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       33 retro games starting with P
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1. Pixvader - retro - 1362 plays
Link: Play
Pixvader is a retro classic 2d shooting game. Control your tiny pixel ship and protect humanity from hordes of space invaders. Blast those pesky enemies who wants to invade the Earth. Shoot with your over powered armaments and upgrade your little spaceship to its full potential. Your mission is destroy all bosses. Use WASD or Arrow keys to fly your plane. Press Space bar key to shoot. X key to deploy a nuclear bomb, but you can use it only once in each level. You can press Space bar twice to turn off/on auto fire mode. Upgrade your ship and set more powerful weapons from crystals from destroyed vessels. Wipe out all bosses and make them pay.

Size: 251901 Bytes

2. Pac Auway - retro - 731 plays
Pac Auway
Link: Play
There are twenty fun levels in this pacman clone. Use the arrow keys to move PacMan through the maze. Eat all the dots in your way and clear stage after stage. Watch out and avoid themonstes. The blue pills will increase your power, collect fruits to earn extra points. Use WASD or Arrow keys to play.

Size: 1672501 Bytes

3. Pyoro - retro - 573 plays
Link: Play
Guide the bird around, eating the plants falling from the sky. Avoid being hit by them, as you try t

Size: 77154 Bytes

4. Plastic Balls - retro - 618 plays
Plastic Balls
Link: Play
Breakout down in a circle.

Size: 318235 Bytes

5. Plasmanaut 2 - retro - 546 plays
Plasmanaut 2
Link: Play
Another top down ship shooter.

Size: 948540 Bytes

6. Panic Room - retro - 816 plays
Panic Room
Link: Play
Balls keep appearing. Keep bouncing them.

Size: 150249 Bytes

7. Pac Man - retro - 1332 plays
Pac Man
Link: Play
Classic Pac-Man. Hit the arrow at the exact time or you'll stop.

Size: 133276 Bytes

8. Push It - retro - 600 plays
Push It
Link: Play
Push the blocks onto the markers without getting any of them stuck.

Size: 423544 Bytes

9. Pepsi Pinball - retro - 861 plays
Pepsi Pinball
Link: Play
A country styled pinball game.

Size: 633515 Bytes

10. PacMan 2005 - retro - 658 plays
PacMan 2005
Link: Play
An updated version of PacMan with different levels.

Size: 404453 Bytes

11. Pong Maze - retro - 622 plays
Pong Maze
Link: Play
A game of Pong with a bunch of non-moving pins inbetween the paddles.

Size: 6217 Bytes

12. Pacman - retro - 720 plays
Link: Play
The classic Pacman, but with speed control to challenge you.

Size: 116408 Bytes

13. Pinball Smash Up - retro - 491 plays
Pinball Smash Up
Link: Play
Breakout and Pinball gameplay mixed with a bunch of powerups. Great, fast gameplay.

Size: 343367 Bytes

14. Pac - retro - 583 plays
Link: Play
A PacMan remix. New levels, power ups, enemys and even mouse controlled.

Size: 531969 Bytes

15. Pac Xon - retro - 2671 plays
Pac Xon
Link: Play
Block off as much area as possible in this PacMan remixed gameplay.

Size: 375237 Bytes

16. Pac's Jungle Trip - retro - 595 plays
Pac's Jungle Trip
Link: Play
Pacman game with pickups and different maps than original.

Size: 3034019 Bytes

17. PacMan 3D - retro - 573 plays
PacMan 3D
Link: Play
How about a game of PacMan from a first person perspective? With President Bush and others.

Size: 719278 Bytes

18. Pong Remixed - retro - 714 plays
Pong Remixed
Link: Play
A remix of pong with sparks, 1 or 2 players and balls that curve.

Size: 2006527 Bytes

19. Pong Pong Revolution - retro - 614 plays
Pong Pong Revolution
Link: Play
Pong remixed with more powerups and a fairly smart opponent.

Size: 2314596 Bytes

20. Paper Asteroids - retro - 605 plays
Paper Asteroids
Link: Play
Perhaps even more simple than the original Asteroids. Move left and right, but no rotating.

Size: 70870 Bytes

21. Puff Ball - retro - 587 plays
Puff Ball
Link: Play
Pong remake for the kids with crabs under the sea.

Size: 3504311 Bytes

22. Paper Clause - retro - 519 plays
Paper Clause
Link: Play
Take the classic game Paper Boy and give it a Christmas twist and there you go. Paper Claus.

Size: 2719386 Bytes

23. Pac Man Platform - retro - 727 plays
Pac Man Platform
Link: Play
Pac-Man mixed up into a platform game. Entertaining mix up of gameplays.

Size: 1485693 Bytes

24. PacMan Platform 2 - retro - 681 plays
PacMan Platform 2
Link: Play
PacMan remixed into a sidescrolling platform game.

Size: 3839161 Bytes

25. Penguinoids - retro - 615 plays
Link: Play
The game of Breakout remixed with bouncing penguins that bounce back and forth on a see-saw.

Size: 63895 Bytes

26. Pacmania III - retro - 630 plays
Pacmania III
Link: Play
Another game of Pacman. Are you up for another game?

Size: 804166 Bytes

27. Panic - retro - 556 plays
Link: Play
Another classic remixed. Move left and right and fire at the incoming ships.

Size: 320102 Bytes

28. Pac Adventure - retro - 648 plays
Pac Adventure
Link: Play
The classic Pac Man style of game gets remixed into 3D. Better gameplay than the original.

Size: 1676573 Bytes

29. Pinball Deluxe - retro - 632 plays
Pinball Deluxe
Link: Play
How about some classic pinball with the good old 2 paddles.

Size: 251527 Bytes

30. Planetary Orbital Defense - retro - 777 plays
Planetary Orbital Defense
Link: Play
Protect your city by shooting the invaders in missle style retro gaming. Crazy gameplay.

Size: 7110168 Bytes

31. Pacman War - retro - 711 plays
Pacman War
Link: Play
The meshing of two games you never thought possible. Pacman and Counterstrike. Nice gameplay.

Size: 436571 Bytes

32. Phoenix Revenge - retro - 964 plays
Phoenix Revenge
Link: Play
Dodge the enemy fire while shooting and destroying all the retro enemies trying to kill you.

Size: 800516 Bytes

33. Pathfinder - retro - 561 plays
Link: Play
A graphic and gameplay remix of Asteroids. Shoot the asteroids and the enemies vessels that fly by.

Size: 1226602 Bytes

       33 retro games starting with P
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