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       22 race games starting with D
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1. Dead Paradise 2 - race - 2198 plays
Dead Paradise 2
Link: Play
The Paradise that we had dreamt about has been destroyed. The city has been looted and captured by raiders. The only chance of survival is evacuation to Zone 51. But the way is dangerous. If you stop you die. C’mon, let’s get out of here! Drive your modified armoured vehicle over a nuclear landscape as you attempt to reach a safe quarantined zone free of zombies. Press Arrow keys to steer or balance your car whilst driving up ramps, Z or X key to change your mounted machine gun turrets position, Space bar key to launch a homing missile and C key to dump ignition fuel to damage chasing motorbikes or tanks. If your motor gets blown up, buy a new one and upgrade its engine and weapons at the mechanics shop.

Size: 11273307 Bytes

2. Desktop Racing 2 - race - 876 plays
Desktop Racing 2
Link: Play
Desktop Racing is back, for the second time! Drive more cars, earn more upgrades and perform crazy stunts. Try to get your little red toy car to the finish line as fast as you can. Press your Arrow keys to accelerate, balance or apply the cars emergency brakes, Z key to activate turbo speed and Space bar key to perform stunts like jumping over office stationary. Make a note of the to-do list before starting off so you can earn more coins by completing all the objectives. Spend your money at the end of each race by visiting the mechanics garage to buy upgrades.

Size: 6380284 Bytes

3. Desktop Racing - race - 1005 plays
Desktop Racing
Link: Play
Reach the finish line of this funny race with a miniature car, driving on a cluttered desktop. Do not be a slave in the office. Drive a car on the mini desktop, dodge all the obstacles and collect all the stars you can. Use nitro for speed and to reach some objects. Use car at full speed doing special tricks for more bonus points. Use the arrow keys to control your car, Z to turbo, Spaca bar to jump, Esc to pause.

Size: 6963890 Bytes

4. Dexters Laboratory Race - race - 1100 plays
Dexters Laboratory Race
Link: Play
Dexter runs a trainee in his huge laboratory. You have to move through the territory on the special issue bikes. Can you beat Deedee in this great race? Use your arrow keys to control your bike.

Size: 1440623 Bytes

5. Delivery Mafia Boy - race - 1895 plays
Delivery Mafia Boy
Link: Play
An exciting chase in the car, chased by the police at high speed on the highway! Try to complete missions, hire specialists and upgrade your car with the money received for finishing the missions. Destroy police cars, you will earn more!

Size: 7286615 Bytes

6. Drift Racer - race - 612 plays
Drift Racer
Link: Play
Racing cars and a variety of roads await you in this exciting game. Fight for the championship. Do not miss your chance to leave rivals behind.

Size: 3257893 Bytes

7. Desk Rally - race - 731 plays
Desk Rally
Link: Play
Probably everyone in the childhood have toy cars that are fun to skate on the table. Game rules are simple - be the first at the finish!

Size: 1936390 Bytes

8. Demolish Truck 2 - race - 1551 plays
Demolish Truck 2
Link: Play
The second version of the race in a jeep. Drive your truck, collect all the stars, trash the other cars under your massive wheels and try to beat the high score. Use the WASD keys to control the truck on the road.

Size: 1747982 Bytes

9. Delivery Dilemma - race - 744 plays
Delivery Dilemma
Link: Play
You play as an underwater cartoon SpongeBob. You need to drive carefully track without hitting the edge of the road or boat of another driver, fish.

Size: 1600178 Bytes

10. Demolition drifters - race - 1027 plays
Demolition drifters
Link: Play
Dynamic drift-race for you to survive. With the opening of new routes and new racing cars. Also, you can install a new engine, gearbox or tires.

Size: 3097912 Bytes

11. Drunk Driver Championship - race - 1255 plays
Drunk Driver Championship
Link: Play
Another classic Helicopter like game. You're drunk, and the more drunk you get, the harder the game

Size: 155380 Bytes

12. DragRacer - race - 2309 plays
Link: Play
Buy a car, soup it up and race it.

Size: 1030271 Bytes

13. Drag Racer V3 - race - 12581 plays
Drag Racer V3
Link: Play
Pick your ride, customize it, race it.

Size: 3955691 Bytes

14. Drag Racer v2 - race - 2202 plays
Drag Racer v2
Link: Play
Shift into gear and floor the pedal as you dragrace against the computer tune up your car modify eng

Size: 1030271 Bytes

15. Disco Racer - race - 789 plays
Disco Racer
Link: Play
Disco racer is driving, it's not easy!

Size: 208264 Bytes

16. Diesel and Death - race - 1430 plays
Diesel and Death
Link: Play
Motorcycle racing with powerups, motorcycle jumping, grenades and more!

Size: 370724 Bytes

17. Dune Bashing in Dubai - race - 1437 plays
Dune Bashing in Dubai
Link: Play
Control your Four Wheeler physics on the dunes and continue completing levels.

Size: 504558 Bytes

18. Dinner Danger - race - 663 plays
Dinner Danger
Link: Play
Grab all the pickups and avoid the cars chasing you.

Size: 1568884 Bytes

19. Dirt Bike - race - 3522 plays
Dirt Bike
Link: Play
More physic control on a sidescrolling motorcycle game.

Size: 1929157 Bytes

20. Doom Rider - race - 822 plays
Doom Rider
Link: Play
Race on a racing track from hell. Do you have what it takes to be faster than hells minions?

Size: 845446 Bytes

21. Dojo Delivery Dash - race - 614 plays
Dojo Delivery Dash
Link: Play
Race around the tron-like levels making deliveries on your hoverboard. Be quick or else!

Size: 4038740 Bytes

22. Don't Drink'n Drive - race - 1063 plays
Don't Drink'n Drive
Link: Play
Drive dodging the beer and grabbing the gas cans. Also avoid other vehicles. How far can you get?

Size: 2611265 Bytes

       22 race games starting with D
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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