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Arkandian Legends – Chapter III: Explorer
Link: Play
Arkandian Legends Chapter III: Explorer is an RPG adventure fighting game. Head back to Arkandia and conquer the Archmage’s Challenge using the all new Enchanting skill. There are tons of new dungeons and battles await along with all new loot and spells, explore the deepest darkest dungeons yet while searching for new furniture to swipe to decorate your own house. Create your own custom made magical items using the enchanting skill or seek out legendary artifacts. Chapter III includes numerous player requested features such as drastically improved performance, Auto-combat, Storehouse sorting, in-dungeon spell casting, shop buy-back and many, many additions designed to improve your playing experience. Use your clicking device to navigate menus and your arrow keys to explore the depths.

Size: 5709487 Bytes

2. Arcane The Stone Circle - rpg - 866 plays
Arcane The Stone Circle
Link: Play
An adventure like flash game.

Size: 1552922 Bytes

3. Average School Day - rpg - 1036 plays
Average School Day
Link: Play
What decisions will you make during this day at school?

Size: 1637887 Bytes

4. Adeventure X - rpg - 1156 plays
Adeventure X
Link: Play
Can you escape from the room with only your whits?

Size: 238502 Bytes

5. Athalina RPG - rpg - 678 plays
Athalina RPG
Link: Play
One of the nicer RPG flash games has a top down view with exploration and fighting.

Size: 2370512 Bytes

6. AIM vs MSN - rpg - 949 plays
Link: Play
Two IM icons fight against each other in RPG style gameplay.

Size: 811232 Bytes

7. Acaro 2 - rpg - 595 plays
Acaro 2
Link: Play
An adventure and RPG game where you explore and puzzle solve.

Size: 1240112 Bytes

8. A Case of the Crabs - rpg - 632 plays
A Case of the Crabs
Link: Play
Another private investigator game. Can you solve it?

Size: 7406220 Bytes

9. A Christmas RPG - rpg - 668 plays
A Christmas RPG
Link: Play
An RPG based around Christmas, Santa, and elfs. Explore the Christmas world.

Size: 3496311 Bytes

10. Amibition - rpg - 726 plays
Link: Play
There's been a murder and it's your job to solve it in this RPG. Can you do it in the time given?

Size: 3047829 Bytes

11. Atrocitys - rpg - 684 plays
Link: Play
A horror RPG game of exploring grungy locations. Watch out for scary things.

Size: 3348210 Bytes

12. Atrocitys 2 The Revenge - rpg - 880 plays
Atrocitys 2 The Revenge
Link: Play
Explore the house and watch out for ghosts that appear and disappear. Don't get scared.

Size: 8162106 Bytes

13. Astroseries Millenia - rpg - 741 plays
Astroseries Millenia
Link: Play
An RPG with a story to tell. Decently created. Time to RPG it up.

Size: 3755756 Bytes

14. Advanced Battleman Ultimate - rpg - 786 plays
Advanced Battleman Ultimate
Link: Play
Swing your sword around and slay the evil orcs that roam these lands. Slice and dice!

Size: 1421298 Bytes

15. Artifission Chapter 0 - rpg - 655 plays
Artifission Chapter 0
Link: Play
Fight your enemies in turn based health point damage system. Follow the RPG story.

Size: 3991909 Bytes

       15 rpg games starting with A
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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