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1. The Awakening RPG - rpg - 1737 plays
The Awakening RPG
Link: Play
You awake in a forest with no memory, carrying only a sword. Hint - it was not caused by severe drinking the day before. Create your own character and embark on an adventure. With a character customization so deep you can choose your level of squint (though bizarrely not your gender) and battle system that adds some twists to the turn-based formula. Use the Mouse to interact, the Arrow or WASD keys to move and combat actions.

Size: 20746819 Bytes

2. Treasure Quest II - rpg - 770 plays
Treasure Quest II
Link: Play
Progress through 140 levels in this RPG-like game.

Size: 482947 Bytes

3. The Lardener - rpg - 1293 plays
The Lardener
Link: Play
An RPG game of saving money and losing weight.

Size: 1321213 Bytes

4. The Legends of Hiro - rpg - 764 plays
The Legends of Hiro
Link: Play
Run around and find out what the story is about.

Size: 2842536 Bytes

5. Tactics Core - rpg - 780 plays
Tactics Core
Link: Play
Attack the enemies in an RPG points fashion.

Size: 2810962 Bytes

6. The Bar - rpg - 749 plays
The Bar
Link: Play
Escape from the bar and explore around in this game.

Size: 5719651 Bytes

7. The Amulet - rpg - 612 plays
The Amulet
Link: Play
You're a wizard going to school to learn magic.

Size: 722655 Bytes

8. Tomb of Doom - rpg - 601 plays
Tomb of Doom
Link: Play
Adventure / RPG game where you use your inventory to overcome environment obsticales.

Size: 885565 Bytes

9. The Big Scan - rpg - 1051 plays
The Big Scan
Link: Play
Investigate a murder and scan text quickily.

Size: 730849 Bytes

10. The Elder Scrolls K. C. - rpg - 751 plays
The Elder Scrolls K. C.
Link: Play
An RPG game of exploration and battles of strange creatures.

Size: 3869850 Bytes

11. Trapped - rpg - 1071 plays
Link: Play
You're trapped in a bathroom. Can you explore and escape?

Size: 5788956 Bytes

12. The Dead Case - rpg - 675 plays
The Dead Case
Link: Play
Explore and scare people as a ghost in this RPG flash game.

Size: 4217202 Bytes

13. Telepath RPG Chapter 1 - rpg - 670 plays
Telepath RPG Chapter 1
Link: Play
Set your character skill levels and explore and talk, use your telepathy on victums.

Size: 2803398 Bytes

14. The Legacy of Pliskin - rpg - 626 plays
The Legacy of Pliskin
Link: Play
Explore in this role playing game and solve the puzzle.

Size: 3639807 Bytes

15. The Legacy of Pliskin II - rpg - 604 plays
The Legacy of Pliskin II
Link: Play
Explore a new world now that you are the Legandary Pliskin.

Size: 6848877 Bytes

16. The Ambridge Mansion - Day1 - rpg - 637 plays
The Ambridge Mansion - Day1
Link: Play
Explore in RPG that has creepy monsters.

Size: 2205719 Bytes

17. The Last Wizard - rpg - 772 plays
The Last Wizard
Link: Play
Explore, buy, and attack as a magical wizard.

Size: 2101271 Bytes

18. The Garage Escape - rpg - 759 plays
The Garage Escape
Link: Play
Another escape and puzzle solving game. Can you find what you need to escape?

Size: 2436994 Bytes

19. The Fish That Should Not Be - rpg - 603 plays
The Fish That Should Not Be
Link: Play
A clicking and exploring RPG game with a pirate.

Size: 2330383 Bytes

20. The Challenge - rpg - 744 plays
The Challenge
Link: Play
An RPG fight with a bunch of power ups and potions. Can you defeat the other ball?

Size: 1317465 Bytes

21. TOON - The RPG - rpg - 602 plays
Link: Play
Load out your skills and point system and continue the story of this toon RPG.

Size: 3209082 Bytes

The Average Adventures of Jake
Link: Play
Make choices in this RPG and determine Jakes fate. Choose poorly and die quickly.

Size: 634555 Bytes

23. Turtle Wars - rpg - 653 plays
Turtle Wars
Link: Play
Take turns and try to kill the other teams turtles. 2 - 4 players only.

Size: 295373 Bytes

24. Tree Trucker - rpg - 634 plays
Tree Trucker
Link: Play
A simple, but extensive RPG game of grabbing trees, upgrading your axes and vehicle.

Size: 4792806 Bytes

25. The Butcher - rpg - 804 plays
The Butcher
Link: Play
An RPG game of a butcher with his meat chopper. Build your character and become stronger.

Size: 677262 Bytes

The Curse of Waterdeep Fellowship of Kings
Link: Play
Another top-down RPG game with classic sprites. Can you finish the story that is meant to be told?

Size: 3170016 Bytes

The Curse of Waterdeep Mardoks Reign
Link: Play
The Waterdeep RPG continues with the adventure that made the first pretty popular to RPG fans.

Size: 2857590 Bytes

28. Thorenzitha 2 - rpg - 583 plays
Thorenzitha 2
Link: Play
A slow going RPG that takes patience to play. Discover the story and shoot bugs before they get you.

Size: 1793452 Bytes

       28 rpg games starting with T
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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