wire barricade) is vital for surviving in later levels.

Size: 13385500 Bytes

47. Spring Ninja 2 - skill - 1 plays
Spring Ninja 2
Link: Play
Green ninjas drive nicer cars, that is not good. You need to destroy the enemy using karate techniques and capture his flag. Overcome all difficulties on your path and reach the enemy. Get your vengeance through 32 ninja levels. Use your Mouse to drag while aiming your ninja and launch him through ridiculous hazards. Jump with the spring ninja and go through the obstacles in order to reach the final point in each level of the game. Use various jumps and eliminate the enemies on your way. Be very careful and watch out, because there are so many obstacles on his way.

Size: 3608583 Bytes

48. Blobs Story 2 - logic - 1 plays
Blobs Story 2
Link: Play
The bodacious blob is back in action and he’s looking for love. It is about the tragedy of lovers, who got separated. Your aim is to bring the male blob to his cute lady. Think wisely and cut the ropes in the right order to free the black ball. Let him roll over all flowers for his beloved. Cut ropes in the right order to reunite the blobs in each level. Try to collect all the flowers, which are required to unlock new levels.

Size: 4383976 Bytes

49. Evil Nights - action - 1 plays
Evil Nights
Link: Play
Shoot the flying demons with your spells. Protect the village!

Size: 6717788 Bytes

50. The Chase - race - 1 plays
The Chase
Link: Play
Drive the batmobile and crash into the joker multiple times to wreck his car.

Size: 819346 Bytes

       50 top games recently played        
action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris