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       37 fight games starting with S
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1. Samurai Asshole - fight - 1401 plays
Samurai Asshole
Link: Play
Your master is dead, and you're out for mindless revenge against everyone. Avenge your masters death to the three religious leader. You have to fight with monks and dragons. Use the Arrow keys to move and walk, A key to attack, S key to jump and D key to block. Three religious have to die.

Size: 318352 Bytes

2. Six O Clock High - fight - 1403 plays
Six O Clock High
Link: Play
The game will take you to the battlefields of the World War I. The French pursuit-plane was on a combat mission when it was suddenly attacked by a group of Germans. Six O’Clock High is a chaotic new aerial dogfighting game. Take to the skies with super easy and intuitive controls, unique graphics and a thirst for gunpowder. It’s all about becoming an aerial ninja while piloting your plane throughout waves of skilled enemies. The best fighter aces will be sent against you, do you have what it takes to win the day? Now get to it pilot, we need you in the war effort! In the role of military pilot you have to fight in the air against enemy planes. Use your Mouse and the plane follows your cursor. You can use WASD or Arrow keys to direct your aircraft as well. Shooting on enemy air planes is automatic. Earn upgrade points after each wave to spend on 14 different aircraft upgrades. Select titanium armour, rockets or a dangerous english breakfast. The battle will be hard and dangerous, but you must survive and accomplish your mission.

Size: 12525699 Bytes

Sift Renegade 3 – Defiance
Link: Play
Shooting based fighting game where you carry on reliving Kiro's past as his brother Keinji tries to find the traitor amongst the Yakuza. Press your Arrow keys to move or jump, X to attack, 1-4 number keys to swap out weapons, P to pause, C to grab enemies, Z to perform a heavy attack and S to block incoming blows. Use your sword to slice ninja stick warriors as soon as they begin their assault on you. Earn cash to upgrade your weapons or increase your health bar.

Size: 4418572 Bytes

4. Siegius Arena - fight - 3128 plays
Siegius Arena
Link: Play
Fight in arena battles in the roman empire with gladiators in this action fight rpg game. Blood will be spilt as you fight to the death in a series of arena battles. Upgrade your gladiator and fight for your life. Buy upgrades, weapons, swords and helmets in town and collect various achievements. Use the Arrow keys or WASD keys on the keyboard to move the gladiator. Some dialogs can be operated with the Mouse cursor. Z,X keys to heavy and hard attacks. C key is for items, V key is used for spells when you them. P key to pause the game.

Size: 8985808 Bytes

5. Samurai Tournament - fight - 1007 plays
Samurai Tournament
Link: Play
You are the true samurai and fight with swords! Repel attacks of the enemy and make attack with the mouse! There are two modes. Attack mode - press mouse button and move up adn down. Defense mode - rollower the green zones on the screen with your mouse.

Size: 753279 Bytes

6. Savage Huskies - fight - 969 plays
Savage Huskies
Link: Play
Fight through the city area. Controls: Arrows, shoot - S, kick - D, super attack - F

Size: 13563144 Bytes

7. Super Fight Fight - fight - 1197 plays
Super Fight Fight
Link: Play
A good fighting game with all your favorite stick-humanoids. S to punch, D to kick, A to block.

Size: 1782387 Bytes

8. StickBrawler - fight - 833 plays
Link: Play
Protect yourself from other men, who wants to kill you.

Size: 2009000 Bytes

9. Samurai Warrior - fight - 722 plays
Samurai Warrior
Link: Play
A tekken style beat 'em up. Awesome

Size: 604548 Bytes

10. Sumo Showdown - fight - 790 plays
Sumo Showdown
Link: Play
Knock the computer sumo wrestler out of the ring.

Size: 635556 Bytes

11. Sumo Slam - fight - 1098 plays
Sumo Slam
Link: Play
Knock the other sumo wrestlers off the platform. Play against computer or up to 4 players.

Size: 1412071 Bytes

12. Street Fighter 2 - fight - 1081 plays
Street Fighter 2
Link: Play
Take a trip back in time and play this awesome retro arcade game online!

Size: 2347909 Bytes

13. Stick 2 Combat - fight - 834 plays
Stick 2 Combat
Link: Play
Swing away for multi-combos.

Size: 433519 Bytes

14. Stickman Fighting - fight - 885 plays
Stickman Fighting
Link: Play
Empower your fighter with points and fight it out.

Size: 489721 Bytes

15. Superfighter - fight - 858 plays
Link: Play
A regular fighting game with no super powers, just man to man.

Size: 382787 Bytes

16. Stick Fighter 2 - fight - 812 plays
Stick Fighter 2
Link: Play
Fight the other stickman as a computer or 2nd player.

Size: 588088 Bytes

17. Super Smash X - fight - 1092 plays
Super Smash X
Link: Play
The heroes Mario, Link, and Megaman are up against each other to test who is the greatest.

Size: 1286404 Bytes

18. Stick Fighter - fight - 779 plays
Stick Fighter
Link: Play
1 or 2 player fighting game with fireballs and combos.

Size: 175037 Bytes

19. Sabermania - fight - 954 plays
Link: Play
Use your lightsaber and duel with the computer.

Size: 4119405 Bytes

20. Street Fighter - fight - 986 plays
Street Fighter
Link: Play
Fighting game with multiple characters from Street Fighter.

Size: 1897695 Bytes

21. Super Fighter - fight - 851 plays
Super Fighter
Link: Play
Side view fighting game with 8 fighters to choose from and fight.

Size: 1142977 Bytes

SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Bust Up
Link: Play
A fighting game with SpongeBob characters. Two fighting modes.

Size: 1442080 Bytes

23. Smacky - fight - 998 plays
Link: Play
You're a mean squirrel, beat up your neighbor squirrels to keep them away.

Size: 1113094 Bytes

24. Street Fighter Flash - fight - 825 plays
Street Fighter Flash
Link: Play
Fight with some of the Street Fighter universe characters. Decent for a flash game.

Size: 792752 Bytes

25. Santa Fighter - fight - 583 plays
Santa Fighter
Link: Play
Fight as Santa against an evil Santa. Try to become victorious.

Size: 289486 Bytes

26. Stick Trinity - fight - 799 plays
Stick Trinity
Link: Play
Fight the onslaught of stick fighters with your sword. Perform as many combos as possible. Sweet!

Size: 1118554 Bytes

27. Stab - fight - 790 plays
Link: Play
Grab the knife, we're going to the Stab Arena to get some blood out of somebody!

Size: 5403851 Bytes

28. Super Pico All Stars - fight - 726 plays
Super Pico All Stars
Link: Play
Fight and win against all the characters, then play as different character and win as them. Fight!

Size: 6932042 Bytes

29. Sheeps of Rage - fight - 706 plays
Sheeps of Rage
Link: Play
Fight the sheep on the streets as they enter the screen. A Streets of Rage spoof.

Size: 1844415 Bytes

SpongeBob SquarePants Kahrahtay Contest
Link: Play
Fight as SpongeBob SquarePants and click where you want to attack. Can you finish off your opponent?

Size: 632018 Bytes

31. Swords Saga - fight - 729 plays
Swords Saga
Link: Play
Awesome fighting game with RPG elements. Be patient the game comes in at 14.5 megabytes. Very Cool!

Size: 14892737 Bytes

32. School of Sword 2 - fight - 705 plays
School of Sword 2
Link: Play
How's your sword fighting skills? You're about to be challenged toa duel. Better be ready.

Size: 1515503 Bytes

33. Stretchyman - fight - 842 plays
Link: Play
Fight the incoming enemies with stretchy arms and legs and even a few weapons.

Size: 1963862 Bytes

34. Sword Tournament - fight - 799 plays
Sword Tournament
Link: Play
Fight against others with swords in this game loosely based on He-Man.

Size: 1220363 Bytes

35. Super Boxing - fight - 846 plays
Super Boxing
Link: Play
Box news anchors while staying alive and blocking their punches.

Size: 635163 Bytes

36. Spaaarta!!! - fight - 892 plays
Link: Play
Kick as many of them as you can into the bottomless pit. Harder than it sooooouuunds!!!

Size: 1528998 Bytes

37. Swords And Sandals Crusader - fight - 5609 plays
Swords And Sandals Crusader
Link: Play
The Swords and Sandals series continues. Ready to pick a fight with another would-be conquerer?

Size: 3523690 Bytes

       37 fight games starting with S
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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