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1. Min-Hero - Tower Of Sages - rpg - 1834 plays
Min-Hero - Tower Of Sages
Link: Play
This is cool mix of strategy and RPG game. Your hero is one of the chosen. He can enter Tower of Sages and prove that he can train the most mighty creatues. Gorgeous design and a focus on simple yet satisfying combat with a whopping 101 monsters to train. Your hero can rule minions he uses this skill at the arena. First he must gain the key to the hatchery and retrieve minions' eggs. Train and collect over 100 minions as you fight to prove yourself in the Tower of Sages. Arrow or WASD keys to move, Space bar key to interact with objects.

Size: 22889057 Bytes

2. Min-Hero: Tower of Sages - rpg - 2483 plays
Min-Hero: Tower of Sages
Link: Play
Train and collect over 100 minions as you fight to prove yourself in the Tower of Sages. Prove yourself as a worthy animal trainer in order to wield a magical titan seal. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move around, Space bar key to talk to characters within the realm and Mouse to direct your creatures which attack method to perform on enemies during battle. Try to find a magical carved stone to heal beasts in your command after a hard fight. Once you have earned enough experience points you'll be able to increase the attack damage and health of all your minions.

Size: 22888551 Bytes

3. Monsters Den Chronicles - rpg - 1978 plays
Monsters Den Chronicles
Link: Play
The next evolution of the dungeon-crawling RPG series. Customize and shape your group of heroes through an all-new series of adventures. Battle terrifying monsters and collect powerful loot. Play with the mouse, customize a character by clicking the gears icon beneath their sprite in Char/Inventory. Character screen shows all available skills while in the party camp. Set a default fighting style in the Character screen. You can use the number keys to select skills in battle. Hold the Ctrl (or Cmd) key to avoid shrines or treasure when entering a room. Sell the entire contents of a bag at once by looking for the button next to the item count for the bag, in the Emporium sell menu. Hold the Ctrl (or Cmd) key when clicking on items to quickly buy/sell them.

Size: 8221271 Bytes

4. Magus RPG - rpg - 808 plays
Magus RPG
Link: Play
Play as Magus in this Chrono Trigger style game, use space for actions and m to bring up the menu an

Size: 5171375 Bytes

5. Maganic Wars - rpg - 897 plays
Maganic Wars
Link: Play
A card RPG fighting game.

Size: 982179 Bytes

6. Murloc - rpg - 876 plays
Link: Play
A nice looking RPG game of adventure and fighting.

Size: 6161293 Bytes

7. Mega Man RPG - rpg - 835 plays
Mega Man RPG
Link: Play
Use the right attacks to win against all the enemies.

Size: 531405 Bytes

8. Monkey Island - Escape 1 - rpg - 730 plays
Monkey Island - Escape 1
Link: Play
In the world of Streets of Rage you will make RPG-ish decisions.

Size: 1998667 Bytes

9. Mega Man RPG 2 - rpg - 893 plays
Mega Man RPG 2
Link: Play
Fight more characters from the Mega Man universe.

Size: 1456868 Bytes

10. Monkey Island - Escape 2 - rpg - 724 plays
Monkey Island - Escape 2
Link: Play
Continue your quest for escape.

Size: 1219221 Bytes

11. Masters RPG - rpg - 728 plays
Masters RPG
Link: Play
You are a circle fighting other circles in a 2 man arena. Manage hit points, potions, armor, and spe

Size: 2457583 Bytes

12. Mobile Weapon Zero - rpg - 704 plays
Mobile Weapon Zero
Link: Play
A strange Mech RPG game with exploration and side viewed battles.

Size: 2336136 Bytes

13. Mobile Weapon Episode 1 - rpg - 770 plays
Mobile Weapon Episode 1
Link: Play
Talk, talk, talk, talk, fight.

Size: 4798538 Bytes

14. Morbus - rpg - 724 plays
Link: Play
A well created RPG exploration game. Pick your character and then begin your adventure.

Size: 6919243 Bytes

15. Mr. Tumpkins Adventures - rpg - 620 plays
Mr. Tumpkins Adventures
Link: Play
Explore and find a way to revert your head back from a pumpkin head.

Size: 2525420 Bytes

16. Mesiria RPG Chapter 2 - rpg - 616 plays
Mesiria RPG Chapter 2
Link: Play
Explore around in this RPG trying to solve the towns problem. Can you find and defeat the ghosts?

Size: 6043975 Bytes

17. Math Based RPG Beta - rpg - 642 plays
Math Based RPG Beta
Link: Play
A quick RPG fighting game based on solving the math problems in time to make your attack.

Size: 729600 Bytes

18. Monster Master - rpg - 762 plays
Monster Master
Link: Play
An RPG card game of skill and tactics. Put your cards against the computers.

Size: 205225 Bytes

19. Mardek RPG Chapter 1 - rpg - 721 plays
Mardek RPG Chapter 1
Link: Play
Explore the game world, meet up with interesting monsters, then crush them to dust!

Size: 4068546 Bytes

       19 rpg games starting with M
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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