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1. Fruit Machine - casino - 754 plays
Fruit Machine
The emulator of a slot machine under the name " the Fruit machine " or " the One-armed gangster ". Comments does not require.
2. Go Up! - rpg - 792 plays
Go Up!
So you think the world is safe from invading aliens, eh? Not quite. After a day of doing close to nothing Bob is going to end the day by riding a flight simulator at his local iMax theater. Having fallen asleep last month while watching "Amazon Adventure," Bob thought he'd roam the galaxy's vast frontier using the "blocks option (beta version 1.0)." He pays his ticket for what's supposed to be a relaxing cruise in deep space o*nly to discover what this beta version really means.
3. Keep A Head - arcade - 582 plays
Keep A Head
Ajvor and Jora are adventurers on the head. Having lost the way in jungle, they have fallen a victim to a terrible damnation to Wood. Now at them only one on a head for two and if you will not help them with the, they and will disappear in this devil's jungle of Amazon!
4. Billy the Kid - arcade - 1014 plays
Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid and his accomplices are spreading chaos all across the USA/Mexico frontier. You are a sheriff who shoots first and asks questions later. On your pursuit for Billy you will encounter many bandits, speak with friendly villagers and finally encounter Billy himself. Watch your health and ammunition situation. Billy The Kid Wanted, a cool western game packed with full-blown action.
5. Jamtris - logic - 1030 plays
Jamtris is a Tetris-clone for all J2ME capable phones. You can find the latest version at You can also find versions that play fullscreen (only newer phones) and versions with sound effects there. If your mobile phone is not in the compatibility list, there is still a good chance that it might work. If it does, please let me know so I can add your mobile to the list. Size: 15.26 Kb
6. Arrow Pig - fun - 753 plays
Arrow Pig
Not swinish this business to fly. Given birth to grunt - cannot fly. Here we also shall shoot at balls on which pigs go down. Soft landing.
7. Tamagotchi Angel - strategy - 1771 plays
Tamagotchi Angel
Grow up an own angel-patron and it will pay back you with goods. Will protect phone from undesirable calls. Your balance never will end, and the accumulator will be eternal without additional charge.

Size: 342 KB

Phones: 240 x 320 Nokia 60, Nokia N-Gage (QD), Nokia 7650, Nokia 3230, Nokia 6600, Nokia 3650 (3660), Nokia 6260, Nokia 7210, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6620,Nokia 7610, Nokia 6680,Nokia 6681, simens SX1, panasonic x700, Samsung D700
8. The Day After Tomorrow - arcade - 913 plays
The Day After Tomorrow
Game on film the day after tomorrow.
9. Tugboat Turmoil - logic - 771 plays
Tugboat Turmoil
Quite good game, it is necessary to place the ships so, that your sailing vessel could leave from a harbour for the sea.
10. Senor Frosti Winter Games - sport - 808 plays
Senor Frosti Winter Games
Winter kinds of sports with a snowball.
11. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - arcade - 840 plays
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Well-known Baffi, the murderer of vampires, on your screens! Game is made on motives popular tele-and a film-serial. On a plot of game, Oz, friend Baffi, has turned in oborotnja. Villain Drazilla has enticed it in the networks and wishes to use Oza as the weapon against our heroine, Baffi. But far from it. Baffi - Murderer Vampirov. Play for it, go to lock Drazilly, find Oza and naderi zadnitsu to all vampires and demons who will dare to rise at you on a way!
12. Black Jack - casino - 781 plays
Black Jack
Game in 21 mobile phone Classic game of 21. Outplay the dealer in a game of luck and skill.
13. Euro Corner 1 - sport - 842 plays
Euro Corner 1
The championship of Euro - 2004, tribune roar under the hot sun of Portugal. Thousand fans wave to you tags or threaten with heavy subjects. And you - you drive a command of England on Italians!
14. Crazy Pimples - arcade - 738 plays
Crazy Pimples
Very cheerful toy. The truth the sense to me is meanwhile not clear
15. Action Basketball - sport - 809 plays
Action Basketball
In 2005, the Korean basketball players have started to play NBA and became great players. In result basketball became very popular kind of sports in Korea, what even in the street it is possible to see playing people (stritbol). Stritbol it is especially popular among girls and young men. You have an opportunity to take part in the championship of Korea on basketball and to win a gold medal
16. Warriors Of The Lion - strategy - 1014 plays
Warriors Of The Lion
Join the Warriors of the Lion and experience thrilling real-time strategy battles on your mobile phone. To create a powerful army you must build up your base camp, explore the game world and produce resources to defeat the enemy.
17. Jet Rider - arcade - 788 plays
Jet Rider
When I asked for the possibility to review Jet Rider I remembered the times I played this game on old ZX Spectrum. Yes, Jet Rider is another remake from the old 8-bit computers.
18. Questy For Alliance - strategy - 872 plays
Questy For Alliance
As you walk around in your village, Anldruid, you dont know that terrible events are going to change your life forever. Best swordsman of the village, you have never known war, neither has your village. The plains of Gotha has been pieceful as long as anyone can remember and no one knows that the gargoyle people has raised an army, walking towards Anldruid! No one except the wise old man, who knows that if you fail bringing back help, it will be the end of Anldruid. Characteristics: - 35 levels in 5 different graphic styles - 33 different enemies - 255 different Arms and 255 different Armors - Many hours of gameplay - A new fighting system based on the characteristics of the hero and the reflexes of the player. A complex nonlinear scenario - Several playable heroes - The terrible Dacrid and other Bosses - Save the game any time.
19. 2Fast 2Furious - race - 910 plays
2Fast 2Furious
Excellent races by the forced machines on the same film.
20. Pipe Works - logic - 36675 plays
Pipe Works
The plumber, itself in a role of the sanitary technician which is confused to construct the ramified network of pipelines. Complexity will be, that water is started already up on system, and to connect it is necessary quickly, not doubting seconds.
21. Patience Phone Game - casino - 822 plays
Patience  Phone Game
Are you the ace in the pack? Then why not try your patience with this brain teaser. Unscramble the pack in to their individuals suits in ascending order from ace to king. Cards can only be placed red over black or black over red.
22. Titanium Hawk - rpg - 862 plays
Titanium Hawk
The pilot of a spacecraft should pass all tunnel and destroy all obstacles in the way.
23. Alien Hominid - arcade - 794 plays
Alien Hominid
You don't like people? If so, this game is for you! Aliens attack the Earth!
24. 3D BomberMan - arcade - 757 plays
3D BomberMan
This game on PC became cult, do not miss an opportunity to play in the mobile version. Game Size: 297kB
25. Pop Star - fun - 1276 plays
Pop Star
Feel in a role of the alive god - the musical producer. Create the group not worse Ňŕňó and earn tons of green pieces of paper.
26. Courier Bob - strategy - 761 plays
Courier Bob
The courier has absolutely knocked the Bean down. All packages should be carried as soon as possible, and here this police...
27. Girl Gamble - erotic - 2572 plays
Girl Gamble
The slot machine " the One-armed gangster " is played with girls on razdevanie, is fast priedaetsja though to look costs
28. Motris - logic - 765 plays
Simple design make it special. Mobile version of tetris with tile preview and highscore-list. Size: 20.89 KB
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
The final chapter in The Lord of the Rings trilogy comes to wireless exclusively from JAMDAT. This single player side-scrolling fighting and adventure game is filled with daunting challenges, and fierce battles. Lead Aragorn, Frodo, Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, Pippin, and Sam in to a battle for the survival of Middle-earth. To progress through each of the 8 levels, users must face down the boss enemies for that level, which include Shelob, The King of the Dead, Gollum, and The Lieutenant of the Black Gate.
30. Car Sex Kama-Sutra - erotic - 5802 plays
Car Sex Kama-Sutra
Auto-Kama Sutra or the erotic automobile directory. Each position is supplied with the description. But from pictures already everything is clear. ..
31. Chess - logic - 851 plays
Good chess for Nokia phones
32. Brother Bear - arcade - 781 plays
Brother Bear
Classical computer game from firm DisneyInteractive, repeating a game of the same cartoon film. As always Disney game has prepared for you surprises, great graphics, beautiful music, 3D animations, and even it is more than fun! This game is for phones: Nokia N-Gage (QD), Nokia 7650,Nokia 3230, Nokia 6600, Nokia 3650 (3660), Nokia 6260, Nokia 7210, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6620,Nokia 7610, Nokia 6680,Nokia 6681, simens SX1, panasonic x700. Size: 83kB
33. Qurantine - arcade - 769 plays
Commander Steve Bishop - unique survived on the struck spaseship - should use all cunning, insidiousness and true boldness to leave the ship besieged by aliens. You help it!
34. 4x4 Extreme Rally - race - 950 plays
4x4 Extreme Rally
4x4 Extreme Rally a simulator rallijnyh races on a cross-country terrain. The player in a role of the race driver needs to take part in the world championship of cars 4O4. The championship passes on 9 lines in three regions (Sahara, Norway and Germany).
35. Monkey Ball - sport - 772 plays
Monkey Ball
Cheerful beach volleyball. Cheerfully, first, because on the screen - summer and the sea, and second - two amusing obezjanki. One of them you operate, another - your mobile phone. Moving to the left-to the right, try to catch a ball and to send it back. In the purpose of game - to hammer it is as much as possible balls another obezjanke. It is amusing, that at hit in edge of the screen the ball jumps aside from him. It very much recovers game.
36. Moorhen - shoot - 683 plays
Absolute hit / the Unconditional hit - hunting for the raged partridges! Well-known game Moorhuhn was portirovana on mobile phones without loss of quality.
37. Conflict Vietnam - strategy - 972 plays
Conflict Vietnam
Company Synergenix Software has let out the next game devoted to military actions in Vietnam. Game refers to Conflict: Vietnam
38. Summer Games 2004 - sport - 735 plays
Summer Games 2004
Run, jump and throw. Playman - the only sports you'll ever want to play. On your marks, get set, go! Off like the wind down the track. First it's the dash - get in the stride - then those pesky hurdles.
39. Dino Egg - logic - 757 plays
Dino Egg
Game, certainly, very unpretentious, but tightens outright. The general sense is those: there is the game field filled with multi-coloured eggs of dinosaurs. It is necessary to collect on three or more one-colour eggs in a horizontal or vertical line then they disappear, and to you glasses are charged.
40. Marc Collins Series 2 - erotic - 1070 plays
Marc Collins Series 2
Mark Collins's photos open natural sensuality of men and women, making unique effect on the spectator. His photos is not coming under influence of time classics, fascinating attention of spectators own interpretation aesthetic erotizma. In one series it is submitted about ten erotic pictures
41. Matka - casino - 995 plays
The "Matka" is the Chinese name of game in a thimble. And at all that that everyone think.
42. Ghost Attack - shoot - 1003 plays
Ghost Attack
Ghost Attack it is sustained in gloomy tones of film of horrors. The nearest analogue can be named game House of Dead, becoming a blockbaster on a personal computer and games hookups.
43. Dynamo Kid 2 - arcade - 880 plays
Dynamo Kid 2
This time you have to save the DreamRealm of the evil dino`s that are out to take over the ever so peacefull DreamIslands. Many new and interesting creatures will try to make your adventure a failure! Once again you can play the part of DynamoKid in this great platform game featuring colorfull graphics, many cartoony and funny creatures to jump on and ofcourse the simple gameplay that made the original such a hit. Features:16 fun filled levels, 4 Different fantasy worlds, Unique and colorfull graphics, Addictive platform gameplay, Skirmish random-play, Mode Handy-continue play mode saves your progress for your next play moment, OnPhone Highscore saving, Challenging fun for the casual gamer Size: 40.44 Kb
44. Worms - arcade - 831 plays
Worms on yours a mobile! A remake of an excellent toy, but now and for a mobile phone.
45. Necomanch - arcade - 722 plays
In game it is necessary to grasp as much as possible territories. There are seven types of territories differing on seven colors. It is necessary for you to expand territory with capture of anyone adjacent.
46. Con Quest 1773 - arcade - 825 plays
Con Quest 1773
Usual hodilka, sobiralka. It is possible to lead not bad time behind the given game.
47. Colin McRae Rally 04 - race - 1033 plays
Colin McRae Rally 04
Mobile version Colin McRae Rally 04 corresponds to the standard of auto-simulators of the highest level! At game there is excellent physics, and also a wide range of the licensed automobiles. It is not necessary to forget also about fine landscapes on which actually and there are competitions on an auto racing.
48. Amoebas - skill - 679 plays
Excellent bombilka. You in a role of nice amoebas should otvoevvivat boxes. Very much and very decent the schedule. Maximum gratitude to developers for so beautiful and fascinating toy.
49. Roam - race - 739 plays
ROAM this game for the present race drivers to arrive to finish pervee everything, good the schedule, high speed, on a way it is possible to drop in in MacDonalds!!!
50. Submarine - arcade - 630 plays
All of us live in a yellow submarine. Everything what you require are in mysterious prikljuchenih. Be close! Supervise depth of a submarine what to not get on underwater reeves. Use each opportunity to not miss a bonus, they will allow you to move all further and further in this mysterious sea world.
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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