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1. Balloon Invasion - strategy - 2488 plays
Balloon Invasion
Link: Play
You have to defend your flak and territory from being bombed by the incoming balloon invasion. There's so many balloons you'll go insane. You have to aim your flaks correctly on a target in order to hit them. Win battles, gain experience, level up and use your commander points to upgrade your arsenal. Good luck, Commander. Move Mouse to aim, hold your Mouse button to fire, 1-9 Number Keys activates air raids and places buildings. 1,2,3: Call in support strike, 4,5,6,7,8,9: Place building (each building type must be unlocked in the Upgrades screen first. Your flak fires with some inaccuracy, use this to your advantage. Find dense points and areas to cover with your fire for maximum damage. Each air raid request costs more and more after each call (there is a ceiling of 15.000), use them only if you really need to. The longer a balloon survives of the field, the less score you gain by destroying it.

Size: 2354946 Bytes

2. World Wars 2 - strategy - 3771 plays
World Wars 2
Link: Play
It's not over yet, soldiers! Another mess of maps to conquer. Choose how many armies you want to defeat at once, and prepare for battle, baby. Try to dominate the map as you attack the enemies controlling area of the land mass. There is another variety of two different maps to conquer, you can choose from either Europe or Random. Use your Mouse to play and choose how many enemies you want to defeat at once between 1 and 8.

Size: 1899604 Bytes

3. 3 Lil Pigs Home Defense - strategy - 1401 plays
3 Lil Pigs Home Defense
Link: Play
3 lil pigs home defense is a game where you have to place turrets and protect your home from wolves, that are on the way to evict you from your land to build a new mall. Protect your home from the wolves. Your house only has 3 pigs to build your turret so use them wisely. Use your Mouse to select and place turrets. Click on a turret to select it and information about it will appear. Once you have selected a turret move the cursor back to the map. The green box shows where the tower will be built. If the box turns RED you cannot place a turret there. To upgrade and destroy your turret click on the + or X once you click on the turret. The skip button will also make the waves come faster. Skip Button: Skips the countdown to the next wave of wolves. Andy you can not Block the path of the wolves with turrets.

Size: 3796361 Bytes

4. Gem Craft - strategy - 1831 plays
Gem Craft
Link: Play
Havoc and corruption swarms through the land, and you are one of those few wizards who can put an end to it. Create and combine magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters back to hell. Click on spell buttons to select them, drag gems to move, throw or combine them. Use the Mouse or 1-6/B,T,C,M,W,G for spells, hold Control key for create/combine maximum possible gems, and hold Shift key for multiple towers/trenches/creating gems. Be sure to use your skills as you advance and read all in-game help. Use Space bar key or Enter/Mouse click to close tutor panels and P key for the pause.

Size: 4200962 Bytes

5. Nob War - The Elves - strategy - 3155 plays
Nob War - The Elves
Link: Play
The elves’ arrows are poised, the humans’ swords are drawn, and the centaurs lead the charge. Lead your troops to conquer 20 castles. Battle against troops of humans, elves and centaurs. You will assume control of the elves while the humans and centaurs battle against your enemy. The green line shows where your arrows will hit. Kill all enemies on your march to the castle without losing all of your elves or flag guards. For each enemy killed, you’ll get money, which can be spent in the castle on upgrades. When done purchasing upgrades, click Map to return to the map, where you can go on to the next level. Use Left/Right Arrow key to move, Down Arrow key to Stop. Z key or 1 to Shoot Arrows, V key or 4 to Summon Humans, B key or 5 to Summon Centaurs (fast). You can buy several upgrades, while using them with X key or 2 to Fire Arrows, C key or 3 to Rapid Arrows, N key or 5 to Heal Troops.

Size: 1183239 Bytes

6. Age of War 2 - strategy - 3859 plays
Age of War 2
Link: Play
Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to lead your cavemen into futuristic era and destroy the enemy rival base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy’s. The twist of the game is that you can evolve as well as unlock new units and defense means. The more you evolve, the more you will become powerful. Use the Mouse to build turrets and hire units to defeat your opponent. Pick a fight, and start upgrading. Spawn your cavemen to start, and progress to tanks, bots and lasers in the future - do you have the guts to fight to the finish?

Size: 11413675 Bytes

7. Tesla: War Of Currents - strategy - 1616 plays
Tesla: War Of Currents
Link: Play
As you know, Tesla was a great scientist, inventor and researcher who discovered a lot about the properties of the currents. Thomas Edison was his biggest competitor. He decided to interfere Tesla's researches and built aggressive towers on his way. Help Tesla to destroy all the towers and to get to the exit from each of the levels. Guide your robotic army through a deadly maze of Edison's constructs, rescuing puppies or by contacting Martians. Use your Mouse and hire units by clicking the top-left icon. Click the arrow symbols on the map to change Tesla’s direction. You can also earn a total of three stars for each level to spend on upgrades to improve both Tesla and your various robots. Try to unlock hidden units. Open the robot management screen to upgrade any bots with cash for the duration of the level. You can also use alternative keyboard controls: Arrow keys to scroll the map, Shift key to change the game speed, Ctrl key to manage your team and Space bar key for tactic mode.

Size: 7359714 Bytes

8. Virus Wars - strategy - 2231 plays
Virus Wars
Link: Play
This laboratory is providing experiments with viruses. The viral cells are very survivable, but when they meet rival cells, they are being mutually neutralized. You got the chance to control the viruses, which can inject DNA-code into a living cells. Your task is to help one type of viruses win this eternal war. Inspired by Phage Wars/Tentacle Wars/Civilization Wars. Your objective is about getting rid of all enemy viruses and saving the organism. Use your Mouse and drag cells from home base to invade and conquer your organisms. Protect organism from hostile invasive cells, finish more levels, collect evolution points and you will be allowed to modify your virus to improve any of these characteristic: Strength – increase virus strength; Speed – better virus moving speed; Reproduction – improve cells reproduction speed; Defence – increase cells ability for defence.

Size: 1207751 Bytes

9. Kingdom Rush Frontiers - strategy - 5329 plays
Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Link: Play
Bigger and badder than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made the original title an award-winning hit. Tap your troops through an epic (mis)adventure as you defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and ghastly denizens of the underworld -all with flashy new towers, levels, heroes, and more goodies to help you crush your foes to a pulp. Don’t worry, there is still all the good ol’ stuff from the last game, too. Fortify the frontier in exotic news lands - hold the line in deserts, jungles and even the underworld. Merciless boss fights, hours of gameplay with over 70 achievements. In-game encyclopedia tutorial - true warriors know their enemies... and their towers. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a game that combines Tower Defense, quirky humor and fantasy gameplay. The goal is to build many types of towers to attack incoming enemies, and stop them from getting past your defenses. Stop them from getting past your defences, earn gold by defeating enemies and use it to build more towers. Eight new specialized tower upgrades. Slice, sizzle, and stomp your foes with Crossbow Forts, Mighty Templars, Necromancers, and even Earthquake Machines - hey, we told you we were shaking things up. Over 18 tower abilities - Unleash Death Riders, pestilence clouds, or Assassins that steal and kill your enemies. Over 40 enemies with unique abilities. Stay on your toes as you fight through desert sandworms, tribal shamans, nomad tribes and underground terrors. Nine legendary heroes. Choose your champions and train their abilities. Special units and features on every stage - Watch out for the Black Dragon. Classic, Iron, and Heroic game modes to challenge your tactical skills. Intoxicating charm with a rousing score, full-bodied voice-overs and lovingly illustrated cartoon art. Use 1 Number key to Select/Cancel Rain of Fire spell, 2 to Select/Cancel Reinforcements spell, 3 to Select/Cancel Hero, 4 to Select/Cancel Extra Hero. Press Space bar key to cancel any selected spell/power/rally point. The game automatically saves on the Map.

Size: 58868792 Bytes

10. Guard Of The Kingdom - strategy - 1798 plays
Guard Of The Kingdom
Link: Play
The dark forces sent their crowd of monsters, ghosts and zombies to attack your kingdom. They have already got to the castle to overthrow the royal family and take the throne. The kingdom needs a great commander to defend his king with the help of his loyal soldiers. 40 types of enemies and 9 types of defenders with the ability to improve the combat capabilities on the battlefield. Arrange guards using your Mouse and Number keys 1-9 on the floors of the castle and repel all attacks of the enemy. Use your budget to hire guardians with different skills and place them wisely in the building to destroy all invaders who get tougher with every round. Use QWE keys to use their magic and expert abilities. With each new attack enemy forces will be increased but you can buy more powerful defenders and upgrade each unit if you have enough gold. Your king has 10 lifes. Use Space bar key to toggle the game speed.

Size: 4643325 Bytes

11. Hyperpath - strategy - 2662 plays
Link: Play
After billions of years, the universe is getting overcrowded. Many races, including Terrans, have to leave their home galaxies to explore the space and compete for valuable resources. Growing conflicts eventually lead to the unavoidable outbreak of intergalactic war. Hyperpath is a fast thinking strategy game, with amazing graphics in unique style. Take on the role of the commander and go to a battle with unknown races from distant corners of the universe. Develop skills of your fleet and lead your army to the victory. Use your Mouse to drag a line from one world to a neighbouring star and attack it. Expand your influence, conquer planets and beat your enemies. You cannot attack worlds when their power force shields are activated because your ships will disintegrate. Be careful worlds occupied by alien races will defend themselves by sending army of fighters to retaliate. Become a master of the universe because there is only one place on the podium.

Size: 4153803 Bytes

Conquer The Evil Bunny Empire
Link: Play
The evil bunnies of the Evil Bunny Empire want to conquer your land. After all these years, you finally have your chance to get the revenge. Take vengeance on these invaders, use mines, turrets, ice cannons and try to destory them all. Use your Mouse to place turrets, traps and unlock new weapons as you fight your way through new worlds. Make sure you plan a good strategy to conquer the empire. Buy turrets in the shop, choose the right weapon and place it on the battlefield. Price increases exponentially after each purchase.

Size: 876986 Bytes

13. Zombie Mart - strategy - 2006 plays
Zombie Mart
Link: Play
In the near future an unstopable zombie outbreak changed planet Earth forever. After 99% of the population was infected, the zombies turned into... shopping customers! Fill your store with delicious brains, finger chips, and other human organs and products while unlocking new items and expanding your business. Control and manage the zombie market and earn as much zollars as you can. Run your own pixel market for zombies. Use your Mouse, WASD or Arrow keys to scroll the map. Expand your store and assortment, hire more employees, order stock, expand your empire and keep the zombies calm. Don’t forget to research new things.

Size: 4617928 Bytes

14. Save My Garden - strategy - 872 plays
Save My Garden
Link: Play
That's shiny and lovely day for farming. In this tower defines game there are some bugs and insects trying to ruin all of the hard work that you have done farming your garden. But insects want your harvest. Don't let them get your fruit that is in your garden. Assemble defense towers to fend off the swarms of pest who are trying to obliterate your precious garden. Use your Mouse to strategically place your defense plants so that you can blow up the bugs as they come cross your land. Keep your plants defenses upgraded to full strength so you can kill more bugs and protect your land at all costs.

Size: 7670376 Bytes

15. Champions of Chaos 2 - strategy - 1671 plays
Champions of Chaos 2
Link: Play
Join the rebel army and improve your reputation enough that neighbouring kingdoms pledge to your cause. With a heavy focus on grinding and strategy, Champions of Chaos 2 is a simple yet surprisingly engaging RPG. It is arena turn based game where the player can combine up to 10 different classes in a two man party to fight waves of enemies and gain reputation and allies. In each kingdom, you'll have to battle your enemies to prove your worth to the area's ruler. The battle system combine elements of “Grandia" and final fantasy with "Marvel vs Capcom" special moves. You lead a two character party of ambassadors, warriors of the rebel forces, looking to make an alliance with the free nations of the west in order to have the military power to fight back the advancing dark emperor forces. To win the trust of the leaders of the nations of the west you must show your people strength in the different arenas of their nations. Use your Mouse to choose the action you want to execute from the menu that appears. Then left mouse button click on whoever you want to perform this action. Train brave warriors and you have to watch your hit points, magic points and Chaos bar that fills with every action, and will allow you to summon your character class Totemic Beast when it's full. Play with huge assortment of warriors, wizards, mages, paladins. Learn many skills, buy upgrades, regenerate your mana and health. Build your reputation and don’t forget to buy a pair of skimpy cheerleaders who confer various bonuses on you during battle. Fight zombies in the graveyard to earn more experience points.

Size: 19559105 Bytes

16. Zombies Fight Club - strategy - 1278 plays
Zombies Fight Club
Link: Play
What do you do when an unknown disease takes control of people and mutates them into brain hungry zombies? You put them in an arena and make them fight the cage match to the end when they are finally dead. Upgrade your zombies in order to survive and win the leagues to to become the Zombie Fight Club Champion in this turn based fighting adventure. Play with your Mouse and select different strategies to win the fight. Try to attack, defend, or stun and punch your enemies. Don't forget to upgrade your dead zombie corpses step by step. Put various modules to their body slots to increase their strength, defence, attack, health or agility.

Size: 6647984 Bytes

17. The Keeper Of 4 Elements - strategy - 2812 plays
The Keeper Of 4 Elements
Link: Play
Dark Lord come with his army to the mystical island to find the secrets of ancient magic and use it for their evil deeds. But the island has a defender and own all the forces of nature. Protect ancient secrets hidden away on the island and defend yourself and use the power of the 4 elements. Use your Mouse to place water, earth, air, stone and fire towers. Use W key to select or cancel water skill, A key for air, F key for fire and E key for Earth skill. Shoot knights and archers as they draw closer. Earn experience points, use them in the shop and upgrade your towers. Use Space bar to speed up/down and Enter key for the next wave.

Size: 10473145 Bytes

Attack Of The Evil Bunny Empire
Link: Play
Oh no! It appears the evil bunny empire is attacking! You’re the last hope for salvation. Battle your way through 20 waves of bunny mayhem using 6 different weapons against 5 different bunny types. Set various turret defences to stop crazy rabbits from taking over the world. Use your Mouse to buy and place cannons with arrows, machine gun turrets, spike traps or air balloon bombs in the kill zone to repel the threat. The little rabbits get tougher in later levels.

Size: 814432 Bytes

19. Zombo Buster - strategy - 1147 plays
Zombo Buster
Link: Play
Lead the anti-zombie squad and protect Medan City from the awful zombification. Help SWAT police members eliminate infected zombies and defend key locations in all buildings. Use your Mouse to select walkie talkie radio, then pick agent, gunner or bomber squad member. S key to choose your formations and to swap elevators. Spend red crystals at the end of each wave and upgrade your officers by increasing their fire power. Space bar key for the next wave.

Size: 8625417 Bytes

Pre-Civilization: Stone Age
Link: Play
Create and lead your own tribe from first human-primates lived 4 million years ago to the first civilizations of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Develop your primitive encampment to a full city. Grow you neanderthals population, manage your workers, research technologies. Build, evolve, fight and survive. Use your Mouse to fish on your lakes and garden your fruit trees. Don't forget to defend the village from vikings attacks or prosper from stone mines. Build, evolve and fight to survive. Utilise new technology, upgrade and level up with your population. See in-game tutorial when you need help.

Size: 3907425 Bytes

21. Zombie World - strategy - 1725 plays
Zombie World
Link: Play
Zombie invade started. Defend survivors against hordes of zombies. Build towers, call reinforcements, create mine fields or bomb them. Choose your own play style. Mount barricades across town to block undead hordes and eliminate them. Use your Mouse to place automatic gun turrets. Improve your military, use snipers, rangers and riot police to derail advancing hordes. Press WASD or Arrow keys to scroll the map. Complete each wave to spend points on your towers.

Size: 11250472 Bytes

22. Airborne Wars 2 - strategy - 1489 plays
Airborne Wars 2
Link: Play
After years the war is still going on. The ally forces need your support. Implement the best strategy to take over all enemy forces and all bunkers on each level until the war is won. Some of your soldiers have abilities and other time you must take over common areas before you even think about taking over the enemy bunkers. Use your Mouse to drag a line from your buildings towards the opposing structures. While holding the mouse, press Ctrl key to send 3 or 6 units. Don't forget to play it smart. Infiltrate neighbouring enemy buildings before they counter attack. Try to capture special bases where you can train particular forces like rocket men. Use your WASD or Arrow keys for map scrolling and 1-4 Number keys for special commands.

Size: 2777456 Bytes

23. NeoCon TD - strategy - 1331 plays
NeoCon TD
Link: Play
NeoCon TD is a great and new type of Tower Defense game. You have to fight with all the strength to defeat the enemy and keep your area safe. In the game, have a good defense strategy means winning every battle, but you need to think very carefully before placing the units in the scene. Each wave of attack the enemies are stronger and with new weapons. Therefore, use your Mouse and the money raised to purchase new equipment and improve those already in use.

Size: 13662213 Bytes

24. Mauled Zero - strategy - 1170 plays
Mauled Zero
Link: Play
A Tower Defense where you battle through 11 vibrant, animated levels to defeat the evil demon ruling the land. Place powerful wizards along the road and stop monsters as they try to invade your kingdom and castle. 11 levels, 21 enemies including final nasty boss. Use your Mouse to place towers. Select from 1 of 4 towers when you are building and upgrade your towers as you go. Build them at a strategic spot so no bad guy will survive their walk. Use your wizards and don't let the bad creatures stop you. Choose from either poison, electrical, ice or fire wizards. Earn experience points in the shop after each battle to buy better upgrades, including higher damage, greater firing range or meteor shower blast.

Size: 4976666 Bytes

25. Battle Cry - strategy - 2296 plays
Battle Cry
Link: Play
Immerse yourself in the world of Battle Cry. Command your very own army to battles against all who oppose you. Create the perfect army to win wars as you march throughout the kingdom. Includes a 3 act single player campaign, a player versus player ladder system and an intricate army management system. Use your Mouse to create or equip soldier units with armour, shields, horses or swords at the barracks to create the perfect fighting force. Try to place ranged units like wizards or archers at the back to provide long range distance support for your front line troops.

Size: 12144152 Bytes

Airport Madness 5 – Time Machine
Link: Play
This is the fifth edition of Airport Madness. You are an air traffic controller in the year 1925. As time progresses, your small grass airfield grows up into a major international airport in 1970. Witness WW2, the flying mail service in the 1920’s, the breaking of the sound barrier, and birth of the passenger jet. Click on the airplanes to access their control panels. Keep airport delays to a minimum, and avoid midair collisions.

Size: 6506376 Bytes

27. Control Craft: Modern War - strategy - 2156 plays
Control Craft: Modern War
Link: Play
Lead your troops to victory in the fast action-strategy driven flash game with highly polished graphics. Send helicopters and troops, capture turrets, bunkers and anti-air guns to defend your land and take over all hostile bases to win the game. Capture the enemy forces bases before their ranks outnumber yours. Use the Mouse to select any friendly base. Once a selection has been made you can send half of the troops by clicking on a hostile base or all the troops by holding Shift key down as well. In later stages you can acquire apache attack helicopters to aid you on the battlefield.

Size: 6741547 Bytes

28. Northern Tale - strategy - 2022 plays
Northern Tale
Link: Play
A beautiful legend filled with magic, bravery and amazing adventures. The story of Northern Tale begins in the lands of the mighty Viking king Ragnar. He returns home and finds his kingdom cursed and his sorceress-daughters stolen by the wicked witch. Ragnar embarks on a journey to save his family and cleanse his kingdom of evil. Help the leader of the Vikings rescue his sorceress daughters kidnapped by a wicked old witch. Use your Mouse to pick up wood, gold and food to repair damaged roads and construct buildings. Gather enough resources to destroy evil tree roots and dark stones to cleanse the forests.

Size: 12710675 Bytes

29. Dr Lee UAssault - strategy - 841 plays
Dr Lee UAssault
Link: Play
The robot invasion is under away. Assist Dr Lee in leading his own mechanical army, using your tactical wit to take down machine menace’s base, and to defend your own. Dr Lee is no coward, though: pick from a selection of weapons, and control the good doctor himself to blast the enemy to smithereens. Use WASD keys to move around, number keys to select weapons. To shoot, aim and click using the Mouse button. To reload your weapon, press R. Press G to switch through command options. Press F to switch through AI options. Space commands your troops to perform the current command within the player’s radius. Press E to trigger your super move.

Size: 6179413 Bytes

30. Giants And Dwarves TD - strategy - 1413 plays
Giants And Dwarves TD
Link: Play
The kingdom is under the attack of huge devastating giants and relentless waves of enemies. Build multistoried towers to defend against the attack and take advantage of the environment by dropping boulders on the enemies or burning the hay on their path. Command your champion and cast powerful spells to destroy the invaders and lead your people to victory. Use your Mouse to scroll the view, place Mouse cursor at the edges of the screen. Click the minimap to move the view around, double click hero’s portrait to center the screen on hero. To mute music, open in-game pause menu and set the music to off. Use WASD or Arrow keys for screen scrolling. Use 1,2,3 number keys to activate spells. 4 number key for hero selection and move command, 5 number key to activate hero’s ability. Use B key to open bestiary, E key to start wave, Escape to cancel move command, target selection, or spells. Use Space bar key to pause and un-pause the game.

Size: 19702724 Bytes

31. Mars Colonies - strategy - 1757 plays
Mars Colonies
Link: Play
Real time strategy game where you control a group of scientists and miners as they go about extracting precious mineral resources from the red planet. Build and protect your own colonies on Mars. Hire skillful colonists, help them survive marsquakes, dust storms and other threats, and build the most successful colonies on Mars. Use your Mouse to build nuclear power plants to provide electricity, personal modules, water pumps and hydroponic stations to grow fruit and vegetables. Complete objectives by constructing buildings without wasting any valuable resources. After placing a new building you need to connect it with energy or water if building need any; make sure to connect power lines and water tubes to the right places on the South-West side of a building. If a building don't have water/energy, the warning icon will appear.

Size: 6585690 Bytes

32. Caribbean Admiral - strategy - 7001 plays
Caribbean Admiral
Link: Play
Revenge on the ghostly dutchman ship that destroyed your fleet and took your little sisters life to the bottom of the ocean. Rebuild a powerful fleet and destroy a strange ghost ship, which appeared from thin air out of the fog! Enjoy 12 different ships each with lots of upgrades. Loot pirates and slay their bosses. Visit 10 towns on your caribbean journey! Use the Mouse cursor to route the ship on the free-roam map. Use the Mouse during battles to operate the cannons and perform various attacks. You can drag the ship tree down to access the bigger ships. Sail to different ports in the pacific, buy and sell fruit, rice, flour and other commodities to upgrade your ship or buy a new one with more cargo space. Tip; pick off individual enemy vessels until you have a more powerful ship to command.

Size: 8283279 Bytes

Incursion 2 – The Artifact
Link: Play
Dark forces come again. The kingdom calls upon you to fight against this forces. Our lands needs a hero! Lead your brave squad at the battlefield and save the realm. Protect the noble kingdom from menacing demons as they spill forth from their hellish realm. If you've played Kingdoms Rush or Warcraft 3 you'll love this. Press 1,2 or 3 number keys to select a magic spell once the hero is selected, F1, F2 or QW keys to select a hero and P to pause. Press your Space bar key to speed the game up or down. Use your Mouse to train archers, knights or wizards at the barracks alongside the roads. Gather experience points to buy new magical powers or upgrade your units into more powerful versions of themselves. See in-game hints and guide for more info!

Size: 23748225 Bytes

34. Realms Gate - strategy - 1121 plays
Realms Gate
Link: Play
The battle between heaven and hell is raging on. Your goal is to strategically set up your tower defense units so you can defend the portal between heaven and hell. Stop monstrous aberrations from traveling through a portal from hell into earth. Use your Mouse to place fire, ice and poison attack towers to counter the creeps as they stumble forward. Watch out for flying demon bats and sword wielding skeleton warriors. Upgrade your towers once you've accumulated enough gold resources to make them more powerful.

Size: 12411938 Bytes

35. Stormy Castle - strategy - 2031 plays
Stormy Castle
Link: Play
Real time strategy game where you send your archers, swordsmen and wizards into battle as they attempt to destroy the enemies fortified base. Use your Mouse to cast forth fiery spells, construct barracks, archery training grounds and libraries to train wizards, bowmen and sword wielding knights. Defeat each section of the kingdom to earn upgrades that will fortify your castles defences. Watch out for giant ogre bosses and build arrow turrets on your parapets with your walls.

Size: 10788387 Bytes

36. Infection Wars - strategy - 752 plays
Infection Wars
Link: Play
Your body is under attack from a vile infection, in Infection Wars it’s your job to battle this infection in all the main organs, from the heart to the brain. Make sure you take them out and make the most of upgradable abilities to ensure you have the upper hand in this good vs bad war. Take over towers to add some extra defense or damage. Use the Mouse to drag units from one spot to another. After each level, you'll be able to buy upgrades to strengthen the body. Click on your tower in the right corner to send your men to green enemy to conquer it. Drag your Mouse through more towers for a group attack.

Size: 9460181 Bytes

37. Symbiosis - strategy - 2970 plays
Link: Play
We’ve always thought that aliens look like green humans with big heads and huge eyes. We cannot even imagine that aliens look like crystals. Hostile crystals that destroy everything on their sight. And only plants can defeat them. Symbiosis is an innovative game where your main objective is to destroy crystals using powers of your plants. Prevent a crystal based alien life form from taking over planet earth with the aid of natural plants to repel them. Tons of upgrades, spells and achievements. 15 challenging levels. Use your Mouse to grow vegetation near purple crystals to attack and destroy them before they spread. For alternate controls press Space bar key to seed a new plant, A, S or D key to change your plants mode, Q, W or E key to select magic spells, ESC key to cancel a current action, P to pause and I to open options screen. Visit the gardeners shop to upgrade your plants to fortify their damage, defence or health regeneration.

Size: 7412813 Bytes

The King’s League Odyssey
Link: Play
This odyssey is a follow up to the well-received simulation strategy game The King’s League. Once again, the kingdom calls for warriors to join the royal league. Real time strategy game where you have to fight your way through rival warriors to become part of his highness's elite fighting knights. With more unit classes, quests and events. Use your Mouse to recruit fresh new faces from the village taverns or the forest and train them to become pike men, spearmen, deadly archers, staff wielding wizards or thieves to support you in the upcoming tournament battles. Earn gold and purple crystals by completing side quests to upgrade each hero in your squad.

Size: 20289920 Bytes

39. Zombie TD - strategy - 2467 plays
Zombie TD
Link: Play
Close the gates, zombies are rising from the graveyard. Select and place your turrets to attack the zombies. Upgrade your turrets after every level. Use your strategy to select turret otherwise you may loose. Use your Mouse and the left click to interact with the game. 10 different attack turrets at your disposal to create a solid defense against waves of zombies. Earn skill points from your victories and use them to purchase helpful upgrades for the next battle. Upgrade to earn extra money, increase weapon or tower power, capacity or damage with every fire.

Size: 9147245 Bytes

40. Ultimate Tank War - strategy - 910 plays
Ultimate Tank War
Link: Play
Strategy game where you lead your heavily armoured battalion over the battlefield as you destroy the enemies bases before they pulverize your command headquarters. Join the tank war, build your tank fleet and take control the ultimate tank in this warfare game. Use your Mouse to generate army vehicles. Upgrade weapons or select a fleet of tanks by dragging your Mouse over a bunch of them. Click on your base to open build tank menu, then click on tank to build it. Press W or Up Arrow key to select all units, Press Space bar key to unselect all units, Press A or Left Arrow key to move all selected unit back to base.

Size: 4641239 Bytes

41. Starship Commander - strategy - 1210 plays
Starship Commander
Link: Play
Starship Commander is a real time strategy game similar to Master of Orion, in which your task is to conquer the galaxy. Do this by growing your planets, producing fleets, and destroying the enemy. Building planetary facilities, research technologies, and assemble fleets to protect, and attack. Critical thinking, lots of Mouse clicking, trial and error… and a good ammount of patience. If you are not the kind of person that enjoys games in which you actually have to play well to win, then perhaps Starship Commander is not for you. Conquer the universe by ensuring your race survives in the epic battle for limited resources. Use your Mouse to create orbital space stations and shipyards to defend your planets from hostile alien attacks. Manage your energy, ore (for buildings), crystal (for scientific research) and carbon (to construct ships) resources carefully. In game click & play tutorial, in depth instructions located on the game menu.

Size: 1384946 Bytes

42. Cloud Wars – Sunny Day - strategy - 1835 plays
Cloud Wars – Sunny Day
Link: Play
Such a beautiful day.. for warfare! Conquer and reclaim your throne as the Cloud King. Real time strategy game where you become the king of the sky as you send your fluffy balls of clouds to capture enemies and convert them to your side. Upgrades for thunder with 3x faster warriors, rain with 3x maximum capacity and sun with 3x faster growth. Use your Mouse to drag a path to one of your bases or the nearest target to attack it. Collect stars to increase your cloud generating speed. Click or drag to select one or more clouds. Click another cloud to send half your warriors for attack. Hold Ctrl key to send all warriors from the selected cloud(s) and press space to select all clouds.

Size: 6357685 Bytes

43. Fallen Empire - strategy - 1777 plays
Fallen Empire
Link: Play
Tower defense in dark fantasy world with amazing graphics and non-standard dynamic gameplay. Play and protect the village as you try to stop swarms of monsters spewing out from the black forest. Use your Mouse to build archer forts, magical crystal buildings or mortar towers to strike air and ground based creatures as they run down the road. 1-7 number keys to set appropriate tower. Use Up/Down, W/S keys or Mouse wheel to scroll map up and down. Q key to convert tower, E key to update tower, A key to cancel sell/convert/update/build tower and D key to sell tower. You can upgrade your defence towers once you have enough gold in your possession to make them more powerful.

Size: 20532009 Bytes

44. Resort Empire - strategy - 3840 plays
Resort Empire
Link: Play
Build your own resort from the ground up making sure that all visitors spend quality time pampering them in a supportive, caring environment. Keep the park financially healthy and work your way to the top by unlocking and buying new facilities and treatments. Time management based tycoon game where you become an instant millionaire as you build holiday facilities for tourists as they travel towards your small tropical island. Use your Mouse to construct saunas, guest bedrooms, ice cream parlours, fitness centres, hotdog or taco stands, japanese or indian restaurants and medical hospitals to care for sick or injured guests. WASD or Arrow keys to scroll the screen and Esc key to cancel action. Don't forget to hire employees such as janitors to clean up rooms. The more stars your hotel earns the more upgrades you can unlock and apply to your business.

Size: 2777262 Bytes

45. Cargo Shipment Chicago - strategy - 1212 plays
Cargo Shipment Chicago
Link: Play
Real time strategy based management game where you build up your own transport company by hiring workers to load trucks with precious cargo. You become a cargo transport company manager. Build houses for the workers who will load your truck with goods and deliver them from point A to point B. Use your Mouse to place an upgradeable warehouse building down on a shaded green patch of ground to intercept vehicles as they travel along the road. Cars are driving from A to B and your aim is it to load the cars with your workers. Pick up a warehouse on the top and place it in one of the orange fields. Find the best field to place them to get all cars filled up with people. Tip, construct roadwork's near supply depots to slow heavy goods trailers down so your employees can fill them up quicker. You can also build fast food restaurants along the path to make drivers stop for a minute.

Size: 1314064 Bytes

46. Control Craft 2 - strategy - 1690 plays
Control Craft 2
Link: Play
A fast thinking real time strategy game, with tactic capabilities and graphics in unique style. Take over the enemy colonies to battle your way through challenging levels that call for your skill and wit. Capture key strategic areas on the planet by sending your soldiers to storm nearby colonies. Upgrade your troop, pimp up your super weapons and smash enemies to save your Planet. Use your Mouse to select one of your spawn points and then select the direction you want the troops to travel to. Complete each skirmish and spend points on upgrades that will strengthen your army. Warning, if you reset your skill points you will lose cash, so choose wisely.

Size: 6847768 Bytes

47. The Empire 2 - strategy - 2706 plays
The Empire 2
Link: Play
Medieval based real time strategy game where you build your own nation before warring factions from nearby kingdoms infiltrate and loot your lands. Manage resources and defend your people as you build up an empire. Place various structures on the map to increase your population, gather resources, and train units that will fight enemies. Complete increasingly challenging tasks in the campaign mode or prepare for a massive war in the deathmatch mode. Use your Mouse to construct food producing farms, iron foundries, stone mines and forest lumber mills to gather resources to build houses, trader market places, soldier barracks and scientific research academies. Some campaigns will need to be completed quickly before enemy knights attack your castle.

Size: 7818142 Bytes

48. Ultimate Army 2 - strategy - 1371 plays
Ultimate Army 2
Link: Play
Real time strategy defense game where you conquer the surrounding lands by sending your troops to capture strategic territories. Use your Mouse to select a base and then select the target you wish to send your men to attack. Try to commandeer watch towers so your infantry personnel can snipe at nearby enemy soldiers as they run along the battlefield. Press and hold Ctrl + click base/tower to select more than one base/tower to attack. Conquer all bases and towers to proceed. Enemy Behavior: Yellow never attack your base until one by one battle. Purple always attack your base in any condition and level. Red and green randomly attack lowest base/tower.

Size: 4347910 Bytes

49. Monstercraft - strategy - 2364 plays
Link: Play
Arena based beat em up game where you use your scientific lab to splice DNA strands to create the perfect fighting machine consisting of robots, monsters and zombies. Breed your own army of monsters and robots by combining parts and DNA to create a powerful team. Hunt for monsters, breed better ones and become a champion of the monster arena. Use your Mouse to buy creatures and then make them battle in the colosseum to collect a reward. After the fight, put two monsters in craft machine and press the red button to proceed. You can find all possible combinations of monsters in craft book. When waiting for the next battle round you can go hunting to hone your group's skills.

Size: 5982910 Bytes

50. Ultimate Army - strategy - 1426 plays
Ultimate Army
Link: Play
Take control ultimate army and conquer enemy base in this strategy warfare game. Conquer the surrounding lands by sending your troops to capture strategic territories. Use your Mouse to select a base and then select the target you wish to send your men to attack. Click your base then click enemy base, press and hold CTRL + left Mouse button click base to select more than one base to attack. Try to commandeer watch towers so your infantry personnel can snipe at nearby enemy soldiers as they run along the battlefield. Upgrade your units, rifle, launcher, tank, speed or regeneration after each fight.

Size: 5694628 Bytes

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