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       50 logic games
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1. Match em - logic - 843 plays
Match em
Remake of popular game, it is necessary to collect a picture in pairs. Perfectly develops memory.
2. Sudoku Contest - logic - 932 plays
Sudoku Contest
Win prizes with the coolest Sudoku puzzles. You have to register to win the prizes. You can join and play for free. At the end of each month prizes are available for the best players. The prices are paid by our advertisers. More info, see SudoContest requires internet access to keep track of your puzzle performance and to download new puzzles. SudoContest is completely free. First time you have to register but also that is free. Size: 57kB
3. Switch ON! - logic - 920 plays
Switch ON!
Based in the game Mummy Maze from Pop Cap Games. Lead the megami-sama Skuld to turn on the debbuger and destroy the bugs. Try your skills through 50 puzzles. Size: 73.92 Kb
4. Pac Man - logic - 1023 plays
Pac Man
Pekmen for a long time became the same cult game, as a tetris and arkanoid. The protagonist reminding kolobka, runs on a labyrinth and eats points. And in the same labyrinth enemies who should be avoided rush.
5. Aqua Clown Fish - logic - 1111 plays
Aqua Clown Fish
Aquarium virtual pet game, thema is recifal aquarium (clown fish, coral...). Java application for all java compatible mobiles

Follow inhabitants health and humor.
Make them become adults.
Get babies.

Size: 207.93 Kb
6. Kitty Farm - logic - 871 plays
Kitty Farm
The black spiteful cat dumps eggs from a roof of a henhouse. It is necessary to have time to catch them not allowing to be broken.
7. Bundle Twister 2 - logic - 1588 plays
Bundle Twister 2
Crazy Braintraining: Twist the bundles in order to bring all cubes in the same direction! Only max. 5 bundles will be twisted by every mixing. Mix again and again only if you are a crazy brain.

Size: 37.46 KB
8. Choc O Bloc Game - logic - 922 plays
Choc O Bloc  Game
Fiendish and addictive, help Freddie to clear a path through a series of rooms by moving blocs that can only be moved in particular directions. Choc-o-Bloc is a one player game that features a save game facility.
9. Kreno - logic - 833 plays
Everyone know game tic-tac-toe. It is its one of variants only with very big field. Podnaprjagite brains also try to win and phone. It is necessary to build a line from five daggers and to not give the opponent to make too most
10. Post Man - logic - 936 plays
Post Man
Push the pokets to their destination-fields!
Control:Use joystick to move the postman!
Size: 14.52kB
11. Bublex - logic - 1330 plays
You must to stick 3 or more bubbles of the same color together to pop them away. You will get the number of points equal to the current level number for each bubble you destroy. To complete a level, keep adding bubbles until the time elapses. The stripe in the bottom panel shows the amount of time left. Use the arrow-pad or the keys 4, and 6 to move the point cursor left or right and the 5 key to add the next bubble. The bottom panel shows you also the actual available bubble and next 2 bubbles. Each level contains special bonuses like 2 colored bubbles, freeze the bubbles, move the field back up, double or tripple score to bring you unforgettable expirience with this fantastic color game.
Size: 62.89 kB
For specific phones follow this link: products/9751/Bublex
12. Castle of Spells - logic - 1165 plays
Castle of Spells
Once in one thousand years a gate in the Lock of Spells open. You can enter and to try success at final examination on magical skill!
13. Dino Egg - logic - 884 plays
Dino Egg
Game, certainly, very unpretentious, but tightens outright. The general sense is those: there is the game field filled with multi-coloured eggs of dinosaurs. It is necessary to collect on three or more one-colour eggs in a horizontal or vertical line then they disappear, and to you glasses are charged.
14. Magic Crystal - logic - 1187 plays
Magic Crystal
Magic crystals of different colours are falling down! Take care! Gather same colour crystals together in groups of 3 or more until they covered all the gameboard. As soon as they collected crystals disappear and you receive your deserved points. Best scores will be signed in a hall of fame. Very simple and extremely addictive gameplay together with a beautiful graphics make this game irreplaceable for every mobile player.

Game features:

- Beautiful pixel graphics;
- Simple and addictive gameplay;
- Elementary control.

Specific version for you phone download here.
15. Poison Alley - logic - 886 plays
Poison Alley
Toy on the fan.
16. Minesweeper - logic - 992 plays
Usual "Sapper". There are all necessary functions - the timer, labels, their removal. Quite decent game.
17. Penguin Luv - logic - 996 plays
Penguin Luv
Interesting game. You operate the penguin who should roll an egg. Cautiously - it fragile! It is better to not drop, to not throw. On a way there are many problems. Suspect two steps forward better.
18. TBlocks - logic - 1021 plays
This game challenges your spatial sense. Pack as many blocks as you can in a box. Blocks can be rotated about all 3 axes. Complete layers will disappear. Features:

Real perspective 3d graphics. Blocks fall down at increasing speed. Three predefined settings: Flatland, 3dMaster, Claustrophobia.
User defined settings: Set field dimensions and choose from 3 sets of blocks. High scores for the predefined settings.

NEW: Upload highscores to and compare yourself with players all over the world. Color display required.

Size: 28.15 Kb
19. ColorCode - logic - 784 plays
Crack the code! Four of the six colors form the color code, the symbols on the balls give information about color choice and (in case of correct color) about correctness of position.

Size: 13.3KB
20. Blocks - logic - 740 plays
Game is like tetris, only it is necessary to collect identical letters in a horizontal or vertical line to release a place for the following party of letters.
21. Cellufun Chess - logic - 1136 plays
Cellufun Chess
Play the immortal game of chess against others online, or practice against your phone or our powerful server AI with a variety of difficulty levels. Our fully featured chess supports legal move verification including En Passant, castling, stalemate and draw by repetition, and clock based play. Play against others is rated using the ELO rating system. Let us quickly match you with an appropriate player, or invite your friends to play. In-game chat, move undo, play-by-mail, and detailed game analysis makes Chess by Cellufun an appealing game to both beginners and masters alike. Size: 82.77 Kb
22. Pipe Works - logic - 36792 plays
Pipe Works
The plumber, itself in a role of the sanitary technician which is confused to construct the ramified network of pipelines. Complexity will be, that water is started already up on system, and to connect it is necessary quickly, not doubting seconds.
23. Quarks Game - logic - 1002 plays
Quarks  Game
Quarks is addictive puzzle games where you have fun with connecting quarks (balls) of the same color. The more quarks connected at implosion time the more points you get.
24. Tic Tac Toe 3D - logic - 813 plays
Tic Tac Toe 3D
Control: Up/Down/Left/Right: joystick up, down, ... or press 2, 8, ... backwards: press joystick or 5

Size: 10.45 KB
25. Magnetron - logic - 856 plays
Game for the real villains! The truth the sense is not absolutely clear to me, but the present gamers I think will understand...
26. Rubik Cube Mobile - logic - 1070 plays
Rubik Cube Mobile
Rubik''''s Cube with many difficult levels: 2x2x2 - for childs 3x3x3 - for students 4x4x4 - for professors 5x5x5 - for aliens Also You can store your game at any time and complete it later... Size: 79kB
27. Detonate - logic - 951 plays
As Lt Commander Zack Masters of the Freedom Alliance your aim is to destroy the Xieon Empire weapons which are guarded by Dr. Zork and his army of robots.
28. Crazy Chains - logic - 922 plays
Crazy Chains
Manage the chaos of related elements!

Remember the given picture and after mixing fight the disorder by twisting the chains the colored balls are within. Because of destruction of neighbouring chains you will need a plan ...

Size: 14.49 Kb
29. Boob Tube - logic - 970 plays
Boob Tube
The telemaster around has a head! Cords from TVs are mixed, and time to connect them almost did not remain. Hurry up!
30. Hangman - logic - 888 plays
The classic pen and paper game now brought to your phone in all its addictive glory! Now boasting over 1500 words to guess from categories such as films, books and countries or take a lucky dip. Saves high score so you can try and beat your personal best. Brand spanking new, colour graphics.
31. Tugboat Turmoil - logic - 892 plays
Tugboat Turmoil
Quite good game, it is necessary to place the ships so, that your sailing vessel could leave from a harbour for the sea.
32. Centipede - logic - 924 plays
Very not clear game, but looks enough good.
33. Binary Land - logic - 839 plays
Binary Land
Circulation on labyrinthes, an excellent toy
34. Chess Buddy - logic - 934 plays
Chess Buddy
Usual beautiful chess for a mobile phone
35. Fireman Bob - logic - 1038 plays
Fireman Bob
Grab your fireman's helmet, coveralls, and hoses. It's time to fight towering infernos with Fireman Bob. Help Bob twist and turn pipes so that water can freely flow through them and douse the fire. Use special pipes to get extra time and bonus points. Pay attention to the game clock as you must extinguish the flames before the time is up. You can also play in Tetris Mode. Size: 39kB
36. Arrow - logic - 914 plays
Match up 3 arrows or more of the same colour or force the arrows off the screen.
37. Wizard Pinball - logic - 853 plays
Wizard Pinball
Pinboll with wizards - to Harry Potter such also did not dream. The design of a game field is made in style of horror films and fantasies-novels. Demons catch your ball, and you probivaesh him on full!
38. Sudoku - logic - 962 plays
Sudoku - University Project Size: 137.18 Kb Compatible with: All J2ME models :: All Any J2ME device
39. Same Game 2 - logic - 5198 plays
Same Game 2
The new version adds three different colorschemes to choose from + more stats!

SameGame 2 is a puzzle game that is perfect for those quick breaks, as a game only takes a minute or so to play. There is also lots of statistics so you can keep track of your best and worst scores, how many games you have played and lots more!
SameGame 2 should work on any MIDP1.0 compatible J2ME device, and scale to any display size.

In SameGame you should try to eliminate as many pieces as possible. Only groups where two or more pieces of the same color are connected can be removed. Removing larger groups gives more points, and the less pieces that are left when no more moves are possible, the more bonus points you get.

Press `#` for ingame menu.
Control cursor with directional pad or `2`,`4`,`6`,`8`.
Press `5` to remove pieces.

Note that this game is ad-financed, so you will see advertisements before and after the game.
40. Motris - logic - 898 plays
Simple design make it special. Mobile version of tetris with tile preview and highscore-list. Size: 20.89 KB
41. Chess - logic - 963 plays
Good chess for Nokia phones
42. Metris - logic - 1040 plays
Ordinary tetris, it is simple this time little bit changed variation
43. Sensitive - logic - 896 plays
The Concept of the game is, as always, to get from the starting position to the Exit block destroying all blocks along the way, You may go over the animated blocks more than once, Teleporters will throw you around the level (press fire to use them), One way blocks (blocks with arrows running through them) will also thwart your journey. You must destroy all of the stripey Greenish blocks, including the animated ones before you can exit the level. In this version there is also the addition of Ice blocks, these blocks are so slippery that if you walk onto one you will not be able to stop till you come to a block that isn`t ice. Each time you complete a level you will `unlock` a new one, there are 50 levels in total, Sensitive automatically remembers which levels you have unlocked, even after exiting the game or restarting your phone. you can select any of the levels you have unlocked as your starting level,from the main menu by moving onto the level option and using left or right joystick. Please note that this game has only been tested on the Nokia N70 and the 6600. Size: 48.19 Kb
44. Alphamania - logic - 805 plays
Before us a certain symbiosis arcade game the Tetris and a logic crossword puzzle. C to top figures, and letters of the English alphabet from which fall not, it is necessary to collect a word. An excellent variant for those who wants to learn English language. Good enough registration and fast speed will pleasantly surprise you. There is a support of color
45. Dred Brick - logic - 1187 plays
Dred Brick
DredBrick is a fast paced Break-Out clone for your mobile. There are 5 stages, 50 bricks, 10 power-ups, and 10 levels in each stage. Stunning graphics and addictive gameplay. You can submit your high score to the leader board online. each level gets more difficult than the one before and each stage get more difficult than the stage before. Collect power-ups to increase you gameplay and complete levels quicker. Size: 211.86 Kb
46. Bobby Bearing - logic - 1192 plays
Bobby Bearing
To roll a ball, logic game.
47. Jamtris - logic - 1177 plays
Jamtris is a Tetris-clone for all J2ME capable phones. You can find the latest version at You can also find versions that play fullscreen (only newer phones) and versions with sound effects there. If your mobile phone is not in the compatibility list, there is still a good chance that it might work. If it does, please let me know so I can add your mobile to the list. Size: 15.26 Kb
48. Geo Met - logic - 937 plays
Geo Met
Easy play: swap two near figures and free a row. Post your top scores to global hall of fame. Support from smallest up to largest screens, nice graphic set, cool animation, tutorial play.
Size: 38.67 Kb
49. Pahtum - logic - 936 plays
Logic game on complexity and does not concede intensity of a duel to a chess
50. Solitaire Ball - logic - 852 plays
Solitaire Ball
Jump over the neighbouring ball you want to disappear (not diagonal). Super if only one ball experiences end of game (no neighbouring ball to jump over). Unbeatable if at least this ball arrives in the center of the board.
       50 logic games
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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