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1. Let The Bullets Fly - shoot - 3413 plays
Let The Bullets Fly
Link: Play
Use your skills you learnt with ricochet bullets as you try and kill all the enemies with the limited amount of bullets you have. Use your Mouse and aim and shoot all enemies for each levels. Also be careful not to kill yourself with dynamites or other explosive staff.

Size: 3220380 Bytes

2. Insectonator Zombie - shoot - 1923 plays
Insectonator Zombie
Link: Play
Now you can crush zombies like insects. Get up to 132% of game progress and earn all 5 medals. You can also try 60 min fast run where you try to find best strategy to complete the game as fast as possible. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot, Z, X or <> keys to switch between weapons. Open your inventory with Space bar key. With bullseye: look for archery target at Selectioner mode and use the dart. With zombieball: “fast kill” value is important; With fly anvil: try to think what force can throw up an anvil. In Suicide mode, try make the biggest BOOM (e.g. nuke). And with ninja guy: make 30 “fast kill” with Armor Sword.

Size: 4395928 Bytes

3. The Aquatory - shoot - 1357 plays
The Aquatory
Link: Play
Atmospheric underwater shooter. Enemy submarine units are trying to get through the Aquatory - stop them. And don’t forget that you can select gameplay atmosphere in right-top corner of the screen while preloading. Press A,D keys to move, W,S keys to switch weapon. Use Mouse to aim and fire. R key to reload and M key to mute, Space bar key to enter upgrades screen.

Size: 9353475 Bytes

4. Apple Shooter - shoot - 2812 plays
Apple Shooter
Link: Play
This game was inspired by Wilhelm Tell. Grab bow and arrow and try to hit the apple on the head of your friend. Don't hit the buddy of your friend or the Apple Shooter game will end immediately. Each level positions you further away from the target. Use the bow and the arrows to hit the apple on your friends head. Use your Mouse to Aim and Shoot. Try not to kill your friend.

Size: 517340 Bytes

5. The Sniper - shoot - 5299 plays
The Sniper
Link: Play
Snipe an entire map as you zoom in and find the enemies and blast them away with your sniper rifle. Your Mission is to defend the landing force from behind enemy lines. Take out the enemy before their snipers spot you. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. You have limited time to take out all targets. White bar indicates how long you have to complete the mission. The red bar shows how long before snipers zero in on your position. Space bar key to toggle the view. Locate and take out snipers first. Complete missions by eliminating all targets.

Size: 2181284 Bytes

6. Honey Tree Defence - shoot - 1049 plays
Honey Tree Defence
Link: Play
Play as a hired gunman and defend the honey from incoming bears. Protect the bees treasure nest from hungry bears flying with balloons and try to save the bee nest with the good honey. Upgrade you weapons and also have a small army of bees to help you out to fight the bears. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. Better you abilities for your combat and shoot enemies in 25 levels.

Size: 745807 Bytes

7. Red Planet - shoot - 1094 plays
Red Planet
Link: Play
Top-down alien shooter, fight waves after waves of aliens as you adapt and upgrade your weapons in this cool sci-fi game. You crash land on a strange planet. Choose your class, then destroy aliens with tons of weapon. Use Mouse to aim and shoot. Press WASD keys to move, R to reload.

Size: 7098475 Bytes

8. Electropede 2 - Neopede - shoot - 2957 plays
Electropede 2 - Neopede
Link: Play
Electropede 2: Neopede is the sequel of the Electropede game. Who controls the grid, controls the universe. Your mission is simple: shoot everything that moves, and if it doesn't move, shoot it anyway. Move with the Mouse, you're guns fire automatically. Shoot the Neopede and do not let them get you first. You will get bonus points for combos but watch out for mines that will blow up your ship.

Size: 9398284 Bytes

Tower Breaker 2 - Across The Seas
Link: Play
The Great Volcano erupted, our king must relocate his kingdom. He must travel across the seas to find a new land for his people. Help him battle his way to this new land. He will encounter many foes, among them pirates and orcs. Physics shooting game with breakable objects, upgrades and a complex storyline. If you like stories don't forget to check the dialogues in the game. Your task is to help king destroy all forts and collect all gold on his way. In order to save the kingdom from invaders you need to destroy the platform on which they stand. Use your Mouse to aim the gun and test your shooting skills, terminate the platform and destroy the enemy. Click with your Left mouse button and adjust your shot and hit the target and see how far you can advance.

Size: 2550849 Bytes

10. Battalion Commander 2 - shoot - 3216 plays
Battalion Commander 2
Link: Play
Battalion Commander 2 is the sequel of the popular vertical shooter, now with 100% more snow. Some strange activity is detected in the North so grab your guns, rockets and grenades and secure the territory. With all new soldiers, enemies and missions, this action-packed game will keep you entertained for a long time – if you don't mind slaying cute little soldiers dressed in pink.There are forty-eight (48) missions in total. Their goal is to complete missions and maybe, somewhere along the way, actually reach the enemy headquarters. They will walk and shoot on their own; all you need to do is direct them with your Mouse or WASD keys. Use the special skills by clicking or pressing the Space bar key. As in the original game, you start out with the leader and pick up team mates as you go along. Each time you start, there will be three missions to complete, and they will give you money and experience points which you'll use to reach better ranks and purchase upgrades.

Size: 5976547 Bytes

11. Zombie Trapper 2 - shoot - 1484 plays
Zombie Trapper 2
Link: Play
As the sheriff of Oakwood, its your job to protect the village from an impending swarm of egyptian mummies and zombies which are unbelievably rude. They are after your air-purifier so stop them before they get it. Trap, shoot, beat and blow up zombies in this survival game. Use cunning trap placement advantage and increasingly powerful guns to stop the walking brainless savages. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move your police man officer. Use your Mouse to aim your gun, switch weapons with Q or E key, R key when you need to reload. Press Space bar key to throw grenades and 1 to 7 Number keys to set traps so you can avoid dangerous quick dogs on the cemetery graveyard.

Size: 15041103 Bytes

12. Road Of Fury - shoot - 3327 plays
Road Of Fury
Link: Play
In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich, community escape a band of bandits. The road is dangerous, can you survive? While driving along the Road of Fury heavily armed hostile forces are attacking you and your convoy from air and ground. Take them safely across the country before bandits will destroy you. Use your Mouse to drive along the highway and shoot lots of enemies from your minigun placed on the roof of your vehicle. Use your gun to shoot 'em up, but note that the mob will react in a mad fury, dead set on killing you. Use your Number keys for launching air missiles, avoid radioactive barrels, kill bikers with machine guns and gangsters flying with the jet packs. Try to survive as long as possible and use upgrades, unlock new weapons and machines and make additions to your convoy until you can survive to the end of the city.

Size: 3617528 Bytes

13. Deadly Road Trip - shoot - 2207 plays
Deadly Road Trip
Link: Play
The police hanged out an announcement that a road gang was wanted. A big reward has been appointed for the gangsters' heads. A biker saw this announcement and decided to help the police. Use your Mouse, Arrow or WASD keys to drive your motorcycle through the desert road and kill all gangsters and criminals on your way. But first deal with his minions, get reward for every killed bandit, collect coins and invest money in numerous upgrades and equipment so you can increase the distance you travel. The faster you will do your job the more reward you will be paid. Use your Space bar key or Left mouse button to fire.

Size: 3126491 Bytes

14. Thunderax 9K - shoot - 1454 plays
Thunderax 9K
Link: Play
80’s style SHMUP – Fight against an endless tide of enemies from across the galaxies. Evil aliens have invaded the Planet Earth, and you, the brave pilot, have been sent on a difficult and dangerous mission to destroy the flagship of the enemy fleet. It is very well guarded, thus your way is expected to be long and hazardous. Use your Arrow keys and blast your way through thousands of enemies as you fight through 9 different levels, each with a powerful boss at the end. Equip 3 main attack guns which can be stacked with additional powerups to create incredibly destructive weapons. Press Z key and shoot down everything that moves and collect various powerups to unlock massive firepower potential. Deploy bombs with X key and use A, Q keys to cycle between different bombs. Use Space bar key to pause the game.

Size: 4951887 Bytes

15. Bitzy Blitz - shoot - 1197 plays
Bitzy Blitz
Link: Play
An evil alien doctor came to the Earth to capture it. A brave magician arrived from the past to save the present day. He chose himself an assistant, gave him three weapons and sent him to the battle. Defend the town against waves of enemies and awesome bosses in this shooter game. Upgrade your weapons with some crazy upgrades and ride your tiny horse to victory. WAD or Arrow keys to move. Aim and shoot with the Mouse. Change weapons with 1, 2, 3 Number keys or Q and E and quick-swap with Shift. P or Esc to pause. Collect purple crystals and buy upgrades in the shop at the end of each attack wave.

Size: 7249048 Bytes

16. Tiny Tanks - shoot - 5390 plays
Tiny Tanks
Link: Play
A great tank game in which you'll be able to play the multi-player. These are not real tanks, but the small toys that are fighting against each other on the desk. There is real mass on the table, which can be used in an emergency for hiding behind various objects. Play against your friends online, build your own tank, create levels and fight on them. Tiny Tanks is a multiplayer game, for up to eight players at once. Fight in arenas made of pencils and pens, and destroy your opponents before they kill you. Tiny Tanks is a game of strategy as well as raw skill, make clever bounce shots by ricocheting your bullets off objects to hit your enemies from behind the cover. Press WASD or Arrow keys for tank movement. Use Control, Space bar or Mouse click for your firing gun. Activate power-ups with X or E key. Type chat message with Enter key and M key to toggle music on/off. Battle your friends or anyone from anywhere in the world in last man standing or team based matches.

Size: 295498 Bytes

Roly-Poly Cannon: Bloody Monsters Pack 2
Link: Play
The monsters are back! Shoot your cannon in 50 different levels and try to send off all the scary monsters, zombies, vampires and other creatures which have appeared during halloween. Aim and launch bombs from your cannon, and destroy all the monsters in a variety of creative ways. Use your mouse to aim and shoot bombs from your cannon. Increase the force of your shot by moving the mouse away from your weapon. Space bar or R key to restart the level. Damage platforms, buildings, structures, ice blocks or chains and do it with as few shots as possible to get the best score. Collect all 20 achievements and create and share your own levels.

Size: 6334694 Bytes

18. Trigger Down - shoot - 1219 plays
Trigger Down
Link: Play
Trigger Down is a killer first person shooter for you to show off your shooting skills with. You are an elite shooter and in a mission for anti terror fight. It is time to you to bring the fight to the bad guys and shoot to kill them with your powerful guns and weapons. Take to the frontline against enemy soldiers in this war zone. Your mission is to eliminate all the bad guys and don't get yourself shot. Take command over the assigned zones. Enemies are heavily armed. Expect heavy raids so upgrade your weapons frequently. Use your mouse to Move the gun, and left mouse button to shoot. Pull the trigger down and shoot your enemies to death.Space bar or R to reload. Try to make the head shots hits. Explore different cities, missions and enemy territories to eliminate the terror from the world.

Size: 9952781 Bytes

19. Pirate Bullets - shoot - 1296 plays
Pirate Bullets
Link: Play
The pirates are here… for treasure and they serve as bullets in your cannon! Knock down the wooden crates off the platform with three sized pirates bullets. Aim for the best shots in this nice and polished physics block shooting game. Use your Mouse to fire your cannon on golden boxes. Enjoy pushing off the unsuspecting wooden boxes off the edge, but avoid the red boxes. Try to get as many points as you can. The pirates are in three sizes, press 1-3 number keys to select them. The bigger the pirate, the more points you lose.

Size: 5092245 Bytes

20. Wild King - shoot - 991 plays
Wild King
Link: Play
It is a story about a wild boy who thought he was a king, with his blue flying friend (BFF). Not so long time ago, boy lived peacefully in the paper forest of paper land. Evil came from abroad, they chopped terrified and poisoned the land, turning everything to mad and wicked creatures. But your wild boy sitting on a flying turtle can even fire blue projectiles of any kind. An epic shoot'em up quest for a kingdom and the crown. Help the young boy on his way through automatically scrolling levels with checkpoints. Use your Mouse for turtle movement. Click and hold the left mouse button to fire. In later levels, fire multiple targets and collect gold and power ups for special weapons for your turtle. Do not fall behind or to the trap, dodge other animals and their projectiles. Try to bounce your bullets from surroundings and clear your way through stone blocks.

Size: 7989598 Bytes

21. Orbital Destroyer - shoot - 1080 plays
Orbital Destroyer
Link: Play
Quick action shooter game. You must destroy the enemy settlements on a distant planet. Laser shield producing factories, & enemy bases, but beware of incoming missiles needing to be shot. Wipe out all hostile settlements in a foreign galaxy. Use your Mouse to shoot buildings and missisles.

Size: 2824010 Bytes

22. Mechanical Soldier - shoot - 1296 plays
Mechanical Soldier
Link: Play
Mechanical Soldier is a great shooting game, where you play the role of an elite soldier. Help the soldier infantry through a series of top secret assignments and destroy computer systems of your opponent. Run gun and jump your way through over 20 challenging levels. Use your Mouse to shoot, E key to drive army jeeps, don't forget to fly apache helicopters or use elevators. Press WASD keys to move, jump or crouch down. Q key to change weapons and R key to reload. Crash wooden crates to get more shop upgrades at the end of each level as your score is connected to money earned.

Size: 3768975 Bytes

23. The Most Wanted Bandito 2 - shoot - 2442 plays
The Most Wanted Bandito 2
Link: Play
Bandito is back! Accompanied with friends on a mission to protect what’s his. Pick your most wanted bandito and unleash anarchy with his skills of shooting and horse riding, combined into a lethal weapon. Ride your horse to freedom and shoot anyone that gets in your way. Use Mouse to aim and shoot with your pistol. Press WASD or Arrow keys to control Bandito’s horse and 1-4 number keys to switch weapons. Press P key or Escape key to pause the game. Jump or duck over obstacles, hire your allies after collecting experience points and visit the shop to upgrade your weaponry and skills.

Size: 5245095 Bytes

24. Bath Salts Zombies - shoot - 1439 plays
Bath Salts Zombies
Link: Play
You are a Marine. Returning from a war tour back home. You have finally got a vacation and you're driving to Miami to meet your girlfriend. Another hour or two and your babe will be all over you. Not so fast, cause something down South went terribly wrong. Crowds of people turned into zombies by a new drug hedged up your way. Fight your way to your love girl. Shoot with the gun and eliminate all the zombies that headed towards your hometown. Use your Mouse and left button to shoot. Z key to drop a bomb, X key to nuke, Space bar key for upgrades.

Size: 8954080 Bytes

25. Agent Smith - shoot - 958 plays
Agent Smith
Link: Play
The bad guys captured skyscraper. Help the lone FBI man rescue dozens of office workers made hostage by a ruthless gang of thieves. Only agent Smith can help them. Way through the crowd of enemies and save all hostages. Press WAD, or Arrow keys to move or enter elevators/ladders, C or L key to avoid bullets by remaining in the shadows and X or K to fire your Glock hand gun. Watch out for the sword wielding nut cases, they'll rush you as soon as they see you.

Size: 4064845 Bytes

26. The Peacekeeper - shoot - 2837 plays
The Peacekeeper
Link: Play
In a distant-near future where Global Peace is attained, perceptions of reality can become muddled. Peaceful utopia where you play as the Peacekeeper and promote peace and morality through any mean necessary. Protect your base against fun loving soldiers that want to fool around with you. Press WASD or Arrow keys to vertically move your trooper within the dugout shelter and use your Mouse to shoot your rapid fire machine gun or throw a live hand grenade. To avoid enemy fire just release your Mouse to assume a crouch position. After each wave you can upgrade your armour, health and bullet damage at the store.

Size: 6655436 Bytes

27. Outer Invasion - shoot - 2886 plays
Outer Invasion
Link: Play
Looking for an experience of being an alien? Use your advanced alien technology to damage earth's ground based forces as they scurry about the battlefield. Control flying saucer and drop some killing spree bombs down to the earth. Use your Mouse to control the flying saucer and Left Mouse button to drop plutonium bombs on human soldiers. Try to inflict as much damage as you can before you run out of time. At the end of each attack wave you can upgrade your bombs, reload speed and armour defence at the scientists shop.

Size: 3751830 Bytes

28. Duty Hill 2 - shoot - 1586 plays
Duty Hill 2
Link: Play
Defend the supply against waves of enemies. As the last soldier standing, it's up to you to protect the military supply boxes from destruction at the enemy's hands. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move, Q to sprint, Mouse to aim and fire your AK47 assault rifle. At the end of each attack wave you can upgrade your trooper's skill points and place defensive turrets around the perimeter to target and destroy inbound enemy soldiers.

Size: 8797880 Bytes

29. Bois d’Arc - shoot - 1547 plays
Bois d’Arc
Link: Play
Protect your tower from the hordes of evil forces. Choose one from three heroes that suite you the most and clash! Defend the castle from waves of invading monsters. Earn stars and purchase upgrades. So in Bois D'Arc you pick your warrior which has different stats (either high damage and low speed, vice versa or a mixture) and then you are placed on top of your castle ready to defend. The trick in Bois D'Arc is of course getting the angle of the shot right with the power of your bow. Use your Mouse Down to Aim, Mouse release to shoot. Press Space bar key for the next wave.

Size: 7977297 Bytes

30. Left To Die - shoot - 1868 plays
Left To Die
Link: Play
Fighting for the army somewhere in the jungle, you fall out of your squadron’s helicopter. You are now alone on an unexplored island filled with mad monsters who want to feast upon your flesh. Today is NOT the day you die! Try to survive on a remote tropical island as hungry zombies wander towards your fortified base. Use your Mouse to aim and fire your hand gun at the walking dead before they breach your barbed wire barricades. Press 1-6 number keys to swap between different weapon types, Space bar key to call in nukes or aerial fighter jet support. At the end of each wave spend your coins on automated turrets or improved fencing upgrades.

Size: 6060779 Bytes

31. Zombie Dozen - shoot - 1592 plays
Zombie Dozen
Link: Play
The Zombie Dozen shooting game. Holding and defend the zombie with your gun, kill all zombies with many type of weapons, get money by killing and shopping the new guns. Zombies eat everything. Use your Mouse to stop them. Shot them in the head. Do not let them through behind.

Size: 848928 Bytes

32. Mad Burger - shoot - 1271 plays
Mad Burger
Link: Play
Do you love burgers? Your goal is to throw burger very far, so he flew to a hungry man. Launch game where you help the young French chef hurl his cooked masterpiece towards the waiting customer at the other side of the caravan park. 5 performance improvements, 5 bonuses, 4 level upgrades of the burger! Use the Left Mouse button to select the initial throw power and then click on the burger to apply tomato sauce to it as it soars through the air. Earn cash to upgrade your patty by adding mustard, ketchup or increase the filling with extra cheese, tomatoes, red onions and pickles at the shop.

Size: 5424976 Bytes

33. Decay Of Men - shoot - 1407 plays
Decay Of Men
Link: Play
A post apocalyptic shooter game where you are the anti-hero on a mission to find the truth. You have to find valuable resources before rival gang's gun you down. Use your Mouse to aim or shoot, press S to take cover behind rocks, W to aim your rifle, 1-3 number keys to swap out weapons, R to reload more ammunition into the firearms chamber, A or D to look left or right and P to pause. Collect food and materials to complete the objectives, try not to waste any ammo by blindly firing all over the place.

Size: 9275194 Bytes

34. Steel Dangers - shoot - 1236 plays
Steel Dangers
Link: Play
In the age of robots, you must fight the enemy tanks and upgrade your robot so you can win all the levels. Shoot at the baskets and collect money from them to use it for upgrade and better weapons. The objective of the game is to stay alive, destroy all enemies controlling the robot, get the money and buy new weapons and enhancements. 15 Levels with a variety of enemies, 6 types of weapons and a lot of fun. Use WASD or Arrow keys on keyboard to move, Mouse to aim and fire.

Size: 2864017 Bytes

35. Nuke Train - shoot - 1438 plays
Nuke Train
Link: Play
A shooter/tower defense hybrid built around action packed combat and tactical upgrading. Post apocalyptic based defense game where you use the weapons systems mounted on each carriage to destroy artificial intelligence robots as they try to annihilate you. Press your Z or X keys to move left or right (or use the arrow keys), Mouse to aim and fire your gauss cannon or machine guns at targets and Space bar key to detonate a high yield nuclear bomb. At the end of each wave upgrade your locomotive by purchasing new carriages or bolt on weapons.

Size: 4987164 Bytes

36. Jetpack Panda - shoot - 1113 plays
Jetpack Panda
Link: Play
Distance based action game where you have to help the panda bear fly to rocket land by launching himself using the bamboo catapult. Use your Mouse to set the angle and then the power of each launch, during flight press your left Mouse button to use your engine propulsion. Collect coins and fuel whilst flying through the clouds, but watch out for birds in the sky. After each failed attempt you can upgrade your backpack, helmet, armour, bounce rate, rocket and other things in the shop.

Size: 1966084 Bytes

37. Gear Of Defense - shoot - 655 plays
Gear Of Defense
Link: Play
Prepare your gear to survive the alien forces that could destroy your base in an alien planet! Action based shooter game where you have to stop unfriendly bug eyed aliens from destroying your base of operations. Use a variety of guns and skills to stay alive! Use your Mouse to aim and shoot your ray gun to dwindle their size and 1-2 number keys to swap out your weapons. Kill all aliens to proceed, earn enough money to unlock new skills and more powerful weapons at the shop.

Size: 4658150 Bytes

38. Storm Ops 3 - shoot - 2260 plays
Storm Ops 3
Link: Play
Your village is under siege. Pick your bow, customize your arrow and step up to the first line of defense. It’s up to you now to stop the invaders and bring peace to your land. Tactical based skill game where you use your archer's bow to defend the castle against enemies of the kingdom. Press 1-3 number keys to select garrison actions, Space bar key to cancel a shot, Q to swap quivers. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot, press your left Mouse button to draw back on your bow until the red reticle becomes visible and then release to send the arrow to the target. Gather enough gold coins to train or hire archers at the barracks or purchase a heavy ballista to bombard swordsmen walking across the battlefield.

Size: 11992676 Bytes

39. Frantic 3 - shoot - 880 plays
Frantic 3
Link: Play
Vertical flight based space shooter game where you blast alien war ships as they attempt to destroy your lone wing fighter. 15 levels + 15 much harder bonus levels, lots and lots of Bosses & Mini-bosses, massive combinations of upgrades, deep scoring system, tons of intense bullet patterns. A modifier system and 5 ships to customise your destruction. Use your Mouse or Arrow keys to manoeuvre your battle plane and left Mouse button to fire a volley of laser beams at your target. Shift to slow down your ship. Collect coins to purchase upgrades at the space station to bolster your defences or improve your onboard weapon systems. Watch out for boss motherships, they can pack quite a punch.

Size: 13516826 Bytes

40. Monstre II - shoot - 1072 plays
Monstre II
Link: Play
You have to kill all the monsters by destroying different constructions. Beat all 32 levels, 5 different enemies and use all 8 various guns and cannons. Level editor and center with user's levels included. Use your Mouse to click on the building and fire. Try to get a gold medal with killing all in one shot.

Size: 2508005 Bytes

41. King’s Game 2 - Warlocks - shoot - 1359 plays
King’s Game 2 - Warlocks
Link: Play
Warlocks a continuation of the King’s Game. Launch magic cannonballs to destroy castles and all the enemy within. The enemy will shoot back so don’t let them destroy your castle first. Destroy the evil rulers fortifications by shooting cannonballs at them. Use your Mouse to move the dotted firing line where you want the bomb to hit and then press the left Mouse button to launch an explosive. Try to hit the wooden beams protecting the enemy's soldiers to win the level. You can earn crowns to unlock more slots by completing each level without using all your ammunition.

Size: 9822599 Bytes

42. Cowboys vs Pirates - shoot - 930 plays
Cowboys vs Pirates
Link: Play
Play a western based shooter game and stop hungry zombies from raiding the saloon of all the booze and eating everyone's brains. Press your WASD keys to move your gunslinger, F key to pickup items or drop them, Space bar key to perform a special attack and your Mouse to aim or fire your weapon. Collect diamonds, coins and dollar bills to spend on upgrades in Harry Hotdogs store. Once you have finished the single player campaign, have a go at the multiplayer mode to challenge up to 5 friends.

Size: 9804792 Bytes

43. Berzerk Ball 2 - shoot - 2265 plays
Berzerk Ball 2
Link: Play
Distance based game where you send the overweight geek off into the upper stratosphere by whacking him as hard as you can. Select a character, build a geek, then smash him as far as you can! It won’t be easy; he’ll insult you and make fun of you in 1337 speak messages as you repeatedly hit him further and further! Best of all, you can upgrade your character learn new moves, earn new weapons, and other items that increase your statistics and impact the overall damage you do to your nerd! Use your Mouse to set the angle meter and then press the left button again to set the power strike meter. Depending on what upgrades you currently have available you can whack him mid air to make him fly, higher or rebound multiple times off the floor.

Size: 12327743 Bytes

44. Warzone Getaway 3 - shoot - 2147 plays
Warzone Getaway 3
Link: Play
The third instalment of Warzone Getaway is here and its rougher and tougher than ever before! Defend your jeep from waves of enemies, from terrorists by shooting them off their bikes, by upgrading your gun, defences and air support! Good luck soldier! Use the Mouse to aim the sub machine gun at the bikers before they reach the jeep. If you find yourself in a pickle call for air support and rambo will fly in on a apache helicopter. Mouse to aim and shoot, Space to reload, Z for grenade, X for oil, C for spikes. Use Number keys 1-5 for air support.

Size: 9430627 Bytes

45. Flying Cookie Quest - shoot - 988 plays
Flying Cookie Quest
Link: Play
Launch Rocket Panda into the land of Cookies. With the help of low-flying sharks, hang-gliding sheep and Rocket Badger, can you defeat the all powerful Biscuit Head? Defeat all enemies of cookies in this launcher game and help the black and white panda escape from an oppressive cruel ruler in biscuit land so he can taste freedom by living in the united states of biscuits. Use your Mouse to launch the panda bear from the cannon once the power bar reaches its maximum and then bounce on cows, rabbits, sheep and other animals to reach as far as you can. Earn gold coins by reaching a maximum distance so you can buy special upgrades in the shop.

Size: 6950570 Bytes

46. Balloons vs Zombies - shoot - 1121 plays
Balloons vs Zombies
Link: Play
Help the soldier eradicate the undead threat that have crept into the city by destroying them once and for all with his knife throwing gun. Kill zombies with the help of knives and balloons in this physics (angry birds style) shooter. Your brave hero lost all of his weapons except for the cannon that shoots knives and balloons. Kill all the dead guys (zombies) and save the humans that are alive. Use your Mouse to select a different ammo type and then target each ghoul on the platforms with your weapon. Control strength of shot by sliding arrow gun-sight power back and forth. Attach helium balloons to wooden blocks or zombies to make them reachable, or float away blocks into the sky. Blown zombies out of the screen, use TNT boxes or kill them with knife. Keep an eye out on each ammunition type, as you only get a limited supply of each one.

Size: 4567140 Bytes

Notebook Wars 3 – Unleashed
Link: Play
Begin a one man campaign to save the city from enemy aircraft bombers by pitting your fighter plane against the best they have to offer in aerial dogfights. 20 new levels, hard mode and speed of the game is improved so you will have a lot of challenges. Use your Mouse to fly the plane or press WASD keys to control the jet, K to shoot your machine gun and E to drop a high yield bomb. You can use auto shooting with F key. Collect coins from fallen pilots to upgrade your fighter's weapons in the hanger.

Size: 3754568 Bytes

48. Evilgeddonh Spooky Max - shoot - 1399 plays
Evilgeddonh Spooky Max
Link: Play
Wanna shoot some dudes? Try this one and you’ll have to deal with 9 various enemies, 3 bosses and 1 Slenderman! Shoot the zombies and creeps while collecting coins and weapons. Upgrade your stash and gain strength for the harder waves. WASD to Move, Left click/hold to Shoot, Space for Quick equip. Number keys 1,2,3 to Equip weapon slot. Q to Call wave, P for Pause. Control selection for QWERTY / AZERTY / ARROW users.

Size: 15100926 Bytes

49. Artillery Rush - shoot - 1545 plays
Artillery Rush
Link: Play
Discover the World War 2. Choose a side to align your allegiance to as you fight alongside world war 2 soldiers. Destroy as many enemy soldiers as you can. Blow up bridges, buldings, towers to complete each level. Try to earn as many stars as possible. Use Mouse to aim and shoot. Try to destroy all soldies with minimum count of bombs. Use your Mouse to fire explosive shells from your cannon at enemy troops garrisoned in outposts to send them to their final resting place. Keep an eye out on your ammo, if you run out you'll lose the war.

Size: 4626292 Bytes

50. Trollface Launch 2 - shoot - 1506 plays
Trollface Launch 2
Link: Play
Send the ugly looking constipated man into outer space as he sits on the toilet. Use your Mouse to click on the trollface and his rocket powered loo as flies through the air to make him fart his way to new heights. At the end of each run don't forget to upgrade his portable potty with new and improved add-ons.

Size: 2724795 Bytes

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