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       17 strategy games starting with F
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1. Fallen Empire - strategy - 1781 plays
Fallen Empire
Link: Play
Tower defense in dark fantasy world with amazing graphics and non-standard dynamic gameplay. Play and protect the village as you try to stop swarms of monsters spewing out from the black forest. Use your Mouse to build archer forts, magical crystal buildings or mortar towers to strike air and ground based creatures as they run down the road. 1-7 number keys to set appropriate tower. Use Up/Down, W/S keys or Mouse wheel to scroll map up and down. Q key to convert tower, E key to update tower, A key to cancel sell/convert/update/build tower and D key to sell tower. You can upgrade your defence towers once you have enough gold in your possession to make them more powerful.

Size: 20532009 Bytes

2. Fast Trax - strategy - 1190 plays
Fast Trax
Link: Play
The goal is to create a track from the start point to the end point for the ball to roll on. The start point can appear anywhere on the left and the end can appear anywhere on the right. Place track pieces by clicking on the field. Rotate the current piece with Space. When the timer runs out, the ball will start rolling. If you want to destroy a piece click the construction icon or press S and click on the piece to remove. Once you ave completed your track you can click the finish flag or press F to make the ball roll fast. When the ball roll fast it can bowl over roaming animals for bonus points. Avoid gopher holes, they cannot be built over or destroyed. The green circle represents where the closes break in the track is from the start position. You'll want make sure that is fixed before the ball reaches that point. See how many levels you can make it past.

Size: 2760955 Bytes

3. Farm Mania - strategy - 979 plays
Farm Mania
Link: Play
Seed, harvest and water plants regularly. Use water from the well. Deliver plants with bike. And earn coins. Controls: Mouse

Size: 3568403 Bytes

4. Flash Empires 3 - strategy - 1242 plays
Flash Empires 3
Link: Play
Beautiful strategy flash game. This is a Defense game, so you are defending your castle right down there. You are supplied with one free tower which you control down at the bottom. But of course there are bad guys you must kill... They will come down at the top of your screen to break down your wall. To defend yourself you must build towers, troops, and buy cool upgrades.

Size: 1219097 Bytes

5. FlashTrek - strategy - 876 plays
Link: Play
Travel through space at warp speed, deliver cargo, fight battles using phasers and torpedos and get

Size: 561185 Bytes

6. Field Command 3 - strategy - 1455 plays
Field Command 3
Link: Play
Use tactics and pick the best tactic possible.

Size: 7889595 Bytes

7. Field Command - strategy - 662 plays
Field Command
Link: Play
Pick the best tactic to use or you're dead.

Size: 3159805 Bytes

8. Field Command 2 - strategy - 744 plays
Field Command 2
Link: Play
Use tactics to keep your squad alive.

Size: 9723222 Bytes

9. Final Fortress - strategy - 755 plays
Final Fortress
Link: Play
A turret firing game, but with strategy game feel with other placements.

Size: 2683593 Bytes

10. FlashCraft - strategy - 754 plays
Link: Play
Defend your castle by placing turrets in smart positions.

Size: 1401872 Bytes

11. FlashTrek Broken Mirror - strategy - 846 plays
FlashTrek Broken Mirror
Link: Play
Pick your race, explore and blow the crap out of other races. Die turtle heads, DIE!

Size: 3240370 Bytes

12. Flashtrek Romulan Wars - strategy - 879 plays
Flashtrek Romulan Wars
Link: Play
Use strategy to come up with the best plan to defeat the Romulans.

Size: 893261 Bytes

13. Final Defense 2 - strategy - 970 plays
Final Defense 2
Link: Play
Defend your base by blasting away all the incoming enemies. Multliple types of weapons.

Size: 6101094 Bytes

14. Flash Circle TD - strategy - 708 plays
Flash Circle TD
Link: Play
The tower defense game that flash gamers have been raving about. Setup towers to takeout the enemy.

Size: 2115312 Bytes

15. Frontline Tower Defense - strategy - 869 plays
Frontline Tower Defense
Link: Play
Place your turrets and begin fighting. If it's too slow, press the provoke button for a surge.

Size: 466588 Bytes

16. Flash RPG Tower Defense - strategy - 852 plays
Flash RPG Tower Defense
Link: Play
Strategically place your turrets to defend your position as the waves of incoming enemies flow.

Size: 2566470 Bytes

17. Franks Adventure - strategy - 806 plays
Franks Adventure
Link: Play
Franks Adventure - Real life simular, great game

Size: 1923885 Bytes

       17 strategy games starting with F
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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