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       17 fun games starting with C
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1. Ceasar’s Day Off - fun - 1290 plays
Ceasar’s Day Off
Link: Play
Caesar has some free time and he’s gonna use it for wicked fun times. He sure knows how to do them bread and circuses. Watch as the roman emperor communicates with only his thumbs. Use your Up or Down arrow key and decide to please or displease the ruler. Watch what happen if Emperor will like it or someone will be sent to a lion.

Size: 3299340 Bytes

2. Crash Them All - fun - 1159 plays
Crash Them All
Link: Play
Create total carnage as you drive head first into traffic at breakneck speed! Go for maximum destruction. Drive your car into traffic & cause massive amounts of damage, then trigger your car bomb for more. Arrow Keys to drive, use your bombs with X key to earn wicked combo's. Use arrow keys to release bomb in your desired direction.

Size: 6017419 Bytes

3. Celebrity Hunt - fun - 2653 plays
Celebrity Hunt
Link: Play
Be a paparazzi, hunt celebrities with your camera and prepare an awkward situations for them. Take a perfect scandalous front page picture, maybe you will win a prize at the end. Interact with the objects and take high priced photos of the stars! Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.

Size: 3902701 Bytes

4. Cleo Psychic Slapdown - fun - 716 plays
Cleo Psychic Slapdown
Link: Play
Get Cleo to tell your future stick chicken bones in her nose and other things in her ears mess with

Size: 3672131 Bytes

5. ComicGen - fun - 762 plays
Link: Play
Create your own comics with this generator, put down characters, animals, cars, explosions and chang

Size: 297431 Bytes

6. Commissioner Kong - fun - 942 plays
Commissioner Kong
Link: Play
A shoot 'em up animation.

Size: 2102923 Bytes

7. Caroline - fun - 633 plays
Link: Play
A quick non-interactive comedy.

Size: 143332 Bytes

8. Cow Rebellion - fun - 908 plays
Cow Rebellion
Link: Play
Non-interactive animation about when cows attack.

Size: 1092165 Bytes

9. Create a Ride - fun - 1243 plays
Create a Ride
Link: Play
Design your car from everything, even the cars main frame.

Size: 437653 Bytes

10. Coldplay - Yellow - fun - 919 plays
Coldplay - Yellow
Link: Play
A flash animation done to the song Yellow by Coldplay.

Size: 2252315 Bytes

11. Communication - fun - 699 plays
Link: Play
An animation on how to communicate your feelings in a hidden code type of way.

Size: 2545589 Bytes

12. Cursors of the Future - fun - 618 plays
Cursors of the Future
Link: Play
Select different style of mouse cursor, either fire, boxes, DNA, space ship, vortex or multiple cursors.

Size: 491735 Bytes

13. Custom HK: Viking - fun - 636 plays
Custom HK: Viking
Link: Play
Customize your war bird with guns and wings and let it soar in space or the skies of a planet.

Size: 232228 Bytes

14. Chair Flyer - fun - 915 plays
Chair Flyer
Link: Play
Haven't got enough Line Rider? How about a humorous remake in a wheelchair?

Size: 84657 Bytes

15. City Jumper - fun - 999 plays
City Jumper
Link: Play
City Jumper - See how far you can jump! Great fun, very addictive game.

Size: 126256 Bytes

16. Chickenboy Chucky - fun - 630 plays
Chickenboy Chucky
Link: Play

Size: 74.6 KB

17. Chicken Aerobic - fun - 1853 plays
Chicken Aerobic
Link: Play
Watch the little chicken how to make aerobic.

Size: 359.1 KB

       17 fun games starting with C
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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