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1. Epic Combo Redux - fun - 2849 plays
Epic Combo Redux
Link: Play
Hit the turtles with your hammer as they swarm out from the sewer pipes and earn cash! Buy cool upgrades with your money to smash more turtles. Use awesome combinations and try to reach 10.000 combos as fast as you can. Use your Mouse for purchasing chain reaction upgrades. Use your Arrow or WASD keys to move the stickman. Press Space bar key to bash the critters with your hammer. Visit the shop and get upgrades such as machine guns, lasers, buzz sawes, chainsaw, proximity mines or even party disco lighting effect.

Size: 2111327 Bytes

2. Fun Bubble Girl Dressup - fun - 1034 plays
Fun Bubble Girl Dressup
Link: Play
Have you ever been obssessed with a fun toy just like this cute girl is fascinated by this bubble? So search her wardrobe and choose the most beautiful clothes so that she could look perfect for her date later today. Use your Mouse to dress up and create a makeover. Try different dresses, clothes and outfit garments so the cute girl is happy.

Size: 725227 Bytes

3. Alcohol and Ammo - fun - 1300 plays
Alcohol and Ammo
Link: Play
We all know that alcohol can affect your aim, so take care when shooting the apple on his head with different weapons. Try to shoot into apple. Use your Mouse and when the target next to it, press Fire.

Size: 300453 Bytes

4. The Real Headshot - fun - 1097 plays
The Real Headshot
Link: Play
Your purpose is to help famous football player Zinedine Zidane to hit opponents with head to get red cards to gain points. Help Zidan to get as much red cards as possible. Use the Mouse to move and click the left mouse button to act. The time is limited and very short, so gain points as quickly as possible.

Size: 183013 Bytes

5. One Man Band - fun - 2287 plays
One Man Band
Link: Play
Create tunes by stacking instruments on the back of Mr Hackbracket, and build your own One Man Band contraption. Drag and drop instruments anywhere on the screen to build a crazy contraption. Press Play or Stop to control the music on each. You can also click buttons 1, 2, or 3 to switch between different loops.

Size: 1497124 Bytes

6. Stunt Driver 2 - fun - 1651 plays
Stunt Driver 2
Link: Play
Dave Fearless in Stuntdriver 2 brings back the bravest or dumbest stunt driver in the world for a second run. Crash your car over and over again and create a camera footage in this ramplified launch game that pits your health and well-being against gravity and the rapidly approaching pavement. Many cars were harmed during the making of this game. Jump in the air with your car and reach long distances. To gas up hold your Space bar key, release it on time and see your car fly in the air. Use your Left and Right Arrow keys to control your car in the air and maintain the meter in the green or yellow area for best launch. Collect money, earn upgrades like bigger fuel tank, better engine, improved ramp or safety cage. Unlock all achievements and film the most expensive movie in Hollywood history.

Size: 4587300 Bytes

7. Douchebag Beach Club - fun - 2206 plays
Douchebag Beach Club
Link: Play
Play another hilarious Douchebag game. It is a social time management game where you have to impress ladies with yourself. Douchebag Beach Club now brings you under the sun, where the girls are in bikinis, muscles are ripped and oiled up and the speakers are pumping bass. Your mission is simple; become a real douchebag by getting big muscles, increasing your swag and flirting with the ladies. Meet new friends and socialise with people who are rich and famous. Use your Mouse and visit different areas on the map. Buy new clothes, bang all the beautiful girls, try to gain enough muscles, so you can enter bodybuilding competitions. Earn the fame and fortune with your body.

Size: 6645670 Bytes

8. I’m Down - fun - 1164 plays
I’m Down
Link: Play
Throw yourself down and try to avoid the obstacles, while collecting money. A funny game of skill and challenging survival and a bit suicidal. Move your Mouse to change your fall and try to collect things on the way down. Use your collected cash to unlock upgrades, new characters and higher launching zones.

Size: 3512017 Bytes

9. Terrific Spongebob Darts - fun - 2378 plays
Terrific Spongebob Darts
Link: Play
Sponge bob played a big adventure game with Patrick. Unfortunately he lose the game. Now he is pinned to dartboard allowing to throw darts. Come to finish the level and make Sponge bob free. Use your Mouse to aim and click the left button to throw knives into target to free SpongeBob. Don't hurt him. Earn high scores, shooting straight at the target.

Size: 1965916 Bytes

10. Ceasar’s Day Off - fun - 1316 plays
Ceasar’s Day Off
Link: Play
Caesar has some free time and he’s gonna use it for wicked fun times. He sure knows how to do them bread and circuses. Watch as the roman emperor communicates with only his thumbs. Use your Up or Down arrow key and decide to please or displease the ruler. Watch what happen if Emperor will like it or someone will be sent to a lion.

Size: 3299340 Bytes

11. Kick Out Bieber 2 - fun - 1865 plays
Kick Out Bieber 2
Link: Play
Your objective, to kick Justin Bieber out of his own concert! Use the force of the CIA, a boxer, NFL pro kicker, Bruce-lee and your trusty metal guitarist to launch Bieber completely out of the venue! Cause absolute mayhem and inflict maximum damage to Justin Bieber. When you beat the game, play again and kick Selena Gomez (JB’s girlfriend) out of her own concert! Use your Mouse and hit launch at the right time, shoot and knock out Justin Bieber until he has no health. Collect achievements and see other in game instructions for different aspects of the game.

Size: 9930 Bytes

12. Daily Life 2 - fun - 1193 plays
Daily Life 2
Link: Play
The second installment of Daily Life is here with lots of improvements, like cars, new missions and Free mode! Eat, sleep, learn, work and don’t forget checking the status bars or you will get sick! :) Playing tutorial is highly recommended! Get your Mouse, start your daily life and see if you can make the right decisions! Find work, graduate the university, visit malls and buy cool stuff for your house, go out to night clubs and many more as you try to complete all the challenges of the daily life! Play with different missions and goals in mission mode or choose the free mode.

Size: 3528022 Bytes

13. Whack Your Boss - fun - 2780 plays
Whack Your Boss
Link: Play
Find the 16 different ways to whack your boss in this painfully funny office simulation. Just try and find all the ways to kill your boss! Just click for death!

Size: 3100574 Bytes

14. DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 4 - fun - 3568 plays
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 4
Link: Play
This is not a game, but it’s a musical toy to have some fun with. It’s the 4th version of the famous Sheepwolf Mixer series. Train your DJ skills and hit the tunes you like best. Play new loops, beats and tones, customize your equipment and more. In addition to cranking out tunes using your electronic keyboard use the turntable to scratch old vinyl records. Use the keyboard keys to strike notes on the piano and Mouse to select different musical modes such as bass, snares, kicks or to choose background melodies from the record menu. Close other games or videos otherwise you may encounter synchronization problems.

Size: 4046583 Bytes

15. Destrocity - fun - 949 plays
Link: Play
Destrocity is a game where you take control of a giant in a populated city and nearby neighborhood. You can slam the ground with your fists causing explosions and damage to anything nearby. Explosions will send the city's inhabitants and vehicles skyward. Climb the city buildings and knock them to the ground. Feast on the people to boost your stamina. Pickup vehicles or vendors and toss them into oblivion. Or maybe you want to perform a devastating elbow drop from the top of a skyscraper. Depending on which gamemode you are playing, you will be able to purchase skills, collect achievements and buy upgrades to help you along your way. Be wary though, as the city's military will be sent to kill you. Movement with WASD or Arrow keys, attack with Spacebar or Left mouse click, Interact with E key, Sprint while holding Shift key, use skills with 1-3 number keys. There’s an in game tutorial that briefly shows the controls.

Size: 5243910 Bytes

16. Crash Them All - fun - 1209 plays
Crash Them All
Link: Play
Create total carnage as you drive head first into traffic at breakneck speed! Go for maximum destruction. Drive your car into traffic & cause massive amounts of damage, then trigger your car bomb for more. Arrow Keys to drive, use your bombs with X key to earn wicked combo's. Use arrow keys to release bomb in your desired direction.

Size: 6017419 Bytes

17. Little Mosquito - fun - 975 plays
Little Mosquito
Link: Play
Play as a blood thirsty mosquito, seek bite locations and upgrade with blood. You must collect enough blood and avoid getting slapped. When you are full of blood, return to the base until time is up. Arrow keys to fly and Spacebar to pump blood.

Size: 3793258 Bytes

18. Building Demolisher - fun - 1649 plays
Building Demolisher
Link: Play
In the physics based puzzle game your goal is to demolish and smash all of the buildings in each of the levels using a maximum amount of metal wrecking balls. Select a ball and choose a position from where the ball will demolish the buildings. Use mouse to select the demolition ball and click to shoot.

Size: 6406403 Bytes

19. Shopping Cart Hero 3 - fun - 2929 plays
Shopping Cart Hero 3
Link: Play
Are you a real hero or just a couch potato? Push your Shopping Cart down the hill and Jump in! Create the ultimate shopping cart jump by scoring points and earning money from tricks. Upgrade your cart with rockets wheels. Try to jump as far as you can. Right arrow to run, Up arrow to get in, Up arrow again to jump in right time. Left/Right to maintain a balance or do the tricks.

Size: 598382 Bytes

20. Troll Face Quest - fun - 4117 plays
Troll Face Quest
Link: Play
Trollface Quest is a new point and click puzzle game. It features 20 different levels to solve and a bunch of troll faces all over it. Figure out what to do on each level and survive as many levels as you can. Help all the hand drawn doodle men pass each mind numbing level without falling prey to electrocution, fire or other hazards. Do not let trollface die! Art style and animation is just perfect for the game's concept. Puzzle wise, some levels are actually difficult to solve. Have fun and good luck! Use mouse to interact with the environment. Use the mouse to interact with objects in each of the danger rooms.

Size: 8024032 Bytes

21. Doodle Draw - fun - 681 plays
Doodle Draw
Link: Play
Draw great and fantastic shapes in doodle style! Everybody can draw and you can draw too. The faster you will draw, the highest score you will get. Don't worry about save your progress, game use autosave system and make everything for you! Just move your mouse over points and when stars appear, collect them to get more time or other bonuses. Don't forget about restart button and menu!

Size: 893424 Bytes

22. Angry Chubby - fun - 1218 plays
Angry Chubby
Link: Play
Angry Chubby is a funny game of skill where you toss fat people! Are you sick and tired of the fast food Industry? Then why not throw some fat people at them with a catapult or a cannon and see how they like getting fat in their faces! Throw fat guys in fast food buildings to get them down. It's sounds funny but this is serious, you must make your own team of fat guys ready to destroy all unhealthy restaurants in the world and conquer the world of bad food with them. Throw them at the various evil food chains, upgrade your chubbies and do more damage! Destroy all the fast food chains by tossing fat people, use your Mouse to aim, Left mouse button to toss.

Size: 3894308 Bytes

23. Celebrity Hunt - fun - 2711 plays
Celebrity Hunt
Link: Play
Be a paparazzi, hunt celebrities with your camera and prepare an awkward situations for them. Take a perfect scandalous front page picture, maybe you will win a prize at the end. Interact with the objects and take high priced photos of the stars! Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.

Size: 3902701 Bytes

24. Mass Mayhem 4 - fun - 3668 plays
Mass Mayhem 4
Link: Play
Go on crazy killing sprees and destroy everything on your path. Upgrade your weapons and create total havoc! Complete goals, extra upgrades and 40 objectives. Destroy everything on your path. Arrow keys to move and aim. Up key to use jet-pack. Spacebar to use or drop weapons. E key to switch weapons.

Size: 5391561 Bytes

25. Snoring 2 – Wild West - fun - 1155 plays
Snoring 2 – Wild West
Link: Play
Snoring in the Wild West is a punishable offense! Click on animals to provoke a chain reaction to wake up the elephant. Solve each logical puzzle to help the animals wake the elephant—and put a stop to his rumbling snores. The quicker you pass a level, the more stars you earn. Pigs roll if they are pushed, zebras are jumpy, roll the cow, and stop it if needed, penguins spin away when pushed, bump giraffes to tip them over like dominoes.

Size: 2961084 Bytes

26. Sleepy Germs - fun - 1757 plays
Sleepy Germs
Link: Play
Clear the germ infection by removing the specific colored germ with a capsule. Be careful which germs you remove, waking germs will hurt the health of your sick patient. Every time a sleepy germ wakes up the life bar of the patient decrease a bit. Left mouse button to click on any germ that has a color appearing in the germ medicine. You can see this medicine at the left-upper corner.

Size: 1028270 Bytes

27. Hungry Sumo – New Levels - fun - 1068 plays
Hungry Sumo – New Levels
Link: Play
Learn to defeat your enemies in new 10 levels with cunning, guile and a huge bowl of rice. Control the game with your mouse. Hover over your sumo to grow. Don't bump enemy sumos while growing. Keep all your sumos well fed. Statue sumo is immune to all.

Size: 1731025 Bytes

28. Rockstar Dreamer - fun - 2090 plays
Rockstar Dreamer
Link: Play
Grab your guitar and get ready to rock! Customize your controls (Basic or Rockstar), select a mode (Easy, Normal, or Hard) and rock out with all your favorite tunes. Practice with the easier songs and work your way up to the most difficult. You'll be a real shred lord before you know it! In basic mode, use ASKDL to play notest at the right time. When power meter is full, hit space to rock our and boost your score. In rockstar mode, use 1-5 to select strings and enter to strum at the right time, When your power meter is full, hit space to rock out and boost your score!

Size: 18755496 Bytes

29. Nudist Trampolining - fun - 2404 plays
Nudist Trampolining
Link: Play
Sun is shining and the birds are singing, so why not get your kit off and jump around on a trampoline. Use arrow keys to control your nudist. Use number keys 1-9 to pull off a move and try to reach top score.

Size: 1000117 Bytes

30. Flight - fun - 3278 plays
Link: Play
Pick up the plane and throw it. Collecting stars will give you cash. You can use it to buy upgrades later. Red cranes will give you a bonus multiplier to all the cash you collect for a couple of seconds. Windmills will give your plane a last minute boost. When you stalling, you can break out of it by pressing Space as fast as you can. Collect achievements and buy many upgrades which make your plane more powerful, lighter or quicker. You can also increase the throw power, control your plane, reduce the fuel, activate the engine or resists negative wind effects.

Size: 8460835 Bytes

31. Racer Pott - fun - 1099 plays
Racer Pott
Link: Play
How often have you ridden in a toilet stall? If not you will have the chance! Balance your porta potty with the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Perform tricks by pressing the number keys 1 to 5.

Size: 1141026 Bytes

32. Flash tuning car - fun - 1700 plays
Flash tuning car
Link: Play
You are given one of three and assignment: tune your car to the maximum! The game is a lot of details and methods of painting.

Size: 5323578 Bytes

33. Busker Panic - fun - 1212 plays
Busker Panic
Link: Play
You are a beginner guitar player trying to make money. But people do not want to listen to your music and they throw variety of debris out of the window, and you have to avoid it. For some things you have to run against them to defend yourself.

Size: 2525139 Bytes

34. Take a Walk with Music - fun - 2990 plays
Take a Walk with Music
Link: Play
A game for everyone who sits bored at the computer. Be sure to include the sound, to find how each jump affects the tone. Take a walk and listen to the music. Use arrows to rewind, play and jump.

Size: 6312423 Bytes

The interactive torture machine
Link: Play
In 2018 humanity has invented cruel punishment for criminals and terrorists - they run into the room of death, and they can choose where to go. The new version adds more possibilities you can make fun of.

Size: 3468739 Bytes

36. Death Worm - fun - 1286 plays
Death Worm
Link: Play
Play as a humongous death worm, jumping in and out of the ground. Destroy anything and everything you can in 60 seconds. Steer with left and right or A and D. While underground, rapidly smash the space bar to get more power in your jump. Destroy houses, helicopters and other movable and immovable property, make panic and fear among civilians.

Size: 612219 Bytes

37. Run, Kitty, run - fun - 1444 plays
Run, Kitty, run
Link: Play
Cats game - tease the dog, and run run to the the tree. Help a cat run to the tree. Use left mouse button to run.

Size: 467142 Bytes

38. Flowing - fun - 1211 plays
Link: Play
Large Hadron Collider in the browser... make particles smaller...

Size: 1303 Bytes

39. Rhyme for the new year - fun - 1247 plays
Rhyme for the new year
Link: Play
Click a deer for a holiday cheer. Mouse control.

Size: 288104 Bytes

40. Hunting of Santa Claus - fun - 2977 plays
Hunting of Santa Claus
Link: Play
Are your rocket launcher ready?

Size: 363446 Bytes

41. Happy Christmas - fun - 956 plays
Happy Christmas
Link: Play
A storm has blown away Santas presents! Help him to get them ack, put them into the sledge again and defend them agains the crazy squirrels.

Size: 168281 Bytes

42. Naughty Classroom - fun - 1726 plays
Naughty Classroom
Link: Play
Click on objects around the classroom to make events happen. Some events can be triggered by clicking on two different objects one after the other - these events are called combos. Refer to the hint system in the game for details on the combos. Hint - timing is very important if you want to hit a combo. Bad students annoy nice teacher.

Size: 496710 Bytes

43. Its hairdresser - fun - 1017 plays
Its hairdresser
Link: Play
Here at last you have your own hair studio business. Well maybe that is not true because now is the crisis. Equip your barbershop the way you like. Go over question mark and see how it could look.

Size: 477669 Bytes

44. Tornado Button Smashing - fun - 2565 plays
Tornado Button Smashing
Link: Play
You play as a tornado. Your goal is to destroy the entire city.

Size: 2050037 Bytes

45. Tattoo Artist - fun - 7847 plays
Tattoo Artist
Link: Play
Let's see whether one of you good tatoo artist. Keep track of all the indicators - apply drawing gently and try not to hurt the client, otherwise you are dismissed.

Size: 888095 Bytes

46. Kissing during work - fun - 1885 plays
Kissing during work
Link: Play
And how long you can kiss in the workplace? Beware of your Chief?

Size: 1429072 Bytes

47. Snow Line - fun - 1173 plays
Snow Line
Link: Play
Line Rider meets Santa. Draw the limited line you have to get Santa to collect the presents. Cool!

Size: 874740 Bytes

48. Xiao Xiao 3 - fun - 1112 plays
Xiao Xiao 3
Link: Play
This is an awesome matrix inspired flash movie, slow down and speed up time.

Size: 1431718 Bytes

49. Xiao Xiao 5 - fun - 989 plays
Xiao Xiao 5
Link: Play
Another awesome flash movie, you will love this.

Size: 442195 Bytes

50. Xiao Xiao 7 - fun - 1313 plays
Xiao Xiao 7
Link: Play
Really really cool movie, the 7th in the series!

Size: 861322 Bytes

       263 fun games
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