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       78 skill games starting with R
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1. Rogue Soul 2 - skill - 4201 plays
Rogue Soul 2
Link: Play
The sequel of the award-winning Rogue Soul is finally here. Everything you were waiting for is now in the game. Campaign with 10 areas, 90 objectives, 3 bosses, 16 trials and challenges to complete. Survival mode with infinite epic running. 5 insane boss fights in Arena. New awesome skills and tons of upgrades and stuff to buy, 42 skins, 16 enemies and 14 types of loot. Slash your way across the land in this amazing running game. New enemies, loot, environments, skills, bosses, upgrades, challenges, skins… Bash enemies and steal their loot as you run, jump and slide through each level - completing missions along the way. Use your Arrow keys to Move, Z key to slide, X key to throw. P/Escape key to pause and R key to Restart the level.

Size: 9452084 Bytes

2. Rektagon - skill - 1157 plays
Link: Play
Your goal in Rektagon is to avoid getting crushed by the moving walls. Move your little weird thing to a safe spot. Be quick and sharp to proceed to the next level. Super addictive reflex game with endless trance colours and a hypnotic chiptune sound track by Adhesive Wombat, coupled with an irreverent sense of humour. Hyperintense game that captures the essence of flash gaming. Avoid getting smashed by walls as they closing and crashing down. Use your Mouse to safe yourself as quickly as you can inside the spaces, so you will not get squished. The wall blocks will move quicker everytime, so hurry up. Click to force smash. Try to get various achievement titles for your skills like turkey, moose, horse, microchip, marble statue or others.

Size: 5632533 Bytes

3. Rocketeer - skill - 1430 plays
Link: Play
One penguin was curious, "what's that shiny ball in the sky?" Penguin started the rocket and needs your help. Help him to discover the way to the moon by shooting up in rocketeer. Jump on clouds, collect coins and diamonds. Upgrade your equipment and improve your skills to conquer the moon. Use your Mouse to move the penguin in the air, get coins and buy upgrades. White and rainbow clouds help you jump higher, stormy clouds will slow you down. Click your Mouse anywhere to wave your wings. You need to click as fast as you can to gain height. Remember to upgrade it, it will cost less energy.

Size: 3374388 Bytes

4. Ragdoll Achievement 2 - skill - 3491 plays
Ragdoll Achievement 2
Link: Play
You have to do some test in a new version of the game. Use more weapons and your imagination to unlock all ahievements! Dummy don’t feel any pain, really! Use your Mouse and follow ingame tutorials. Buy new weapons and use buttons on bottom of the screen. Put various weapons to the test on an unfortunate dummy in order to earn achievements. Place all sorts of torture devices to get the job done.

Size: 8358608 Bytes

5. Red Extinction - skill - 1275 plays
Red Extinction
Link: Play
Control a powerful virus and annihilate all enemies. Attach and detach spikes, axes and powerful cannons to your body as you become the perfect. Help the blue cell eliminate all dangerous bacterias before they damage the body. You are part of the Blue race of creatures whose life long enemies are the Reds. Use your Mouse to move the blue cell in the blood stream. Use your DNA points that you earn from killing Reds to create the ultimate Blue warrior who will hopefully destroy the Red for good.

Size: 7137722 Bytes

Run Ninja Run 3 – Unexpected Road
Link: Play
Ninja wolf-whistles the wrong girl and has to run for his life again! Use your Arrow keys to jump, slide, dash and try to escape your assailants. Keep jumping obstacles and collecting bonuses, but whatever you do... don't stop running!

Size: 5011942 Bytes

7. Rocket Pets - skill - 1376 plays
Rocket Pets
Link: Play
Explore beautiful planets in this action platform distance game. Collect coins, customize and upgrade pets, boost your way to glory. Try to get each of the cute animals as far as you can without crashing them into the ground. Use your Mouse or Space bar key to steer and guide the animal once it has been ejected from the cannon. Collect coins (spend them on upgrades in the shop), paw tokens and coolant packs to prevent the device from blowing up in the sky. Watch out for spikes, bottomless pits and deadly homing missiles. Keep an eye on your rocket temperature.

Size: 7102403 Bytes

Ricochet Kills 3 – Level Pack
Link: Play
Bounce your bullets off the walls to kill all bad guys. They will die beautifully. Shooting target based game where you have to bounce more bullets around the room to hit the gangsters where they stand. Use your Mouse to aim and fire your gun, you only get limited amount of bullets per scene so try to conserve your ammo. You can hit explosives to kill those bad men. To receive the bonus levels you will need to earn 2400 points or more to unlock it.

Size: 3062455 Bytes

9. Ring Chain - skill - 579 plays
Ring Chain
Link: Play
This is a knock-on effect game. Click the red color ring chain and it will split into four small red ones, then they will impact other ones which will split again. If splinters hit big ring chains, they will once again split. Just move the red circle with the Mouse and click to start the chain reaction. You have to split specific amount of green circles in each level. You should not touch blue circles in higher levels. Together there are 4 various types of circles and 20 levels.

Size: 231501 Bytes

10. Red Ball 4 - skill - 1995 plays
Red Ball 4
Link: Play
Roll and jump your way through 15 new Red Ball levels as you embark on a mission to save the world from turning square! Prevent the evil blocks from turning all the round folk into square versions of themselves by bouncing them into oblivion. Use your Arrow or WASD keys to roll the hero around, push wooden crates or jump onto grassy platforms. Collect as many shiny stars as you can within each level, you may have to pick up your momentum to reach some of the hard to get ones.

Size: 7598174 Bytes

11. Rogue Soul - skill - 1873 plays
Rogue Soul
Link: Play
Rogue Soul is a continuously side-scrolling platformer in which play as a thieving soul. Raise your bounty as you jump over or slide under obstacles, dodge attacks, slay enemies, and collect treasure. Run, jump, fight guards, steal treasures, escape through the city’s streets and become the most wanted Rogue in town in this Epic Soul Adventure. 7 unique enemies, Infinite town to explore, Loot room to fill with 44 Loots, 2 Trophies and 5 Medals from epic challenges. 750 – Bronze / 1000 – Silver / 1400 – Gold / 1800 – Platinum. Pick up daggers that you can throw at enemies and pick up parachutes that will allow you to clear huge ditches. You can also earn double jumps by collecting flowers and giving them to the girl. Move with Arrow keys, Slide with F key, Parachute with D key, Use Dagger with G key. Pause with P or Escape key. You can customize controls in the options.

Size: 5509897 Bytes

12. Robots - skill - 1230 plays
Link: Play
Roll the robot heads through the underground tunnels of a factory. As a cheerful tune plays in the background, dodge circular saws, destructive spikes, exploding bombs and even traps that defy the laws of physics… Use Space bar, Mouse or Tap the screen (on iPhone version) to give the robot head speed, steering it around dangerous obstacles. Getting the right momentum is the biggest challenge in this game, and earning all 3 stars gets more difficult each level.

Size: 5039544 Bytes

13. Run Robo Run - skill - 1094 plays
Run Robo Run
Link: Play
Escape an oppressive robot factory in Run Robo Run, an addictive jump-and-run game from Kano Games! Leap platforms, smash power cells, upgrade your robot and collect energy orbs to run farther and escape your evil human masters before they slag you! Run Robo Run delivers intense, fast-paced jump-and-run fun! Any button to jump. Upgrades and additional controls: Butt Drop – tap a key while in air to slam down, butt drop on the crates to gain major air! Anti Gravity – hold a key in air to delay descent. In workshop, hover over all upgrades to learn more about them.

Size: 12888634 Bytes

14. Ragdoll Achievement - skill - 2489 plays
Ragdoll Achievement
Link: Play
You have to do some test today. Use weapons and your imagination to unlock all ahievements! PS Dummy don’t feel any pain, really! Use Mouse and follow ingame tutorials. Buy weapons and use buttons on bottom of the screen. Put various weapons to the test on an unfortunate dummy in order to earn achievements. Place all sorts of torture devices to get the job done.

Size: 5784370 Bytes

15. Rocket Rush - skill - 1019 plays
Rocket Rush
Link: Play
Your goal is to reach the grey rocket to complete each level. Accelerate past 30 levels of obstacles to win. The game has level select and will save your best scores so you can try to set new records. Entirely one button gameplay, with beautiful and original graphics. Press and hold your Mouse down anywhere on the screen to accelerate upwards. Release at anytime to fall back down. Press the pause button in game anytime to access the options and go back to level select or the main menu. There is also a mute button in game for any players who don’t want to hear the music or sound effects.

Size: 2943751 Bytes

16. Run Ninja Run 2 - skill - 2900 plays
Run Ninja Run 2
Link: Play
Action packed game of reflexes and skill is back. Run ninja run again! You are trying to escape your assailants. Jump, slide and attack at the right moment. Up key to jump, Down to slide, Space bar key to attack, kick or slash. You must punch enemies while running, jump higher than anyone, slide under rocks and survive the escape while upgrading your great ninja.

Size: 2386785 Bytes

17. Rocket 2 - skill - 6158 plays
Rocket 2
Link: Play
Fly past the moon as you attempt to reach the planet mars with your custom built space rocket. Your goal is to reach for the moon with your home built rocket. Collect enough money to buy upgrades at the store. Use the mouse to countdown and initiate the launch sequence and Arrow keys to steer the spacecraft through coins and dollar bills.

Size: 2848261 Bytes

18. RoboBird - skill - 1321 plays
Link: Play
Aliens have stolen Robobird's eggs and are holding them at the bottom of their base. Fight through enemies to get your eggs back, earn points, and purchase upgrades. You'll start off pretty weak, but quickly upgrade into a deadly flying machine! Let's find the best strategy to destroy the alien territory and get your eggs back! Use the mouse to control the direction of movement, bullets are triggered automatically.

Size: 1837721 Bytes

19. Rescuer Helicopter - skill - 498 plays
Rescuer Helicopter
Link: Play
Safe the people who are on the mountains. Use Arrow keys for going up or moving your helicopter left or right. Watch out for your fuel and all obstacles.

Size: 165586 Bytes

20. Run Mory Run - skill - 584 plays
Run Mory Run
Link: Play
Funny walker named Mory is picking apples. Once all the fruit will be collected, he will open a portal to the next level. The game has no sound, use Arrow keys to play.

Size: 170326 Bytes

21. Road Master 3 - skill - 466 plays
Road Master 3
Link: Play
In this game you have to ride the electric car. You just go and cross all other machines. You have to collect energy. If you bump into another car, the energy stored decreases. And if the amount of energy is lost, you must start the level again. Use Arrow keys to move, Space to horn.

Size: 912340 Bytes

22. Rumore Hearing - skill - 576 plays
Rumore Hearing
Link: Play
You wake up in your room on a quite night only to find dark creatures are roaming the earth. They seem to be sucking the noise out of the world. Defeat them by playing the trumpet of the Gods. If you have a perfect ear hearing you can get through this maze of levels. First find a trumpet so you can open all doors. Use ASWD to move around, Arrow keys to play the trumpet, Space to jump.

Size: 4528986 Bytes

23. Robot Climb - skill - 529 plays
Robot Climb
Link: Play
The world started to fall appart, and the poor robot was at the bottom of the tower... Fortunately, you can jump high, bounce on the walls and climb on them. Using all of these abilities, climb the Babel Tower as fast the possible, use Arrow keys and Space!

Size: 1335506 Bytes

24. Reverse Parking - skill - 539 plays
Reverse Parking
Link: Play
Choose one of four cars to park and start. But the goal is not only in the parking, you need to collect bonuses along the way. Use Arrow keys to control the car.

Size: 2799125 Bytes

25. Reaction Road - skill - 1126 plays
Reaction Road
Link: Play
You're driving home from work, or maybe you're meeting your friends somewhere, or even just out for a drive. As you drive along, various things will higlight, like speed limit signs, zebra crossings, moped riders, street lights, dashboard icons, traffic lights and so on. Use your mouse to click the highlighted objects as quickly as you can. When you miss them too much, the game is over.

Size: 2618612 Bytes

26. Romantic Pursuit - skill - 1112 plays
Romantic Pursuit
Link: Play
You are white-winged Pegasus and you need to run as much as possible. Along the way, you'll collect bonus and kill the evil magic of plants. Do not fall into the abyss. Z to jump, X to shoot.

Size: 5668427 Bytes

27. Rough Roads - skill - 1095 plays
Rough Roads
Link: Play
You play as a family that decided to go on leave in his car, and your task is to get to the resort, losing as little luggage as possible. Be sure to avoid all oncoming traffic and hazards! Lose your luggage and it's game over! Fast track your way to the next destination by collecting the Rought Guides bonus! Your vehicle will auto accelerate.

Size: 4136593 Bytes

28. Redshift - skill - 1172 plays
Link: Play
Very high quality shooter with excellent effects. In the game you can use a shield to protect against gunfire. Control your ship with arrows. A to attack, S to use a shield.

Size: 7319174 Bytes

29. Rooftop Runner - skill - 942 plays
Rooftop Runner
Link: Play
You're a regular office worker, who lost in time. To catch in time for a meeting, you must move quickly through the city, overcoming the complex urban obstacles and collecting coins.

Size: 3212139 Bytes

30. Robot run - skill - 1196 plays
Robot run
Link: Play
Help the robot to escape from a secret laboratory. Avoid the robo-killing obstacles. Jump the explosive tanks, dodge the saw blades, duck under the plasma and collect the stars for extra pionts! Use arrows to play.

Size: 4578277 Bytes

31. Roller Boaster - skill - 1195 plays
Roller Boaster
Link: Play
Be as fast as you can and collect all medals. Special items will help you in different ways.

Size: 9023917 Bytes

32. Rocket Man - skill - 1057 plays
Rocket Man
Link: Play
Rocket man is a game where you steer the rocket with your mouse and try to hit the target. To shoot a rocket, click inside of the red semicircle. Each level has a different fuel amount depending on the difficulty. You have a limited amount of rockets so dont waste them. Beat hard mode to unlock a bonus material like a boss level and new rocket styles.

Size: 4253984 Bytes

33. Reel Gold - skill - 615 plays
Reel Gold
Link: Play
Gold! Gold! Gold! This is an awesome game similar to the fishing game, where you have to guide the man to get gold.

Size: 184672 Bytes

34. Rigelian Hot Shots - skill - 493 plays
Rigelian Hot Shots
Link: Play
You're a fireball, burn the little bugs in the cave.

Size: 127832 Bytes

35. Reach the Sky - skill - 644 plays
Reach the Sky
Link: Play
A simple yet extremely addictive game. Can you reach the sky?

Size: 215953 Bytes

36. Run Jim Run - skill - 642 plays
Run Jim Run
Link: Play
Help Jim Escape from a Mobster.

Size: 329247 Bytes

37. Race For The Chair - skill - 655 plays
Race For The Chair
Link: Play
Race to the bus dodging people and objects.

Size: 631699 Bytes

38. Ragdoll Master - skill - 731 plays
Ragdoll Master
Link: Play
Dodge the incoming missles, the longer you play the more missles start to come and from different di

Size: 620090 Bytes

39. Run Away Kart - skill - 589 plays
Run Away Kart
Link: Play
Move the kart so it dodges all incoming obsticales.

Size: 3066863 Bytes

40. Run Ronaldo Run - skill - 636 plays
Run Ronaldo Run
Link: Play
Kick the ball, dodge the soda and burgers, grab the golden shoes.

Size: 608724 Bytes

41. Rafting Game - skill - 588 plays
Rafting Game
Link: Play
Guide your raft down the river, dodge objects. Gets quite a bit harder after first level.

Size: 235675 Bytes

42. Rudolph! - skill - 603 plays
Link: Play
Grab the presents without getting hit by icicles and other objects.

Size: 403649 Bytes

43. Rocket Booster - skill - 582 plays
Rocket Booster
Link: Play
Aim your cannon and its power, then fly threw the rings of stars. Don't run out of fuel.

Size: 2003003 Bytes

44. Radiation - skill - 556 plays
Link: Play
No shooting, just dodge the globs of radiation. Too much radiation and you die!

Size: 2115775 Bytes

45. Ron's Freefall - skill - 603 plays
Ron's Freefall
Link: Play
You've lost your homework out the airplane. Jump out and grab all your papers back!

Size: 1399702 Bytes

Rolf's Grand Adventure Part 1
Link: Play
Collect as many bananas as possible as you fall through the air. Dodge airplane parts falling too.

Size: 711338 Bytes

47. Robot Dance Battle - skill - 562 plays
Robot Dance Battle
Link: Play
Grab the music icons to blast the other robot. Be quick, the other robot is trying to grab them too!

Size: 3874360 Bytes

48. Red Block - skill - 699 plays
Red Block
Link: Play
Hold the redblock for as long a possible without getting it hit by a blue one!

Size: 26176 Bytes

49. Run Run - skill - 611 plays
Run Run
Link: Play
Jump over the blocks as they are laid out in the levels.

Size: 240823 Bytes

50. Ratman Ralph - skill - 1909 plays
Ratman Ralph
Link: Play
How long can you last grabbing cheese without hitting a poison?

Size: 42894 Bytes

       78 skill games starting with R
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