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       28 fun games starting with S
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1. Stunt Driver 2 - fun - 1539 plays
Stunt Driver 2
Link: Play
Dave Fearless in Stuntdriver 2 brings back the bravest or dumbest stunt driver in the world for a second run. Crash your car over and over again and create a camera footage in this ramplified launch game that pits your health and well-being against gravity and the rapidly approaching pavement. Many cars were harmed during the making of this game. Jump in the air with your car and reach long distances. To gas up hold your Space bar key, release it on time and see your car fly in the air. Use your Left and Right Arrow keys to control your car in the air and maintain the meter in the green or yellow area for best launch. Collect money, earn upgrades like bigger fuel tank, better engine, improved ramp or safety cage. Unlock all achievements and film the most expensive movie in Hollywood history.

Size: 4587300 Bytes

2. Shopping Cart Hero 3 - fun - 2843 plays
Shopping Cart Hero 3
Link: Play
Are you a real hero or just a couch potato? Push your Shopping Cart down the hill and Jump in! Create the ultimate shopping cart jump by scoring points and earning money from tricks. Upgrade your cart with rockets wheels. Try to jump as far as you can. Right arrow to run, Up arrow to get in, Up arrow again to jump in right time. Left/Right to maintain a balance or do the tricks.

Size: 598382 Bytes

3. Snoring 2 – Wild West - fun - 1079 plays
Snoring 2 – Wild West
Link: Play
Snoring in the Wild West is a punishable offense! Click on animals to provoke a chain reaction to wake up the elephant. Solve each logical puzzle to help the animals wake the elephant—and put a stop to his rumbling snores. The quicker you pass a level, the more stars you earn. Pigs roll if they are pushed, zebras are jumpy, roll the cow, and stop it if needed, penguins spin away when pushed, bump giraffes to tip them over like dominoes.

Size: 2961084 Bytes

4. Sleepy Germs - fun - 1706 plays
Sleepy Germs
Link: Play
Clear the germ infection by removing the specific colored germ with a capsule. Be careful which germs you remove, waking germs will hurt the health of your sick patient. Every time a sleepy germ wakes up the life bar of the patient decrease a bit. Left mouse button to click on any germ that has a color appearing in the germ medicine. You can see this medicine at the left-upper corner.

Size: 1028270 Bytes

5. Snow Line - fun - 1103 plays
Snow Line
Link: Play
Line Rider meets Santa. Draw the limited line you have to get Santa to collect the presents. Cool!

Size: 874740 Bytes

6. Saddam Xtreme Bitchslap - fun - 871 plays
Saddam Xtreme Bitchslap
Link: Play
Smack up Saddam Hussein any way you like punch kick him and finish him off when he's down.

Size: 691392 Bytes

7. Shoe Souls - fun - 667 plays
Shoe Souls
Link: Play
Embrace the darkness!

Size: 1371319 Bytes

Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2
Link: Play
Decide how to excute the stick man.

Size: 4314882 Bytes

9. Stomp Noise - fun - 647 plays
Stomp Noise
Link: Play
An animation of making noise stomping.

Size: 2762866 Bytes

10. Serenity - fun - 1011 plays
Link: Play
A bloody stick figure fighting animation.

Size: 1757194 Bytes

11. SF vs. MK - fun - 643 plays
SF vs. MK
Link: Play
An ultimate action fight sequence between Ken and Raiden. Guess who wins!

Size: 4183775 Bytes

12. Stick Figure Penalty 1 - fun - 1192 plays
Stick Figure Penalty 1
Link: Play
Execute the prisoner multiple ways in this stick animation.

Size: 1544631 Bytes

13. Stick Figure Suicide - fun - 1155 plays
Stick Figure Suicide
Link: Play
An animation of stick figures killing themselves.

Size: 2635392 Bytes

14. Super Smash Sisters - fun - 812 plays
Super Smash Sisters
Link: Play
An animation about Mario and Luigi's wifes rescuing their children.

Size: 2692808 Bytes

15. Singing Bird - fun - 595 plays
Singing Bird
Link: Play
An annoying animation of a horribly singing bird.

Size: 315499 Bytes

16. Sonic Character Designer - fun - 856 plays
Sonic Character Designer
Link: Play
Create your own creative Sonic-like characters.

Size: 235748 Bytes

17. Stick Animator - fun - 1212 plays
Stick Animator
Link: Play
Make your own stickman animations with this simple flash.

Size: 38505 Bytes

18. Sloppy Fight 1 - fun - 650 plays
Sloppy Fight 1
Link: Play
A simple stick figure fighting animation.

Size: 1080338 Bytes

19. Sloppy Fight 2 - fun - 730 plays
Sloppy Fight 2
Link: Play
A fighting animation that is better drawn than the first.

Size: 3560074 Bytes

20. South Park Creator 3 - fun - 1129 plays
South Park Creator 3
Link: Play
Create your own South Park character.

Size: 818307 Bytes

21. Stick Slayer vs Xiao Xiao - fun - 730 plays
Stick Slayer vs Xiao Xiao
Link: Play
Animation remake of one of the popular Xiao animations.

Size: 1136676 Bytes

22. StarCraft 12 Days of XMas - fun - 598 plays
StarCraft 12 Days of XMas
Link: Play
12 days of Christmas flash animation Starcraft style.

Size: 1922116 Bytes

23. Scooby Doo Snapshot - fun - 690 plays
Scooby Doo Snapshot
Link: Play
Create and setup a picture with Scooby Doo and the gang.

Size: 378846 Bytes

24. Snack Hunt 2 - fun - 644 plays
Snack Hunt 2
Link: Play
Try to figure out the puzzle as you get the snack avoid the dangers that may kill you.

Size: 2017088 Bytes

25. Snitch - fun - 1374 plays
Link: Play
Make the snitch talk by making him bleed, but not pass out.

Size: 523017 Bytes

26. Stunt Bike Draw - fun - 1312 plays
Stunt Bike Draw
Link: Play
Draw a line that the stunt biker jumps across. May have a bug here or there. Like Line Rider.

Size: 1958136 Bytes

27. Ski Battle - fun - 813 plays
Ski Battle
Link: Play
Line Rider gameplay returns in Ski Battle. Draw a line, place pictures and objects to ski over.

Size: 285049 Bytes

28. StairFall - fun - 1081 plays
Link: Play
Send the figure down the stairs and make the most damage as possible. You can launch several ways with mouse or W,A,S,D,Z,X keys.

Size: 161.6 KB

       28 fun games starting with S
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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