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       24 strategy games starting with A
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1. Age of War 2 - strategy - 3920 plays
Age of War 2
Link: Play
Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to lead your cavemen into futuristic era and destroy the enemy rival base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy’s. The twist of the game is that you can evolve as well as unlock new units and defense means. The more you evolve, the more you will become powerful. Use the Mouse to build turrets and hire units to defeat your opponent. Pick a fight, and start upgrading. Spawn your cavemen to start, and progress to tanks, bots and lasers in the future - do you have the guts to fight to the finish?

Size: 11413675 Bytes

Attack Of The Evil Bunny Empire
Link: Play
Oh no! It appears the evil bunny empire is attacking! You’re the last hope for salvation. Battle your way through 20 waves of bunny mayhem using 6 different weapons against 5 different bunny types. Set various turret defences to stop crazy rabbits from taking over the world. Use your Mouse to buy and place cannons with arrows, machine gun turrets, spike traps or air balloon bombs in the kill zone to repel the threat. The little rabbits get tougher in later levels.

Size: 814432 Bytes

3. Airborne Wars 2 - strategy - 1512 plays
Airborne Wars 2
Link: Play
After years the war is still going on. The ally forces need your support. Implement the best strategy to take over all enemy forces and all bunkers on each level until the war is won. Some of your soldiers have abilities and other time you must take over common areas before you even think about taking over the enemy bunkers. Use your Mouse to drag a line from your buildings towards the opposing structures. While holding the mouse, press Ctrl key to send 3 or 6 units. Don't forget to play it smart. Infiltrate neighbouring enemy buildings before they counter attack. Try to capture special bases where you can train particular forces like rocket men. Use your WASD or Arrow keys for map scrolling and 1-4 Number keys for special commands.

Size: 2777456 Bytes

Airport Madness 5 – Time Machine
Link: Play
This is the fifth edition of Airport Madness. You are an air traffic controller in the year 1925. As time progresses, your small grass airfield grows up into a major international airport in 1970. Witness WW2, the flying mail service in the 1920’s, the breaking of the sound barrier, and birth of the passenger jet. Click on the airplanes to access their control panels. Keep airport delays to a minimum, and avoid midair collisions.

Size: 6506376 Bytes

5. Apocalipseed - strategy - 1176 plays
Link: Play
Upon crashing to earth you must eat, grow, and spawn and army of alien plant creatures. Grow and evolve your army of mutant plants to destroy all humankind. How does mother plant get her energy? By eating the humans! This is the unique part, to eat humans you click with your Mouse on the mother plant and then drag a line somewhere where upon a root with a mouth bursts out of the ground and eats the person who happened to be standing there.

Size: 4012090 Bytes

6. Airborne Wars - strategy - 1376 plays
Airborne Wars
Link: Play
War means a tough time during which you have to survive. In order to do that conquer the enemy’s bases by sending troops on assignment to take them over! Use the Mouse to direct your warriors to their target - send your american soldiers out to capture enemy territory before they swarm in and destroy your base. Use Mouse to issue military command instructions where they should attack. Battle ground forces to capture airports so you can perform aerial raids and parachute your men in on the enemies bunker.

Size: 2506646 Bytes

7. Awaken – Front Line - strategy - 669 plays
Awaken – Front Line
Link: Play
Your squad was sent into the infected zone as a recon mission. However, things went haywire and your transport vehicle was damaged. Can you survive long enough to repair your car or will you perish under the constant assualt of the infected? Try to fix your car while maintaining a perimeter in the city. Get out of there as quickly as possible, time is of the essence. Control the game with the mouse (primary). Keyboard (secondary) - number keys 1,2,3,4,5,6 for soldier selection. Up & down arrow keys for map scrolling, Spacebar for active pause.

Size: 7484459 Bytes

8. Aliens Defense - strategy - 663 plays
Aliens Defense
Link: Play
Aliens defense is a very tactical defense/strategy game. Monsters are intelligent and will attack your defenses. The placement and orientation of the turrets is critical to win. Use the left mouse button for placing defensive towers to attack the enemy. Defend your base, generator earns money needed for placing turrets. Basic turret has a low damage, but 360 degrees rotation. Build walls or strong walls which are more resistant. Flame thrower ignite enemies. Gartling has very high damage and range to enemies, but fires in a row. It's placement is critical.

Size: 1768574 Bytes

9. Airport Madness 4 - strategy - 3311 plays
Airport Madness 4
Link: Play
In this new Airport Madness episode, manage the departure and the arrival of the planes in the airport. Do your best to avoid collisions. Manage the airport and guide airplanes when they should take off so they don't crash into each other. Use the mouse to click on the planes to access their controls. Keys 1 through 5 are your menu shortcuts.

Size: 3483621 Bytes

10. Arctic Warfare - strategy - 543 plays
Arctic Warfare
Link: Play
Your forces have begun their advance into the oil rich Arctic Glaciers. Your mission is to capture the nearby oilfields and collect 1000 credits. Use engineers to capture 3 oil pumps. To build engineers either click on the engineer button or press 1 key. Use W/S or Up/Down arrow to select lane on which to build units. To scroll the map use A/D or Left/Right arrow.

Size: 1114641 Bytes

11. Armor Robot War - strategy - 1596 plays
Armor Robot War
Link: Play
Two competing countries sent expeditions robots to a new planet, where they built their bases. And once the bases had been built, the war between the robots started. You are the boss of one group. You task is to battle and collect resources to upgrade in order to gain more advantage against the enemy! Build units as you earn money. Place them on the field area to attack incoming enemies. Winner will take control over the planet. Mouse to scroll the area and control the commander movement. Automatically pick up the items near the commander. 1-8 keys to select soldier units. Space to deselect soldier units. Left mouse click to confirm the selection.

Size: 6394623 Bytes

12. Alienocalypse - strategy - 1139 plays
Link: Play
In alienocalypse, you play as an alien invader. Your goal is simple: annihilate the major earth cities. But be aware, the humans will resist! The shop is where you manage and upgrade your forces. Choose between various species to work out your strategies. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move. Use Q/E or mousewheel for selecting unit to spawn. Press space to spawn alien.

Size: 5011909 Bytes

13. Aztec God Game - strategy - 3169 plays
Aztec God Game
Link: Play
Grow the tribe of Aztecs, build magnificent buildings on the terrain. After accumulating enough power, you can win with your neighbors. Kill all the enemies to win! Get lots of followers - they fight your enemies and build houses to breed in. They can only build houses on FLAT land. Click land near your follower to make it flat.

Size: 3772427 Bytes

14. Aqua Turret - strategy - 1363 plays
Aqua Turret
Link: Play
You have a naval base and you're being attacked by enemy ships of various classes: from torpedo boats to submarines and aircraft carriers. Survive as many waves as possible by destroying all enemies.

Size: 4899571 Bytes

15. Armor Defence - strategy - 1125 plays
Armor Defence
Link: Play
Hire kids with weapons to protect the base.

Size: 2436064 Bytes

16. Air Defence 3 - strategy - 750 plays
Air Defence 3
Link: Play
A strategic base defending sim.

Size: 2747301 Bytes

17. Age of Castles - strategy - 906 plays
Age of Castles
Link: Play
Build up your castle, recruit more workers, defend with soldiers, get merchants for more gold and ex

Size: 1276660 Bytes

18. Anacroz Tactics - strategy - 1626 plays
Anacroz Tactics
Link: Play
Load out your character and then attack and defend.

Size: 1709922 Bytes

19. Aggressive Attack - strategy - 596 plays
Aggressive Attack
Link: Play
move the kids into positions, attack ghosts, move kids as a group or individually.

Size: 5140033 Bytes

20. Autumn War - strategy - 1299 plays
Autumn War
Link: Play
An advanced flash strategy where you pick your battles and zoom to battlefield to fight them.

Size: 4035892 Bytes

Avatar Fire Nation Barge Barrage
Link: Play
Boat around and attack weak villages. Careful not to attack powerful villages.

Size: 1716061 Bytes

22. Ant War - strategy - 717 plays
Ant War
Link: Play
Build up your levels and control different parts of the yard. Can you conquer the entire yard?

Size: 679807 Bytes

23. Armies 2 - strategy - 1141 plays
Armies 2
Link: Play
Build some buildings and keep your people happy. Set out to conquer the map.

Size: 5059040 Bytes

24. Anti TD - strategy - 817 plays
Anti TD
Link: Play
Use strategy to pick the direction and units you release in this anti tower defense game.

Size: 1355027 Bytes

       24 strategy games starting with A
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