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       43 tetris games
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1. Fliptris - tetris - 1013 plays
Link: Play
Play and arrange the figures tightly on the field. Besides the figures you can also rotate the field where you are placing them. The goal of this game isn't to fill rows like in the original game, but to create squares of blocks (starting from 4x4 in size). The more blocks you manipulate, the more points you get. Don't forget to beat your friends and foes in the leaderboards and collect all of the precious medals. Use Arrow keys to move and rotate the figures, Z and X to rotate the field, P to pause the game. There are three modes which can be finished one by one. Beating each mode results in a fun particle explosion and new stuff. Move the pieces to the side of the world to flip the world around, hence the name fliptris. Survive as long as you can!

Size: 5936317 Bytes

2. Overhaul - tetris - 748 plays
Link: Play
Protect your mining station by placing and combining the modules falling from the sky. Match three modules to create one higher level module. Click on a module to show information. Discover new abilities and modules as the game progresses, enhance them and use all opportunities to win. Arrow keys to play the game. See in-game tutorial for learning the game.

Size: 9384373 Bytes

3. Weirdtris - tetris - 899 plays
Link: Play
Weirdtris is a peculiar mash up of tetris and match-3 with some gravity added to the mix. Destroy all block or just a required amount to complete each level, but be warned! Think before you place a block, as you might get stuck! Use Arrow keys to move blocks from left or right side. In the middle of the screen is a set of cubes of color. Your goal is to make them all disappear by putting three cubes of the same color side by side. Colors will never cease appearing. Hit space when ready.

Size: 1113120 Bytes

4. Happy Birds - tetris - 818 plays
Happy Birds
Link: Play
The aim of the game is to clear all the birds. Put three or more birds of the same color to remove them from the field. Each removed bird gives you exact amount points. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

Size: 964526 Bytes

5. Columns Master - tetris - 706 plays
Columns Master
Link: Play
Columns Master game rules are very simple. On the top tree figures fall and you must set them to form horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines of 3 or more of the same figure. Try to make combinations of three or more crystals in a line and do not allow to fill your game field. Smile figure destroy all blocks where you show him. Use Left/Right arrow to move figures. Up arrow to change figures in column. Down arrow to move figures down fast. You can control the game with WASD keys too.

Size: 4797894 Bytes

6. Phytrix - tetris - 969 plays
Link: Play
Blocks are falling down and you can control them with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Connect three or more blocks of the same color to make them disappear. But there's a twist: Remember that all the blocks subject to the laws of physics! The game is lost if a block touches the red line at the top of the field. Beware of blinking blocks, they will raise the floor if destroyed. You have also a special meter, when it is filled press the space key anytime to safely destroy malicious blinking blocks. You need to plan quickly yet carefully where to put them to reach and complete the objective of each level.

Size: 1400592 Bytes

7. Hoppinpop - tetris - 587 plays
Link: Play
A tetris like game wrapped in a world of weird but wonderful creatures. Form groups of at least 3 "pops". Use Space for a "fast drop", because they will earn you more points. Larger groups will earn more points per "pop". Group-combos will earn more points too.

Size: 638689 Bytes

8. Digital Upgrade - tetris - 730 plays
Digital Upgrade
Link: Play
Use the arrow keys to rotate and move the pieces. Press down to drop the pieces on the board. Connect 3 pieces of the same type to turn them into the upgraded version. Similar game like Tetris just more fun!

Size: 4832411 Bytes

9. Build the Ice Blocks - tetris - 771 plays
Build the Ice Blocks
Link: Play
Use the keyboard to interact. The falling ice blocks should be made to fall and rest on the wooden vehicle without leaving any gap between the ice blocks. Use right and left arrow key to move the wooden vehicle. Complete each stage to play further stages. Building one row of ice blocks without any gap will extend the time duration by 20 seconds.

Size: 215546 Bytes

10. Drop3 - tetris - 1242 plays
Link: Play
Unusual version of Tetris with different shapes and figures. Collect the falling figures in groups of three pieces, and then they disappear and you get points.

Size: 2109308 Bytes

11. Read: 138 Games Sagittarius - tetris - 1683 plays
Read: 138 Games Sagittarius
Link: Play
Best version of galaxy balls with new interface. Collect three or more identical diagonal, horizontal or vertical block lines to get s core pints and resources which can be used to improve current technologies and to build or upgrade the modules of the mothership.

Size: 2059497 Bytes

12. Boom Box - tetris - 1038 plays
Boom Box
Link: Play
Advanced Tetris variant with an increasing level of complexity and great class dynamic music.

Size: 457678 Bytes

13. Pokeball Blitz - tetris - 828 plays
Pokeball Blitz
Link: Play
Tetris and Bust-a-Move combination game, drop the colored balls into their proper block.

Size: 818868 Bytes

14. Sonic Blox - tetris - 805 plays
Sonic Blox
Link: Play
Drop the blocks in this classic tetris remake using tails knuckles and sonic the hegehog to battle r

Size: 1067504 Bytes

15. Candy Tetris - tetris - 891 plays
Candy Tetris
Link: Play
A new style for the Tetris game.

Size: 6438 Bytes

16. Crystalix - tetris - 1031 plays
Link: Play
Mix together a few classic puzzle games like Tetris and others and this is what you get.

Size: 668046 Bytes

17. Anti Tetris - tetris - 865 plays
Anti Tetris
Link: Play
Stack Tetris pieces without lining up the same colors. Reach the red line as fast as possible.

Size: 327805 Bytes

18. Pootris - tetris - 838 plays
Link: Play
A mix between Tetris and connecting the pipes. Connect the pipes to make them disappear.

Size: 1680115 Bytes

19. Virtual Keyboard - tetris - 850 plays
Virtual Keyboard
Link: Play
Wow! A virtual keyboard! Learn how to play classic themes such as Mario, Tetris, Zelda and much much

Size: 1379109 Bytes

20. Tetrollapse - tetris - 925 plays
Link: Play
The oldie Tetris game, space bar is to change shape of the block

Size: 309451 Bytes

21. Cherry Bomb Tetris - tetris - 874 plays
Cherry Bomb Tetris
Link: Play
Yet another Tetris game, objectives are obvious – but with some differences. U can collect fire crac

Size: 619887 Bytes

22. Office Blocks - tetris - 671 plays
Office Blocks
Link: Play
An office remix of Tetris. Good thing is can jump to hardest setting first.

Size: 96162 Bytes

23. Mario Tetris - tetris - 919 plays
Mario Tetris
Link: Play
Your regular Tetris game with a Mario feel.

Size: 4500735 Bytes

24. Flash Blox - tetris - 704 plays
Flash Blox
Link: Play
Drop down blocks in this classic Tetris style game.

Size: 309814 Bytes

25. Pentix - tetris - 863 plays
Link: Play
Tetris blocks type game with bigger stranger pieces drop them and break lines.

Size: 33420 Bytes

26. Sneaky Weasel Tetris - tetris - 680 plays
Sneaky Weasel Tetris
Link: Play
Tetris blocks blox type game position your pieces properly and let them drop to score as many lines

Size: 38661 Bytes

27. Tetris A - tetris - 1207 plays
Tetris A
Link: Play
Classic tetris blocks game as levels advance new puzzles arise.

Size: 35286 Bytes

28. Tiny Tetris - tetris - 1007 plays
Tiny Tetris
Link: Play
The smallest game of Tetris known to man.

Size: 5067 Bytes

29. Fruit Drop - tetris - 733 plays
Fruit Drop
Link: Play
A fruity Tetris game.

Size: 224927 Bytes

30. Parasites - tetris - 738 plays
Link: Play
A Tetris remix with bugs that take your blocks.

Size: 100716 Bytes

31. Tetris - tetris - 7512 plays
Link: Play
Tetris that allows you to jump to a hard level at the beginning.

Size: 13241 Bytes

32. JIG - tetris - 654 plays
Link: Play
Somewhat like Tetris only much more difficult.

Size: 768300 Bytes

33. Xnake - tetris - 839 plays
Link: Play
A remixed version of Snake with a mix of Tetris inside.

Size: 220851 Bytes

34. Ilya Voloshin's Tetris - tetris - 1314 plays
Ilya Voloshin's Tetris
Link: Play
New and great look for tetris, check it!

Size: 987741 Bytes

35. T3tris - tetris - 1017 plays
Link: Play
A 3d Tetris game that is actually somewhat challenging.

Size: 85094 Bytes

36. Stack Up - tetris - 692 plays
Stack Up
Link: Play
Similar to Tetris with the blocks falling as low as they can go.

Size: 47113 Bytes

37. Tetris - tetris - 1400 plays
Link: Play
1 Player or 2 player Tetris game.

Size: 110742 Bytes

38. Stack The Cats - tetris - 677 plays
Stack The Cats
Link: Play
Similar to Tetris, but with cats instead of blocks and not regular Tetris shapes.

Size: 242100 Bytes

39. Super Idiot Tetris - tetris - 810 plays
Super Idiot Tetris
Link: Play
A game of Tetris, you lose and the kid blows his brains out.

Size: 251853 Bytes

40. 3D Tetris - tetris - 792 plays
3D Tetris
Link: Play
The hardest game of Tetris you'll ever play. Use your mind to see the game in 3 dimensions.

Size: 27911 Bytes

41. Presents Panic - tetris - 616 plays
Presents Panic
Link: Play
Mix Tetris, Collapse, and Bejeweled together and you will get this intense remixed gameplay.

Size: 273504 Bytes

42. Tetrageddon - tetris - 875 plays
Link: Play
How about some gore added to Tetris where the blocks (of garbage) crush people and blood splatters.

Size: 3891051 Bytes

43. Tetris - tetris - 947 plays
Link: Play
Tetris - Oh this game is one of the most addictive games ever! WARNING : don't play this game unless you have

Size: 485993 Bytes

       43 tetris games
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