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1. Portal Protector - shoot - 1 plays
Portal Protector
Link: Play
Shoot the cats that are trying to enter your portal. Cheesey graphics, but take it or leave it.

Size: 7025969 Bytes

2. Labirynt - action - 1 plays
Link: Play
Fly around flipping levers and grabbing items. Avoid the walls at all costs and find the exit doors.

Size: 457917 Bytes

3. Stick Fighter - fight - 1 plays
Stick Fighter
Link: Play
1 or 2 player fighting game with fireballs and combos.

Size: 175037 Bytes

4. Hungry Hippaul - skill - 1 plays
Hungry Hippaul
Link: Play
Swim around as a Hippo and collect food but avoid the logs coming down the river.

Size: 134589 Bytes

Robot Boy Depth Charger
Link: Play
Activate lasers are start shooting all the sinking depth charges. Use your shield if there's a lot.

Size: 875257 Bytes

Galactic Gems 2 Accelerated
Link: Play
You have only 3 minutes to complete each level. Collect galactic gems. Discover powerful bonuses. Explore new planets. Set up patterns of more than 3 gems to create helpful power ups. 30 challenging levels with 5 beautiful planets and 12 extra bonuses. Swap adjacent gems to make matches of 3 or more in vertical or horizontal lines. Clear all background bricks to proceed to the next level. Create bonuses by matching more then 3 gems. Press R key to restart the level.

Size: 96104 Bytes

7. Coral Cup 2 - skill - 1 plays
Coral Cup 2
Link: Play
Blast away the briny deep in search of sunken treasure… Shoot to make matching clusters of 3 or more runes and clear them from the board. Clear them before they reach the bottom to pass each level. Collect treasure, but watch out for bombs… Use the Mouse to shoot blocks. Space bar to change colour. Try to clear all the corals and avoid exploding the bombs.

Size: 95820 Bytes

8. Bubble Shooter - skill - 1 plays
Bubble Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot the bubbles and line up 3 or more of the same colour. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. Try to remove all bubbles.

Size: 146471 Bytes

9. Cowboy Biker - skill - 1 plays
Cowboy Biker
Link: Play
Texan cowboy changed his horse to a motorcycle. To show his skill, you should not just reach the finish line. You must perform as much tricks as possible and reach the best score.

Size: 3094800 Bytes

10. Reventure - action - 1 plays
Link: Play
Help Rieland, the young warrior take revenge for all the doings of the cruel tyrant.

Size: 2630116 Bytes

11. Power Star Part 1 - fun - 1 plays
Power Star Part 1
Link: Play
Mario goes ape shit.

Size: 4987774 Bytes

12. Troll Tale - logic - 1 plays
Troll Tale
Link: Play
You can join a ridiculous story with the troll face. This troll is about to embark on an adventure. Maybe he will encounter some real trolls during his travels? Use your Mouse and try to help him to unravel the mystery behind the weird call he had received from his grandmothers house. Left button click on the environment and find a way to finish. How long do you need to reach the goal?

Size: 9820141 Bytes

13. Rolling Fall 2 - logic - 1 plays
Rolling Fall 2
Link: Play
Get ready to kill all the undead creatures in the next installment of the Rolling Fall puzzle game. To smash down the zombies just cut the chains by using the knife and let bombs to destroy them. But be careful there are good guys too. Use your mouse to cut the metal chains with knife.

Size: 3247571 Bytes

14. Little Loki - action - 1 plays
Little Loki
Link: Play
Make your way out of hell. The lava is rising, keep making your way up top.

Size: 897889 Bytes

15. Rings and Sticks - logic - 1 plays
Rings and Sticks
Link: Play
Can you make the sticks grow to pass through all the rings on the level? Gets quite difficult.

Size: 107467 Bytes

16. Cell Defender - logic - 1 plays
Cell Defender
Link: Play
You're a good cell. Find the bad cells and with the help of other good cells take out the bad cells.

Size: 2340000 Bytes

MushBooms – Level Pack
Link: Play
The Mushbooms return with 32 explosive new levels for you to enjoy! Do whatever it takes to blow up these angry mushrooms so your level will be clear of them. Be warned though as you will only have a limited amount of bombs at your disposal so use them wisely. If you get stuck and run out of bombs then simply restart the level until you get it right! You can choose different type of bombs and also you can explode them through the ground. Place bombs using your mouse. Hit space to explode the bombs. Remove all angry mushrooms from the screen in each level.

Size: 3337743 Bytes

18. Motor Racer - race - 1 plays
Motor Racer
Link: Play
A limited "3D" flash game where you race to get the best time score.

Size: 1634762 Bytes

19. Swap It Et 3 - logic - 1 plays
Swap It Et 3
Link: Play
Change the gears and put them right direction. Swap the tiles, with their moving gears, until you find the exact position. The faster you can arrange the gears, the higher the score you receive. Enjoy 30 levels relaxing gameplay and cute graphics. Swap the moving gears sections and create picture of multi-coloured gears of all shapes and sizes, moving at different rhythms. Exchange them in as few moves as possible. Tiles don't always display the right size of the gears. Use your Mouse to click on a block and then click on another one to swap them around. Try to limit your swaps to earn three stars.

Size: 2945149 Bytes

20. Elite Forces - Clones - action - 1 plays
Elite Forces - Clones
Link: Play
Your objective is to capture all of your opponent's barracks by overwhelming them with your troops. You are the blue color, and your opponents are the red colors. Each barrack can move 50% of its troops at a time. Your barracks will keep cloning more troops for you to use. Larger barracks produce troops faster. Send troops out to capture other barracks so that you can produce even more! Grey barracks are neutral and will not attack. You can also select multiple barracks by dragging or by CTRL key.

Size: 2214557 Bytes

21. Get Flippy - shoot - 1 plays
Get Flippy
Link: Play
Shoot the dolphines jumping out of the water on their bullseye.

Size: 331425 Bytes

22. The Emerald Hotel - logic - 1 plays
The Emerald Hotel
Link: Play
The Emerald Hotel is a quite nice special place that will make you really happy because it is quite sure that you will enjoy your time there. The hotel is located in very attractive area, wonderful nature – little bit mountainous… In this place everyone is a winner. When you just book a vacation, you will get a chance to win 5 real emerald diamonds. Have you ever heard about emeralds? Emerald is actually a very attractive gemstone in amazing green color. People said about it that is a gem of the finest water, to express the combination of two qualities: color and clarity that this gemstone has. This gemstone is regarded as the traditional birthstone for May, plus the traditional gemstone for the astrological signs of Taurus, Gemini and sometimes Cancer. If you haven't seen one by one, we recommend you to visit Emerald Hotel and see what we are talking about. Find the hidden objects that'll help you win five real emerald diamonds and complete all challenging levels. Use your Mouse to play this game and interact with the environment.

Size: 1710988 Bytes

23. El Papel - logic - 1 plays
El Papel
Link: Play
A funny puzzle game where you play as a toilet roll. A bizzare mexican puzzle game. Stretch Juan “El Macho” Hernandez long neck to solve 40+ puzzles. Help Juan get the precious toilet paper that his evil arch enemy stole. Use your Arrows or WASD keys to move, R to reset.

Size: 8930166 Bytes

24. Bush Vs. Kerry - strategy - 1 plays
Bush Vs. Kerry
Link: Play
Bush Vs. Kerry - Play as either Bush or Kerry and knock the living daylights out of each other

Size: 503425 Bytes

25. Locom - logic - 1 plays
Link: Play
Help a plumber to complete all levels and to get out of this dark sewer. You have a tank with water behind your back and a powerful pump. Avoid saws, show your skills and solve puzzles. Use your Mouse to shoot out water to move yourself through the tricky platform levels of this skill game. Witness the power of water in Locom and reach the exit in each level. Try to complete all levels with the use of water particles and the power of preserving impulse.

Size: 3216219 Bytes

26. Orb Avoidance - logic - 1 plays
Orb Avoidance
Link: Play
Avoid the red balls and grey boxes. You must trick the balls into hitting the block. This destroys them. Destroy all the balls to complete the level. As you score the combo bonus will rise, gaining you more points per hit. The balls are attracted to your mouse so don't let them get too near.

Size: 508.8 KB

Hidden Crystals Of Deep Earth
Link: Play
This miner named Jack got an order for mining some rare crystals which can be found underground. It is not so difficult to get them – it's much more difficult to exit the mine after collecting the crystals. Dig underground to collect all crystals spread across the deep earth. The goal of the game is to collect the three crystals on each level, which despite the name, aren't hidden at all, and make it to the exit alive. Use the Arrow keys to move and jump, and push the Space bar key while holding an Arrow key to mine in that direction. It's important to note that you can mine while jumping, as there are levels you can't pass unless you use this technique. Miners are tough, but do still get tired, so you've got a limited number of blocks you can chop before you wear yourself out, indicated by the pick at the bottom of your screen. If you run out of moves, hit R key to restart the level.

Size: 1896885 Bytes

28. Curse Village 4 - skill - 1 plays
Curse Village 4
Link: Play
The zombies have returned and once again you’re put behind the barricades the fight off the undead. You must head deep into the zombie filled streets of Curse Village where you will have to battle your way through hundreds of the undead if you want to find all the answers. Use the 1-6 number keys to quickly select a weapon. Use your Mouse and click to use the selected weapon. Kill multiple zombies at once with the verticle melee weapons (axe, light-saber), handy when they crowd before the barricades. Range weapons are best used against small zombies, large zombies can be easily killed by melee weapons. Use the laser gun only in critical conditions. The maximum barricade (wire barricade) is vital for surviving in later levels.

Size: 13385500 Bytes

29. Blobs Story 2 - logic - 1 plays
Blobs Story 2
Link: Play
The bodacious blob is back in action and he’s looking for love. It is about the tragedy of lovers, who got separated. Your aim is to bring the male blob to his cute lady. Think wisely and cut the ropes in the right order to free the black ball. Let him roll over all flowers for his beloved. Cut ropes in the right order to reunite the blobs in each level. Try to collect all the flowers, which are required to unlock new levels.

Size: 4383976 Bytes

30. Georganism 2 - logic - 1 plays
Georganism 2
Link: Play
Interesting story about the adventures of funny organisms on the mysterious island is back. Help three colorful jelly creatures explore the world by working together. These organisms have certain abilities so use them as you need them. Also, do not forget about combining organisms to get past impossible obstacles in the levels. Combine and alternate between the jelly creatures to explore islands by unlocking the powers of the hidden totems. Use Left/Right to move. Up to jump (Blue character), Up/Down/Left/Right to swim (Red character), Up/Down/Left/Right to eat wood (Green character). Tab/Space to change character, Enter to combine creatures and R to restart if you are stuck.

Size: 6491492 Bytes

31. Park My Plane - skill - 1 plays
Park My Plane
Link: Play
Original and very interesting flash game! You need to park all the aircraft arriving in one of the international airports. Try not to confuse the terminals! The player can initially wager an amount of successful flow of planes through the airport. The game begins with a plane landing at the airport. Click on the plane to take over control of the plane. Use arrow keys to control the plane and park it safely at the terminal.

Size: 1672668 Bytes

32. Never Surrender - shoot - 1 plays
Never Surrender
Link: Play
You're a stationary turret in space. Fire at all the incoming enemies and stay alive.

Size: 1073485 Bytes

33. Penguin Diner - strategy - 1 plays
Penguin Diner
Link: Play
Your task is to care about your visitors, monitor the implementation of their orders and maintain an atmosphere of joy in restaurants. Seat your customer, take his order and serve him. Collect money and watch your time.

Size: 824167 Bytes

34. Gun Mayhem 2 - shoot - 1 plays
Gun Mayhem 2
Link: Play
High octane arena style action. Battle with the AI or with friends in this cartoony platform shooter. Supports up to 4 players at once, Utilize over 60 different firearms, 12 diverse maps to fight on. 4 unique gameplay modes: Last Man Standing, One Shot One Kill, Gun Game and Duck Defense. Campaign mode includes coop option and customizable characters. Gun Mayhem 2 returns with brand new maps, and much more. New campaign with 16 progressively challenging missions, 3 new custom game modes adn new guns, perks, and customization options. Arrow Keys for movement, Z to Shoot, X to Throw Bomb, Player 2, WASD for movement, T to Shoot, Y to Throw Bomb. Players 3 and 4 controls can be edited in options.

Size: 8882538 Bytes

35. Super Sneaky Spy Guy 6 - rpg - 1 plays
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 6
Link: Play
The RPG adventure continues in part 6 of the series. Continue the journey!

Size: 3651713 Bytes

36. Deep Sea Struggle - skill - 1 plays
Deep Sea Struggle
Link: Play
Keep your deep sea sub hopping from bubble to bubble to get back to the surface.

Size: 863190 Bytes

37. Rapid Reaction - skill - 1 plays
Rapid Reaction
Link: Play
How fast are you to discover what each level wants you to do? Disassemble a gun, etc.

Size: 1548727 Bytes

38. Cannon Dog - skill - 1 plays
Cannon Dog
Link: Play
Launch the dog just right out of the cannon to pick up bonus bones and hit the ground target.

Size: 386053 Bytes

39. Cakes Tough Break 2 - logic - 1 plays
Cakes Tough Break 2
Link: Play
Oh no, everything wrong has happened to the cat. You have to sort it out yourself. Tear your limbs, belly and head in this crazy adventure of pursuing the magical yellow hat. Pull off cake’s arms, legs, and body to figure out all 25 twisted levels. Find magic woman’s hat and do whatever it takes to help cake get it together. While solving each puzzle you need to find the magic cap. Use all your skills and abilities and help the cat.

Size: 3602216 Bytes

40. Awesome Cars - race - 1 plays
Awesome Cars
Link: Play
Select your car and try to conquer the world one setting at a time. Upgrade to 8 new, faster and better cars as you progress. Select for 12 different types of upgrades that will give you an awesome chance at beating each world. Fill the sky with collectible nitros and other cool things like planes and helicopters. Use Arrow or A/D keys to control your tilt. Use Space bar to jump. Make flip stunts in the air to earn Nitro. Try and drive through all the worlds. Go to mechanics shop and upgrade to different cars and install modifications including nitro turbo boost, stronger engine or better tires.

Size: 5849979 Bytes

Wink in The Princess Stealing Dragon
Link: Play
Wink returns in this sidescrolling fighting and shadow hiding game.

Size: 2361596 Bytes

42. Ultimate Crab Battle - shoot - 1 plays
Ultimate Crab Battle
Link: Play
You have to fight with one of the most invincible kings in the history of flash games.

Size: 3080371 Bytes

43. Submachine Zero - logic - 1 plays
Submachine Zero
Link: Play
Can you make it through the ancient passage way without getting stumped?

Size: 1401100 Bytes

44. Super Stacker 2 - logic - 1 plays
Super Stacker 2
Link: Play
Great logic game, new pazzly, new challenges and new solutions. Many more levels and very cute blocks reacting to the actual situation!

Size: 1465542 Bytes

45. Avoider - skill - 1 plays
Link: Play
Avoid the blocks, but pick up the pickups, game speeds up.

Size: 4360 Bytes

46. Lost Escape - logic - 1 plays
Lost Escape
Link: Play
Your ship has been damaged by the cyclone therefore it is not in the condition to be sailed. So explore for the objects around and build a life boat and escape on your own.

Size: 1158590 Bytes

Pirates Of The Stupid Seas
Link: Play
Join Captain James T. Stinkbeard and crew as they ply the high seas for adventure and silly treasures. Pirates are a ruthless lot. Do the piratey thing by sinking ships before they can reach safety! Sometimes your booty is a bit dodgy. But the real reward is sinking those ships! Terrorize your fellow sailors with a few well-aimed cannon volleys! Limited cannonballs and scurrying victims only make your illegal reward sweeter. And be sure to explore the pirates hangout. The Magical Singing Flounder will reward your every deepest wish. Battle merchants, the royal navy, other pirates, and creatures too horrible to mention! Plunder the gold, upgrade your pirate ship and collect all the treasures! Use the mouse to aim your cannons, hold down your left mouse button to make your shots go longer! Quick and easy in-game tutorial will help you to play the game.

Size: 5673021 Bytes

48. Titan Geart - action - 1 plays
Titan Geart
Link: Play
An action game of jumping on enemies and squishing them to kill them.

Size: 3663748 Bytes

49. Undead End 2 - action - 1 plays
Undead End 2
Link: Play
The sequel of Undead End is here, while the game features a new art style and a brand new gameplay. Explore a scary building, collect objects and solve riddles to escape from the weirdest ghost town of United States. Guide the lone agent as he investigates the disappearance of a small town near the Mexican border. Press WASD keys to walk, E to slice and cut your way using your sharp blade. Space bar key to examine your backpack contents, F to cycle through different weapons, R to reload more ammunition into the guns chamber. Left Mouse button to pull the trigger and shoot and try to aim for the soft mushy parts of each zombies head to quickly dispatch them. If you have problems with keyboard, try to use latest flash or another internet browser.

Size: 17407141 Bytes

50. Honey Tree Defence - shoot - 1 plays
Honey Tree Defence
Link: Play
Play as a hired gunman and defend the honey from incoming bears. Protect the bees treasure nest from hungry bears flying with balloons and try to save the bee nest with the good honey. Upgrade you weapons and also have a small army of bees to help you out to fight the bears. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. Better you abilities for your combat and shoot enemies in 25 levels.

Size: 745807 Bytes

       50 top games recently played        
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