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       89 logic games starting with F
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1. Four Boxes LP - logic - 1334 plays
Four Boxes LP
Link: Play
Try to remove all the red cubes off the screen. Use your Mouse to play the game. Split the color cube into smaller – 4 cubes. Remember that the number splits is limited. Less splits, the more stars you get.

Size: 2405224 Bytes

2. Free Icecream - logic - 1441 plays
Free Icecream
Link: Play
Try to get the little girl out of an evil nightmare in this creepy point and click adventure game. Escape the butchers house after you made the choice to get free icecream. Escape from the house without dying and being caught by the insane cook. Use your Mouse to find useful items and various objects which can help you with your escape and search for your friend before robot finds her.

Size: 5196864 Bytes

3. Full Moon - logic - 1285 plays
Full Moon
Link: Play
The fullest moon, a rabbit with desires can bring you some satisfaction. Try to help cute bunny to find what he asks for. Explore, point, click, drag, drop to create chain reactions. Use your Mouse and click to help the bunny find the fruit or vegetable. The Rabbit will tell you what he wants and you have to figure out how to get it. Random clicks might not help you, sometimes you must click on the object until he moves out of the way. Some object can get sleepy and then later you will be able to act.

Size: 1483669 Bytes

4. Free Jelly - logic - 867 plays
Free Jelly
Link: Play
This jelly is on a none stop mission to make his way out of this curious maze. You gonna meet lots of barriers on your way, bomb, azote, orange saw, electric shock, laser, ghost and many more. Use your Mouse to free jelly by leading it to the exit by dragging tubes. Move all the Tubes to direct the jelly out. Try to pick up all stars on the way.

Size: 2315547 Bytes

5. Free To Glow - logic - 1007 plays
Free To Glow
Link: Play
Dr. Shinozuki captured the fireflies for a deadly evil plan. Free the fireflies from his capture by solving some puzzles. Use your Mouse to click on the boxes to release the fireflies. You have to release them all in each level to complete the level.

Size: 692501 Bytes

6. Fireboy & watergirl escape - logic - 1185 plays
Fireboy & watergirl escape
Link: Play
Fireboy & watergirl were locked in hell by devil. Fireboy must use his heat to melt icicles to rescue watergirl. Watergirl and Fireboy should finish the task together. Hell is dangerous, it is full of acid rain and defenders. Fireboy & watergirl must get the key to escape from hell. Anyone who complete the tasks alone is not successful. Use WAD keys to move water girl. User Arrow keys to move fire boy. You have to get to the exit portals as fast as possible, grabbing all ice and fire gems on the way.

Size: 7957008 Bytes

7. Frank 'N' Slime - logic - 1311 plays
Frank 'N' Slime
Link: Play
Immerse yourself in this stylish puzzle platformer as the fully voiced story unfolds. Help the green blob escape from the scientists secret laboratory across over 30 brain-busting levels. Press WASD or Arrow keys to make the creature move or jump over obstacles. Try to avoid sharp spikes protruding from the ground and push wooden crates onto red buttons to open sealed electronic doors.

Size: 5112232 Bytes

Fireboy and Watergirl 4 – Crystal Temple
Link: Play
Help Fireboy and Watergirl get to the exit doors, grabbing as many diamonds as you can in the way. Puzzle game where you try to help the two opposite elemental beings gather valuable gems as the explore the ancient pyramid. Press WASD to control the girl and Arrow keys to control the boy, touch levers, switches or crates to activate or move them. In this new temple, there are crystal portals that teleport objects around. You can jump through portals that will lead to a different area on the screen.

Size: 4485035 Bytes

9. Folds - logic - 3058 plays
Link: Play
Folds is a origami based logic game where you fold pieces of coloured paper until they completely fill the dotted area. Try to fold the paper into the right shape without going over the fold limit. Use your Mouse to drag a paper corner to it's other side. Certain levels only allow you to perform a limited number of actions. At any time you can click on a fold number on the bottom of the screen to undo to that fold, or click reset to reset the level entirely. To proceed further, try to meet the required percentage for completing the level.

Size: 2682510 Bytes

10. Feed With Brains - logic - 590 plays
Feed With Brains
Link: Play
In this game you will meet Mr. Choper. He is a cute little zombie with an unusual appetite. Funny physic-based puzzle based on zombies and played by scissors. Use the scissors to deliver Mr. Choper's favorite and only meal; brains. Cut ropes with a handy pair of scissors to knock the pink human grey matter into the hungry zombie's mouth. The game has 30 levels packed with a few baloons, bombs, star, ropes, increasing difficulty and more. Use your Mouse to perform a cutting action on chains, ropes or balloons to make them go pop. Try to collect three or more stars per level to earn an excellence award by making the brain pass through them.

Size: 3291794 Bytes

11. Fluffy Steel - logic - 1140 plays
Fluffy Steel
Link: Play
Help the sword wielding squirrel get rid of all the hungry zombies that have invaded his woodland home. Contains 40 levels, with each one increasing in difficulty. Use your Arrow keys to move the squirrel around screen as he hops from each tree trunk to the next. Try not to leave the area by flying off it. Watch out for spikes appearing later on. Find the way to kill all zombies by your blades.

Size: 2277807 Bytes

12. Flooded Village - logic - 1036 plays
Flooded Village
Link: Play
Dig rivers and flip switches to guide water through the village. The goal is to redirect water to plants to grow them into trees, pirates so they can float, and to avoid drowning villagers. A grid like board is what you have to work with and you click sand to delete it making conduits for the river or can create sand to also redirect the river's water. Innovative game play, challenging puzzles, cute characters, animations and special effects. High quality stereo sound and custom soundtrack, 24 levels plus 6 unlockable bonus levels. Click on sand tiles to dig a hole, or click a switch to flip it. Press M to toggle audio. Press R to restart a level. Press ESC or P for the Pause menu.

Size: 3761765 Bytes

13. Fancy Wizard - logic - 802 plays
Fancy Wizard
Link: Play
Help the wizard reach the exit door in each level by creating and controlling dummies which mimic your movement. Many challenging tasks and tricky stages will test your logical skills for today. Complete them all by creating and fully using the brainless dummies that will loyally follow your every step. Try to complete all 18 stages with less dummies as possible. Arrow keys or WASD to move. Mouse lift click (within your magical white aura) to create dummy doll. Mouse click on characters to freeze them and lock its position.

Size: 4295390 Bytes

FireBoy and WaterGirl 3 - In The Ice Temple
Link: Play
Help FireBoy and WaterGirl in this new adventure. Control both characters at the same time to solve platformed puzzles. Direct light beams to freeze and melt water, activate buttons and levers to move platforms, push boxes and roll balls, collect all the diamonds and get each character to his door. As always, this duo is presented with another huge task. Help them reach the top of the pyramid to proceed. Use the keyboard to move Fireboy and Watergirl through the maze and collect all the diamonds on their way to the exits. The WAD keys move Watergirl and the Arrow keys move Fireboy. Use the WASD or Arrow keys to switch between each character and to move boxes or activate switches. Since fire and water don't mix, be sure to not let Fireboy go in the water lakes and don't let Watergirl go in the fires. And keep them both out of the black lakes. Fireboy slides on snow and ice, while Watergirl slows down. Shine the light on the detectors to activate platforms.

Size: 3864065 Bytes

Fox N Roll – Players Pack
Link: Play
Funny physics-based puzzle where you have to help the smiley to reach the happy fox so they can be together. Remove shapes and avoid the angry shapes touching the happy figures. Use the mouse, remove the obstacles in order to reach the fox and the smiley. Be careful, don't touch the evil smileys.

Size: 930769 Bytes

16. Fixation - logic - 750 plays
Link: Play
This is an ultimately rewarding, platform based meander through attitudes to psychology, attitudes to women and attitudes to oneself. You are confused at first and continue to be confused throughout. Your ability in this game is smoking. You can use smoke to trigger switches, to allay lazers and use smoke rings to trigger ring switchers. Get through lasers blocking them with smoke. Make smoke alarms trigger to open doorways to progress. Some doors are time limited. WASD or Arrow keys to move, jump, and double jump. Hold left mouse button to trigger a smoke in the direction of mouse cursor.

Size: 11076414 Bytes

17. Frost - logic - 1094 plays
Link: Play
Create and melt ice blocks as you push and drop them to put out all the fires. Push Ice cubes into patches of fire to put them out. Put out all the flames to win. Left and Right keys to move your hero, push ice to a new position and climb up on a block. Space to create ice beside hero, in the direction which he is facing. If ice alreadey exist there, it will be removed. R - restart, 5 - save level state, 9 to load level state, F1 - video walkthrough.

Size: 3061712 Bytes

18. Friction Physics 2 - logic - 1059 plays
Friction Physics 2
Link: Play
Sequel to Friction Physics - a unique physics based puzzle game where manupulating forces in physics. You simply utilize two fundamental forces - friction and gravity. Turn them on an off whenever you please in order to move around and advance to the next level. Goal of the game is to make the box reach the exist. Mouse over the box and click on the arrow to give it some force. The number on the arrow indicates the number of times it can be used. Click on the brick wall to turn friction on/off, click anywhere on screen background to turn gravity on/off. Green objects are removeable, yellow objects disappear when they collide with each other.

Size: 3610174 Bytes

19. Fancy Constructor - logic - 671 plays
Fancy Constructor
Link: Play
The task of this game is to move the colored blocks to the right places. Fit the blocks into the right spot to construct the shape provided. Your score depends on the time you spend in finishing the task. Use mouse to drag and place the blocks.

Size: 2750607 Bytes

20. Flaming Zombooka 3: Carnival - logic - 1854 plays
Flaming Zombooka 3: Carnival
Link: Play
Barry Zooka is back, this time with all the fun of blown up zombie clowns, while rescuing the circus performers to help him in his massacre. Oh and there’s a bloke, a man, with a rail gun called the major. Shoot using your mouse. Fire your rocket launcher and cannonballs to solve the puzzles and kill all the zombies.

Size: 5519977 Bytes

Fluffy Rescue - Levels Pack
Link: Play
Save the cute little fluffy animals. Help fluffies to get into nests of the same color. Click left mouse button on a hidden white web thread to cut it. Flower will help you and will shoots everything that falls into it. Use also other objects to get fluffies to their home. To restart level, press R.

Size: 3462721 Bytes

22. Flip2Green - logic - 621 plays
Link: Play
Flip all tiles to green to solve the puzzle. Click on edges between two tiles to flip. The less moves you use the more stars you earn. You cannot click on the corners or the outer edges of tiles. You can only flip tiles in pairs. Little pit on the tail will make another tail to flip.

Size: 1442747 Bytes

23. FERS - The Colorfull Chess - logic - 948 plays
FERS - The Colorfull Chess
Link: Play
Chess colors is a funny version of chess, with thousands of levels for expert players. Cells are not just black and white, black squares are colored. By turns, two playes will decide the position of the colored boxes. Every colored place has its own move. See help for different moves. Game ends when the pawn is captured.

Size: 2190397 Bytes

24. Frogs vs. Storks - logic - 1028 plays
Frogs vs. Storks
Link: Play
Your goal is to get all frogs over the swamp without getting them eaten by the storks. Select your frog and select the position onto which you want the frog to move. A frog can move only one field up, down, left or right. Your enemy is the stork. Stork mirrors the movements of your frogs. In some levels the stork moves two fields instead of one or there can be two storks. Fat frogs are too heavy to move by themselves. You need to push fat frogs using your other frogs. A green frog cannot move more than one fat frog at the time. Both frogs and storks eat flies, mosquitos or dragonflies so you can get or loose 2, 5 or 10 points. You can get or loose points also for flowers or storks eggs.

Size: 7270804 Bytes

25. Fly N Frog - logic - 1856 plays
Fly N Frog
Link: Play
You are a little hungry frog who dreams of eating all the flies around. He does it with sticky tongue and long jumps. Flies are always trying to stop him with traps, stones, boxes or by a bulldozer. Think quick and try to eat all flies! Click to use tongue, drag and drop to jump the frog.

Size: 1159509 Bytes

26. Funny Classroom 3 - logic - 2891 plays
Funny Classroom 3
Link: Play
You play as a girl who is bored with the lessons. We have to help her to rise the anger of the teacher, just try to follow hints. Be careful, because you can not attract too much attention! Important: Some events can be triggered by clicking on two or more different objects. Some objects will get stored in the Inventory panel, click on these objects to use them. Lay off your pranks when the temp is walking around.

Size: 1249205 Bytes

27. Fantasy Gems - logic - 842 plays
Fantasy Gems
Link: Play
Move the chips to put them in a series of 3 or more. Then they disappear, and you get points. The more chips you put together, the more points you get.

Size: 1703598 Bytes

Fireboy & Watergirl 2 in The Light Temple
Link: Play
Use A,W,D to move water girl. User arrow keys to move fire boy. You have to get to the exit doors as fast as possible, grabbing all diamonds. But in some levels you have to move both characters simultaneously. Somewhere there is no light and somewhere you have to grab the green diamond before going to the exit.

Size: 3961776 Bytes

29. Fruit Pole - logic - 765 plays
Fruit Pole
Link: Play
Move the fruit from the tree to the basket by using the balancing wood. Use mouse to adjust the balancing wood's direction and position. Once you fix the balancing wood's direction and position, click on the fruit, for it to fall from the tree. To score more, try to complete each level in short time duration.

Size: 1156756 Bytes

30. Fantastic Contraption 2 - logic - 746 plays
Fantastic Contraption 2
Link: Play
Get the pink wheel to the goal - the pink square. You have to build contraptions in the blue square. Use tutorial at the start.

Size: 1351329 Bytes

31. Fox'n 'Roll - logic - 1022 plays
Fox'n 'Roll
Link: Play
You need to help Roll reach Fox. Click figures to remove them. Some figures are evil, Roll cannot touch them. 30 puzzle levels.

Size: 970968 Bytes

32. Fenticore - logic - 778 plays
Link: Play
Once upon a time little yellow fenticore fell from a funicular on the top of a tower. Help him to get to the bottom by removing different impediments. Some objects can be removed by clicking and some by moving other objects.

Size: 1887363 Bytes

33. Fun House of Hermie Heckles - logic - 1694 plays
Fun House of Hermie Heckles
Link: Play
Hermie Heckles has locked you in his fun house and scattered the keys throughout the house. For every door that has a keyhole, there is a key hidden in that room to open it. Control the game with the mouse.

Size: 697775 Bytes

34. Free Ice Cream - logic - 1196 plays
Free Ice Cream
Link: Play
Children never talk to strangers. Even if this uncle is selling an ice cream ... He can grab you and lock in the basement, and that is what happened to this little girl.

Size: 5196864 Bytes

35. Foreign Creature - logic - 895 plays
Foreign Creature
Link: Play
Interesting game quest, a bit cruel, you play for the unknown substance, which wants to escape from the laboratory.

Size: 9272335 Bytes

36. flashChess III - logic - 978 plays
flashChess III
Link: Play
Very nice chess. Three levels of difficulty.

Size: 267487 Bytes

37. Fast Food Fiasco - logic - 649 plays
Fast Food Fiasco
Link: Play
This is an excellent puzzle game, like bejewelled, but in its place you have fast food products! Re-

Size: 327293 Bytes

38. Find Different Point - logic - 822 plays
Find Different Point
Link: Play
Find what's different between the two pictures.

Size: 337749 Bytes

39. Flower Power - logic - 662 plays
Flower Power
Link: Play
Fire the flowers at the same type of flowers.

Size: 74983 Bytes

40. F1 Puzzle - logic - 648 plays
F1 Puzzle
Link: Play
Complete this Formula one indianapolis indy 500 puzzle.

Size: 89920 Bytes

41. Fatal Puzzle - logic - 666 plays
Fatal Puzzle
Link: Play
Find a way to catch the criminals push boulders get them and get your reward.

Size: 378043 Bytes

42. Fifteen - logic - 754 plays
Link: Play
Move the numbers around and line them consecutively.

Size: 157500 Bytes

43. Find Smallmen - logic - 680 plays
Find Smallmen
Link: Play
Zoom in or out and locate the small green yellow blue and red men that are in the background.

Size: 254203 Bytes

44. Fish Hunt - logic - 578 plays
Fish Hunt
Link: Play
Walk around mines in the yard climb up stone walls avoid deadly birds and dogs and get to the gold f

Size: 615665 Bytes

45. Food Memory - logic - 635 plays
Food Memory
Link: Play
Memorize the way the food is assorted and try to place it that way.

Size: 157105 Bytes

46. Forbidden Recipes - logic - 698 plays
Forbidden Recipes
Link: Play
Mix ingredients to create a perfect sauce and pour it on the blue people to feed to the coccoona.

Size: 199216 Bytes

47. Forest Waterfall - logic - 542 plays
Forest Waterfall
Link: Play
Memorize the areas of the waterfall and then click new game to scramble it up.

Size: 151862 Bytes

48. Frog Leap - logic - 674 plays
Frog Leap
Link: Play
Click on the frogs to jump them over each other and get both groups to the other side.

Size: 61967 Bytes

49. Flying Hero - logic - 615 plays
Flying Hero
Link: Play
Travel threw the obstacles as it speeds up.

Size: 18173 Bytes

50. Flash Titles - logic - 611 plays
Flash Titles
Link: Play
Select matching tiles to make them disappear.

Size: 56409 Bytes

       89 logic games starting with F
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