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1. Super Adventure Pals - rpg - 2335 plays
Super Adventure Pals
Link: Play
Super Adventure Pals is a loveable action RPG platformer in which you travel the land and battle monsters-a-plenty in an epic quest to track down the evil Mr B who has stolen your pet rock. But fear not, for you are not alone; you have the help of your good friend the Giraffe! Level up along the way for new weapons and hat colours. Fight a wide range of enemies and defeat Mr B in a number of epic boss fights. Interact with non playing characters in towns and visit the shop to stock up on equipment and buy new abilities. To earn diamonds to use on shop items you need to replay levels. You will get the choice at the beginning of a new game for Arrow keys for Movement, WASD for abilities or vice versa. Potions work automatically, P or Escape fo Pause Menu, Q to change quality, M for Mute Sound.

Size: 15128052 Bytes

2. Sands of the Coliseum - rpg - 6566 plays
Sands of the Coliseum
Link: Play
Sands of the coliseum game is a turn based combat within the gladiatorial arena as you go up against some of Romes finest warriors. You level up you can use the skill points on various traits of yours (health, dexterity, strength, etc.) as well as special skills like combo strikes, throwing, and power boosts. Also as you progress through the ranks you can loot and buy better weapons and armor to help you in your quest to be the best gladiator you can possibly be. Use your Mouse to select different body parts on your opponent to deliver a devastating attack with your sword. Once you've defeated the gladiator choose whether to please the crowd and execute him or show mercy by letting him live. Finishing him or her off will reward you with more loot an bonuses. Don't forget to visit the blacksmith to forge new weapons and to upgrade your strength, dexterity, health and defense with xp earned at the skills section.

Size: 10706787 Bytes

3. Slacker Adventure - rpg - 998 plays
Slacker Adventure
Link: Play
This is a fantastic flash RPG game. Guide Slacker around town, trying to recover the lost vending ma

Size: 1595351 Bytes

4. SinJid - rpg - 610 plays
Link: Play
Walk around and talk to people as you progress through the game.

Size: 1239773 Bytes

5. Stick RPG - rpg - 1686 plays
Stick RPG
Link: Play
You're a stick guy in a stick city.

Size: 1222393 Bytes

6. Sinjid 's Battle Arena - rpg - 580 plays
Sinjid 's Battle Arena
Link: Play
Explore and fight your way around.

Size: 923258 Bytes

7. Solid RPG - rpg - 517 plays
Solid RPG
Link: Play
Over 800 years have past since the great evil, journey on your quest, buy items, get weapons and do

Size: 8539419 Bytes

8. Shadow of the Warrior - rpg - 512 plays
Shadow of the Warrior
Link: Play
Choose your class, shadow ninja, warrior, balanced and more, buy weaponry, shields and defeat your e

Size: 1239773 Bytes

9. Swedish Saveloy - rpg - 555 plays
Swedish Saveloy
Link: Play
You owe money to the swedish mod. And the adventure begins.

Size: 3113560 Bytes

10. Steppenwolf - The Heruka 4 - rpg - 582 plays
Steppenwolf - The Heruka 4
Link: Play
A cool rpg / adventure game with inventory and exploration.

Size: 1642922 Bytes

11. Solve The Crime - rpg - 713 plays
Solve The Crime
Link: Play
Explore and find clues to solve the murder.

Size: 4106998 Bytes

12. Stick World - rpg - 922 plays
Stick World
Link: Play
Another stick RPG where you need to get money.

Size: 5157586 Bytes

13. Submachine 2: Lighthouse - rpg - 455 plays
Submachine 2: Lighthouse
Link: Play
The Submachine series continues in the next RPG adventure inside a lighthouse.

Size: 4296943 Bytes

14. Submachine 3: The Loop - rpg - 473 plays
Submachine 3: The Loop
Link: Play
Explore what looks like 100s of levels and 1000s of rooms in this sequel.

Size: 1852755 Bytes

15. Survivoo - rpg - 486 plays
Link: Play
While telling a story there are parts for you to make decisions. You will live or die by those decis

Size: 641082 Bytes

16. Slacker 2 - rpg - 693 plays
Slacker 2
Link: Play
Ready for some more RPG gaming with this returning sequel?

Size: 1595351 Bytes

17. Squire - rpg - 513 plays
Link: Play
You're a squire in training. Learn the moves and then set out in this first person RPG.

Size: 6814288 Bytes

18. Swag - rpg - 499 plays
Link: Play
RPG game with a bunch of voice acting and not forcing you to read line after line of text. (7.8 MB)

Size: 8239919 Bytes

19. Snowstar - rpg - 444 plays
Link: Play
An RPG game where you have 100 days to build up your music stats to sell a Christmas single.

Size: 2778460 Bytes

20. Super Sneaky Spy Guy 1 - rpg - 597 plays
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 1
Link: Play
Explore the game world with real life pictures. Explore the game world in part 1 of a large series.

Size: 2000463 Bytes

21. Seven Deadly Sins - rpg - 606 plays
Seven Deadly Sins
Link: Play
Can you commit all seven deadly sins in this RPG game?

Size: 5509982 Bytes

22. Super Sneaky Spy Guy 2 - rpg - 499 plays
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 2
Link: Play
The super sneaking adventure continues in part 2 that brings more photorealistic RPG gameplay to you

Size: 1637225 Bytes

23. Super Sneaky Spy Guy 3 - rpg - 481 plays
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 3
Link: Play
The Super Sneaky Spy Guy series continues with part 3. An RPG with real life photos.

Size: 1266792 Bytes

24. Swords and Sandals II - rpg - 1810 plays
Swords and Sandals II
Link: Play
A gladiator RPG fighting game. Build your character and fight.

Size: 2737984 Bytes

25. Super Sneaky Spy Guy 4 - rpg - 466 plays
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 4
Link: Play
The role playing game series continues in part 4 as you continue your photorealistic adventure.

Size: 4154836 Bytes

26. Super Sneaky Spy Guy 5 - rpg - 496 plays
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 5
Link: Play
Photorealistic RPG where you travel around figuring out puzzles here and there.

Size: 3408212 Bytes

27. Super Sneaky Spy Guy 6 - rpg - 460 plays
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 6
Link: Play
The RPG adventure continues in part 6 of the series. Continue the journey!

Size: 3651713 Bytes

28. Super Sneaky Spy Guy 8 - rpg - 573 plays
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 8
Link: Play
SneakySpy Guy series continues with part 8. Continue clicking in this photorealistic RPG adventure.

Size: 5598862 Bytes

29. Steppenwolf 2 - rpg - 613 plays
Steppenwolf 2
Link: Play
The well created Steppenwolf RPG series continues in this sequel. If you like RPGs it's a must play.

Size: 1675757 Bytes

30. Sindicate - rpg - 532 plays
Link: Play
An awesome RPG with a bunch of different game modes and scenarios to play through. Fairly long game.

Size: 4260780 Bytes

31. Smithys Quest - rpg - 471 plays
Smithys Quest
Link: Play
A well created RPG with great art and a quest that needs to be complete. Are you up to the challenge

Size: 2765429 Bytes

       31 rpg games starting with S
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