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       22 fight games starting with K
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King of Fighters Fighting v1.4
Link: Play
King of Fighters fighting version 1.4 is added with more characters, and it is more exciting with many more great fighting skills. Train your kung fu techniques in the tournament action against hordes of powerful warriors and street brawlers. You can perform heavy fist punches or strike leg kicks in three modes. Play with 1 or 2 players in a challenge mode, fight survival mode or tutorial mode. For Player1, use WASD keys to move, J key to attack, K key to jump, L key to Dash, UIO keys to activate special skills. For Player2, use Arrow keys to move, 1 number key to attack, 2 number key to jump, 3 number key to Dash, 456 number keys to activate special skills.

Size: 17083762 Bytes

2. Kung-Fu Grandpa - fight - 2246 plays
Kung-Fu Grandpa
Link: Play
Get ready to kick some butt in this action pack fighting side scroller. Help the Kung-Fu Grandpa old timer exact his revenge upon louts out on the street that smashed his glass window with a baseball. Kick, punch, and karate chop your way through hordes of enemy combatants. Collect money, energy drinks, and powerups to gain the upper hand in this Kung Fu fight for your life. Kung Fu grandpa owns faces with his deadly ninja skills. Use the arrow keys to move, Z to throw a punch, X to perform a high kick, C to use your special ability and Spacebar to jump.

Size: 8819604 Bytes

3. Knight Age Christmas - fight - 1310 plays
Knight Age Christmas
Link: Play
The Christmas version of the original Knight age game released by Addicting Games. Santa has organized a jousting tournament. Select your knight and defeat a series of winter-characters to prove yourself victorious. Your goal is to push your opponents off their toy horses with a broom stick to earn coins for upgrades. Try to win the entire Christmas knight tournament. Press left mouse button once to set horse speed. Press again to put down your lance and start aiming. Press repeatedly to keep your lance on target and above the ground.

Size: 3006340 Bytes

4. Kung fu fighter - fight - 1186 plays
Kung fu fighter
Link: Play
You will have to fight lot of very skilled fighters and get a lot of battles before you can qualify the title of master of kung fu. Press A/S to Punch/Kick. Up/Down arrow to jump and crouch. Left/Right arrow to move left and right.

Size: 3301292 Bytes

5. Karate Blazers - fight - 1008 plays
Karate Blazers
Link: Play
A great 2D fighting game, where you can choose from four characters: Mark, Glen, Akira, GIL! Each character has different styles of fighting! You can use super-hits, but it will take a lot of energy.

Size: 185676 Bytes

Khronos - The Rise Of Dark Warrior
Link: Play
You have a character which is armed with two swords. Your task - to destroy all the villains. You can gain achievements by doing certain things in the game. Achievements are used to unlock Awards. For every six achievements you get one award. Each character has its own strength and weakness. Choose your hero cautionly, survive and win your battles! Become a true ruler of darkness. Controls: movement with WASD. Effects: K, L.

Size: 3096713 Bytes

7. King of Fighters WING - fight - 3776 plays
King of Fighters WING
Link: Play
The classic fighting game with loved characters (Ryu included!). Controls: Arrows or WASD + UIOJKL for different type of punch and kicks.

Size: 15663097 Bytes

8. Kumite - fight - 850 plays
Link: Play
A tribute to the Madness Combat series, with colorful animation and merciless killing!

Size: 214378 Bytes

9. Knockout - fight - 882 plays
Link: Play
Travel around the world trying to knockout all of your opponents in this awesome 2D knockout game. T

Size: 860626 Bytes

10. Kill the Boss Fight Game - fight - 974 plays
Kill the Boss Fight Game
Link: Play
Walk around the deadly streets jump kick punch spin kick and pick up guns chains bats to fight other

Size: 504250 Bytes

11. Kung Fu Fighter - fight - 785 plays
Kung Fu Fighter
Link: Play
Fight your opponents while gaining special moves with each win.

Size: 3301521 Bytes

12. K vs K - fight - 693 plays
K vs K
Link: Play
Nice graphical fighter with Street Fighter like power attacks.

Size: 1754765 Bytes

13. Kim vs Abubo - fight - 761 plays
Kim vs Abubo
Link: Play
You are Kim trying to defeat Abubo in this side view fighting game.

Size: 1291981 Bytes

14. Kungfu Special Trainer - fight - 697 plays
Kungfu Special Trainer
Link: Play
Punch, kick and jab the flying watermellons.

Size: 140202 Bytes

15. K Fed - fight - 695 plays
K Fed
Link: Play
Beat this hot shot into a pulp.

Size: 5074124 Bytes

16. Konka A66 - fight - 692 plays
Konka A66
Link: Play
Side action fighter with powerups, powerdowns, and multiple weapons to throw at baddies.

Size: 1947504 Bytes

17. Kung Fu Hustle - fight - 687 plays
Kung Fu Hustle
Link: Play
Swing the fighter around and make him punch and swing into people at just the right time.

Size: 823637 Bytes

18. Kristmas Kombat - fight - 686 plays
Kristmas Kombat
Link: Play
Fight as Christmas characters. A 2 player only fighting game.

Size: 590600 Bytes

19. Kucing Fighter - fight - 681 plays
Kucing Fighter
Link: Play
An original cat fighting game. 2 Player only.

Size: 107749 Bytes

20. Kong Fu Monkey Episode 1 - fight - 714 plays
Kong Fu Monkey Episode 1
Link: Play
You're a kung fu monkey, time to lay the law down and kick some enemy butt. Punch and kick the guys.

Size: 700054 Bytes

21. Kogent Knight - fight - 814 plays
Kogent Knight
Link: Play

Size: 2395.8 KB

22. Kill CRAZY JAY - fight - 1505 plays
Link: Play
Choose a way, how to kill a crazy Jay

Size: 2081.7 KB

       22 fight games starting with K
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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