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       27 fight games starting with B
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Bubble Fighting Tournament
Link: Play
You have to fight with the best 16 fighters from around the world. Get many points, bonuses and cups. Pop your enemy’s balloons to win the tournament! Use your fighters instincts to destroy your rivals to claim the coveted trophy. Use WASD or Arrow keys to fly your balloon ship around in the sky and Mouse to aim and shoot projectiles at your enemies vessel. Try to pop your rivals balloons, or destroy his basket before he pops all of yours and send you crashing to the ground. Take on vikings, dracula, spacemen, ninjas and demon girls in a no holds barred contest to the finish. Use 1-4 number keys for weapons, stronger will recharge longer.

Size: 11022533 Bytes

2. Box10 Brawl - fight - 847 plays
Box10 Brawl
Link: Play
Forehand, lunge to the left, jab! Show all what you are capable, and defeat 1 on 1 the most powerful enemy and win the championship! For player 1, U to punch, I to kick, K to block, O for special attack, W to jump, S to crouch, A, D to move left/right. Run with tapping A/D twice. K while running for dash or roll. Perform combinations to win.

Size: 3429029 Bytes

3. Beach Catfight - fight - 2063 plays
Beach Catfight
Link: Play
You're in Hawaii, where the fights are held in a bikini. Your task is to get one of the girls down. Win combats to collect sexy pictures of the defeated girl. Attack move with arrows, feint with Up arrow, dodge with spacebar.

Size: 7134567 Bytes

4. Box with Puff Daddy - fight - 1583 plays
Box with Puff Daddy
Link: Play
Use the mouse to move your boxer left and right. Click on the mouse button to punch. Your swing will be based on the direction you are moving in. You can also use the Z and X keys for left and right hook respectively but these are not necessary. One important key to know is the SPACEBAR which you will be using to block Puffy's punches. If this key doesn't work, use the C key.

Size: 236899 Bytes

5. Battle Fones - fight - 738 plays
Battle Fones
Link: Play
Fight against the toughest fones ever! Use kicks, punches, jumps, ducks and special moves to defeat your enemy while keeping yourself as damage free as you can! As you progress, your enemies will become tougher and tougher, so you will have to be on your toes if you want to be the ultimate battle fone. Move with arows, 1 to punch, 2 to kick, 3 to block.

Size: 3456734 Bytes

6. Bee Boxing - fight - 733 plays
Bee Boxing
Link: Play
Command your bees to attack the enemy bee hive.

Size: 636074 Bytes

7. Bumpercars Demolition - fight - 743 plays
Bumpercars Demolition
Link: Play
Bump into the computer controlled players and take down their health bar to destroy them.

Size: 1710800 Bytes

8. Boxing - fight - 858 plays
Link: Play
This boxing sim is quite alot of fun, try not to KO!

Size: 151490 Bytes

9. Bloody Rage - fight - 1091 plays
Bloody Rage
Link: Play
Mortal Kombat style fighting game. It's a bloody rage!

Size: 1066224 Bytes

10. Bush Vs Kerry - fight - 800 plays
Bush Vs Kerry
Link: Play
Play as either Bush or Kerry and knock the living daylights out of each other

Size: 503425 Bytes

11. BulletTime Fighting - fight - 1545 plays
BulletTime Fighting
Link: Play
A matrix style side viewpoint game. 1 or 2 players.

Size: 1139861 Bytes

12. Bruce Lee: Tower of Death - fight - 809 plays
Bruce Lee: Tower of Death
Link: Play
Fight your way up the Tower of Death to prove your skills.

Size: 1220236 Bytes

13. Battle in Megaville - fight - 719 plays
Battle in Megaville
Link: Play
Fight in this decent looking side view fighting game.

Size: 5002879 Bytes

14. Brave Sword - fight - 741 plays
Brave Sword
Link: Play
2 Players only, take your opponent down with swords, shield butts and more.

Size: 1392050 Bytes

15. Bushido Fighters - fight - 663 plays
Bushido Fighters
Link: Play
Fight different opponents with different combat moves.

Size: 642847 Bytes

16. Bandit Kings - fight - 699 plays
Bandit Kings
Link: Play
Two player only, you fight against your friend at the same keyboard. Gather more gold than other pla

Size: 187521 Bytes

17. Backyard Brawl - fight - 700 plays
Backyard Brawl
Link: Play
Picture your character and start fighting. Each fighter has a bashing weapon.

Size: 996552 Bytes

18. Bleach - fight - 743 plays
Link: Play
Fight the aliens in this side viewing slicing and dicing game.

Size: 1812631 Bytes

19. Bighouse Beatdown - fight - 752 plays
Bighouse Beatdown
Link: Play
Fight prison guards while in your orange jumpsuit.

Size: 2255058 Bytes

20. Blood Rivals - fight - 1086 plays
Blood Rivals
Link: Play
Mash your buttons faster as this game is based completely on button mashing speed. 1 or 2 players.

Size: 2657656 Bytes

21. Bleach Training II - fight - 749 plays
Bleach Training II
Link: Play
Sidescrolling fighting with a few RPG elements tossed in for good measure. Slice and dice monsters.

Size: 12486343 Bytes

22. Barbarian Onslaught - fight - 680 plays
Barbarian Onslaught
Link: Play
Stay alive for as long as possible as you cut arms and heads of off orcs. Powerup to do a chest stab

Size: 330709 Bytes

23. Bosozoku Fighters - fight - 719 plays
Bosozoku Fighters
Link: Play
Fight your way through the streets as a hot chick with a killer yo-yo and fancy footwork.

Size: 811837 Bytes

24. Beat Battle - fight - 814 plays
Beat Battle
Link: Play
Fight using innovative moves similar to that of pushing DDR keys.

Size: 4912252 Bytes

25. Barbarian - fight - 927 plays
Link: Play
Time to fight your twin brother and cut off his ugly head. 1 or 2 players.

Size: 1516000 Bytes

26. Boss Bash - fight - 1136 plays
Boss Bash
Link: Play
Fight as Mario characters against 3 different bosses. Can you defeat all three?

Size: 3976348 Bytes

27. Break In 2 - fight - 859 plays
Break In 2
Link: Play

Size: 4361.3 KB

       27 fight games starting with B
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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