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       116 skill games starting with M
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1. Multitask - skill - 2430 plays
Link: Play
Looking for tools, ways to measure how good you are at multitasking? This is a fun way to measure your skills and challenge your friends to see who scores the most. Nothing to kill, nothing to build or nothing to guess, just a skill game success of which depends on your multitasking skills and your reflexes. There are 4 stages in the game and each stage consists of simple, individual tasks, all of them are easy to handle but when you add up all these tasks, it gets a real nightmare. You start off with a solo task of keeping a ball on a line, by regulating the line with Left and Right Arrow keys. As player trying to keep a ball balanced on a platform, another mini game soon appears, requiring players to press the Up and Down Arrow keys to move the blue colour vertically and avoid spikes coming from the left and right. The game continues in this manner, with new mini games appearing as time passes. The game ends when players make one error.

Size: 3117346 Bytes

2. Mochi Ninja - skill - 837 plays
Mochi Ninja
Link: Play
Use your grappling hook to reach your target. Obliterate enemies with style in this challenging action puzzle game. Time your jumps just right & grapple to platforms to swing down & slice the bad block. Your goal is to destroy the evil cracker. Click Left Mouse Button to aim and release to jump. Click on platforms to use your grappling hook. Jump then use the grappling hook.

Size: 2863578 Bytes

3. Monty’s Moon - skill - 1536 plays
Monty’s Moon
Link: Play
Help Monty reach the moon in this highly polished launcher game. With 35 upgrades, 20 achievements, 4 power ups and various special items and obstacles, Monty’s Moon features addicting gameplay with a touching storyline. Help the little monkey reach the small chunk of rock orbiting Earth so he can find a girlfriend for himself. Use your Mouse to launch the ape from the catapult that the professor created, press Left Mouse button to activate your boost ability. Grab juicy bananas to allow you to purchase upgrades at the scientists shop. Try to avoid birds and other hazardous objects as you soar through the sky.

Size: 2739369 Bytes

4. Maze 4 - skill - 1831 plays
Maze 4
Link: Play
28 Levels of awesomely addictive fun as you battle to the top of the leaderboards by navigating the pinball to the finish whilst avoiding gun-turrets, spinning blades, moving platforms and much more. You guide the pinball named Michelle to the finish sign without touching the sides of the wall. Use your Mouse to click on the ball to begin moving it. Once you start your score is determined by the time taken to complete the level. Watch out for hazardous objects such as moving platforms and rotating blades.

Size: 561946 Bytes

5. Match Factory - skill - 963 plays
Match Factory
Link: Play
Match Factory is an engaging and fun to play Match game. In addition to level select in the standard mode there is also a blitz mode. In blitz mode you try and get as many points as possible within 60 seconds. Use just your Mouse to try and get through as many levels as possible. There are a number of power ups that appear in each level that modify the game play in a number of ways including score multipliers, column removers, bombs and more.

Size: 203128 Bytes

6. Miniquest - skill - 879 plays
Link: Play
Play Miniquest game and help the 8bit hero work his way through rooms fraught with dangerous obstacles as he seeks to collect all the treasure. Press WASD or Arrow keys to make the hero move, walk through doors, jump onto platforms or climb wooden ladders. Use Z key to jump through obstacles. Dirty tiles will disappear after a while. Escape key to go back to the menu. Be careful and watch out for crumbling blocks, spikes and other hazards as you comb through each room because it's deadly. Contains tutorial + 30 levels of fun with great 8-bit music.

Size: 4224410 Bytes

7. Medieval Shark - skill - 1476 plays
Medieval Shark
Link: Play
Go on another chomping rampage but this time you'll have to contend with knights in shining armour as you swim through the dark ages. Judgement day is upon us, as the prophecy foretold. The master of death has come to claim the world. But only a child fears dragons, a real threat emerges from the depths. Only he, a man, a shark, a sharkman can save us. Is he our savior or are we just dinner? A jaw of 1000 teeth in King Arthur's court will determine our fate. Castles will be destroyed, lives will be forfeit, death has met his match. Long live the king. Use your Arrow keys to control your great white shark and A key to bite anything that gets in your way. Dive deep underwater to loot treasure chests but watch out for major boss types like giant eels, hydras, octopus and fire breathing dragons.

Size: 9044296 Bytes

8. Magno - skill - 871 plays
Link: Play
Keep ahead of the machine and control chain lightning mayhem in this physics based bubble matcher. In Magno you have to use your Mouse to click on groups of at least 3 balls to remove them. If the balls reach the top of the screen or if you run out of time, you'll lose. Press Shuffle to shuffle the balls.

Size: 1385994 Bytes

9. Monsters Packer - skill - 1406 plays
Monsters Packer
Link: Play
There are monsters, there are boxes, there is canon and there is you. Put monsters in the boxes, using canon and your brain. Somebody got to sort that mess! Steady aim to fire creatures into cardboard boxes to send them off to nightmare land. Use your Mouse to adjust the cannons arrow for a longer more powerful launch. Aim and shoot in 20 fun filled levels! But remember, there are only few shots. Try to collect stars, cherries and other fruit by firing the creatures through them.

Size: 2607924 Bytes

10. MoonType - Episode 2 - skill - 1275 plays
MoonType - Episode 2
Link: Play
Aliens are back, more determined than ever: they want the moon. Use your typing skills to fight back in this sequel to MoonType! Type the names of the incoming enemies to destroy them one by one. Do not let them get too close! Escape or Tab to pause & open the menu. You need good computer, use quick browser and updated flash plugin.

Size: 3524900 Bytes

11. Mighty Fin - skill - 802 plays
Mighty Fin
Link: Play
Mighty Fin is an addictive arcade game that’s easy to pick up, hard to master… and impossible to put down. Guide Fin through blue oceans, arctic ice caves, tooth-destroying candy lands, and steaming hot summer isles. Collect as many bubbles as you can for a high score, then post it on the global leaderboards. Collect gold medals in two different modes to unlock new costumes for Fin to wear. Hold Space or the Left Mouse Button to dive and let go to soar through the air. The deeper you dive in the water, the higher you’ll jump. Duck and dodge to defy death, and collect bubbles for a high score.

Size: 13256436 Bytes

12. Mass Attack - skill - 1546 plays
Mass Attack
Link: Play
Balance the scales using your incredible weight-growing abilities. If you make it past Level 7, you can submit your name to the hall of fame for eternal glory. It’s harder than it looks. The difference between both sides must not exceed the number specified at the start of the level. Hold down the mouse to grow a weight, release the mouse to let it drop. You can put weights on both sides of the scale.

Size: 344991 Bytes

13. Mouse Quest - skill - 1009 plays
Mouse Quest
Link: Play
Survive an amount of minigames to complete a level. In every minigame follow the instructions in the bottom left corner of the screen. There are 12 levels of minigames. Beat levels to unlock the next, lose as few lives as possible, and gain points to earn stars. Play this game with a mouse. If you complete 3 levels, you can start an endless mode.

Size: 995358 Bytes

14. Mushroom Madness 3 - skill - 2014 plays
Mushroom Madness 3
Link: Play
Defend more mushrooms from hungry animals. Now with 300% more enemies, weapons, explosions and fun! Try to complete about 100 levels and get all quests and achievements. Be careful because the Hedgehog King is watching you… Use Mouse to aim and left button to attack. Hold left button to hit stronger. Space to drop your weapon. Numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 to select bomb or mine. ESC or P – pause and game menu and M to mute sound and music.

Size: 7015005 Bytes

15. Mission Explosible - skill - 717 plays
Mission Explosible
Link: Play
Terrorists planted a bomb in your truck. To prevent the explosion of the bomb, you have to keep the speed of your truck between 60 and 150 km/h. If your car is not in speed limits, you will explode. Find and destroy all the terrorists car to stay alive. Try to hit the terrorist's cars from the side and run them out of the road. Use Arrow keys to accelerate, brake or to move left/right.

Size: 3429706 Bytes

16. Mario Catch Eggs - skill - 980 plays
Mario Catch Eggs
Link: Play
Yeshi dinosaur, one of the most loyal friends of Mario is giving him eggs. Help Mario collect and catch eggs in the farm. You have to get the eggs to the left or right side. The more eggs you collect the more points you will get. Save green eggs, broken one egg lose one life. Broken gray eggs will make you lose control. Red egg give you one extra life. Use arrow keys to control Mario. Collect tools for speed and time bonuses.

Size: 4176184 Bytes

17. Mini Monster Challenge 2 - skill - 1817 plays
Mini Monster Challenge 2
Link: Play
This game contains seven types of races. There are several modes including Time trial, Long jump, Distance or Climbing challenge, Cargo transport, Wheelie or Flip challenge and the game with Random challenges. Try to get as much bonus stars as possible because with them you can unlock new monster cars and new game challenges. If you fail or exit a level, you keep the stars you earned - so unlock a better truck and try again! You can reload by hitting R or exit with Escape at any point. Control your car with Arrow keys, Q/E to Gear Up/Down - Low gear is more power, High gear is more speed. You can also use 1,2,3,4,5 keys to change gear. You'll see how many stars you can get and if you can complete all of the challenges.

Size: 6704901 Bytes

18. Monster Evolution - skill - 621 plays
Monster Evolution
Link: Play
In this game you will control the monsters - lot of different monsters, each time getting stronger and stronger. You have to evolve your monster by eating little people, and thus become stronger. But beware, because sooner or later people will acquire guns, tanks and later even helicopters. Use Arrow keys to move, climb and Space to jump.

Size: 648505 Bytes

19. MotoMouse - skill - 521 plays
Link: Play
Mice love the cheese and here is the whole mountain of cheese, why not going on it on a motorcycle? Took your bike and go out on a trip on the high cheese hills. Watch out you doesn't fall down in the canyon! Use Arrow keys and the Z,X,C,V,B keys for tricks in the air.

Size: 441205 Bytes

20. Micro Bike Master - skill - 793 plays
Micro Bike Master
Link: Play
You are playing for a tiny motorcycle racer and your track is the office desktop full of office things. Help to balance the rider on the bike, try not to fall and get to the finish.

Size: 850311 Bytes

21. Mario in Trouble - skill - 975 plays
Mario in Trouble
Link: Play
Mario is in trouble! Do you think that he again lost princess? Certainly not ... Save Mario from falling in the fire, get to the top, use arrow keys to move, jump and space to shoot.

Size: 1973425 Bytes

22. Mission - Extinguish Fires - skill - 818 plays
Mission - Extinguish Fires
Link: Play
You are the captain of fast and maneuverable seaplane. Your mission is to extinguish fires. By controlling the mouse, move the airplane around the screen. Flying over the islands can be awakened to see the fire. When properly performing the maneuver discharge of water to extinguish flames. Reduce the speed of the aircraft to refill the water above the sea.

Size: 1869645 Bytes

23. Mario Helicopter - skill - 1021 plays
Mario Helicopter
Link: Play
Mario develops more and more types of air transport. He began with the airship, and now he moved to the helicopter. Manage this helicopter, there is higher chance of breaking it. Move with arrows.

Size: 4285344 Bytes

24. Madpet Carsurfing - skill - 704 plays
Madpet Carsurfing
Link: Play
Dog climbed on the roof of the van. Try to get as fas as possible on the roof of the van, watchout for various obstacles. Don't forget to collect bones, you'll get bonus points and more life. Use arrow to move left/right and jump/crouch.

Size: 813407 Bytes

25. Memories of You - skill - 915 plays
Memories of You
Link: Play
Develop your skill in finding the differences between the images. See for yourself how smart can find those little things that others can not see.

Size: 3885552 Bytes

26. My Dolphin Show - skill - 2612 plays
My Dolphin Show
Link: Play
Your own show with the dolphins! You play as a dolphin, show the best tricks, earn bonuses - do not disappoint your fans.

Size: 4356114 Bytes

27. Mini Bike Challenge - skill - 1543 plays
Mini Bike Challenge
Link: Play
Race on a motorcycle on a wild beach, jump on trampolines and feel the adrenaline! Don't fell down.

Size: 5484927 Bytes

28. Magic Dwarf - skill - 671 plays
Magic Dwarf
Link: Play
We're playing for a magic dwarf, which is rapidly running forward, jumping across the gap and destroy the crystals that stand in his way. Z to jump, X to collect crystals.

Size: 4566605 Bytes

29. Moby Dick - skill - 1134 plays
Moby Dick
Link: Play
You are a big white whale and you're always hungry. Eat everything that moves, either fish or birds. Breathe time to time. Hit all human ships and make them sink. And eat all fishermen you can. Survive as long as you can. Move Moby Dick with your mouse and click to use a boost.

Size: 4499094 Bytes

30. Magnet Crane - skill - 760 plays
Magnet Crane
Link: Play
Your building must reach target height. You can move only blue elements. Control the crane with up/down and left/right arrows. Turn magnet on/off with SPACE when it is in contact with blue element.

Size: 1201747 Bytes

31. Mario Bounce - skill - 954 plays
Mario Bounce
Link: Play
Very unusual game about Mario who is only a head, flying through the air. Mobs also learned to fly - even going through the walls. To complete a level, Mario must collect all the mushrooms.

Size: 1951768 Bytes

32. Make a Save - skill - 678 plays
Make a Save
Link: Play
Do you want to be real goalie? Hold out all seven rounds of five penalty kicks each...

Size: 1698135 Bytes

33. Mister Rain - skill - 576 plays
Mister Rain
Link: Play
Nice music and beautiful pictures, multiple levels and in each you must find the 6 differences. You can play with or without tips.

Size: 5545215 Bytes

34. Monsta Truk - skill - 1822 plays
Monsta Truk
Link: Play
Pick a truck then use the arrow keys to control and power your monsta truck through all twenty levels and to the finish. Do it as fast as you can.

Size: 1342454 Bytes

35. Mickey's Snowboard - skill - 1000 plays
Mickey's Snowboard
Link: Play
Mickey Mouse got snowboard. Help him down the hill, show some tricks and do not crash into tree. Top button on the left side to choose your snowboard and play.

Size: 1090141 Bytes

Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes Museum
Link: Play
Sherlock Holmes has to find the right items in the room, covered with others things. The quicker he will succeed, the faster he will solv the crime.

Size: 5513153 Bytes

37. Mice 2 - skill - 618 plays
Mice 2
Link: Play
Use the glowing ball to eliminate all the mice. Protect your cheese for as long as you can. Drag and release the ball to make it move, you can do this at any time, not just when its stationary. There are different types of mice and powerups.

Size: 1137034 Bytes

Mickey mouse hidden objects
Link: Play
Mickey Mouse and his friends in the pictures of famous movies. Find out the below displayed objects, which are been hidden from the image. Find out the objects in short time duration to score more. Use mouse to interact.

Size: 1315985 Bytes

39. MarBall Defence - skill - 953 plays
MarBall Defence
Link: Play
Protect central area from evil balls. Earn money by pushung 'em off. Buy cool upgrades. Guide your ball with mouse or keyboard arrows.

Size: 5874458 Bytes

40. Monster Joust Madness - skill - 3004 plays
Monster Joust Madness
Link: Play
Battles in the medieval entourage riding a horse err, lizard. Click your mouse to swing your sword! Get Gold for big hits. Get even more Gold for knockouts. Use your gold to buy better weapons and mounts.

Size: 258504 Bytes

41. Mount Eruption - skill - 1188 plays
Mount Eruption
Link: Play
Save Bob's family by ejecting them to safer grounds using the ejector device, use left and right arrow buttons to rotate the character so they can land on their feet. Each character possesses 3 special poses, use the special button to pose in mid air. If your characters make contact with a giant bird and a tree, they will be thrown upward and fly further. Make roll and style points to get more upgrade points. There are 4 characters that you must rescue. Rescue Bob's family by reaching all minimum safety distances for each character, good luck.

Size: 7930413 Bytes

42. Mountain Sphering Mayhem - skill - 859 plays
Mountain Sphering Mayhem
Link: Play
Steer your ball down the mountain using the LEFT and RIGHT keys. Press DOWN to speed up, release to slow down. Avoid obstacles like sheep, trees and rocks. They will slow down if you hit them. Collect items of clothing along the way for bonus points. Beware when the bridge is out, use the ramp provided to jumpo over it. Try to get down the mountain as quickly as possible to get a high score.

Size: 2091221 Bytes

43. Max Dirt Bike - skill - 15829 plays
Max Dirt Bike
Link: Play
Surreal motorcycle game. The aim is to get over all the obstacles on a level in the fastest time possible. If you need a break just hit P to Pause. Or if you are tired of using the mouse to click next, just hit the SPACE bar. Use arrows to control your bike.

Size: 862986 Bytes

44. Magnetic Defense - skill - 1013 plays
Magnetic Defense
Link: Play
Your goal is to protect the station, dropping any debris to the enemies. Move your shipt around with the mouse, pick up junk by moving your ship over it, click to drop junk on enemies or held mouse down to upgrade your ship. Drop junk on your base to upgrade it, upgraded ship can lift heavier objects and enemies

Size: 1165796 Bytes

45. Magical Awakening - skill - 625 plays
Magical Awakening
Link: Play
Help the boy to meditate, eliminating all sources of noise around his apartment.

Size: 1509882 Bytes

46. Manta bomber - skill - 849 plays
Manta bomber
Link: Play
Xana has sent Manta to destory Odd. Use the mouse to help Odd maneuver on his hover board to catch all of Manta bombs. If a bomb hits the ground, it will disrupt powers to Odds board causing him to fall.

Size: 308547 Bytes

47. Marblet - skill - 855 plays
Link: Play
Move the ball on the platform with the arrow keys. Do not collapse on the way while getting through dangerous obstacles.

Size: 1386099 Bytes

48. Marbyl - skill - 604 plays
Link: Play
Catch marbles of the same color and shape as the mouse. Go for a long flawless chain.

Size: 451036 Bytes

49. Mini DrumPro - skill - 653 plays
Mini DrumPro
Link: Play
The clone of the guitar hero, just you play drums. There is also mode for learning.

Size: 4477574 Bytes

50. Monster Truck Maniac 2 - skill - 1106 plays
Monster Truck Maniac 2
Link: Play
Many luxury mini-games in this wonderful extension of the game Monster Truck Maniac.

Size: 3257845 Bytes

       116 skill games starting with M
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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