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       23 race games starting with R
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1. Red Driver 3 - race - 3589 plays
Red Driver 3
Link: Play
Every driver knows there's the slow lane and the fast lane. But in Red Driver 3, there's only the win lane and the crash lane. 3D driving game where you travel from Japan to New York racing through the crowded streets. Try to beat all the objectives in each location. Use your driving skills and hit the nitro when you have a need for speed. Objectives include survival, collection, damaging without killing your car, slalom, dodging explosives and much more. Complete each level on each stage on all three level difficulties to beat the game. Burn through this crash course in crazy driving, shifting from rookie to pro. Press Left/Right arrow keys to steer and avoid incoming cars, trucks or other vehicles. Use nitro to drive even faster in "nitro mode", catch cones in "cone catch" mode, get points in "score mode" by driving dangerously, or simply cause as many crashes as you can in "crash mode".

Size: 5112481 Bytes

2. Remodel Racing - race - 1387 plays
Remodel Racing
Link: Play
Are you a good driver and a good mechanic? Test your skills in this fast paced racing game. Rev your engines, its time Racing got a Remodel. Customize and race your own vehicle to earn cash and advance to better garages and bigger races. Use your WASD or Arrow key to drive and battle against your opponents and win by any means, even if that means taking your enemy down. Press Space bar key to jump. When you win a race you earn cash to make more upgrades to your car and also unlock bigger and better garages that have more parts and equipment to make your race car perform better.

Size: 4964779 Bytes

3. Renegade Racing - race - 4239 plays
Renegade Racing
Link: Play
Side scrolling based action game where you compete against a medley of different vehicles in a dash to get your mini morris to the finish line. With amazing stunts, cool missions and crazy AI cars across 18 challenging levels featuring 6 visually stunning environments. 12 different vehicles to drive including: a Mini, a London bus, Monster trucks, and even an ice cream truck. Each vehicle has its own specs, physics, handling, engine sound, and horn. A garage where you can purchase new vehicles, change your paint job and upgrade different specs. Use your WASD keys or Arrow keys to accelerate, brake or perform front/back flips and X key or Space bar key to jump over obstacles. W key or UP arrow key to accelerate. S key or Down arrow key to brake and reverse. A key or Left arrow key to balance the car and preform back flips and back wheelies. D key or Right arrow key to balance the car and preform front flips and front wheelies. Possible stunts - INVERT: Hold your car upside down while in mid-air for more than one second. BACK WHEELIE: Drive your car on its back wheel for more than one second, hold A key or Left arrow key while accelerating or reversing. FRONT WHEELIE: Drive your car on its front wheel for more than one second, hold D key or Right arrow key while accelerating or reversing. BACK FLIP: Rotate your car anti-clockwise 360 degrees while in the air. Do multiple flips to gain extra turbo and money. FRONT FLIP: Rotate your car clockwise 360 degrees while in the air. Do multiple flips to gain extra turbo and money. PERFECT LANDING: As your car lands, make both the wheels touch the floor at the same time. Each competition you enter has different objectives such as finishing within the last 6 places or performing N amount of backflips. The more aerial stunts you perform the more turbo boost bonuses you'll get. To complete the game, you must complete all of the achievements.

Size: 6885370 Bytes

4. Rod Hot’s Hot Rod Racing - race - 2858 plays
Rod Hot’s Hot Rod Racing
Link: Play
You’re Rod Hot, and being blessed with a name like that, you are too embarassed to do anything else but Hot Rod racing. Become the Hot Rod champ of the world, over 24 levels, and 12 different cars. You have loads of upgrades, and can customize your car wheel size and suspension settings, to ride how you like it! When racing, a map of the terrain and the position of other cars are indicated on the bottom left of the screen. Your nitro level is indicated at the top of the screen, collect round black and orange circles to increase your nitro, and press X key to utilize your nitro. Your current placing is indicate above the car, the necessary placing to unlock the next track is indicated at the bottom of the screen. Your score is indicated at the top of the screen. Arrow keys or WASD to drive, X or Spacebar for Nitro, R to restart a level, P to pause.

Size: 5836747 Bytes

5. Racing Mania - race - 790 plays
Racing Mania
Link: Play
There is 8 laps in the game and you have to finish as the winner to advance to the next level. To make your car go faster use turbo by pressing down the SHIFT key.

Size: 588568 Bytes

6. Rally M - race - 605 plays
Rally M
Link: Play
Another old slotmachine game. Rally-M. The goal of the game is to go by the numbers on the road with many obstacles.

Size: 316711 Bytes

7. Race Choppers - race - 1220 plays
Race Choppers
Link: Play
Ride the bike in the night city. You can choose from 4 tracks. Practise wiping out your opponents with pleasant music!

Size: 4013890 Bytes

8. Raccoon Racing - race - 3420 plays
Raccoon Racing
Link: Play
Racing in Raccoon with variety of bonus features that helps your way. Use weapon with Space, Move with arrows.

Size: 7483452 Bytes

9. Race Choppers - race - 995 plays
Race Choppers
Link: Play
Motorcycles race on time. Accelerate with Up Arrow, Break with Down arrow. Turn with Left and Right Arrows.

Size: 3160968 Bytes

10. Run Run Fury - race - 716 plays
Run Run Fury
Link: Play
Run around like crazy, and kill as many cops as you can.

Size: 2097537 Bytes

11. Run Lil Broccoli - race - 632 plays
Run Lil Broccoli
Link: Play
Run away from the chef make him slip on banana peels.

Size: 313496 Bytes

12. Rocket Bike - race - 629 plays
Rocket Bike
Link: Play
Race around the course with your choice of driver as you look to take control of the track. Use your

Size: 408019 Bytes

13. RunOver - race - 836 plays
Link: Play
Drive over the little people.

Size: 813664 Bytes

14. Race X - race - 646 plays
Race X
Link: Play
Race your mini truck around the busy cityscape against your opponent, and complete all the tracks.

Size: 186117 Bytes

15. Runner - race - 798 plays
Link: Play
Race against the clock and get to the end before the time runs out.

Size: 1514322 Bytes

16. Rally - race - 845 plays
Link: Play
Race the clock or race a friend in this top-down rally game.

Size: 209849 Bytes

17. Race Game - race - 747 plays
Race Game
Link: Play
A race game where you control the track movement instead of the cars.

Size: 116901 Bytes

18. Runaround Fred - race - 681 plays
Runaround Fred
Link: Play
You are given objectives and places to reach. You must reach them.

Size: 672060 Bytes

19. Replay II - race - 831 plays
Replay II
Link: Play
Race around the tracks as fast as possible and then race against your best lap. 4 different tracks.

Size: 3331713 Bytes

20. Replay Racer - race - 851 plays
Replay Racer
Link: Play
Pick your car, pick your track, and then race against the clock or your best lap.

Size: 2398162 Bytes

21. Rocket Rally - race - 615 plays
Rocket Rally
Link: Play
Race against the other hover cars. Progress and unlock other cars.

Size: 749446 Bytes

22. Raju Meter 2 - race - 725 plays
Raju Meter 2
Link: Play
The race is on to reach the person in need. Use nitro and avoid obstacles.

Size: 452619 Bytes

Rev Ups Climb Steel Surfaces
Link: Play
Drive on the steel surfaces grabbing all the magnets and head toward the exit.

Size: 215803 Bytes

       23 race games starting with R
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