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       29 strategy games starting with C
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Conquer The Evil Bunny Empire
Link: Play
The evil bunnies of the Evil Bunny Empire want to conquer your land. After all these years, you finally have your chance to get the revenge. Take vengeance on these invaders, use mines, turrets, ice cannons and try to destory them all. Use your Mouse to place turrets, traps and unlock new weapons as you fight your way through new worlds. Make sure you plan a good strategy to conquer the empire. Buy turrets in the shop, choose the right weapon and place it on the battlefield. Price increases exponentially after each purchase.

Size: 876986 Bytes

2. Champions of Chaos 2 - strategy - 1671 plays
Champions of Chaos 2
Link: Play
Join the rebel army and improve your reputation enough that neighbouring kingdoms pledge to your cause. With a heavy focus on grinding and strategy, Champions of Chaos 2 is a simple yet surprisingly engaging RPG. It is arena turn based game where the player can combine up to 10 different classes in a two man party to fight waves of enemies and gain reputation and allies. In each kingdom, you'll have to battle your enemies to prove your worth to the area's ruler. The battle system combine elements of “Grandia" and final fantasy with "Marvel vs Capcom" special moves. You lead a two character party of ambassadors, warriors of the rebel forces, looking to make an alliance with the free nations of the west in order to have the military power to fight back the advancing dark emperor forces. To win the trust of the leaders of the nations of the west you must show your people strength in the different arenas of their nations. Use your Mouse to choose the action you want to execute from the menu that appears. Then left mouse button click on whoever you want to perform this action. Train brave warriors and you have to watch your hit points, magic points and Chaos bar that fills with every action, and will allow you to summon your character class Totemic Beast when it's full. Play with huge assortment of warriors, wizards, mages, paladins. Learn many skills, buy upgrades, regenerate your mana and health. Build your reputation and don’t forget to buy a pair of skimpy cheerleaders who confer various bonuses on you during battle. Fight zombies in the graveyard to earn more experience points.

Size: 19559105 Bytes

Control Craft: Modern War
Link: Play
Lead your troops to victory in the fast action-strategy driven flash game with highly polished graphics. Send helicopters and troops, capture turrets, bunkers and anti-air guns to defend your land and take over all hostile bases to win the game. Capture the enemy forces bases before their ranks outnumber yours. Use the Mouse to select any friendly base. Once a selection has been made you can send half of the troops by clicking on a hostile base or all the troops by holding Shift key down as well. In later stages you can acquire apache attack helicopters to aid you on the battlefield.

Size: 6741547 Bytes

4. Caribbean Admiral - strategy - 7001 plays
Caribbean Admiral
Link: Play
Revenge on the ghostly dutchman ship that destroyed your fleet and took your little sisters life to the bottom of the ocean. Rebuild a powerful fleet and destroy a strange ghost ship, which appeared from thin air out of the fog! Enjoy 12 different ships each with lots of upgrades. Loot pirates and slay their bosses. Visit 10 towns on your caribbean journey! Use the Mouse cursor to route the ship on the free-roam map. Use the Mouse during battles to operate the cannons and perform various attacks. You can drag the ship tree down to access the bigger ships. Sail to different ports in the pacific, buy and sell fruit, rice, flour and other commodities to upgrade your ship or buy a new one with more cargo space. Tip; pick off individual enemy vessels until you have a more powerful ship to command.

Size: 8283279 Bytes

Cloud Wars – Sunny Day
Link: Play
Such a beautiful day.. for warfare! Conquer and reclaim your throne as the Cloud King. Real time strategy game where you become the king of the sky as you send your fluffy balls of clouds to capture enemies and convert them to your side. Upgrades for thunder with 3x faster warriors, rain with 3x maximum capacity and sun with 3x faster growth. Use your Mouse to drag a path to one of your bases or the nearest target to attack it. Collect stars to increase your cloud generating speed. Click or drag to select one or more clouds. Click another cloud to send half your warriors for attack. Hold Ctrl key to send all warriors from the selected cloud(s) and press space to select all clouds.

Size: 6357685 Bytes

6. Cargo Shipment Chicago - strategy - 1214 plays
Cargo Shipment Chicago
Link: Play
Real time strategy based management game where you build up your own transport company by hiring workers to load trucks with precious cargo. You become a cargo transport company manager. Build houses for the workers who will load your truck with goods and deliver them from point A to point B. Use your Mouse to place an upgradeable warehouse building down on a shaded green patch of ground to intercept vehicles as they travel along the road. Cars are driving from A to B and your aim is it to load the cars with your workers. Pick up a warehouse on the top and place it in one of the orange fields. Find the best field to place them to get all cars filled up with people. Tip, construct roadwork's near supply depots to slow heavy goods trailers down so your employees can fill them up quicker. You can also build fast food restaurants along the path to make drivers stop for a minute.

Size: 1314064 Bytes

7. Control Craft 2 - strategy - 1690 plays
Control Craft 2
Link: Play
A fast thinking real time strategy game, with tactic capabilities and graphics in unique style. Take over the enemy colonies to battle your way through challenging levels that call for your skill and wit. Capture key strategic areas on the planet by sending your soldiers to storm nearby colonies. Upgrade your troop, pimp up your super weapons and smash enemies to save your Planet. Use your Mouse to select one of your spawn points and then select the direction you want the troops to travel to. Complete each skirmish and spend points on upgrades that will strengthen your army. Warning, if you reset your skill points you will lose cash, so choose wisely.

Size: 6847768 Bytes

8. Cloud Wars - strategy - 1342 plays
Cloud Wars
Link: Play
In this addictive strategy game, the clouds are at war. Clouds have different power, based on their weather conditions. Your goal is to insurrect the other clouds and claim control of the skies! Click or drag to select one or more clouds. Click another cloud to send half your warriors for attack. Hold Ctrl key to send all warriors from the selected cloud(s). Press Space bar key to select all clouds. Capture all the clouds in each level by sending out warriors to take them over. Collect stars that randomly appear to upgrade your clouds with 1 of 3 different abilities.

Size: 4030542 Bytes

Creeper World 2 – Academy
Link: Play
Think you saved humanity…? Not so fast! On the eve of your glorious campaign to retake the galaxy a new threat emerges. Fight the Creeper in a new environment while you excavate and build your industry of war. Use new weapons as you face force fields, phantoms, and pressurized Creeper levels you never dreamed possible. Only the truly brave will prevail! Creeper World is a game with both real-time strategy and tower defense elements. Players must survive the onslaught of the titular blue mass which rises up the playing field and attempts to destroy their base of operations. This is achieved by gathering energy and using it to power weapons which stave off the Creeper long enough for the player to link the place with each level's energy totems in order to escape to the next level. Mouse to build from menu. Click drag to excavate terrain. < and > to change game speed. P to pause, but you can still queue commands while paused. See in-game help menu for more instructions.

Size: 7879458 Bytes

10. Colliding Fronts - strategy - 877 plays
Colliding Fronts
Link: Play
Colliding Fronts is tower defense game inspired by World War II theme. Aggressive German troops are trying to break through weak front lines. You must prepare and repel incoming forces. The game consists of 10 levels. Game difficulty increases as you progress through levels. There are 7 different bunkers, AA batteries, turrets to build based on WW2 military. Prepare to slay down various enemy soldiers, from fast assault grunts to slow ultimately strong guys with defending panzerschreks. Your "hot potato" cannons should be aiming at Panzer III, Panther, Tiger and even unique Maus tanks! While anti-air guns should not count crows in the sky any more, because enormous zeppelin accompanied by Luftwaffes is coming. Use mouse to build towers, 0-9 number keys for building defense, Space to send incoming enemies wave instantly, S to sell selected tower, U to upgrade, Q to change game speed. Enter in game menu for full key mapping shortcuts!

Size: 4643367 Bytes

11. Creeper World Evermore - strategy - 2806 plays
Creeper World Evermore
Link: Play
Defend our galaxy against the Creeper in this action packed strategy game. A new Creeper World mission is available every day so you have a new challenge every time you play the game. Defend our galaxy against the Creeper cleansing nightmares of an insidious A.I. Detailed game play stats and procedurally generated missions come your way in this latest installment of Creeper World. If that isn’t enough, try the new Survival Mode and see what you are really made of! Survival Mode automatically kicks in at 60 minutes or whenever you click the “Survival!!!” button. Build your forces and when ready, click that button… then hold out as long as possible. Odin City will be lost, but history shall not forget your valiant stand! Mouse to build from menu. UP/DOWN Arrow to change game speed. P to pause (can still queue commands while paused). Play the tutorial mission for in-game instructions.

Size: 4769847 Bytes

12. Cursed Dungeon - strategy - 1289 plays
Cursed Dungeon
Link: Play
A quick action RPG. Slay monsters, upgrade your equipment, learn new skills, choose your battle strategy and find the cure for your curse. You can choose one of the 3 classes to kill 24 kinds of monsters and slay 4 bosses. Do you think you can save your own life? Build up & strengthen your character as you fight in dungeons and visit towns to equip better items. Create your character and start the game. Game features original combat system and nearly 2 hours gameplay. The battle system is very simple and you just have to select an action from your action bar. Use your mouse and follow in game instructions.

Size: 5157016 Bytes

Clan Wars - The Green Goblins Forest
Link: Play
After the Great Battle between the Orcs and Humans had ended the Hordes disbanded leaving behind a vast area of land that was now war torn and pillaged. Thousands of Goblins that were once slaves to the Orc Horde were released from their obligations and soon spread across the abandoned land to develop new Strongholds of their own. It was a time of great prosperity, trade was established and many Goblin Clans began to become rich and powerful. Later the other clans become rich and powerful. With riches came pride and as the pride of clans increased so did the lust for power. Soon the clans turned to challenge other clans to fight for the land again.
Clan wars is a strategy game that requires timely offense against the opposing Stronghold while defending your own at all costs. If it is destroyed then you will lose the game. There is a cannon fixed that helps you. On the other side of the river is your opponent's Stronghold and you must destroy it to win the game. Nobody wants to give in, so gather your army, improve your equipment and smash the enemy's castle. There is in-game tutorial.
It is necessary to purchase and upgrade units and your stronghold. You can earn gold by killing units. You also have small constant income this increases as your reputation for bravely kills goes up. Experience is gained when killing the other team's goblins and is required to unlock skills and units. To navigate the battle field you can either use Left/Right arrow keys or A/D or use the mouse at the edges of the screen.

Size: 3881974 Bytes

14. City Under Siege - strategy - 514 plays
City Under Siege
Link: Play
City Under Siege is a quite good tower defense. You have to get rid of all the monsters by placing turrets, mines and other weapons on the battlefield. Get enough money to buy turrets and to improve those you already have. Use your mouse to control your battlefield.

Size: 4466790 Bytes

15. Control Craft - strategy - 1046 plays
Control Craft
Link: Play
You are the commander of the blue country and must defeat the other powers. You need to send soldiers from the main tower. Barracks is the main building of the game. This is the place where new soldiers are created. Click and hold mouse button over your buidings to select it. While still holding, move mouse to building you'r like to capture and release for send sex warriors. Release + CTRL (space) fro send all warriors. Jumper allows you to send your troops by air.

Size: 6011107 Bytes

16. Castle Crusade - strategy - 693 plays
Castle Crusade
Link: Play
You are the ruler of the blue kingdom. Your quest is to vanquish the several red kingdoms throughout these lands. You have to get to the castle of the enemy. Units spawn automatically. Castles produce knights, whereas towers produce archers.

Size: 3158024 Bytes

17. Castle Guardian - strategy - 544 plays
Castle Guardian
Link: Play
Guard your castle. There are 10 different enemies in Castle Guardian each with their own attributes. Try to upgrade your archery to a high level, archers can shoot very fast with very powerful arrows when fully upgraded. Strength upgrades and repair upgrades are also essential for staying alive. Make sure you collect as much money as you can on every level to avoid falling behind.

Size: 6173515 Bytes

18. Capital Defence - strategy - 1020 plays
Capital Defence
Link: Play
Countless enemies attack the capital and you're the only one who can stop them. In your arsenal is everything - from infantry to artillery.

Size: 1752772 Bytes

19. Cake pirate - strategy - 713 plays
Cake pirate
Link: Play
Colorful strategy about the protection of a large cake from pirate invasions hordes. Set your towers and upgrade them to prepare for the attack of the enemy.

Size: 4776565 Bytes

20. Coffee Tycoon - strategy - 535 plays
Coffee Tycoon
Link: Play
Manage a coffee franchise by hiring more employees, managers, getting customers, finding new stores.

Size: 1532102 Bytes

21. ColorCommander - strategy - 604 plays
Link: Play
Buy your monsters and command them to attack the houses.

Size: 1897913 Bytes

22. Commando 2 - strategy - 716 plays
Commando 2
Link: Play
Build up your army to attack the enemy. Similar to strategy games.

Size: 268278 Bytes

23. Commando 3 - strategy - 916 plays
Commando 3
Link: Play
Very similar to a PC strategy game with units and all.

Size: 3635898 Bytes

24. Crimson Warefare - strategy - 704 plays
Crimson Warefare
Link: Play
Quickly build up your base and defend it at all costs while trying to attack theirs.

Size: 1271120 Bytes

25. Castle Wars - strategy - 854 plays
Castle Wars
Link: Play
Use strategy cards and build a big castle. Defeat the computer or the 2nd player.

Size: 327056 Bytes

26. Castle Draw - strategy - 732 plays
Castle Draw
Link: Play
Protect the castle by drawing circles to make boulders fall on the attacking enemies.

Size: 1605687 Bytes

27. Celtic Village - strategy - 751 plays
Celtic Village
Link: Play
Control the villagers and keep them working to keep the village fruitful.

Size: 554656 Bytes

Crimsonland Turret Defense
Link: Play
Defend your position as you shoot the small and huge incoming ships. Upgrade in between levels.

Size: 743547 Bytes

29. Crimson Warefare - strategy - 801 plays
Crimson Warefare
Link: Play
Crimson Warefare - Ever played the command and conquer series? A action game, build buildings, men, repair etc,etc

Size: 1271575 Bytes

       29 strategy games starting with C
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