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       14 rpg games starting with P
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1. Pact - rpg - 1384 plays
Link: Play
Pact is classical turn-based RPG game. A group of adventurers has been assembled to slay a fiend hiding in the forest. Guide them through the gauntlet set before them. Lead your pack of heroes to victories and interesting adventures. Take part in countless battles with enemies from the fantasy realm. Orcs, goblins, dark elves, raiders, thieves, mages and even zombies are waiting for you. You only need your mouse to point and click to lead your heroes to slay the demon and save the world from darkness. Earn and spend your experience points from battles and upgrade the knight, rogue or witch's strength. Empower spirits and use vitality points. If you have gold coins, buy your armour, swords or mana potions from the peddler. You can use your Arrow keys to explore the map.

Size: 7352885 Bytes

2. Peasant's Quest - rpg - 712 plays
Peasant's Quest
Link: Play
An old school typing RPG.

Size: 1436900 Bytes

3. Puzzled Episode 1 - rpg - 660 plays
Puzzled Episode 1
Link: Play
A fun point and click game.

Size: 140582 Bytes

4. Pico's School - rpg - 854 plays
Pico's School
Link: Play
A mix of RPG and exploration game. Not very longl.

Size: 384037 Bytes

5. Pricilla Gone Missing - rpg - 576 plays
Pricilla Gone Missing
Link: Play
Explore and click on objects to take or find out what they are.

Size: 4424480 Bytes

6. Pixel Monsters - rpg - 714 plays
Pixel Monsters
Link: Play
Draw your own pixel monster and then unleash him against the AI monster.

Size: 259983 Bytes

7. Popular! - rpg - 641 plays
Link: Play
You're a nerd and need to become more popular in this RPG.

Size: 4615883 Bytes

8. Pumpkin Battle - rpg - 560 plays
Pumpkin Battle
Link: Play
You're a pumpkin and you must defeat the most powerful pumpkin in the patch. Can you do it?

Size: 356441 Bytes

9. Pursuit - rpg - 611 plays
Link: Play
Can you explore and save yourself at the same time? It's up to you.

Size: 6159024 Bytes

10. Perfect Summit - rpg - 705 plays
Perfect Summit
Link: Play
Very story driven and a bunch of dialogues. Ready to role play?

Size: 4293990 Bytes

11. Picos Cousin 2 - rpg - 681 plays
Picos Cousin 2
Link: Play
Explore the hallways of the retirement home looking for an adventure.

Size: 2710941 Bytes

12. Pico's Mansion! Demo - rpg - 943 plays
Pico's Mansion! Demo
Link: Play
Explore the environment, grab keys to unlock doors and find out what awaits you.

Size: 1186932 Bytes

13. Pico's Cousin - rpg - 672 plays
Pico's Cousin
Link: Play
Progress through this RPG and make decisions that will change the out come of the game.

Size: 862760 Bytes

14. Project Pravus - rpg - 642 plays
Project Pravus
Link: Play
Explore the house and solve little puzzles of what goes where and what you need to complete the game

Size: 3727651 Bytes

       14 rpg games starting with P
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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