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       44 shoot games starting with R
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1. Red Planet - shoot - 1110 plays
Red Planet
Link: Play
Top-down alien shooter, fight waves after waves of aliens as you adapt and upgrade your weapons in this cool sci-fi game. You crash land on a strange planet. Choose your class, then destroy aliens with tons of weapon. Use Mouse to aim and shoot. Press WASD keys to move, R to reload.

Size: 7098475 Bytes

2. Road Of Fury - shoot - 3357 plays
Road Of Fury
Link: Play
In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich, community escape a band of bandits. The road is dangerous, can you survive? While driving along the Road of Fury heavily armed hostile forces are attacking you and your convoy from air and ground. Take them safely across the country before bandits will destroy you. Use your Mouse to drive along the highway and shoot lots of enemies from your minigun placed on the roof of your vehicle. Use your gun to shoot 'em up, but note that the mob will react in a mad fury, dead set on killing you. Use your Number keys for launching air missiles, avoid radioactive barrels, kill bikers with machine guns and gangsters flying with the jet packs. Try to survive as long as possible and use upgrades, unlock new weapons and machines and make additions to your convoy until you can survive to the end of the city.

Size: 3617528 Bytes

Roly-Poly Cannon: Bloody Monsters Pack 2
Link: Play
The monsters are back! Shoot your cannon in 50 different levels and try to send off all the scary monsters, zombies, vampires and other creatures which have appeared during halloween. Aim and launch bombs from your cannon, and destroy all the monsters in a variety of creative ways. Use your mouse to aim and shoot bombs from your cannon. Increase the force of your shot by moving the mouse away from your weapon. Space bar or R key to restart the level. Damage platforms, buildings, structures, ice blocks or chains and do it with as few shots as possible to get the best score. Collect all 20 achievements and create and share your own levels.

Size: 6334694 Bytes

4. Resistance Is Useless - shoot - 627 plays
Resistance Is Useless
Link: Play
UFOs are attacking earth. They have one goal in mind - total world domination. Play as Bruno, a humble delivery boy, and help destroy the alien invasion. Upgrade your ship with homing missiles, slow motion and triple fire, as you play through 15 levels in this beautifully illustrated side scrolling shooter. Use your mouse. Space bar key for slow motion (if available). Esc to pause. Double click or Enter to turn on/off autofire. Shoot the alien ships as you fly threw their armada. Collect gears as you fight for survival.

Size: 4660279 Bytes

5. Reign Of Centipede - shoot - 733 plays
Reign Of Centipede
Link: Play
Defend the floating island from the reign of centipedes and other monsters while building your civilization. A shooter and strategy game mix! Use the Arrows or WASD to move your character. Hold down by pipes to travel through them. Aim & Shoot with Mouse, Jump with W or Up, travel through pipes and create buildings with S or Down arrow.

Size: 2163555 Bytes

6. Robot Legions - shoot - 1389 plays
Robot Legions
Link: Play
Blast your way through the legions of robots to liberate your homeplanet! Pit your mechanical machine against hundreds of adversaries in close knit arena. Collect screws and bolts dropped by each droid to convert into cash to purchase upgrades from the weapon shop. WASD or Arrow keys for movement, Mouse for aiming, Left Mouse button to fire. Tab or Control to toggle autofire mode, Esc or P for pause and menu.

Size: 5107742 Bytes

7. Ricochet Kills 3 - shoot - 2975 plays
Ricochet Kills 3
Link: Play
Ricochet Kills is a physics-based shooting game where you fire super-bouncy bullets to eliminate all the targets in each level. You have limited number of bullets in each round so, try to kill as many men as possible with a single bullet to score maximum points. Please remember that you will lose level if your bullet runs out. There are several variants of this popular game. New opportunities to kill your enemies. More bangs. More kills. More blood. You should be smarter than you enemies. Use your mouse, ricochets and kill them all!

Size: 3581777 Bytes

8. Rabbit Sniper 2 - shoot - 1890 plays
Rabbit Sniper 2
Link: Play
Mission of the game is to kill all the bad guys in each level and at the same time use as least bullets as you can to have a high score and go to the next level. Take pot shots at suspected terrorists using your rifle, be warned you only get 12 rounds of ammunition so make sure each bullet counts. This rabbit here realy now how to shoot. Use the mouse to aim, left click to shoot and snipe all people through each level. Please remember that you will lose level if your bullet runs out. Hitting explosives or balls attached to chains can cause a knock on effect. Ricochet bullets off walls to hit your targets.

Size: 6302628 Bytes

9. Rocket Toilet 2 - shoot - 1938 plays
Rocket Toilet 2
Link: Play
Shoot your toilet stone age man to the sky as far as possible in this funny upgrade shooting game. Help the dumb idiot by earning money to buy better bathroom upgrades. This cool distance game will leave you laughing. Launch and upgrade your toilet to get to the future. 5 different eras ahead! Play with youg Mouse and left click to launch. Use Right and Left arrow keys or A and D key to balance. Keep your wheels down to earn bonuses.

Size: 6308682 Bytes

10. Retroid Reloaded - shoot - 681 plays
Retroid Reloaded
Link: Play
Retroid Arena is a full 3d shooter game based on a custom build 3d engine. Blow up various enemies and 4 end-level bosses. Blast enemies in each new arena in this 3D-ish, isometric shooter. Build a bigger and stronger spaceship by collecting power coins and use those to unlock new skills, armor and better weapons. Fly around using the WASD keys. Use the mouse cursor to aim and left mouse button to fire. Q and E to switch weapon. You can also use numkeys 1-9 to change weapon.

Size: 8558318 Bytes

11. Rocket Ville - shoot - 993 plays
Rocket Ville
Link: Play
Your task is to fire rockets fellows. The defeat of the enemy greatly complicates its location and all sorts of obstacles. Test yourself in an artillery action in 24 different levels! The stock of missiles is limited, so shoot quickly and accurately to get more points! Copy the direction and power of the shooting arrow to fire the rockets. There are various rockets where you can activate turbo boost, bombing rocket to drop a bomb or special detonating bomb. Destroy as much objects as possible.

Size: 2580677 Bytes

12. Rocket Soldiers - shoot - 1317 plays
Rocket Soldiers
Link: Play
Drag the mouse close to the soldier and aim for a short distance shot. Drag the mouse far from a long distance shot. Accurately calculate the direction of a shot to win a grenade duel. Click mouse to fire.

Size: 5107107 Bytes

13. Robot Mania - shoot - 861 plays
Robot Mania
Link: Play
In this game you just need to move from level to level, and to do it as quickly as possible, since the points are added for speed. First shoot the robot to the heart to find the exit and then shoot the robot to the exit.

Size: 1069502 Bytes

14. Rec 2: Zombie Attack - shoot - 1229 plays
Rec 2: Zombie Attack
Link: Play
During the five levels, you must completely clean the building from the undead zombies. You get paid for each dead corpse, which allows you to buy more powerful weapons and ammunition. So charge your rifle and go!

Size: 10644922 Bytes

15. Ren Stimpy in Robin Hoek - shoot - 967 plays
Ren Stimpy in Robin Hoek
Link: Play
Funny shooting game. Purpose of the game is to shoot your opponent. To aim, move the mouse to adjust angle, then click and drag to set the power of the shot. When ready, release the mouse button to shoot. You get an extra unusual shot if you hit a chicken, watermelon or flaming torch.

Size: 1023973 Bytes

16. Ricochet Kills: Players Pack - shoot - 2906 plays
Ricochet Kills: Players Pack
Link: Play
Become a murderer named Ricochet. Kill them, using the ability of the bullets bounce off hard surfaces, and remember that one bullet could kill several people.

Size: 1124562 Bytes

17. Raft Wars - shoot - 3516 plays
Raft Wars
Link: Play
Another variation of Worms. At this time, good story, good quality, nice graphics and simple control (mouse).

Size: 1913834 Bytes

18. Red Chefs - shoot - 506 plays
Red Chefs
Link: Play
Splat all the red chefs with ice cream.

Size: 71010 Bytes

19. River Raid - shoot - 608 plays
River Raid
Link: Play
Fly down the river, shooting everything you can; except the fuel strips. They're what keep you alive

Size: 170360 Bytes

20. ROFL Attack - shoot - 638 plays
ROFL Attack
Link: Play
This is a cool ASCII parody of Heli Attack, where you must shoot the LOLLers and the LMAOplanes. An

Size: 572691 Bytes

21. Raiden X - shoot - 770 plays
Raiden X
Link: Play
A spaceship top down shooter.

Size: 2885352 Bytes

22. Resident Devil - shoot - 799 plays
Resident Devil
Link: Play
Gun down the zombies before they attack you.

Size: 236717 Bytes

23. RoboCop Target Practice - shoot - 586 plays
RoboCop Target Practice
Link: Play
Shoot the targets, blow them to bits if possible.

Size: 3542429 Bytes

24. R Shot - shoot - 709 plays
R Shot
Link: Play
Shoot the moving target as accurate and as much as possible.

Size: 102817 Bytes

25. Raging Flight - shoot - 483 plays
Raging Flight
Link: Play
Storm through space in your interstellar craft and blast away at those aliens with your lasers.

Size: 2945787 Bytes

26. Reysteroids - shoot - 506 plays
Link: Play
Fly around your ship, piloting through asteroid fields and shooting down rocks with your lasers.

Size: 247200 Bytes

27. Rubber Bandit - shoot - 531 plays
Rubber Bandit
Link: Play
Shoot the co-workers without hitting business stuff.

Size: 474513 Bytes

28. Ringtone Bashing - shoot - 510 plays
Ringtone Bashing
Link: Play
A shooting ame that perhaps never ends.

Size: 475131 Bytes

29. Rambo Bros. - shoot - 1129 plays
Rambo Bros.
Link: Play
Mario and Luigi save Princess Peach with guns.

Size: 4568572 Bytes

30. Robot War - shoot - 599 plays
Robot War
Link: Play
Shootup onscreen enemies as you progress and progress through the environment.

Size: 3187004 Bytes

31. Redneck Shoot Out - shoot - 689 plays
Redneck Shoot Out
Link: Play
Shoot the rednecks as they pop out.

Size: 494180 Bytes

32. Rapid Fire - shoot - 567 plays
Rapid Fire
Link: Play
Shoot the targets as fast and as accurately as possible.

Size: 286107 Bytes

33. Rebound - shoot - 617 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the target that passes by the screen.

Size: 2520785 Bytes

34. Rambo Bros. Reload It! - shoot - 717 plays
Rambo Bros. Reload It!
Link: Play
Shoot the Mario characters and watch the blood spill.

Size: 4377051 Bytes

35. Ranger 3D - shoot - 746 plays
Ranger 3D
Link: Play
Shoot the angry beavers throwing grenades at you.

Size: 4556258 Bytes

36. Rudolph's Revenge - shoot - 1859 plays
Rudolph's Revenge
Link: Play
Rudolph has had enough, now it's time to take out the other reindeer. Make them pay for laughing!

Size: 1668613 Bytes

37. Reindeer Roundup - shoot - 680 plays
Reindeer Roundup
Link: Play
Give your darts accurate trajectory to put the reindeer down.

Size: 253372 Bytes

38. RGB - shoot - 663 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the colored targets with the same colored of bullets. Can you keep up with the switching?

Size: 1118182 Bytes

39. Rogue Cupid - shoot - 502 plays
Rogue Cupid
Link: Play
A FPS where you aim your crossbow and blow away the enemies. Awesome Valentines shooter!

Size: 347485 Bytes

40. Resident Wiivile - shoot - 634 plays
Resident Wiivile
Link: Play
A bunch of simple shooter games that also work using a Nintendo Wii.

Size: 1398401 Bytes

41. Rapid Fire 2 - shoot - 585 plays
Rapid Fire 2
Link: Play
Shoot the targets. Multiple game modes for all skill sets. Can you handle all the gameplay?

Size: 473666 Bytes

42. Ratchet & Clank - shoot - 804 plays
Ratchet & Clank
Link: Play
Shoot the different robots with different guns designed to only kill specific robots.

Size: 1588211 Bytes

43. Radial - shoot - 568 plays
Link: Play
Rotate around and shoot the cannons shoot back at you with the same color of laser as the cannon.

Size: 629803 Bytes

44. RhythmBlaster - shoot - 631 plays
Link: Play

Size: 1183.9 KB

       44 shoot games starting with R
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