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       18 fight games starting with C
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1. Comic Stars Fighting - fight - 1936 plays
Comic Stars Fighting
Link: Play
Characters of the most popular comic book meet together in one arena to fight in the tournament. Try to become a best fighter. See tutorial for controls and how to fight.

Size: 4498094 Bytes

2. Chrome Wars - fight - 766 plays
Chrome Wars
Link: Play
Become the best robot, destroying all the other robots in fair fight.

Size: 3458421 Bytes

3. Crazy Flasher - fight - 596 plays
Crazy Flasher
Link: Play
A sidescrolling fighting game. Streets of Rage-ish gameplay.

Size: 935674 Bytes

4. Courier Combat - fight - 671 plays
Courier Combat
Link: Play
Fighting moves with special powerup move. Good graphics.

Size: 3652356 Bytes

Championship Cock Fighters
Link: Play
2 Player only, fight as roosters against each other and peck each other to death.

Size: 271551 Bytes

6. Celebrity Fight Club - fight - 915 plays
Celebrity Fight Club
Link: Play
Fight 4 celebrities in this somewhat easy fighting game.

Size: 434356 Bytes

7. Capoeira Fighter 1 - fight - 769 plays
Capoeira Fighter 1
Link: Play
2 player only fighting game with jump kicking.

Size: 1690776 Bytes

8. comBOTS - fight - 603 plays
Link: Play
Can your bot defeat the enemy bots?

Size: 496928 Bytes

9. Counter Punch - fight - 551 plays
Counter Punch
Link: Play
An excellent fighting game with animations that look great. Multiple opponents.

Size: 801773 Bytes

10. Crank Deathmatch - fight - 709 plays
Crank Deathmatch
Link: Play
A celebrity deathmatch fighting game with pickups here and there and four characters to play as.

Size: 3137359 Bytes

11. Celebrity Smackdown - fight - 684 plays
Celebrity Smackdown
Link: Play
Fight four celebs and try to win against each. Careful, there's always one or more that's harder.

Size: 1226606 Bytes

12. Celebrity Smackdown 2 - fight - 673 plays
Celebrity Smackdown 2
Link: Play
Wanna beat up some celebrities? Of course you do! Prepare for the beat down!

Size: 1172060 Bytes

13. Celebrity Smackdown 3 - fight - 807 plays
Celebrity Smackdown 3
Link: Play
Fight four celebrities and send them packing if you can click them fast enough.

Size: 1458164 Bytes

14. Celebrity Smackdown 4 - fight - 1414 plays
Celebrity Smackdown 4
Link: Play
Take out aggression on four celebrities and break up their face as fast as possible. Can you beat em

Size: 1034432 Bytes

15. Cosmic Warriors - fight - 580 plays
Cosmic Warriors
Link: Play
Pit your UFO against the computer or another player. Watch out for asteroids that blowup.

Size: 108937 Bytes

16. Chaos War II - fight - 695 plays
Chaos War II
Link: Play
Fight and shoot the stickmen and the turrets that appear. Collect energy and coins at their death.

Size: 7385357 Bytes

17. City Smasher - fight - 767 plays
City Smasher
Link: Play
Smash the city and destroy any puny people that stand in your way.

Size: 1275719 Bytes

18. Canyonglider - fight - 661 plays
Link: Play
Canyonglider - Glide as far as possible, getting as many points as you can

Size: 270613 Bytes

       18 fight games starting with C
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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