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       36 strategy games starting with S
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1. Save My Garden - strategy - 944 plays
Save My Garden
Link: Play
That's shiny and lovely day for farming. In this tower defines game there are some bugs and insects trying to ruin all of the hard work that you have done farming your garden. But insects want your harvest. Don't let them get your fruit that is in your garden. Assemble defense towers to fend off the swarms of pest who are trying to obliterate your precious garden. Use your Mouse to strategically place your defense plants so that you can blow up the bugs as they come cross your land. Keep your plants defenses upgraded to full strength so you can kill more bugs and protect your land at all costs.

Size: 7670376 Bytes

2. Stormy Castle - strategy - 2106 plays
Stormy Castle
Link: Play
Real time strategy game where you send your archers, swordsmen and wizards into battle as they attempt to destroy the enemies fortified base. Use your Mouse to cast forth fiery spells, construct barracks, archery training grounds and libraries to train wizards, bowmen and sword wielding knights. Defeat each section of the kingdom to earn upgrades that will fortify your castles defences. Watch out for giant ogre bosses and build arrow turrets on your parapets with your walls.

Size: 10788387 Bytes

3. Symbiosis - strategy - 3048 plays
Link: Play
We’ve always thought that aliens look like green humans with big heads and huge eyes. We cannot even imagine that aliens look like crystals. Hostile crystals that destroy everything on their sight. And only plants can defeat them. Symbiosis is an innovative game where your main objective is to destroy crystals using powers of your plants. Prevent a crystal based alien life form from taking over planet earth with the aid of natural plants to repel them. Tons of upgrades, spells and achievements. 15 challenging levels. Use your Mouse to grow vegetation near purple crystals to attack and destroy them before they spread. For alternate controls press Space bar key to seed a new plant, A, S or D key to change your plants mode, Q, W or E key to select magic spells, ESC key to cancel a current action, P to pause and I to open options screen. Visit the gardeners shop to upgrade your plants to fortify their damage, defence or health regeneration.

Size: 7412813 Bytes

4. Starship Commander - strategy - 1290 plays
Starship Commander
Link: Play
Starship Commander is a real time strategy game similar to Master of Orion, in which your task is to conquer the galaxy. Do this by growing your planets, producing fleets, and destroying the enemy. Building planetary facilities, research technologies, and assemble fleets to protect, and attack. Critical thinking, lots of Mouse clicking, trial and error… and a good ammount of patience. If you are not the kind of person that enjoys games in which you actually have to play well to win, then perhaps Starship Commander is not for you. Conquer the universe by ensuring your race survives in the epic battle for limited resources. Use your Mouse to create orbital space stations and shipyards to defend your planets from hostile alien attacks. Manage your energy, ore (for buildings), crystal (for scientific research) and carbon (to construct ships) resources carefully. In game click & play tutorial, in depth instructions located on the game menu.

Size: 1384946 Bytes

5. SAS Zombie Assault TD - strategy - 2006 plays
SAS Zombie Assault TD
Link: Play
Hordes of undead are approaching! Your mission is to stop them in their tracks by deploying your SAS men and automated turrets in strategic locations throughout each area. SAS Zombie Assault returns as a Tower Defense game! Use your Mouse and click to select towers and click again to place them. Play 6 maps in Normal, Elite, Nightmare or Apocalypse modes. Pass each map to earn achievements and Awesome points, and also earn valuable SAS dollars to unlock powerful upgrades, buy helicopters, airstrikes and even nukes to help you out. Fast forward is available when you click the double arrow to toggle 3x speed on/off. Click the arrow button (or hit space bar) between waves to immediately send the next wave.

Size: 8017226 Bytes

6. Solar System Defence - strategy - 1727 plays
Solar System Defence
Link: Play
Solar System Defence is a tower defense game set in space. You have to defend all the planets from the solar system from enemies that are trying to take over the galaxy. Prove you are the hero and defeat all incoming enemies. Select the first planet and start the game. Use your Mouse to build carefully your defense line, and try to keep it upgraded to be able to destroy all your enemies. Set up your tower defense line along your roads. Use your Mouse to select a gun and place it on the side of the road. Click on the plus sign to upgrade your towers. You can sell the tower at 75% of the initial price. Kill the creeping cars and earn money for more tower defenses or upgrades to your existing tower defense units. Try to repel all the waves and keep your planet intact all the way.

Size: 4601569 Bytes

7. Star Base Defense - strategy - 1566 plays
Star Base Defense
Link: Play
Defend your space station from endless waves of alien hordes in this fast-paced science fiction battle game. Place space turrets and upgrade them as you destroy all the spaceships coming in. You have upgrades which you can purchase after each round. Use mouse to select bases to build and upgrade towers.

Size: 2063467 Bytes

8. Stickman Tower Defense - strategy - 2544 plays
Stickman Tower Defense
Link: Play
You need to place your towers in strategic places on the map to stop the running stikman’s from reaching the exit. Defend your castle from the onslaught of stick men. Use your mouse to pick them up and throw them to their deaths. You can purchase upgrades and castle defense weapons with the gold you earn. Upgrade your castle to a fortress by progressing through each level. Use your mouse to control the game.

Size: 4839607 Bytes

9. Shore Siege 2 - strategy - 1440 plays
Shore Siege 2
Link: Play
Yarrr! Calling all pirates! Ye be shipwrecked on an Island full 'o' monsters. It's up to you to defend your ship against countless hordes of vile beast and repair the ship to the point where ye can escape! Back and better than ever, Shore Siege 2 is updated with new graphics, more exciting game play and more challenges. Monsters are after your treasure! But you need that treasure for more Rum! Set up defences and protect your precious gold in this fun strategy defense game. And remember the number one rule of Pirates - Protect the booty! Mouse controls to set up defences, Arrow keys to scroll camera. Collect Oil needed for defences by moving your mouse over it. Build other Oil Rigs to increase your Oil production. Click pirates, path rows, port holes to equip it with guns and cannons. Don't forget to upgrade them because more waves are comming.

Size: 5249244 Bytes

10. Strategy Defense 7 - strategy - 994 plays
Strategy Defense 7
Link: Play
Send out large waves of many different types of units as you try to conquer the AI base. The main objective of this game is to destroy the enemy castle and protect your castle. The castles have 20000 live and this cannot be increased or repaired. To attack the enemy castle, you must train soldiers. To do so, click which soldier to train. You can also build a tower defense by clicking the tower and placing it in the red area. You can buy different towers and replace your current. You can train maximum of 50 soldiers in battle at a time. There are 45 different soldier types and 15 different towers in this game. At the beginning you can only select 3 soldiers and 1 tower. Later new soldiers and tower will appear. You can use special weapon to attack the enemy but can only be used one time. You enemy also have a special weapon. With every new soldier you can use a new special weapon. Press space bar or "P" to pause and show the options menu, don't forget to click NEXT or PREV button to explore all soldiers and all towers available. You can set the DELAY NEW for new soldiers anywhere between 10-180 seconds by clicking options button in the main menu. You can also watch computer vs computer battle by clicking demo button in the main menu.

Size: 7084545 Bytes

11. Sarens - strategy - 1230 plays
Link: Play
The enemy reached the Sarens valley. Defending the survivors, you will plunge into intense battles. Battling for one of the spirits of elements you will have different magic and abilities. You will get awards for the victory. It is also possible to try more complicated modes. On the enemy side, they have magic power, different weapon attacks and golems. On your side there are three great elements of Ice, Fire and Lightning. Do not let the enemy to attack your village, click on the stickmen to hit them. Mana shows the amount of your magic power and hit points shows the amount of your life. Time shows you how long you need to protect the village. Use magic button to use the magic against the enemies. Some magic as mines or traps have to be set at the battlefield so click to place it. High-quality and stylish graphics create the right atmosphere of the game. Features: 3 characters 23 different magic 45 levels in 3 modes 50 awards 26 kinds of enemies Controls: Mouse for all actions.

Size: 4201722 Bytes

12. Santa Defender - strategy - 693 plays
Santa Defender
Link: Play
Help Santa Claus and his friends to protect the gifts for Christmas. Take control of Santa Claus for the protection of gifts. Set your friends on the field to protect and defend against evil monsters and anti Christmas characters as they try to invade your gifts. Use mouse to control the game.

Size: 4846864 Bytes

13. South Pole Aggressor - strategy - 1173 plays
South Pole Aggressor
Link: Play
You thought that penguins are cute, harmless birds? Of course it is, but when intruding into their territory - they take up arms and desperately resist! We do not advise you to visit Antarctica with hostile intentions! Click on a unit to select it and move the cursor back onto the map. The unit shows where they can be placed. Click on a unit to get more information about the unit. Click on send wave when you are ready.

Size: 8940201 Bytes

14. Soldiers - strategy - 1078 plays
Link: Play
You control a group of commandos whose job is to neutralize the terrorists. This will help you get bonuses: a smoke bomb, grenade, aimed shot, and others. In some missions, plan of the action should be well thought. There is 30 missions in the game.

Size: 10126132 Bytes

15. Sim Taxi 2 - strategy - 743 plays
Sim Taxi 2
Link: Play
Drive your taxi around the city to earn money!

Size: 3907328 Bytes

16. Samurai Defense - strategy - 676 plays
Samurai Defense
Link: Play
Severe samurai war. Protect your city from enemy attacks, improve the building, earn gold and make sure that nothing is on fire.

Size: 2060223 Bytes

Strategy Defense 2: The Three Kingdoms
Link: Play
Your kingdom is attacked. Towns and villages destroyed. The king have sent his best troops to take the revenge.

Size: 5512401 Bytes

18. Strategy Defense - strategy - 1086 plays
Strategy Defense
Link: Play
You're the only warrior who can resist the enemy. You are requested to find a family of king, try to kill all the enemies and overthrow the evil tyrant.

Size: 5050257 Bytes

19. Seasons of War - strategy - 1273 plays
Seasons of War
Link: Play
The unusual strategy game, where you write the story yourself. First you have to choose who you want to play - human or orcs. Build your village, build an army and go into battle. To win you must destroy as many enemy structures as possible.

Size: 9257509 Bytes

20. Siege Tank Defence - strategy - 1228 plays
Siege Tank Defence
Link: Play
The game of survival in which you drive the latest military development against the armada of enemy tanks. You can build additional defenses, to cause reinforcements and apply new engineering.

Size: 10433868 Bytes

21. Shadowreign - strategy - 1238 plays
Link: Play
Characters that you can interact with will have colored circle surrounding them. To talk with someone, walk up to them. To end a conversation, walk away. Move character with WASD or Arrows. Use abbilities with number keys. Target enemies with Tab, Space or Click.

Size: 5007181 Bytes

22. Star Command - strategy - 776 plays
Star Command
Link: Play
Defend your station. Controls: Mouse, Pause - P, sound - M, rotate the tower - Tab, upgrade towers - U, change target - T

Size: 25659 Bytes

23. SAS Zombie Assault - strategy - 6843 plays
SAS Zombie Assault
Link: Play
Build barricades, buy weapons and kill zombies as long as you can.

Size: 2146020 Bytes

24. SuperManager - strategy - 918 plays
Link: Play
Manage the shopping store by keeping the shelves stocked and checking people out. Can you manage it?

Size: 2764983 Bytes

Starcraft Flash Action 3
Link: Play
Picking and placing your arsenal in the Starcraft universe.

Size: 5299288 Bytes

26. Space Empires - strategy - 789 plays
Space Empires
Link: Play
Investigate planets and struggle for galactic domination.

Size: 1132151 Bytes

27. Security 2 - strategy - 833 plays
Security 2
Link: Play
Dodge the cameras and the guards to escape.

Size: 1059478 Bytes

28. Savage - strategy - 668 plays
Link: Play
Take control of the enemy flags and whatnot.

Size: 7440867 Bytes

Starcraft Flash Action 5
Link: Play
The strategy game continues in the long going series with #5 and finding as the Zerg.

Size: 7310944 Bytes

30. Strategy - strategy - 739 plays
Link: Play
Use your head and pick the best spot to not let the other color take your pieces.

Size: 151561 Bytes

31. Sea of Fire - strategy - 780 plays
Sea of Fire
Link: Play
Build up your base, destroy enemy soldiers and attempt to attack the enemy stronghold.

Size: 1282191 Bytes

32. Shock Defence - strategy - 1033 plays
Shock Defence
Link: Play
Place the turrets where you think they will do the best damage. Blow away the incoming enemies.

Size: 636017 Bytes

33. Skies Of War - strategy - 880 plays
Skies Of War
Link: Play
Amazing airplane fighter from the same guys that brought you Rail of War. Astounding graphics.

Size: 7825272 Bytes

34. Shield Defense - strategy - 819 plays
Shield Defense
Link: Play
Defend your base by using an old friend you remember from Pong. Bounce the enemy fire back at them.

Size: 378776 Bytes

35. Shield Defense v1.1 - strategy - 1062 plays
Shield Defense v1.1
Link: Play
Move your shield with the mouse to block and reflect projectiles back towards the tanks to kill them. After purchasing repair kits, you can use them in the middle of a level by clickingthe repair button by pressing R or on the side panel.

Size: 378.8 KB

36. Space Bounty - strategy - 1098 plays
Space Bounty
Link: Play
Go through the missions. The dark alliance are using some kind of super computer to intercept and decode our communications. We need you to infiltrate their base and destroy it. Leave no witnesses. Move with arrows, select weapons with 1-5 numbers and E. Use medikit with 6 or Q.

Size: 5471.4 KB

       36 strategy games starting with S
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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