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       55 shoot games starting with P
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1. Pirate Bullets - shoot - 1320 plays
Pirate Bullets
Link: Play
The pirates are hereā€¦ for treasure and they serve as bullets in your cannon! Knock down the wooden crates off the platform with three sized pirates bullets. Aim for the best shots in this nice and polished physics block shooting game. Use your Mouse to fire your cannon on golden boxes. Enjoy pushing off the unsuspecting wooden boxes off the edge, but avoid the red boxes. Try to get as many points as you can. The pirates are in three sizes, press 1-3 number keys to select them. The bigger the pirate, the more points you lose.

Size: 5092245 Bytes

2. Pothead Zombies - shoot - 970 plays
Pothead Zombies
Link: Play
In the shooting game you need to kill all zombies, wave after wave in order to fight against their boss. Earn cash and buy new weapons or upgrades to succeed. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. R to reload, try headshots for extra damage while killing the invasion of pothead zombies. Earn money to purchase new weapons and upgrade them, crush your enemies.

Size: 16288722 Bytes

3. Pixel 2 - shoot - 1126 plays
Pixel 2
Link: Play
Pixel 2, the sequel to our hit shooter Pixel, features even more colorful explosions! Featuring four worlds with unique enemies, Pixel 2 takes the original game in a new direction with powerful new abilities! Freeze, burn, shock, and unleash other powerful abilities on your enemies! Collect points by destroying enemies and collecting pixels. Hitting a pixel will cause it to shoot back out of your ship. Move the mouse to aim and shoot. Hold spacebar to lock your position. P key to pause and bring up a menu.

Size: 2213005 Bytes

4. Pumpkin Shot - shoot - 813 plays
Pumpkin Shot
Link: Play
Destroy all the orange pumpkins. You have 3 chances to beat your enemies. Drag & Drop, Click over the green pumpkin and drag it, then release it and enjoy. Discover one shot combos and get candies to increase your score. Pumpkin will bounce from the spiders so try to avoid them.

Size: 2406249 Bytes

Puru Puru - Artemis Legend
Link: Play
Legendary Artemis came to save Puru puru. Try to aim to the purple rope to save him. Cut all the chains to free all Puru puru. Don't hit Rabbit Puru, otherwise you will lose life. While shooting, try to get a coin, magic arrow or other bonuses. But you have limited amount of time and arrows. If you run out of arrows, you can go out to shop. To shoot an arrow press and hold mouse button then move aside. Then you can release the arrow. Press R to reload the level.

Size: 834312 Bytes

6. Powershot Reloaded - shoot - 1216 plays
Powershot Reloaded
Link: Play
You just went for a walk with five football balls and you decided to kick them out on the street. Select from 3 different characters, choose angle and power for every shot and see how far you can kick the ball using the 5 available shots. You have to reach the longest possible distance. One the way you will find many obstacles, friends and enemies. Use the minimap to plan your shoots! You can use the mouse to aim and shoot. The yellow arrow will rotate, click when it has the direction you want. Then choose the power, more the bar will be full, more powerful you will shoot. The map changes every match, so you will always have a new challenge!

Size: 1248030 Bytes

7. Penguin Combat - shoot - 644 plays
Penguin Combat
Link: Play
Click the mouse, hold and release for shoot. Use arrow keys to move.

Size: 497700 Bytes

8. Prison Break Mania - shoot - 1013 plays
Prison Break Mania
Link: Play
Kill as many prisoners as you can before one escapes the prison. Shoot anything that moves. 1,2,3 keys to toggle weapons.

Size: 524586 Bytes

9. Police Fury - shoot - 825 plays
Police Fury
Link: Play
You are a member of the special squad and your mission is to exterminate terrorists who have infiltrated the target zone. Do your job officer. The city looks upon you for help. Control the gun movements with the mouse. Use left click to shoot.

Size: 2098616 Bytes

10. Plink - shoot - 706 plays
Link: Play
Click on your bulb to start throw. Drag away from bulb to set direction and power. Release to throw bulb. Try to smash bulbs.

Size: 1067296 Bytes

11. Paratruper - shoot - 926 plays
Link: Play
The main thing in this game is to survive. You have to defend from flying bombs, rockets, parachutes and enemies with dynamite. In general, shoot and defend!

Size: 181789 Bytes

12. Professional Assassin - shoot - 1436 plays
Professional Assassin
Link: Play
The aim of the game is to shoot the targets that are moving around the assault courses. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Press R to reload and SPACE to switch between regular gun and sniper mode. Make sure you hit enough targets to progress to the next level. Try to earn 2000 points on a level to unlock the bonus mode with AK-47!

Size: 1043244 Bytes

13. Project Inthri 3 - shoot - 598 plays
Project Inthri 3
Link: Play
Today you are honored to be a pilot of a spaceship. You will fly at high speed in the stratosphere, destroying enemies while you should stay alive.

Size: 6404392 Bytes

14. Penguin Destroyer - shoot - 800 plays
Penguin Destroyer
Link: Play
Penguins have hidden in every corner of the screen. Demonstrate your skills with enthusiasm, there is nothing funnier than throw grenades on penguins!

Size: 2485456 Bytes

15. Paper Cannon - shoot - 912 plays
Paper Cannon
Link: Play
With your cannon shoot all the pink creatures as quickly as possible. Increase the range of your shot by holding down the left mouse button.

Size: 2716049 Bytes

16. Palisade Guardian 2 - shoot - 8014 plays
Palisade Guardian 2
Link: Play
Building protection from the enemy, shoot at anything what moves. Space to zoom.

Size: 5274088 Bytes

17. Pirate Launch - shoot - 1341 plays
Pirate Launch
Link: Play
Aim the cannon with the mouse. Click and hold to charge power. Release to fire. Keep your balance with A D or LEFT/RIGHT ARROW. Catch bonuses for a boost. Islands slow you down and sharks take away your gold. Buy upgrades, flip for points and collect coins for GOLD and POINTS. And finally, make it as far as possible.

Size: 5663934 Bytes

18. Pigeon's Revenge - shoot - 688 plays
Pigeon's Revenge
Link: Play
What does a dove do, while sitting on the roof? You need to do this in the game. Move and shoot with your mouse.

Size: 973212 Bytes

19. Pearl Harbor - shoot - 625 plays
Pearl Harbor
Link: Play
Blow up as many ships as you can. Its like you were really there!

Size: 27299 Bytes

20. Pokemon Shoot 2 - shoot - 698 plays
Pokemon Shoot 2
Link: Play
Shoot the pokemon before the escape

Size: 639037 Bytes

21. Paratroopers 2 - shoot - 619 plays
Paratroopers 2
Link: Play
Shoot down the Paratroopers before they land in this fast paced Shoot'em'up!

Size: 44296 Bytes

22. Plate Shooting - shoot - 643 plays
Plate Shooting
Link: Play
Shoot all the plates you can!

Size: 148343 Bytes

23. Police Sniper - shoot - 675 plays
Police Sniper
Link: Play
This is a cool sniper game where you have to take out the bombs, weapons, missles and enemies in thi

Size: 444977 Bytes

24. Police Sniper 2 - shoot - 1080 plays
Police Sniper 2
Link: Play
This is a cool sniper game where you have to eliminate all the enemies you can see in missions mode,

Size: 171171 Bytes

25. Paratroopers - shoot - 644 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the paratroopers down with your missles.

Size: 254479 Bytes

26. Project X The First Strike - shoot - 601 plays
Project X The First Strike
Link: Play
Shoot aliens as they pop out from just about everywhere.

Size: 3319124 Bytes

27. Plebbi Duck Hunt - shoot - 519 plays
Plebbi Duck Hunt
Link: Play
Shoot down the flying ducks with your shotgun before they fly off the screen.

Size: 323325 Bytes

28. Plasmanaut - shoot - 537 plays
Link: Play
A top down spaceship game where you shoot the incoming enemies.

Size: 168926 Bytes

29. Project Orion - shoot - 872 plays
Project Orion
Link: Play
A top down spaceship shooter with a different feel.

Size: 90203 Bytes

30. Pelican Lost - shoot - 619 plays
Pelican Lost
Link: Play
Poop on the cars and other birds.

Size: 947219 Bytes

31. Putnik The Pumpkin - shoot - 572 plays
Putnik The Pumpkin
Link: Play
All Halloween creatures have been cursed. Help Putnik to save them by shooting the magical pumpkin s

Size: 584615 Bytes

32. Pocket Halo - shoot - 1041 plays
Pocket Halo
Link: Play
Another simple shooter based in the Halo universe.

Size: 1259147 Bytes

33. Pearl Harbor - shoot - 677 plays
Pearl Harbor
Link: Play
Drop bombs on U.S. ships of Pearl Harbor yay.

Size: 87268 Bytes

34. Plucky's Snowball Bash - shoot - 634 plays
Plucky's Snowball Bash
Link: Play
Throw snowballs at the penguins that pop up out of the ice.

Size: 115497 Bytes

35. Pokemon The Revolution - shoot - 786 plays
Pokemon The Revolution
Link: Play
Shoot the Pokemon characters, can't shoot until pop out animation is done.

Size: 580833 Bytes

36. Pinkslip Panic - shoot - 638 plays
Pinkslip Panic
Link: Play
Shoot the employees with pinkslips, but not the blonds. Very hard without crosshairs.

Size: 341319 Bytes

37. Planting Frenzy! - shoot - 649 plays
Planting Frenzy!
Link: Play
Shoot down the flies from attacking your plant. Don't forget to water it too!

Size: 324210 Bytes

38. Prison Escape - shoot - 780 plays
Prison Escape
Link: Play
Blow the escaping convicts to peices... litterally.

Size: 589358 Bytes

39. Police Shoot - shoot - 714 plays
Police Shoot
Link: Play
Shoot the terrorists as they try to shoot you, throw napalm at you and more.

Size: 1041455 Bytes

40. Penguin Shoot - shoot - 548 plays
Penguin Shoot
Link: Play
Shoot the penguins as fast as possible then shoot the targets that float with them.

Size: 500401 Bytes

41. Philadelphia CTU - shoot - 656 plays
Philadelphia CTU
Link: Play
use your night scope to find bad guys popping up, then blast them away!

Size: 2740979 Bytes

42. Prawn of the Dead - shoot - 589 plays
Prawn of the Dead
Link: Play
Shoot the weird creatures that emerge from the swampy muck.

Size: 492311 Bytes

43. Portal Protector - shoot - 664 plays
Portal Protector
Link: Play
Shoot the cats that are trying to enter your portal. Cheesey graphics, but take it or leave it.

Size: 7025969 Bytes

44. Pinch Hitter - shoot - 995 plays
Pinch Hitter
Link: Play
Align your bat up with the baseball and hit it just right to score big points. Great smooth graphics

Size: 697365 Bytes

45. Play - shoot - 709 plays
Link: Play
A difficult shooter of lining up your crosshairs with limited movement to hit the incoming targets.

Size: 9676740 Bytes

46. Peace Plane - shoot - 700 plays
Peace Plane
Link: Play
Shoot flowers at the enemy ships. Spread the love and watch their ships crumble at flower power.

Size: 63220 Bytes

47. Planet Mayhem - shoot - 640 plays
Planet Mayhem
Link: Play
Select your team, humans or aliens, then character and weapon of choice, then launch it across the field.

Size: 1195416 Bytes

48. Purple Passion Kickoff - shoot - 716 plays
Purple Passion Kickoff
Link: Play
Kick the ball as far as possible with 4 chances.

Size: 768228 Bytes

49. Panik in Bubble Trouble - shoot - 634 plays
Panik in Bubble Trouble
Link: Play
Shoot the bubbles with your spear.

Size: 346822 Bytes

50. Punching Trainer - shoot - 655 plays
Punching Trainer
Link: Play
Send the glove flying into the targets you want to hit.

Size: 157634 Bytes

       55 shoot games starting with P
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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