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       27 fun games starting with T
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1. The Real Headshot - fun - 1108 plays
The Real Headshot
Link: Play
Your purpose is to help famous football player Zinedine Zidane to hit opponents with head to get red cards to gain points. Help Zidan to get as much red cards as possible. Use the Mouse to move and click the left mouse button to act. The time is limited and very short, so gain points as quickly as possible.

Size: 183013 Bytes

2. Terrific Spongebob Darts - fun - 2423 plays
Terrific Spongebob Darts
Link: Play
Sponge bob played a big adventure game with Patrick. Unfortunately he lose the game. Now he is pinned to dartboard allowing to throw darts. Come to finish the level and make Sponge bob free. Use your Mouse to aim and click the left button to throw knives into target to free SpongeBob. Don't hurt him. Earn high scores, shooting straight at the target.

Size: 1965916 Bytes

3. Troll Face Quest - fun - 4118 plays
Troll Face Quest
Link: Play
Trollface Quest is a new point and click puzzle game. It features 20 different levels to solve and a bunch of troll faces all over it. Figure out what to do on each level and survive as many levels as you can. Help all the hand drawn doodle men pass each mind numbing level without falling prey to electrocution, fire or other hazards. Do not let trollface die! Art style and animation is just perfect for the game's concept. Puzzle wise, some levels are actually difficult to solve. Have fun and good luck! Use mouse to interact with the environment. Use the mouse to interact with objects in each of the danger rooms.

Size: 8024032 Bytes

4. Take a Walk with Music - fun - 3013 plays
Take a Walk with Music
Link: Play
A game for everyone who sits bored at the computer. Be sure to include the sound, to find how each jump affects the tone. Take a walk and listen to the music. Use arrows to rewind, play and jump.

Size: 6312423 Bytes

The interactive torture machine
Link: Play
In 2018 humanity has invented cruel punishment for criminals and terrorists - they run into the room of death, and they can choose where to go. The new version adds more possibilities you can make fun of.

Size: 3468739 Bytes

6. Tornado Button Smashing - fun - 2585 plays
Tornado Button Smashing
Link: Play
You play as a tornado. Your goal is to destroy the entire city.

Size: 2050037 Bytes

7. Tattoo Artist - fun - 7866 plays
Tattoo Artist
Link: Play
Let's see whether one of you good tatoo artist. Keep track of all the indicators - apply drawing gently and try not to hurt the client, otherwise you are dismissed.

Size: 888095 Bytes

8. The Llama Song - fun - 766 plays
The Llama Song
Link: Play
A song about being a llama.

Size: 1908083 Bytes

9. The Battlefield I - fun - 1557 plays
The Battlefield I
Link: Play
The first in this nongaming series.

Size: 4770719 Bytes

10. The Battlefield II - fun - 1006 plays
The Battlefield II
Link: Play
The 2nd combat stickman animation.

Size: 2412362 Bytes

11. The Battlefield III - fun - 936 plays
The Battlefield III
Link: Play
Stickmen blowing the crap out of each other.

Size: 3105042 Bytes

12. The Battlefield IV - fun - 901 plays
The Battlefield IV
Link: Play
The last animation in the Battlefield series.

Size: 4492148 Bytes

13. The Simpsons Home Interactive - fun - 1063 plays
The Simpsons Home Interactive
Link: Play
Tour the simpsons home, interacting with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and various objects.

Size: 2837822 Bytes

14. The Boss - fun - 946 plays
The Boss
Link: Play
Partial interactive animation of beating up your boss.

Size: 962086 Bytes

15. The Skywalkers - fun - 701 plays
The Skywalkers
Link: Play
Flash animation of The Simpsons mixed with Star Wars.

Size: 2898812 Bytes

16. Tex Lax - fun - 2832 plays
Tex Lax
Link: Play
A short animation of a new type of laxative.

Size: 465159 Bytes

17. The Simpsomaker - fun - 1172 plays
The Simpsomaker
Link: Play
Make your own Simpsons character in this nongame.

Size: 235553 Bytes

18. The Battle Project 2 - fun - 936 plays
The Battle Project 2
Link: Play
Another stick figure animation fighting sequence.

Size: 326589 Bytes

19. The Singhsons - fun - 871 plays
The Singhsons
Link: Play
The Simpsons intro parody animation.

Size: 456774 Bytes

20. The Christmas Sigworminator - fun - 744 plays
The Christmas Sigworminator
Link: Play
Dress up the worm in all sorts of clothing and change his face how you want.

Size: 5515050 Bytes

21. Think It Over - fun - 625 plays
Think It Over
Link: Play
A simple animation giving you an idea of the poor state of the world we live in.

Size: 296728 Bytes

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
Link: Play
A catchy flash animation about heroes and celebrities fighting.

Size: 2936366 Bytes

23. The Deformables The Remote - fun - 654 plays
The Deformables The Remote
Link: Play
A short flash animation of two characters fighting over controlling each other with a remote.

Size: 3640764 Bytes

24. The Classroom 2 - fun - 998 plays
The Classroom 2
Link: Play
What fun can you do in classroom?

Size: 625215 Bytes

25. The Timewaster - fun - 619 plays
The Timewaster
Link: Play
A few simple games to waste some time. Follow the instructions closely.

Size: 3519267 Bytes

The Ultimate Transformers Quiz
Link: Play
Take the quiz and find out what type of Transformer you would be. 15 questions.

Size: 1714410 Bytes

27. The Mosquito Project - fun - 767 plays
The Mosquito Project
Link: Play

Size: 825.3 KB

       27 fun games starting with T
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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