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1. Tesla: War Of Currents - strategy - 1614 plays
Tesla: War Of Currents
Link: Play
As you know, Tesla was a great scientist, inventor and researcher who discovered a lot about the properties of the currents. Thomas Edison was his biggest competitor. He decided to interfere Tesla's researches and built aggressive towers on his way. Help Tesla to destroy all the towers and to get to the exit from each of the levels. Guide your robotic army through a deadly maze of Edison's constructs, rescuing puppies or by contacting Martians. Use your Mouse and hire units by clicking the top-left icon. Click the arrow symbols on the map to change Tesla’s direction. You can also earn a total of three stars for each level to spend on upgrades to improve both Tesla and your various robots. Try to unlock hidden units. Open the robot management screen to upgrade any bots with cash for the duration of the level. You can also use alternative keyboard controls: Arrow keys to scroll the map, Shift key to change the game speed, Ctrl key to manage your team and Space bar key for tactic mode.

Size: 7359714 Bytes

The Keeper Of 4 Elements
Link: Play
Dark Lord come with his army to the mystical island to find the secrets of ancient magic and use it for their evil deeds. But the island has a defender and own all the forces of nature. Protect ancient secrets hidden away on the island and defend yourself and use the power of the 4 elements. Use your Mouse to place water, earth, air, stone and fire towers. Use W key to select or cancel water skill, A key for air, F key for fire and E key for Earth skill. Shoot knights and archers as they draw closer. Earn experience points, use them in the shop and upgrade your towers. Use Space bar to speed up/down and Enter key for the next wave.

Size: 10473145 Bytes

The King’s League Odyssey
Link: Play
This odyssey is a follow up to the well-received simulation strategy game The King’s League. Once again, the kingdom calls for warriors to join the royal league. Real time strategy game where you have to fight your way through rival warriors to become part of his highness's elite fighting knights. With more unit classes, quests and events. Use your Mouse to recruit fresh new faces from the village taverns or the forest and train them to become pike men, spearmen, deadly archers, staff wielding wizards or thieves to support you in the upcoming tournament battles. Earn gold and purple crystals by completing side quests to upgrade each hero in your squad.

Size: 20289920 Bytes

4. The Empire 2 - strategy - 2703 plays
The Empire 2
Link: Play
Medieval based real time strategy game where you build your own nation before warring factions from nearby kingdoms infiltrate and loot your lands. Manage resources and defend your people as you build up an empire. Place various structures on the map to increase your population, gather resources, and train units that will fight enemies. Complete increasingly challenging tasks in the campaign mode or prepare for a massive war in the deathmatch mode. Use your Mouse to construct food producing farms, iron foundries, stone mines and forest lumber mills to gather resources to build houses, trader market places, soldier barracks and scientific research academies. Some campaigns will need to be completed quickly before enemy knights attack your castle.

Size: 7818142 Bytes

5. Tesla Defense - strategy - 2310 plays
Tesla Defense
Link: Play
Nikola Tesla has harnessed the power of his death ray into an arm-mounted cannon to win World War 2, just like in real life! Target your electrically charged turrets at waves of attacking infantry soldiers to give them a shock. Use your Mouse to place air defences, ground based targeting units or plant an explosive land mine on the battlefield. Zap enemies by clicking on them. Once you have earned enough money, spend the loot on upgrading your defence turrets or your main firing weapon. Press the orbital strike button to deal a devastating blow to swarms of enemies clumped together. Deploy towers, mines, and use your orbital strike with 1-4 number keys. Upgrade your stuff, and don’t die!

Size: 4927561 Bytes

6. Trojan War - strategy - 2365 plays
Trojan War
Link: Play
War is on. You need to defend yourself to survive the war. Upgrade your weapons and towers in each level. Use strategy to attack your trojan soldier enemies otherwise you have to face defeat. Earn upgrade points from all of your victories and use them to increase the strength of your army. Choose your army, select your towers to attack your enemies. Use Mouse and left button to interact with the game.

Size: 3900031 Bytes

7. Takeover - strategy - 6608 plays
Link: Play
The Empire united all the countries of the continent Rivadis ages ago. Centuries later, the Emperor and the nobles turned to dark doctrines. Hunger and decay has set in the lands of Rivadis but several nations in the outskirts of the empire rebelled against their cruel rulers. Time for Takeover has come! Use your Mouse to lead one of 3 nations in the battle for Rivadis in this real-time strategy game.

Size: 16473185 Bytes

The Expendables 2 – Deploy and Destroy
Link: Play
Play sequel to expendables and issue orders to your highly trained commandos to defend the base against military incursion. Choose your squad from the biggest cast of action heroes ever assembled, set up your defences and then blow the enemy to hell. There i€™s an arsenal of devastating weaponry at your disposal, including gatling guns, rocket launchers, EMP blasts, air strikes, land mines, tank, choppers and even more. You can even unleash Chuck Norris berserker rage. Use your Mouse to build, upgrade or repair machine gun towers and to order your highly skilled soldiers to shoot the enemy behind cover. For navigation use the Arrow keys or WASD keys to pan. Complete basic training to learn all Expendables before unlocking the harder missions. Collect the bonuses and use special abilities. You also can call on The Expendables and order them around the battle field to fight against the waves of enemies.

Size: 9734296 Bytes

9. The War Cry - strategy - 2966 plays
The War Cry
Link: Play
The War Cry is a fun action and strategy game where you must train a huge army to defeat the evil Goblin forces! Purchase upgrades to unlock lots of cool items and magic spells! Use your Mouse to hire miners to collect gold, raise an army, train warriors, invest in magic and purchase upgrades to become powerful enough to destroy the opposing goblin force.

Size: 5233198 Bytes

10. The last Shelter - strategy - 3314 plays
The last Shelter
Link: Play
The Last Shelter is a cool tower defense game. The world climate is deteriorating, and there's only one piece of land suitable for the human race to survive. Yet at the same time the aliens are fighting over this land with you too! Thus the war began... Your aim is to protect the last shelter of mankind from invading alien bugs. Buy weapons and build various gun towers on the given energy-powered ground. Use mouse and keyboard to play. Space to send next wave. 1 or 7 number keys to build Rapid-fire Minigun, 2 or 8 to build Heavy Weapon, 3 or 9 to build Rocket Launcher, 4 or 0 to build Energy Unit. Use E or T keys for Air Support and R or Y for Nuke Air Support.

Size: 7377943 Bytes

11. That’s My Dungeon - strategy - 892 plays
That’s My Dungeon
Link: Play
Thats my Dungeon is a unique strategy game. Protect the gold in the dungeon as you setup rat nests & rat food to keep adventures at bay. You are the keeper of this dungeon. The village people found your dungeon and came to steal your treasures. Don´t let them get ´em! There is a tutorial in the game. Use your mouse for action, and WASD keys to scroll the map.

Size: 8148505 Bytes

12. Tortuga Defense - strategy - 1134 plays
Tortuga Defense
Link: Play
Captain Log and his crew got their hands on Davy Jones’ Locker but some greedy Spaniards want also to get their filthy paws on the treasure and now our brave crew, being led by the courageous captain is on their tail, going to a war on the seas. Defend the treasure and your watery path against pirates with cannons and artillery. Use your Mouse to play the game. Select a tower from the right-hand of the screen and place it on the ground. The „X”-es marks the spots. Call in the next wave by pressing the red button. Place towers carefully in the path of enemy boats to slow them down. Killing an enemy boat will make it drop its valuable cargo. Collect it quickly before it sinks! Towers gain experience by shooting and can be upgraded once they level-up. The goal of each mission is to defend your wrecked treasure ship. Enemies that breach your defenses will end up stealing some of your treasure. The game ends if you run out of treasure to defend.

Size: 14980410 Bytes

13. Tech And Magic - strategy - 1506 plays
Tech And Magic
Link: Play
Play as a wizard and defend your castle by casting spells on enemy robots in Tech and Magic. Fight off hordes of robots using your magical powers. Destroying robots will give you crystals, which will allow you to unlock and upgrade spells, and give your castle better defences. Upgrade and buy spells to keep those pesky robots at bay. Use mouse to aim/lock on to enemies, QWER keys for special abilities.

Size: 7794482 Bytes

14. The Summoning - strategy - 1496 plays
The Summoning
Link: Play
Control an evil Summoner and use powerful deadly forces to summon undead minions, mystic creatures and conjure magic spells to vanquish the human enemies! Battle your way through 10 missions with varying objectives, unlock 6 new spells and 4 new augmentations to grow in power as you smite lowly peasants that stand in your way. Cause mayhem and destruction as you ultimately free an ancient banished demon! Can you defeat the good guys? Mouse to interact and play the game, WASD or Arrow keys to move camera, 0-9 to select spells.

Size: 9927 Bytes

15. Theme Hotel - strategy - 5908 plays
Theme Hotel
Link: Play
Construct and develop your own hotel by playing free and extensive online flash game. Start your construction from scratch to high rise a superior resort, crowded by happy guests. Give your hotel room a unique stylish look so the guests are indulged in pure luxury and wellness. The elevator feature will allow you to build and connect multiple floors to expand your hotel. Hire staff members to keep the hotel running smooth and safely. Use the mouse cursor to select and build building blocks. WASD or Arrow keys to pan.

Size: 3299158 Bytes

16. Tower Force - strategy - 1022 plays
Tower Force
Link: Play
Destroy all enemy units before they reach the end of the road. If they reach their target you will loose lives. When you destroy an enemy you will earn cash to spend on further towers and upgrades. Use towers to build your defense. To purchase a tower click on a tower in the menu, then click on the map to place it. Click on a tower to see it's stats, upgrade or sell the selected tower. Hit the next wave button when you are ready to start the battle. You have an arsenal of weapons, so teach them a lesson.

Size: 1513269 Bytes

17. Two Powers to rule Japan - strategy - 5031 plays
Two Powers to rule Japan
Link: Play
In medieval Japan there were mass civil wars between different clans. Choose your clan and try to conquer all the territory of its neighbors. Conquer new provinces to increase your income. Try to keep your expenses lower than your income. Use scrollbars to move around the map and click on any province of your color on the map. See how easily the province can be defended or click transfer forces to see how to distribute samurai among your provinces. Transfer all samurais in all provinces. Then place spy into the enemy province. When you are finished, end your turn. Use built-in tutorial to learn the strategy. Turn off the sound if you have problems on some computers/browsers.

Size: 2155055 Bytes

18. The Resistance - strategy - 591 plays
The Resistance
Link: Play
Send a crowd of monsters to attack the nearest fort. With each victory your army grows stronger and soon you'll be able to become ruler of the land. Your base is in red color on the left side. Send your creeps to attack the enemy base.

Size: 4449424 Bytes

19. Tanks Gone Wild - strategy - 738 plays
Tanks Gone Wild
Link: Play
You play as a tank crew. You have to destroy enemy tanks and defend a small village. In return the people will help you improve your tank.

Size: 3442466 Bytes

Tank Attack - Destructions
Link: Play
The new super-powerful computer rebelled. He subdued all the factories, which began production techniques under the direction of artificial intelligence. In turn, ultra-modern tank was created. Under your strict guidance, he must destroy the rebellious IT and end the uprising. The crew is ready. To battle! Control your tank with the arrow keys or the alternative keys AWSD respectively. Left mouse button - shooting from cannons. Space shooting a machine gun.

Size: 3377549 Bytes

21. Treasure Defense - strategy - 936 plays
Treasure Defense
Link: Play
Defend the jungle Treasure. Place defense towers before each wave of poachers to protect the treasure. You can spent your money to upgrade each tower. Clicking on a placed tower will show its status and upgrades available. Each level has multiple poacher waves. You can customise your towers between each wave. Once satisfied, click the start button to start a new wave. You have seven types of towers - organize the defense and save the treasures!

Size: 1007099 Bytes

22. Tank Defense - strategy - 894 plays
Tank Defense
Link: Play
In this game you need to demonstrate skills and build a defense so the enemy cannot break through your building. Once you repel the attack, you get the money to purchase new weapons or upgrades and repair old ones. There are 3 battle maps in the game and you will need to meet the enemy at least 35 times.

Size: 3193960 Bytes

23. Troy - strategy - 1243 plays
Link: Play
In fact it is simply the defense of the castle from invasion of archers, swordsmen, and so on. Starting with a single cannon in the castle, and one kind of grunt you can get up to 3 guns and all the new types of infantry. Of course the enemy is also progressing, and sends more and more troops.

Size: 2197312 Bytes

Traffic Madness WaterWays Edition
Link: Play
Traffic management is not a simple thing. Especially if the car trucks and ships moves through bridges and dams.

Size: 555174 Bytes

25. Territory WAR - strategy - 4848 plays
Territory WAR
Link: Play
All controls are listed in game. Territory War face two teams of players agains each other in a turn based fashion. When it is your turn you have two options. Move and Stay. If you choose to move remember you can only move a limited amount.

Size: 1005978 Bytes

26. Tainted Kingdom - strategy - 911 plays
Tainted Kingdom
Link: Play
Dark days have come fot he Kingdom of Terradar. With the recent death of the King, there have been major rifts between the royal family and the nobles. Bands of traitors have been created, and many have left the Kingdom; declaring it evil and changed. Beneath the legendary General Sylvas, only three noble families remain, their eldest sons acting as Captain to the remaining three soldier companies: Matteus, edgar Betulve, and Darchael Cavalan. Three friends who fight for the same cause... but only one will find truth in the war.

Size: 7019278 Bytes

27. The Waitress - strategy - 678 plays
The Waitress
Link: Play
This is an excellent waitress simulator. You have to serve your clients in 3 steps.

Size: 961456 Bytes

28. Taipan 3000 SE - strategy - 651 plays
Taipan 3000 SE
Link: Play
Build up the specs to your spaceship and make it strong enough to withstand your opponents and space

Size: 4343129 Bytes

29. Territory War - strategy - 2490 plays
Territory War
Link: Play
Take your time and take down the other team the best as possible.

Size: 1001198 Bytes

30. Turret Defense - strategy - 882 plays
Turret Defense
Link: Play
Setup turrets in tactical positions to destroy the enemies.

Size: 5224925 Bytes

31. The Mission 1 - strategy - 686 plays
The Mission 1
Link: Play
Choose your tactics carefully or your squad is toast.

Size: 5199800 Bytes

32. Tactical Invasion - strategy - 1038 plays
Tactical Invasion
Link: Play
Destroy the house with the troops you're given.

Size: 235608 Bytes

33. Tower Defence - strategy - 1029 plays
Tower Defence
Link: Play
What this game lacks in graphics, it makes up for in gamepaly. Keep your castle safe by defending it

Size: 66806 Bytes

34. The Bank Robber - strategy - 740 plays
The Bank Robber
Link: Play
Use your team of crooks, each with their own skill to make it through the level and steal the money.

Size: 8183790 Bytes

35. The Farmer - strategy - 761 plays
The Farmer
Link: Play
Build your garden and make money. Don't forget a step at growing or you may not get a harvest.

Size: 653490 Bytes

36. Tactics 100 Live - strategy - 751 plays
Tactics 100 Live
Link: Play
A strategic boardgame with pieces that move and attack each other. All based on power and skill.

Size: 907994 Bytes

37. Temple Guardian - strategy - 800 plays
Temple Guardian
Link: Play
Defend the temple by setting up your defensive towers to keep the monsters from attacking. Great TD!

Size: 1952549 Bytes

38. Tower Defence - strategy - 683 plays
Tower Defence
Link: Play
Not the greatest graphics, but some good tower defence gameplay. Place your towers and kill them all

Size: 636092 Bytes

39. Turret Tyranny - strategy - 658 plays
Turret Tyranny
Link: Play
Another tower defense game of setting up turrets. Prepare to become addicted.

Size: 172880 Bytes

40. Turret Defense 2 - strategy - 989 plays
Turret Defense 2
Link: Play
Keep the incoming enemies at bay while blowing them and their vehicles away. Upgrade through shop.

Size: 4263950 Bytes

41. Temple Guardian - strategy - 1042 plays
Temple Guardian
Link: Play
You are in charge of guarding the sacred Temple of LIghtening and Fire. Build arrow and catapult towers and other facilities to defeat waves of attack by alien animals and weird objects. May the Sacred Temple bless its worshipers.

Size: 2052.3 KB

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