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       79 skill games starting with A
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Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips
Link: Play
Play as a Air traffic controller as you instruct air planes and jumbo jets landing or take off the runway. Visit destinations all over the world and sometimes out of it in this amazing sequel to Airport Mania. Use your Mouse to get the passengers to where they need to go. Click on a plane to control it, then on a runway to send it there, then on the gate to have the plane unload at the gate. After the passengers are unloaded, the plane will load new passengers. Click on the plane to control it, then on the runway to send it off. Try to complete missons with no delays and get the best score.

Size: 9466588 Bytes

Awesome Zombie Exterminators
Link: Play
Zombies do not wait for the light at the crosswalk. You have to kill all the zombies you see on the road, but you have to avoid the obstacles and traps before the time's up. Help Jake become a successful businessman in these dire times. Make a little cash by beefing up their car, taking to the road, and collecting the bounties. Upgrade your car and weapons, hire more exterminators and finish those zombies off! Help the town exterminate all the infected zombies roaming the streets. Move the Mouse to steer and control the car in the streets as you drive through the city. Firing automatically on monsters and obstacles in your path, earning cash for each killed. Avoid crashing into car wrecks littered along the city. Collect the money to upgrade your car, weapons, armour or extended gas tank. Purchase upgrades for you humvee and use the cash in-between levels also for another fellow Exterminators who will ride with more shotguns. Kill all of the walking dead, and retire a successful post-apocalyptic businessman.

Size: 5327787 Bytes

3. Angry Birds Lover - skill - 1545 plays
Angry Birds Lover
Link: Play
Male bird has hurted the heart of his lover. To win back her, he starts a journey. Use your brain to help the two angry birds find true love. Press X key to slide, Z key to fly and C key to stick on the platform.

Size: 1998914 Bytes

4. A Pig In A Poke - skill - 799 plays
A Pig In A Poke
Link: Play
Launch the balls using your cannon and send the cats into the bags of fish! Avoid touching the dogs, they’ll hurt the cats! Your cannon can shot with balls, cats and dogs! Rotate the cannon with your Mouse cursor. You have put each cat to the sack. Try to evade dogs.

Size: 860188 Bytes

Amateur Action Super Fishing
Link: Play
Pick out your favorite fishing cap and get ready to learn how to become a professional fisherman! Use your rod to capture tasty freshwater fish swimming in the stream under the bridge. Cast your line and reel in fish to earn money and complete your mission objectives. Completeing missions will open new fishing locations. Each location has its own store, which will allow you to purchase lures ad other items with your hard earned money. Use your Mouse to cast a line with your rod into the water and then wait patiently for a fish to bite the lure, once caught reel it in before it gets away. Complete each set of tutorial objectives on learning how to become a fisherman so you can sell each catch and upgrade your bait or tackle.

Size: 6917354 Bytes

6. Agent Bean - skill - 718 plays
Agent Bean
Link: Play
Use your stealth skills to complete this challenging game! Agent Bean is here, with one simple mission objective: Don't get caught! Your task is to guide your little Agent Bean. Collect secret materials and reach the exit point. You have to avoid security guys and dozens of traps to be successful. Use Arrow or WASD keys to move around while reaching exit point. Make it to the end of every level by collecting objects and sneaking by guards.

Size: 9940 Bytes

7. Agent Turnright - skill - 1667 plays
Agent Turnright
Link: Play
Agent Turnright needs your help! Help him get past the Binga in minigames using only your mouse. Shoot down enemies, sneak past guards, run across trains and rooftops. Use your mouse button to control the character. Complete 16 missions in this action packed retro one button game.

Size: 1525308 Bytes

8. AdDIGted - skill - 735 plays
Link: Play
In this game you have to dig for points in areas with a black sand. In each area, there are hidden points inside the sand. Your mission is to get as many points as possible within 45 days. You will share turn with your computer partner, and you have a limited time for each area. However, you can unlock new area, upgrade your partner level, extend time duration on each stage and so on to reach your points more quickly. Use these feature wisely to get better points. Click and hold left mouse button to start sucking sand. Release it to drop the sand that has been sucked.

Size: 2624945 Bytes

9. American Tow Truck - skill - 976 plays
American Tow Truck
Link: Play
Someone parked illegally. Hook up to the bad car (with your rear side) and tow it to the yard. Then hit the streets for a fresh victim! Begin your job as a tow truck driver in a US city. Navigate through the busy city in your truck to collect cars and transport them to the compound. Use your Arrow keys to drive your truck and drag the illegally parked cars in 11 levels. Space to brake, X to hook/unhook the car.

Size: 3209319 Bytes

10. A Bat Escape - skill - 628 plays
A Bat Escape
Link: Play
Help the little bat escape from hell, avoiding the ghosts and other dangers. Use the arrow keys to fly.

Size: 2336065 Bytes

11. Asterix & Obelix Bike Game - skill - 997 plays
Asterix & Obelix Bike Game
Link: Play
Ride with Asterix and Obelix over hills and over objects and as you try to stay balanced without tipping over. Choose the character you want to go racing. Use Arrow keys to drive the bike, Left/Right arrow to balance, Enter/Space to change direction.

Size: 3079265 Bytes

12. Aircraft Parking 2 - skill - 892 plays
Aircraft Parking 2
Link: Play
Park huge aircraft is much harder than a small car. Planes are too big and not always able to slow down in time to avoid an accident. Therefore, you should be extremely cautious and careful with this dangerous work. Park the plane in the terminal provided for you. Avoid hitting the other planes and any obstacles on the way. Park within the minimum time and earn score. Finish all the levels to win the game. Use arrow keys to control your airplane.

Size: 766629 Bytes

13. Army Truck - skill - 1130 plays
Army Truck
Link: Play
So it's a terrible time violent Third World War! All cities are destroyed, communications between the armies is missing. You have a special task - to deliver troops to the chief place of negotiation. But this must be very fast and with maximum security for an important passenger. Try to reach the finish within one minute.

Size: 4985070 Bytes

14. Arcade Baseball - skill - 920 plays
Arcade Baseball
Link: Play
Pretty good baseball on knock-out points on the field behind the bowler. To go to the next level you have to get the desired number of points. Move the mouse and aim towards the marker. Click and hit the ball to point puddles. Direct hit on the puddles will earn you 2x bonus points.

Size: 1007765 Bytes

15. Astro Lander - skill - 700 plays
Astro Lander
Link: Play
Your spacecraft must perform a soft landing on the platform of the space station. As soon as planting is not possible, try to find another space. Not working on all screens.

Size: 889178 Bytes

16. Assault Helicopter - skill - 878 plays
Assault Helicopter
Link: Play
Simple and clear the game: there is a helicopter gunship and two types of weapons - machine guns and rockets, there are enemies who must be destroyed and collect the rest of their bonuses. Think especially do not just sit down and play.

Size: 935720 Bytes

17. Air traffic chief - skill - 1230 plays
Air traffic chief
Link: Play
The work of air traffic controller. Your mission is to land aircraft without any collision. Planes can be landed on either runway. Click and hold the left mouse button to draw the path you would like the plane to follow.

Size: 1413987 Bytes

18. Arctic Quest - skill - 1114 plays
Arctic Quest
Link: Play
Snow riddles. Arrange figures in special forms to the board (russian version). Click center button to play. Use mouse to place the diamonds. Space to turn your diamonds to fit your board.

Size: 876854 Bytes

19. Artillery Tower - skill - 1040 plays
Artillery Tower
Link: Play
Defend your tower for as long as you can! Don't die. Aim and shoot with mouse.

Size: 1372113 Bytes

A Typical Wednesday Afternoon
Link: Play
Shooting surreal for those who yearn for the dynamics. Arrows to move, Z to fire, X key for special defense.

Size: 891599 Bytes

21. Amorphous - skill - 618 plays
Link: Play
The character will continually move toward the curser's position. Guide the character around the screen by moving the cursor. To stop moving, simply move the cursor to the character and leave it still. To attack, click the left mouse button. The character will always attack facing the cursor's current location. To attack in a specific direction, move the cursor so that the character faces that direction before clicking. The X key will quit the current game and return to the Main Menu. Press "N" at any time to change to a different song. Pressing M will display the name of the song currently playing without changing it.

Size: 5208655 Bytes

22. Alien Chase - skill - 765 plays
Alien Chase
Link: Play
It was in Southpark, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny Kartmen something did not share with the sheriff. Grey aliens in local cop cars are chasing the boys! Help Chef drive station wagon to bring the children to the safety. Use the mouse to control your car.

Size: 445506 Bytes

23. A Crow In Hell 2 - skill - 720 plays
A Crow In Hell 2
Link: Play
Unhappy crow again stuck in the hell ... Try to escape.

Size: 1880829 Bytes

24. AirDrop - skill - 841 plays
Link: Play
Skydiving... fly and collect coins for a bonus. Use your mouse to guide your parachutist through a hell full of challenging obstacles.

Size: 1096363 Bytes

25. Acne Be Gone! - skill - 808 plays
Acne Be Gone!
Link: Play
Pop this Tony Adams lookalike's zits in as little time as you can.

Size: 169729 Bytes

26. Asteroid Belt - skill - 509 plays
Asteroid Belt
Link: Play
Move the mouse to deflect asteroids from hitting your ships.

Size: 19011 Bytes

27. Air Support - skill - 613 plays
Air Support
Link: Play
Move where you want missiles to strike, but don't die.

Size: 151207 Bytes

28. Arctic Antics - skill - 655 plays
Arctic Antics
Link: Play
Prevent anybody from falling through the ice by bouncing them.

Size: 333209 Bytes

29. Anti Shanti - skill - 676 plays
Anti Shanti
Link: Play
Bounce and juggle the three balls back and forth but don't drop one.

Size: 445122 Bytes

30. Air Sk8ing - skill - 882 plays
Air Sk8ing
Link: Play
Shoot the skateboarding kid as far as possible.

Size: 414782 Bytes

31. Atomic Rain - skill - 649 plays
Atomic Rain
Link: Play
Catch the raining nuke symbols.

Size: 82245 Bytes

32. Aragon Dragon - skill - 583 plays
Aragon Dragon
Link: Play
Stay flying while grabbing all the pickups.

Size: 163126 Bytes

33. Alien Cave - skill - 543 plays
Alien Cave
Link: Play
Keep the space craft from hitting anything using up arrow.

Size: 163932 Bytes

34. Apple Hunt - skill - 495 plays
Apple Hunt
Link: Play
Bounce your way up the tree to collect apples for points.

Size: 40119 Bytes

35. Avatar Star Sue - skill - 618 plays
Avatar Star Sue
Link: Play
Put as many matching dolls together in the time limit.

Size: 925571 Bytes

36. Alien Dash - skill - 525 plays
Alien Dash
Link: Play
Try and cross the street without getting hit before you are out of time.

Size: 73796 Bytes

37. Asteroid Miner - skill - 571 plays
Asteroid Miner
Link: Play
Grab the green rocks while dodging the asteroids. Difficulty makes it easy to adjust to your skill.

Size: 1630336 Bytes

38. A Day of Slacking - skill - 527 plays
A Day of Slacking
Link: Play
Grab the items that give joy, stay away from things that cause stress.

Size: 310482 Bytes

39. Astroboy vs One Bad Storm - skill - 554 plays
Astroboy vs One Bad Storm
Link: Play
Punch the astroids to break them and don't let them get past you.

Size: 511340 Bytes

40. Alcazar - skill - 741 plays
Link: Play
Jump onto the platforms and continue to go higher and higher.

Size: 318303 Bytes

41. Air Rescue - skill - 604 plays
Air Rescue
Link: Play
Jump over obstacales and shoot the bees in bubbles and items for points.

Size: 422782 Bytes

42. Angel Run - skill - 537 plays
Angel Run
Link: Play
Fly away from the little devil throwing fireballs at you. Watch out for his closer attack.

Size: 219005 Bytes

Arthur and The Invisibles LootShoot
Link: Play
Launch Arthor into the air and move the mouse to grab as many coins and jewels as possible.

Size: 1677496 Bytes

44. Avalanche - skill - 900 plays
Link: Play
Compete with computer players to make the biggest snowball as it rolls down the hill.

Size: 1199321 Bytes

45. Ant Move - skill - 563 plays
Ant Move
Link: Play
Protect the ants from other insects out to eat them or snatch their eggs.

Size: 1690927 Bytes

46. Alien Abduction II - skill - 620 plays
Alien Abduction II
Link: Play
Pick up humans for probing. Can also pick up objects and drop them on pesky humans.

Size: 4481097 Bytes

47. Angry Faic - skill - 571 plays
Angry Faic
Link: Play
You're an angry smilie, you have to crush all other smilies and as many as possible. Go to it.

Size: 1164437 Bytes

48. Amoebas - skill - 609 plays
Link: Play
Eat other amoebas that are the same size or smaller than you. Be quick or the others will ALL be big

Size: 77958 Bytes

49. Amorphous - skill - 688 plays
Link: Play
Slice the green globbles and stay alive without letting them touch you.

Size: 5208655 Bytes

50. Aeronauts - skill - 569 plays
Link: Play
Dodge the tree branches and insects as you fall to the targets on the ground.

Size: 689372 Bytes

       79 skill games starting with A
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