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       136 logic games starting with B
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1. Berts Brain - logic - 1919 plays
Berts Brain
Link: Play
Enlighten Berts Brain, in this brainy, tile rotating puzzle game. Bert needs help to get his old grey cells working at a higher level. Direct the energy charges to Bert’s brain. Connect all 4 nodes to the power to electrify Bert’s brain to clear each level. Use your Mouse and click to rotate a tile.

Size: 5216150 Bytes

2. Blobs Story 2 - logic - 1246 plays
Blobs Story 2
Link: Play
The bodacious blob is back in action and he’s looking for love. It is about the tragedy of lovers, who got separated. Your aim is to bring the male blob to his cute lady. Think wisely and cut the ropes in the right order to free the black ball. Let him roll over all flowers for his beloved. Cut ropes in the right order to reunite the blobs in each level. Try to collect all the flowers, which are required to unlock new levels.

Size: 4383976 Bytes

3. Blosics 2 - logic - 1605 plays
Blosics 2
Link: Play
Physics game in which you have to throw blocks off the stage by shooting balls at them. There are many types of blocks, there are many types of balls and there are 30 levels to finish. Use your Mouse to score at least 100 points in each level by knocking green blocks off the screen with your balls. Keep the red blocks on the screen to avoid losing points.

Size: 5065031 Bytes

4. Battleship - logic - 954 plays
Link: Play
Classic guessing game for two players. Deploy your battleships and use your mouse to select and place them on the field. Use the Space bar key to rotate a ship. Drag and drop your ships to place them on the grid and start to fire. To take the first shot click within a square on the grid to the right. If you miss there will be debris left after the initial explosion. If you hit a ship there will be a small flame until you have sunk the ship. If you hit one of your opponent's mines one of your ships will be sunk, or visa versa. There are two modes. Switch on Miss, it is your turn until your miss a shot. And Alternate Shots, where each player takes a shot after each other, regardless of whether they have hit a ship or not.

Size: 262127 Bytes

5. Bury My Bones - logic - 2276 plays
Bury My Bones
Link: Play
Being an undertaker is ghoulish business. A fun physics based game where you need to get the skeleton into the grave. An undertaker found a man's skeleton in an island and decided to bury it. But first he must reach the bones. You must help him using different elements of the environment. Beware the objects which can prevent you from burying the poor man. All you need to do is win and drop the skeleton into its grave. Cemetery was apparently built with switches, planks, ramps and bouncing boards. Your score is determined by how quickly you solve the stage and bury the skeleton bones. You use everything from popping balloons to punch-boxes, wooden planks, plows, dragons, electric fans or metallic spike balls to get your skeleton safely into its grave.

Size: 4841493 Bytes

6. Blym - logic - 2405 plays
Link: Play
Blym is a little green creature who lives on a faraway island. One day Blym was working in his garden but suddenly found some kind of a teleporter. He decided to try it out and… Now he is in a trouble and needs your help. Explore four strange worlds by traveling around in a mysterious teleporter. Help Blym make his way through the various cosmos levels, transform into your surroundings in order to get to the transporter, but watch out for the enemies who want to kill you and suck up your slime. Your goal is to make it to the teleporter on each level. Reach the teleporter to move onto the next stage and use your ability to meld into blocks to overcome various obstacles. Use the Arrow keys to move and jump, and hit R or click the Arrow on the top of the screen to restart a level. Push the down Arrow key while standing on any of the blue blocks to seep down into it. You can move while in a block, but you can't jump. Push up Arrow key to return to your normal form. Figure out exactly what hurts you, for example, watch out for flying birds, also when you are in a block you are safe from bullets, but not lasers. Spikes are sudden death no matter what, but strange red creatures can be destroyed by dropping a block on them. Some levels will test your platforming skills, others are logic puzzles.

Size: 4761629 Bytes

7. Ballad of the Cube - logic - 1098 plays
Ballad of the Cube
Link: Play
You were enjoying a sweet date with your new girlfriend, when suddenly an evil warlock appeared and kidnapped her. You should go for a dangerous adventure, for a way to rescue your love. Help the dashing knight rescue the fair princess from the clutches of a manic wizard. Press your Arrow keys to move the heroic knight along the green grass without falling off the sides and into oblivion. Try to reach the portal as quickly as you can for a decent score.

Size: 6264952 Bytes

8. Blob’s Story - logic - 2592 plays
Blob’s Story
Link: Play
Crack the puzzles of the hero who want to hook up with his sweetheart. Help the two one eyed creatures meet up together. Use your Mouse to slice the rope attached to the boy blob to swing him towards the girl. Try to pass through as many flower petals as you can for an added bonus. You can cut ropes attached to wooden crates and planks to use them to reach the boys girlfriend.

Size: 2484089 Bytes

9. Bustermcthundersticks - logic - 1132 plays
Link: Play
A point-n-click based physics game where you find all the sneaky ninjas hiding out amongst the furniture within the house. Use your Mouse to lift empty wooden boxes, move flower pots, pick up flat LCD television sets and solve various puzzles to locate all 33 ninjas. Try to complete each room as fast as you can to earn a decent score.

Size: 3799979 Bytes

10. Bob The Robber 2 - logic - 4573 plays
Bob The Robber 2
Link: Play
Is the city in danger again? It looks like a job for our hero – robber Bob! Angry dogs, watchful securities and cameras, laser gratings and … zombies. Help the thief Bob save the city from Gamp coproration once again by foiling the master plans of a greedy gangster. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move around each room, W or Up Arrow key to search through chest of drawers, refrigerators or tool boxes for cash, 0-9 number keys to enter codes into electronic alarm panels. Use Space bar key to whack security robots with your baseball bat and Z,X,C keys for your gadgets. Try to reach the objective without setting off any alarms and then escape without getting caught. Standing in shadows without moving Bob become invisible to cameras and guards. You can buy upgrades at the shop to help you perform better out in the field.

Size: 10710785 Bytes

Backdoor – Door 1: The Call
Link: Play
Adventure based puzzle game where you find yourself in a strange looking abode with the door locked. The only person who might know what is truly going on is a mysterious individual who contacts you over the phone. Only by solving puzzles and overcoming barriers can you hope to escape. Press Arrow keys to walk around the room, Z to perform an action or cycle through dialogue boxes, X to use an item, C to swap an item and Space bar key to open up the inventory menu so you can combine objects or save your progress. Thoroughly examine the room (take a peek at the bookshelves) to look for clues that will help you exit the house.

Size: 7559515 Bytes

12. Button X20 - logic - 1158 plays
Button X20
Link: Play
Platform based jumping game where you help the little yellow block man escape from each room by grabbing the key protected by a powerful force field. Push the button, deactivate the laser and get the key to unlock the door to the next level. Press your Arrow keys to move or jump, R to restart the level, M to turn the music on or off, S to switch off sound effects and P to pause. Push the button by pouncing on it to turn the electrical field off so you can grab the golden key and then head towards the exit door. Sometimes you will have to think outside the box how to deactivate the laser.

Size: 3599911 Bytes

13. Bad Piggies - logic - 1375 plays
Bad Piggies
Link: Play
A construction based game where you help the egg stealing green pigs stay one-step ahead of the angry birds by building machines to protect them. You are going to be building those rickety little structures that they like to house up in. Use your Mouse to construct vehicles or flying machines using the wooden parts that will protect the piggy. Try to collect stars and map pieces before reaching the chequered flag area.

Size: 2397989 Bytes

14. Boxing Token - logic - 1175 plays
Boxing Token
Link: Play
Boxing game played using a token. Click and hold any token and releace in any place on the game field. The farther the distance traveled by the token, the stronger the attack is. Choose items to be equipped. Each level will unlock new item. Level up your experience will enhance your energy. Use your Mouse to drag and drop your token to the arena. Try to avoid fields with locks or your attack is stopped. In each level you have to beat several boxers with limited amount of tokens and experience items.

Size: 3585740 Bytes

15. Binga 3 - logic - 1431 plays
Binga 3
Link: Play
Binga, the funny and challenging point and click puzzle game returns. Use your brain hardly to unravel various mysteries in order to progress. Use your Mouse to play with tennis balls, miniature cars, solve codes and lots of random tasks.

Size: 4970886 Bytes

16. Blocks - logic - 2539 plays
Link: Play
Blocks is a logic puzzle game with 100 levels to twist your brain. Move the blocks in one line to make them disappear until any block is left on the level. This game is a real challenge for your mind! Move the blocks in one line to make them disappear until any block is left on the level. E key to undo last action, R key to restart level, S for sound, M for music, Esc for Menu.

Size: 2229446 Bytes

17. Bristlies – Players Pack - logic - 1051 plays
Bristlies – Players Pack
Link: Play
Play bristlies players pack game and get more wayward cowboys into their colourful boxes. Help Bristlies to get into boxes of the same color. Cut ropes and use interactive objects to solve the puzzles. If you get stuck, just restart a level several times and skip level button will appear. Use your Mouse to activate wind blowing fans, cut ropes and turn on field generating switches to get the wild west boys into their respective cartons. Try to complete all 27 levels without losing a single man.

Size: 3487377 Bytes

18. Bristlies - logic - 1140 plays
Link: Play
Help Bristlies to get into boxes of the same color. Cut ropes and use interactive objects to solve the puzzles. If you get stuck, just restart a level several times and skip level button will appear. Use your mouse to play. Click on a rope to cut it. Use R key to restart level.

Size: 3059692 Bytes

19. Blockgineer 2 - logic - 1559 plays
Blockgineer 2
Link: Play
Use shapes and direction switches in order to get the coloured smiley faces to roll to the right door. You can also use blocks to build your own levels. Use mouse to place blocks. Use A and D keys to rotate blocks. Hold space and drag with mouse to scroll. Hotkey 1-5 to select blocks. Q and E to zoom in/out. Red smiley to the door with red dot. Blue smiley to the blue door.

Size: 2636875 Bytes

20. Ballooner - logic - 874 plays
Link: Play
Try to save all good balloons and pop all evil ones in this cute physics puzzle game. To do this you of course change various pieces of wood, metal and glass to utilize physics and complete these goals. Cactus or spikes will pop your balloon, so be careful. You need to pop all evil balloons to complete stage. You don't have to free neutral balloons. Click on exploding balloons to explode them. 5 balloon types with unique skills and 24 puzzles are waiting for you. Use Mouse to click and break glass blocks and interact with various elements, R to retry the level.

Size: 1147593 Bytes

21. Bee Honey - logic - 2283 plays
Bee Honey
Link: Play
Help the bees to collect honey by matching 3 or more bees of the same color. Use your logical skills to solve all levels. This game is played by mouse only. Swap bees to match 3 or more of them. Clear all highlighted bees to win a level.

Size: 1496495 Bytes

22. Blockoomz - logic - 578 plays
Link: Play
In this puzzle game, you must destroy every blocks with the fewest number of clicks. Very easy first, it's more difficult after some levels. You must not remove the stars but take care and clown blocks can not be removed with click and you must take it off the screen wisely. Use the mouse to play.

Size: 747889 Bytes

23. Bounzy - logic - 2599 plays
Link: Play
Help the lone soldier eradicate all the pestilent zombies in the graveyard by popping them in the head with the pistol. You have to kill zombies in creative ways including directly shooting them, use exploding barrels or crushing them. Use the mouse to shoot with your gun. You only have a limited number of bullets, so use your ammo wisely.

Size: 913864 Bytes

24. Binga 2 - logic - 899 plays
Binga 2
Link: Play
Binga 2 has the same principle than the first: solve a maximum of riddles. Find out how to play at every new riddle and let's go. A fun, quick, variety puzzle game. Solve the puzzle in each level to progress. Follow instructions which are given on the fly and control the game with the mouse.

Size: 4981424 Bytes

25. Blueprint 3D - logic - 1397 plays
Blueprint 3D
Link: Play
Play a difficult point of view game that requires foresight. Challenge yourself in this truly innovative game built around the complex blueprint sets! Try to rotate clusters of lines until they form a blueprint of a complete image. Line up the lines perfectly to see the complex shapes of the selected picture. Use your mouse to move the blueprint around and line up the 3D image print.

Size: 11872346 Bytes

26. Brain Shape - logic - 987 plays
Brain Shape
Link: Play
Brain Shapes is a math game where users have to distribute a number series in some slots on different shapes, following the rules and instructions on the screen. Goals of the game are to practice basic maths, use game and research as learning method, find the funny side of mathematics. There are 6 Stages, 26 levels and 9 different shapes.

Size: 1140146 Bytes

27. Blast Out - logic - 1842 plays
Blast Out
Link: Play
This is fun and skillful physics game where you should get rid of the angry griffins perching all over the place. They are pretty evil so you need to place bombs around them and get them off the platforms by blowing them up. Do not blast off the angel birds, though! Whenever one gets knocked over, you'll lose the level. Instruction: Use your mouse and left click to place a bomb. Use the Space Bar to detonate the bomb.

Size: 2188977 Bytes

28. Blockage 2 - logic - 1342 plays
Blockage 2
Link: Play
In this game you have to beat 30 brain-melting stages by controlling colored squares that need to be carefully positioned in order to fill color containers. All instructions are given in game and the player may choose to play with keyboard, mouse or both. If you are having a hard time with the game colors, hold Tab for help.

Size: 4695226 Bytes

29. Binga - logic - 2540 plays
Link: Play
Binga is a variety puzzle game that might drive you a little nuts. Use you wits and mouse skills to pass each level and make it on the leader-board. You've gotta solve different puzzle tasks but also some physics levels in order to proceed in this cute point and click puzzle game. Binga is a game of fast paced decision making, literally. Instructions are given on the fly and it keeps you on your toes.

Size: 5183212 Bytes

30. Being One - Escape The Lab - logic - 9953 plays
Being One - Escape The Lab
Link: Play
You awake inside a vat, liquid bubbling up in front of your eyes. You have no idea where or who you are. Your eyes take a while to adjust to your surroundings. You must get out of this vat and escape this vile laboratory... You can possibly discover details about your confinement, as well as the identity of your unnamed ally in the process. Enjoy great graphics, sounds, puzzle and science fiction adventure thriller. Use your mouse to find items and solve item-based puzzles. Meanwhile, navigation is as simple as clicking on the yellow arrows that point to various landmarks.

Size: 3856896 Bytes

31. Backgammon - logic - 758 plays
Link: Play
A classic online Backgammon game of skill and strategy. Click roll to start your turn. Click one of your white pieces to select it, then click where you want to move it. Each die represents a separate move. When you roll doubles you can make 4 moves. The goal is to move all your pieces to the bottom right slot.

Size: 702627 Bytes

32. Briker 2 - logic - 1408 plays
Briker 2
Link: Play
To escape Bricker Prison you need to find a way to stand on the Goal Plate. This plate will send you to the next level. You have to stand on it to finish the level. Normal plate support you in any position, while wooden plate only half of your weight. Fragile plate support you only once and then it crashes. Spring plate supports only your full weight else it throws you in any direction. Teleport plate teleports you in special places on map. Bridge plate activates only on your full weight and adds more plates on map. Use Arrow keys to move your brick in this surprising 3D puzzle game with beautiful music.

Size: 5981691 Bytes

33. Bubble Go - logic - 586 plays
Bubble Go
Link: Play
Press bubble, hold left mouse and release it. Goal is to shoot the green container with water. Shoot it by selecting the desired trajectory and force of the shot. You can bounce from the walls. When you failed, left mouse to restart the level.

Size: 1572010 Bytes

34. Bomb Chain 3 - Blast Off - logic - 842 plays
Bomb Chain 3 - Blast Off
Link: Play
Your task is to blow up all the bombs on the chessboard. X bomb explodes diagonally in all directions. + Bomb explodes verticaly and horizontally. O bomb explodes in all directions. The higher the value, the greater the bomb's effect. You can also find other items, like buttons or rockets which are used to complete exploding chains. Stage must be clear of all rockets and bombs, and all switches and banned items, must be green to proceed. Position items from the selectable area onto the game stage strategically to create a chain reaction that would clear the stage of all bombs and rockets.

Size: 844920 Bytes

35. Brains Will Roll - logic - 823 plays
Brains Will Roll
Link: Play
Help the hungry zombies eat brains. For this you have to use physics, your logic, manual dexterity and the surrounding objects. None of the dead man should be left brainless.

Size: 2313937 Bytes

Bob the Thief 2 - Kort Fnox
Link: Play
Get all the golds, try to find the shortest path and then go back to the exit. Use mouse or keyboard to move. Beware of traps and distractions.

Size: 650983 Bytes

37. Break In 2 - logic - 968 plays
Break In 2
Link: Play
You have to escape from the cordoned area. Everywhere there are towers that monitor any movement. And it's better not to get their way. Think about your brilliant plan and run as fast as possible! Use W,S,A,D to to control the movement. Don't get caught by spotlights or other traps.

Size: 5033527 Bytes

38. Blockdown - logic - 744 plays
Link: Play
Swap adjacent blocks to create 2x2 patterns. Change places of colored squares, swap them, create the square in the center in one color. Then it disappears and you earn points to advance to the next level. Make multiple matches on a single block to get a bonus on its next match.

Size: 1707749 Bytes

39. Beijing Opera Mask - logic - 642 plays
Beijing Opera Mask
Link: Play
Link three or more Beijing opera masks so as to activate the head crown, head and body of the actor. When the three parts are activated, the opera actor/actresss will perform for you.

Size: 1726946 Bytes

40. Bunny + Bunny = Boom! - logic - 904 plays
Bunny + Bunny = Boom!
Link: Play
You have to control rabbits in the field with a carrot. If the rabbit eats a carrot, you get two rabbits. If the rabbits meet together, you get an explosion. At each level you'll get a mission: to eat carrots, duplicated rabbits or explode them all in combo.

Size: 3479030 Bytes

41. Blue Square & Diamond - logic - 1646 plays
Blue Square & Diamond
Link: Play
We do not understand how the blue square appeared in this place. Help him reach his friend's blue "diamond", overcoming many obstacles.

Size: 365177 Bytes

42. Bomboozle - logic - 654 plays
Link: Play
Find a group of 3 or more blobs of the same colour and draw a line connecting them by clicking and dragging with the mouse. Lines of 6 or more blobs are rewarded with a bomb - click on it for maximum carnage! The multi-coloured wildcard blobs will match with blobs of any colour, so use them wisely!

Size: 806669 Bytes

43. Boat Balancing - logic - 765 plays
Boat Balancing
Link: Play
In this game you have to balance the two boats equally by arranging the wooden boxes in the appropriate boats from the mother boat. You can proceed to next level when both the boats are levelled. Finish the levels soon to score high points. Use mouse to interact. Just click and drag the boxes to the baots. You can replace the boxes after placing in the boats.

Size: 807659 Bytes

44. Bowja 3: Ninja Kami - logic - 1792 plays
Bowja 3: Ninja Kami
Link: Play
Yokai and his evil helpers have stolen an Omamori (amulet) from the Caves of Kami and in turn disrupted the balance of the Ninja Spirit. Reclaim the Omamorri and return it to the Caves of Kami. Use your mouse to click on objects or locations on the screen to progress through the game.

Size: 5360984 Bytes

45. Blockslide - logic - 646 plays
Link: Play
The game is a bit like Sokoban. Face the BLUE box and press space to move it. Get to the gate to the next level. Dynamite will destroy 1 box. WHITE boxes are indestructable. Press B or A to use dynamite.

Size: 1540343 Bytes

46. Blosics - logic - 2032 plays
Link: Play
Press, pull, release. Longer you hold, bigger the shooting ball is. Hit spacebar to cancel shot. Caution! Shooting costs points. The goal of the game is to throw blocks of the stage. You get points for green blocks.

Size: 413518 Bytes

47. Bridge - logic - 16212 plays
Link: Play
Your job is to build a bridge and help your workers to get items from the other side of valley. You have to design your bridge with design icon in the upper left corner. You have to bridge elements available: "walks" and "connectors".

Size: 724803 Bytes

48. Bucketball 2 - logic - 2051 plays
Bucketball 2
Link: Play
Click a ball to select it. Click again to shoot. Shoot the balls into the right buckets. Move a ball left and right by draging it with the mouse.

Size: 3014445 Bytes

49. Bubble Guinea Pop - logic - 1199 plays
Bubble Guinea Pop
Link: Play
Aim of the game is to splat animals with bubblegum using guineapigs. Snakes spit out guinea pigs. Click on snakes to launch pigs. Control the game with mouse. Click at the right time to launch the pig over hills and obstacles.

Size: 150093 Bytes

50. Big Diamond 2 - logic - 825 plays
Big Diamond 2
Link: Play
Use the golden ball to shoot all silver balls off the board within the time limit.

Size: 1288133 Bytes

       136 logic games starting with B
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