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1. Sports Heads Football - sport - 4985 plays
Sports Heads Football
Link: Play
Arcade football that’s all about the headers and volleys. See if you can you beat all 10 opponents to win the Sports Heads trophy. You have to choose the sports head that you would like to be and then defeat the other sports heat to win. More heads are better than one. A funny football game. Use your Mouse and move and jump with your Arrow keys. Kick volleys with your Space bar key. You can also control it using the cursor keys and you can play one on one. Try to grab all the power-ups.

Size: 1301643 Bytes

Original Free Kick Challenge
Link: Play
Now you see, the idea of the game is to score as many free-kicks in a row as you can. The more you score, the harder the game will get. See how many you can score in a row, and then challenge your chums to beat your score. In order to score a goal you will need to set the pitch, power, swerve/course/curve and direction of the shot. Use your Mouse and your skills as a football player and shoot as many goals as you can. Direct the ball towards the goal. Pitch determines the angle, bend it around the wall with the swerve gauge. Click Set to choose all the attributes the ball will travel and score the goal.

Size: 602824 Bytes

3. Smart Soccer - sport - 3018 plays
Smart Soccer
Link: Play
In this fast-paced game football you take on the role of goalie and you’ll need lightning reactions to anticipate which way that shot is coming if you’re to get there in time. Catch or save goals from going into the net to proceed onto the next level. Use the Mouse to control the gloves and try to catch or save the ball.

Size: 1550168 Bytes

4. 3D Tenis - sport - 1191 plays
3D Tenis
Link: Play
Show your tennis skills in this ultra realistic tennis game that makes you feel just like on the court. Your aim is to beat opponents and win the Tennis Cup. Use your Mouse to control your player who follow your Mouse pointer. Click and hold your Left Mouse button to set the power and hit the ball. The key to win this game is not to let your opponent to return your shots. So when you hold your Mouse button, move your mouse pointer to the place where you want to shoot the ball.

Size: 4432457 Bytes

5. Super Soccer 9000 - sport - 1009 plays
Super Soccer 9000
Link: Play
Bounce your ball past the babes and on to the goal. Try to get the bouncing ball as far as possible and do not let it fall. Watch out for sharks, angry fists, dancing girls and other hazards. Collect pizza rain and play trumpets with giraffes.

Size: 3135211 Bytes

6. Dino Basketball - sport - 1101 plays
Dino Basketball
Link: Play
In prehistoric Dino basketball you have to select your own fossilised creature and try to be the best player in the upcoming sport tournament. There are three modes, playing tournament with other countries, score game to collect maximum points and player against player game. Use your Mouse to throw the ball while adjusting the angle in your launch. Get your ball to the basket without missing the metal ring hoop.

Size: 5670982 Bytes

7. Billiard Blitz Hustle - sport - 2945 plays
Billiard Blitz Hustle
Link: Play
Put your pool skills to the test in your quest to turn $100 into a million. Hustle 21 different opponents each with their own character and skills. Play for money, enter tournaments, and collect trophies. Beat your opponents in the lounge at 8-ball pool. Earn prize money by beating skilled players at tournaments to increase your ranking. Before heading off into a match against another opponent you may want to have a practice session to get the hang of things. Once in the player lounge, you can click on the icons at the bottom to choose different options. Select a name and avatar in your profile, and have a look at your emails. You can then have a practice game by yourself or dive straight into a game for money. Use your Mouse to angle the snooker cue then adjust the stroke to hit the white ball hard or soft. Click and drag back in the direction of the cue to set your power, and release to shoot. Whilst the Mouse button is held down you can also use the Arrow keys to fine tune your aim.

Size: 4595635 Bytes

8. 4th & Goal 2013 - sport - 3431 plays
4th & Goal 2013
Link: Play
Play 4th and goal 2013 an american football based action game and begin the new NFL super bowl season by creating big wins for your team by scoring major touchdowns. It was developed with input from current players, coaches, and former professional football players. Press your Arrow keys to move, Space bar key to snap the ball, perform spinning moves or hits against defense, ASD keys to pass the ball when on offense and W key to give your fellow team members a speed boost.

Size: 2322871 Bytes

9. Mini Golf Pro - sport - 955 plays
Mini Golf Pro
Link: Play
Sport based game and use your set of clubs to whack the golf ball from the tee into the hole next to the red flag. 18 holes of minigolf with physics, dynamic lighting, level ranks, bouncepads, windmills and water. Use your Mouse to adjust the angle and power of each strike. Try not to let the ball go off screen or land in the sand or you will have a hard time getting it out. Click and drag on the ball to hit it. R key to restart the level. Hole in one is for 3 stars, 2 stars when you get a par.

Size: 5522405 Bytes

10. Avalanche Stunts - sport - 1726 plays
Avalanche Stunts
Link: Play
Engage in extreme snowboarding action out on the frozen Alps as you frantically ski down the mountain in hopes of avoiding the landslide. Press your Arrow keys to move the rider or make him jump and X or C to grab either side of your board to perform aerial acrobatics. Collect the coins dropped by tourists lying around and get to the helicopter without falling flat on your face.

Size: 10279715 Bytes

Accurate Slapshot – Level Pack
Link: Play
A bit of sport, a bit of puzzle, a bit of skill and a bit of luck. Try to shoot as accurately as you can, avoiding and taking advantages of the obstacles to score a goal. Physics-oriented game with new 30 levels to beat. Hold on Mouse button on the puck then move to aim and release for shooting. Use objects protruding from the ice. Round objects are useful too. The faster you score the more points you get.

Size: 1737996 Bytes

12. Go-Kart Manager - sport - 1037 plays
Go-Kart Manager
Link: Play
Guide your team through the World Professional Go Karting Series over multiple seasons taking on all aspects of management including Sponsors, Maintenance, Research and Development, Driver Management and Race Strategy! Use your Mouse and Left Mouse button to manage your driver, develop your car, find sponsors, place bets and coach your driver during the race.

Size: 2130850 Bytes

13. Stick-O-Lympics - sport - 2343 plays
Link: Play
Stick-O-Lympics is another fun on topic sports game. Get your stickman to participate in an all round athlete as a runner in track and field, weightlifting, swimming, kayaking and diving activies. Try to win against all other stickmen and get the gold medal in each achievement. Use your Arrow keys to mash your keyboard to pick up enough momentum to get your stick character to win. Complete each stage to get through to the quarter finals.

Size: 748368 Bytes

14. Penalty Shootout 2012 - sport - 3150 plays
Penalty Shootout 2012
Link: Play
Take your countries football team to the semi final by beating the rival team goalkeeper. To make your striker score a successful goal use your Mouse or Space bar key to control the height, width and power of each kick. When defending as a goalie click the image of the keepers gloves just as the opposing teams striker takes a kick. Beat all the other nations in the group to reach the final stage.

Size: 5016879 Bytes

15. Turbo Golf - sport - 2881 plays
Turbo Golf
Link: Play
It’s golf like you’ve never played it before. Sure, get the ball in the hole, but this is a golf race… hit the ball, then run to where it lands! Fastest time on each hole wins. Beat other seasoned golfers as you take them on in the car park, graveyard and various greens to see who can score a hole in one first and become the ultimate champion. Collect cash to upgrade your clubs and clothes, unlock new players, and use powerups tobeat your opponents. Use your Mouse to strike the ball off the tee when the moving bar reaches the maximum. Look at the swing meter to get 100% power or more or less as you need. Hit flying birds, zombies, moles and coins suspended mid air to upgrade your gear to buy better irons, putters and drivers to improve your handicap.

Size: 5208600 Bytes

16. Flick Headers – Euro 2012 - sport - 1554 plays
Flick Headers – Euro 2012
Link: Play
Choose your favourite football team from the European championship line up to take part in the match of the year. Use funny items like a bucket of goo and trampolines to get the winning edge and plough down the competition. Use your Mouse or Arrow keys to headbutt the soccer ball over and across the net to score a goal for your team. If you keep the ball up in the air for more than 3 times then the referee will call it a foul.

Size: 4003554 Bytes

17. Accurate Slapshot - sport - 1827 plays
Accurate Slapshot
Link: Play
A bit of sport, a bit of puzzle, a bit of skill and a bit of luck. Try to shoot as accurately as you can, avoiding and taking advantages of the obstacles to score a goal. Physics-oriented game with 24 levels to beat. Hold on Mouse button on the puck then move to aim and release for shooting. Use objects protruding from the ice. Round objects are useful too.

Size: 1677575 Bytes

18. Stick Figure Badminton 2 - sport - 2975 plays
Stick Figure Badminton 2
Link: Play
An epic game of badminton with stick figures! Now with more playable characters! Choose your stick player and put other stickmen to shame with your badminton skills. Swing your racket to serve the birdie or return your opponent's serve. The first player to score seven points wins. Arrow keys/WASD to move, Up to jump, Space bar key or S to swing. The game can be played with one or two players on the same computer.

Size: 3416930 Bytes

19. Goalkeeper Premier - sport - 3922 plays
Goalkeeper Premier
Link: Play
You are the last line of defense. Be ready to warm-up your hands and defend your goal in this first person game. The whole stadium's looking at you. Use your mouse (and your super-fast reflexes) to help your favorite soccer club become the best of 300+ talented English teams. You play the goalie, so keep your eye on the ball and move the gloves with your mouse to block or catch it before your opponent scores. Defend 3 shots in a row to score a goal for your club. Defend your goal skillfully and successfully for 5 rounds to win the cup.

Size: 3316968 Bytes

20. Super Six Cricket - sport - 1080 plays
Super Six Cricket
Link: Play
Top down arcade cricket sport action, and brand new sports game. Bat and bowl your team to glory, and hit your opponent for six! To bat: click the mouse and draw an arrow for the type of shot you want to play. To bowl: Stop the arrow when it’s in the right zone. See the in-game tutorial for all rules.

Size: 3064634 Bytes

Basket Balls – Level Pack
Link: Play
38 more basketball based levels, a new and improved scoring system, and more referees to take care of! Pass between your team to get the ball in the net. Your team need to score in every basket to finish each level. Hit referees for 5 seconds bonus time. Opposing teams will try to block your progress, and some opponents will even jump for the ball to block it. Notice switches and hit them to activate things. Cannons will help you to pass the ball or with various obstacles. Be quick, you get awarded medals depending on how quickly you complete the level. Control the game with your mouse. If the ball got stuck, fast forward with F key.

Size: 4623278 Bytes

World Basketball Championship
Link: Play
Compete for the title World Basketball Champion. Choose a national team, and go all the way from the groups stage to the finals. Use your mouse to aim, left click to shoot the ball into the basket.

Size: 1192830 Bytes

23. New Star Soccer - sport - 5556 plays
New Star Soccer
Link: Play
New Star Soccer is a unique football career game that lets you live the life of an up-and-coming superstar. Start out in the lower leagues and work your way to the top by training hard, scoring goals and keeping your boss, team mates and fans happy. Over 80 leagues to play in, negotiate contracts and transfer to new clubs. 5 skills you can improve: Pace, Power, Technique, Vision & Free Kicks and 5 relationships to maintain: Boss, Team, Fans, Girlfriend & Sponsors. 20 pairs of boots that can buy to boost your skills and 3 casino games: Black Jack, Slots and Roulette. Buy NRG drinks to get yourself fit in time for match day, you have 10 sponsorships to acquire, score goals, make passes and assists to help your team win the league. Then buy gadgets, jewellery, vehicles and property to increase your lifestyle rating! Left-click and drag to scroll menus. Use the mouse to aim your kick, then choose the point on the ball and strike the ball.

Size: 13643263 Bytes

Sports Head Football Championship
Link: Play
Go head to head against opposing soccer players in intense one minute matches. Hit bonuses that appear on the field for special powerups and earn money to purchase upgrades after each game. See if you can you beat all 10 opponents and win the Championship cup. Use Arrow keys to move, Up arrow key to jump and the Space bar to kick. Hitting the power-ups will help you win or break your leg!

Size: 1387711 Bytes

25. Crossbow 3D - sport - 1579 plays
Crossbow 3D
Link: Play
Aim and shoot the crossbow while trying to hit the center of the target. You get 3 attempts each round. The closer you get to the center, the more points you will score. The target moves further away and the wind gets more intense with each round, so make sure you take aim into the wind. Click your mouse and hold to aim the crossbow, then release to fire your arrow. Hit the bullseye for maximum points. Don't forget to aim for the bonus targets. They're worth 150pts.

Size: 1975543 Bytes

26. Sherwood Shooter 2 - sport - 1345 plays
Sherwood Shooter 2
Link: Play
Shoot apple's off the knight's head in this archer game. Or shoot him in the eye, whichever you find funnier! Each level distance is enlarged. Try to beat all 15 levels. Mouse to aim and shoot.

Size: 1710283 Bytes

27. Parasheeps - sport - 2111 plays
Link: Play
Sheeps are jumping off of Rocking Cliff and risking their lives to find out the best cliff jumper & win the attention of lovely girl in the closest villages. Compete against other sheep in an intense base jumping competition. Be the first to jump off the cliff without false starting and deploy your parachute at the right time so that you quickly, but safely land on the ground. Use your mouse left click to jump and deploy parachute.

Size: 3436258 Bytes

28. Air Hockey World Cup - sport - 1379 plays
Air Hockey World Cup
Link: Play
If you love air hockey, try to defeat all your foes in Air Hockey World Cup. Beat all the players in each country and become the world champion. Select from arcade, versus, or world mode. In arcade mode, the goal is to destroy all your opponents cubes placed in front of their goal before they destroy yours. In world mode the first player to score 7 goals wins. In both cases if time runs out, whichever player has destroyed more cubes or scored more goals wins, if tied, sudden death starts and the player to score first wins. If a player has the puck on their side of the table for more than 7 seconds, that player commits a foul and the opponent is granted with a service. In versus mode play classic air hockey with no time limit - destroy all your opponents cubes in less time. You can choose the difficulty level of your opponent. In order to unlock all opponents, you must defeat them in arcade mode or world mode first. Use the mouse to move your mallet and lead to pointer in the direction you want to hit the puck in. The faster you move your mouse, the harder the puck is hit and the faster it will move.

Size: 4942147 Bytes

29. Blueprint Billiards - sport - 1813 plays
Blueprint Billiards
Link: Play
Blueprint billiards, a miniature game of pool on your desktop against a number of opponents. The aim of the game is to pot the nine ball. On each shot, any ball may be potted so long as the cue ball makes contact with the lowest numbered ball on the table first. A foul is awarded if the cue ball hits the wrong ball first or enters a pocket. In this case the opponent may place the cue ball anywhere on the table at the start of their turn. Start by placing the cue ball to the left of the white line. Hold the mouse button down to set power and release it to strike the cueball. You can adjust the spin using arrow keys, WASD or by clicking the mouse on the spin icon. Press Space to reset to no spin.

Size: 3280853 Bytes

30. Bart Snowboard - sport - 751 plays
Bart Snowboard
Link: Play
Use your mouse to snowboard with the bart from side to side. You get three energy beads. When all three energy beads are used up, the game ends. Avoid the rocks and tree stumps. Round medal give you points. Going off a jump ramp give your 500 points. The game ends when you reach the finish line.

Size: 262344 Bytes

31. BIG BILLiard - sport - 817 plays
Link: Play
You have 7 balls in the billiard. You play with the white ball. When the cue is visible - aim with mouse and click to push the ball. Any ball that hits the pocket increases the score. If your white ball did not touch any other ball and get to the pocket you receive no score. Reset button initiates balls position, saving current score. Reach the best score in 6 minutes of game time.

Size: 147694 Bytes

32. Urban Sumo - sport - 1338 plays
Urban Sumo
Link: Play
You are a sumo wrestler and you have to be strong, brave and thick. To defeat an opponent, strain and push your opponent out of the ring. Fight, block and let rivals pours bitter tears. Each character has different features and special moves. Choose your favourite character and play against opponents trying to throw them out of the ring. Arrow keys to move and jump, A/S to fight, D to make a catching. Spacebar to make a special move, but only when your power is fully loaded.

Size: 2379798 Bytes

33. Hipster kickball - sport - 1581 plays
Hipster kickball
Link: Play
Play with hippies or hipsters and take to the backyard to rehash the baseball similar game that defined your elementary school social status. Bring your own beard and biting cynicism, skinny jeans, trucker hats, energy crystals, and questionable hygiene abound! Hipster Kickball is played with the keyboard. When kicking, move your kicker around home plate with the arrow keys. Press and hold the 'X' key to charge your kick. Release when the ball is near your player. He or she will run automatically. When fielding, press 'X' to pitch the ball. After the opposing team kicks the game will select the right character for you to control. Use the arrow keys to run, and after you've caught the ball, throw it with 'X'. When battling, run around with the arrow keys, and throw your special power at the opposing player with the 'X' key. Useful tip is that the lead runner will advance one base and then stop by default. If you think he or she has time, you can force a run at the next base by pressing 'X'. Sometimes it's worth skipping a battle and accepting an out. You have a limited number of battles per inning, so use them wisely!

Size: 7650368 Bytes

34. Basket Balls - sport - 2911 plays
Basket Balls
Link: Play
Great basketball game, where you choose NBA t-shirt for your team and throw balls in all baskets. Pass between your team to get the ball in the net. Your team need to score in every basket to finish each level. Hit referees for 5 seconds bonus time. Opposing teams will try to block your progress, and some opponents will even jump for the ball to block it. Notice switches and hit them to activate things. Cannons will help you to pass the ball or with various obstacles. Be quick, you get awarded medals depending on how quickly you complete the level. Control the game with your mouse. If the ball got stuck, fast forward with F key.

Size: 4264962 Bytes

35. Rafting Kayaking - sport - 635 plays
Rafting Kayaking
Link: Play
Rafting on the wild river by kayak - a sport for people with strong nerves and an excellent response. Test your strength before going to the river. The rapid river carries you downstream. Use your mouse to steer your kayak away from obstacles while picking up bonuses.

Size: 1683933 Bytes

36. Long Jump - sport - 1288 plays
Long Jump
Link: Play
Do you like to watch athletic events and new records of athletes in TV. Try it for yourself with a good run and jump in length with the result. The faster you shake the mouse, the faster you run! To jump, push the mouse 45 upwards with the left mouse button pressed! Try to take off close to the white board as the jump distance is always measured from its front edge.

Size: 2262739 Bytes

37. Super Ice Hockey - sport - 2765 plays
Super Ice Hockey
Link: Play
Play ice hockey and choose between practice, championships or try some ice hockey challenges. Choose your and opponents team, and the difficulty. Move your ice hockey player with Arrow keys, S to slide tackle or pass, D to shoot, C to sprint.

Size: 2601879 Bytes

38. Air Hockey - sport - 806 plays
Air Hockey
Link: Play
Classic air hockey is the best way to relax a little and check the reaction. Choose a character and show your skills. Use your mouse to move your mallet. Parry your opponent's shot, and make sure he misses yours. Proceed through the levels, and become a champ at Air Hockey.

Size: 151817 Bytes

39. Cup Tennis - sport - 674 plays
Cup Tennis
Link: Play
Play tennis with standard rules. Win 6 game to win the set and win 2 sets to win the match. Use mouse to move and left button to hit the ball.

Size: 10350771 Bytes

40. Goal Shoot - sport - 848 plays
Goal Shoot
Link: Play
It's free kick time, you must find a way of blasting, curling, tapping or bending the ball past the wall and the goalkeeper to score an unbelievable goal. The blue arrow shows the direction of your shot. The position you click on the ball determines the spin and loft - bottom of the ball will see it rise, top will see the ball stay low. Click on the left of the ball and it will curve it left to right or vice versa if you click the right side. Click on the ball at the right time, hold it, then release it when the powerbar reaches your desired level. You have 10 shots, good luck!

Size: 576861 Bytes

41. Football Blitz - sport - 746 plays
Football Blitz
Link: Play
Hit the targets in the back of the net. You earn extra time by hitting the targets, so be as precise and quick as possible. You can control the amount of curve by clicking on the left or right side of the ball. The height of your shot depends on whether you click on the top or bottom side of the ball. When you've decided your direction and height click and drag your power bar. This bar also lets you choose the direction of your shot. Release the mouse button to take your shot. Hit 3 bulls eyes in a row to activate the fireball, it can shoot through defenders.

Size: 3393002 Bytes

42. Aaa!!! Bombs!!! - sport - 631 plays
Aaa!!! Bombs!!!
Link: Play
In this game, as in the usual billiards, you will use your ball to drive the rest of the balls into the pockets. Still, it's not that simple. Pockets are located in various places on the field. Finally, the most important part is that balls are bombs. The numbers on them mean, how much time you have after they explode. You don't have to wait while your ball stops, play immediately.

Size: 636236 Bytes

43. Down the hill! - sport - 841 plays
Down the hill!
Link: Play
Pick a mountain and start to snowboard. Left/Right arrow to rotate, A, S to grab, Up to jump.

Size: 719587 Bytes

44. Ultimate Billiards 2 - sport - 539 plays
Ultimate Billiards 2
Link: Play
Try to clear the pool table before the time runs out. Using your mouse aim the cue ball where you would like it to go. Control your shot power by holding down the mouse button. React fast and enjoy these fun 10 levels.

Size: 325268 Bytes

45. Simple Soccer Championship - sport - 3996 plays
Simple Soccer Championship
Link: Play
FIFA World Cup and the victory of your team depends entirely on you. Click and drag anywhere to aim and adjust power. Release to set shot, player will kick when close enough. You must score more goals than opponent to win the match.

Size: 767547 Bytes

46. 3D Quick Pool - sport - 683 plays
3D Quick Pool
Link: Play
Beautiful pool on on the field with a three-dimensional graphics. Use the cue and the white ball, and try to get the rest of the balls into the pockets.

Size: 669808 Bytes

47. Goal Feast - sport - 794 plays
Goal Feast
Link: Play
Score as many goals as you can in this 3D footbal game! Score as many points for your chosen country and try to win the world cup. Tap Left, Right or Up Arrow when the ball is in the centre of the timing bar to score. The closer to the centre, the more points you earn for your country.

Size: 3637264 Bytes

48. Super Over - sport - 1095 plays
Super Over
Link: Play
Cricket has always been in favor of the British and Americans. Select the number of overs that you wish to play. Click to hit the ball and earn score. You have only 3 players if you lose them, the game gets over. Earn score as much as you can and enjoy this funny cricket game. Use mouse to interact, A/D or Left/Right arrow keys to move.

Size: 2023260 Bytes

49. Winter Olympics 2010 - sport - 921 plays
Winter Olympics 2010
Link: Play
It's very simple! Soon is the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and the country needs the best people who will bring gold medals! Who knows, maybe you will stand on the podium! There is tutorial before each sport competition.

Size: 3284081 Bytes

50. River Fishing - sport - 1542 plays
River Fishing
Link: Play
Five species of fish, 8 great place for fishing and three sets of baits, plus superb river views and sounds of nature in this River Fishing simulator. Just use the left button mouse to cathc of the fish. Collect as many fishes as you can. The more you catch, the more score you get. Select place and bait for fishing. Specify the place to throw the bait.

Size: 2296236 Bytes

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