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       21 fight games starting with T
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1. Team Killer - fight - 1271 plays
Team Killer
Link: Play
Team Killer is a action game where the main objective is to kill the enemy, obtaining weapons and ammunition to meet the objectives of this addictive game. Help our skilled stickman killer eliminate all his foes. Shoot or kill all the other stickmen, even the ones on your team. Use arrow keys to move, X, Z keys to fight.

Size: 5866089 Bytes

The Adventures of combat hero
Link: Play
Shoot the enemy in this combat game. In Capture the flag mode you need to capture the enemies flag and bring it back to yours to score. In Deathmatch kill your opponents to score. The highest scoring player wins. In elimination the last player alive wins. In free mode, attack everyone :)

Size: 9157882 Bytes

3. The Legend Of Dragon Fist - fight - 614 plays
The Legend Of Dragon Fist
Link: Play
The aim of this beat 'em up game is to defeat 10 opponents. All of which progress in difficulty as y

Size: 676351 Bytes

4. Tifosi - fight - 723 plays
Link: Play
Sports just isn't the same without the odd riot! In this game you take on the role of a football pla

Size: 410336 Bytes

5. Towel Fighter - fight - 601 plays
Towel Fighter
Link: Play
I have no idea who makes these game ideas, but this is a really clever and fun one! Whip your oppone

Size: 161471 Bytes

6. The Fallen - fight - 624 plays
The Fallen
Link: Play
In this game you go around fighting different people in different places.

Size: 650439 Bytes

7. Timer - fight - 573 plays
Link: Play
A strange fighting game that even lets you gun in a mech.

Size: 1037036 Bytes

8. The 2Chan Battle - fight - 882 plays
The 2Chan Battle
Link: Play
Play against the CPU or a friend in this strange ascii character fighting game.

Size: 739062 Bytes

9. The Tom Green Show - fight - 708 plays
The Tom Green Show
Link: Play
Fight Tom Green in this good looking fighting game.

Size: 586863 Bytes

10. The 12 Fighters - fight - 618 plays
The 12 Fighters
Link: Play
Fight 12 different ooz creatures that increase in difficulty. Original Street Fighter graphics.

Size: 4476494 Bytes

11. The King of Fighters 2000 - fight - 2888 plays
The King of Fighters 2000
Link: Play
A well designed fight game with multiple attacks against your opponents.

Size: 1754765 Bytes

12. The 12 Fighters 2 - fight - 660 plays
The 12 Fighters 2
Link: Play
1 or 2 player fighting with 3 different characters. Can even rebind keys.

Size: 5758182 Bytes

TMNT: Foot Clan Street Brawl
Link: Play
A sidescroller fighting game, much like the arcade TMNT game.

Size: 986438 Bytes

14. Tai Chi - fight - 676 plays
Tai Chi
Link: Play
A cool fighting game that is mostly simply based on cool fighting animations and watching them.

Size: 1281529 Bytes

15. The Fight for Glorton - fight - 846 plays
The Fight for Glorton
Link: Play
Fight the computer or 4 players total on one keyboard. Bring the fight to your friends!

Size: 2551179 Bytes

16. Tiny Battle - fight - 586 plays
Tiny Battle
Link: Play
Kick and chop all the incoming enemies. Stay alive for the upgrade shops in between levels.

Size: 401353 Bytes

17. Terrascape - fight - 632 plays
Link: Play
Very cool fighting game with multiple characters to choose and great graphics.

Size: 8392154 Bytes

18. The Shorthen - fight - 532 plays
The Shorthen
Link: Play
Fight against another player or against the computer with multiple short characters.

Size: 378999 Bytes

19. Taekwon Do Competition - fight - 785 plays
Taekwon Do Competition
Link: Play
Fight your opponent using some good old fashion Taekwon Do.

Size: 2456958 Bytes

20. Twiddlesticks - fight - 808 plays
Link: Play
Twiddlesticks - Get your stick to the end of the level

Size: 673031 Bytes

The Amazing Photon 3 Sequal
Link: Play

Size: 1626.3 KB

       21 fight games starting with T
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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