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1. Apple Shooter - shoot - 2812 plays
Apple Shooter
Link: Play
This game was inspired by Wilhelm Tell. Grab bow and arrow and try to hit the apple on the head of your friend. Don't hit the buddy of your friend or the Apple Shooter game will end immediately. Each level positions you further away from the target. Use the bow and the arrows to hit the apple on your friends head. Use your Mouse to Aim and Shoot. Try not to kill your friend.

Size: 517340 Bytes

2. Agent Smith - shoot - 958 plays
Agent Smith
Link: Play
The bad guys captured skyscraper. Help the lone FBI man rescue dozens of office workers made hostage by a ruthless gang of thieves. Only agent Smith can help them. Way through the crowd of enemies and save all hostages. Press WAD, or Arrow keys to move or enter elevators/ladders, C or L key to avoid bullets by remaining in the shadows and X or K to fire your Glock hand gun. Watch out for the sword wielding nut cases, they'll rush you as soon as they see you.

Size: 4064845 Bytes

3. Artillery Rush - shoot - 1545 plays
Artillery Rush
Link: Play
Discover the World War 2. Choose a side to align your allegiance to as you fight alongside world war 2 soldiers. Destroy as many enemy soldiers as you can. Blow up bridges, buldings, towers to complete each level. Try to earn as many stars as possible. Use Mouse to aim and shoot. Try to destroy all soldies with minimum count of bombs. Use your Mouse to fire explosive shells from your cannon at enemy troops garrisoned in outposts to send them to their final resting place. Keep an eye out on your ammo, if you run out you'll lose the war.

Size: 4626292 Bytes

4. Arcana’s Defender - shoot - 968 plays
Arcana’s Defender
Link: Play
In the beautiful mysterious foggy forest, magic pet Arcana was awaiting for his master to come back. Yet 3 days later when her own was back, she was chased by a gang of monsters. The loyal magic pet immediately shielded his master and fight against those monsters using his 5 magic skills. Help the ghostly wizard protect the young princess from zombies, pig head men, giant bugs and other henchmen sent forth by the evil lich king. Remember the princess only has six bullets left in her gun, if one more creep breaches your defences they'll haul her to the lich lord. A crucial dangerous fighting full of strategy and intelligence begins... Use your Mouse to summon magical defense tower turrets to beat back the demonic hordes before they reach her highness and 1-4 number keys as hot keys to release your magical powers. Keep an eye on your dwindling mana reserves, to replenish it pick up vials from the battlefield.

Size: 10202560 Bytes

5. Aarhg - shoot - 1766 plays
Link: Play
Become a captain and defeat your enemies in this physics based game. Sneaky thief, find who stole your gold. Catch and teach the scum. Big choice of weapons and epic boss fights! Set the angle and power of your shot, choose your ammo and fire. Sink your enemy's ship before they sink yours in this physics based pirate shooting adventure.

Size: 6839527 Bytes

6. Apple Cannon - shoot - 1227 plays
Apple Cannon
Link: Play
In your garden there is a voracious bucket who adores apples, as food of course. Use your cannon to shoot apples into the bucket, solve simple puzzles and satisfy the greedy-guts! Fire the required amount of apples into the barrels. Mind swinging barrels as trajectory changes. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

Size: 2066402 Bytes

7. Auto Smash - shoot - 1119 plays
Auto Smash
Link: Play
Its smashing time for reckless city motorists who do not believe in traffic rules, until one day. An innocent little pedestrian girl just got her lovely bicycle destroyed by an oncoming car. In vengeance she toss her might footwear to flip cars over in this 3D game! Use Arrow keys to move and avoid cars. Alternatively you can use W,A,S,D keys. Hit Spacebar to throw little girl's footwear, R to enable/disable in-game view rotations.

Size: 7483782 Bytes

8. Art of War 2 - shoot - 1596 plays
Art of War 2
Link: Play
Have you ever wanted to try a taste of the Second World War? Now you are Sergeant Sokolov, a Soviet soldier taking part in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. You have to reclaim glorious Russian city of Stalingrad. Your objective is to purge the city from the invading fascists. Whenever needer, call backup, but choose carefully as each unit will take some time to deploy. Make use of the reinforcements at your disposal (officer, infantry, machine gunner, mortar team) to defeat the enemy! Move with the Arrow keys, Use A to shoot from your rifle and S to throw grenades. Go to the ammunitions crate when you are low on ammo. Good luck commander, no one step backwards.

Size: 1853474 Bytes

9. Awesome Sniper Man - shoot - 1072 plays
Awesome Sniper Man
Link: Play
The stickman legion loathes the tower huggers and you are the last of the protectors. You will have to buy better rifles and fashionable apparel to hold them off for as long as possible. Baddies will run in from the right. Point your mouse (tiny gray dot) to the baddies heads and click the mouse button to fire. It is time to prove how good yoy are, guard your castle from the attack.

Size: 3721783 Bytes

10. Anti Terror Force - shoot - 860 plays
Anti Terror Force
Link: Play
You are soldier of an elite anti-terrorist squad. You have pistols, submachine guns, machine gun and sniper rifle. But this is not enough to eliminate all terrorists, you need to be accurate and responsive. Destroy all the terrorists and change the world for the better!

Size: 2170739 Bytes

11. Armor Trigger 3 - shoot - 942 plays
Armor Trigger 3
Link: Play
Mini shooting games. You are instructed before each mini game and you will need only your mouse.

Size: 6828641 Bytes

12. Amok Madman - shoot - 677 plays
Amok Madman
Link: Play
Get tought by an expert in this fun shooting game.

Size: 549696 Bytes

13. Aim & Fire - shoot - 658 plays
Aim & Fire
Link: Play
Shoot the selected cans out shown in the top left

Size: 153754 Bytes

14. Air Defence 1 - shoot - 614 plays
Air Defence 1
Link: Play
Defend your communications plan as you shoot down all the enemy planes that try to bomb it. Use the

Size: 48502 Bytes

15. AirFox - shoot - 698 plays
Link: Play
You've left the mothership, now make your way up the screen taking out all the enemy ships you can!

Size: 235424 Bytes

16. Alien Showdown - shoot - 603 plays
Alien Showdown
Link: Play
One man stands alone. Take out all the aliens coming after you, then all the alien nests as you try

Size: 1657438 Bytes

17. Art of War - shoot - 664 plays
Art of War
Link: Play
The Sovient Union has reformed and they're attacking the US! Take them out before they can launch th

Size: 1144064 Bytes

18. Allied Assault - shoot - 601 plays
Allied Assault
Link: Play
A decent looking space sidescrolling shooter.

Size: 812970 Bytes

19. Army S.W.A.T. - shoot - 687 plays
Army S.W.A.T.
Link: Play
Shoot the terrorists and avoid the hostages.

Size: 264659 Bytes

20. Alpha Bravo Charlie - shoot - 918 plays
Alpha Bravo Charlie
Link: Play
Rescue survivors and kill terrorists in your helicopter.

Size: 701617 Bytes

21. Armada Assault - shoot - 737 plays
Armada Assault
Link: Play
A more challenging jet top view shooter.

Size: 577555 Bytes

22. Armada Assault 1 - shoot - 584 plays
Armada Assault 1
Link: Play
Shoot down the evil foes.

Size: 1417003 Bytes

23. A Blast - shoot - 589 plays
A Blast
Link: Play
A top-down space shooter

Size: 194990 Bytes

24. Alpha Force - shoot - 715 plays
Alpha Force
Link: Play
Fly around and shoot incoming ships. Ctrl to fire, shift for missles.

Size: 791031 Bytes

25. Air War - shoot - 660 plays
Air War
Link: Play
Shoot down the enemy aircrafts.

Size: 44419 Bytes

26. Alien Invasion - shoot - 571 plays
Alien Invasion
Link: Play
Use your movable cannon to fire missiles at invading UFOs move the cannon to move the guidance rocke

Size: 87906 Bytes

27. Alien Invasion 2 - shoot - 539 plays
Alien Invasion 2
Link: Play
Fly your space cruiser through the urban streets of this city shoot down UFOs and little green alien

Size: 119158 Bytes

28. Attack of Infectrons - shoot - 530 plays
Attack of Infectrons
Link: Play
Fly your ship around the planet shooting down ugly strange aliens.

Size: 446670 Bytes

29. Altex - shoot - 650 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the men that pop out of the windows of a building.

Size: 206757 Bytes

30. Alien Attack - shoot - 583 plays
Alien Attack
Link: Play
Top down spaceship shooter.

Size: 103260 Bytes

31. Air Fighter - shoot - 603 plays
Air Fighter
Link: Play
Shoot the ducks or flying pigs as they zoom past the screen.

Size: 87624 Bytes

32. Absolutely Hammered - shoot - 909 plays
Absolutely Hammered
Link: Play
Use your mouse to guide the hammer over the nail.

Size: 329092 Bytes

33. Ameriman - shoot - 539 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the vehicles and dodge flying bottles.

Size: 50602 Bytes

Attack of the Influenza Birds
Link: Play
Shoot the sick chickens with your chain gun.

Size: 1349643 Bytes

35. Area 41 - shoot - 578 plays
Area 41
Link: Play
Shoot the cybernetic machines, collect objects and cash for points.

Size: 1879883 Bytes

36. Asteroids 2000 - shoot - 587 plays
Asteroids 2000
Link: Play
Another great asteroids game!

Size: 118346 Bytes

37. Agent K - shoot - 615 plays
Agent K
Link: Play
You are attempting to make it onto the SWAT team. Go through 3 training rounds with satisfactory re

Size: 205883 Bytes

38. Alien X - shoot - 707 plays
Alien X
Link: Play
Blast the aliens away in this first person shooter.

Size: 2553006 Bytes

39. Ammo Ambush - shoot - 622 plays
Ammo Ambush
Link: Play
Kill enemies with guns, dynamite, airstrike, and rockets.

Size: 355974 Bytes

40. Attack Time - shoot - 626 plays
Attack Time
Link: Play
A cool driving and shooting targets game. Watch out for those mines.

Size: 367066 Bytes

41. Agent 69 - shoot - 1017 plays
Agent 69
Link: Play
Shoot the bad guys as they pop up. Don't forget to reload quick.

Size: 67226 Bytes

42. Air Attack 2 - shoot - 671 plays
Air Attack 2
Link: Play
Gun down the airplanes as they pass by.

Size: 109023 Bytes

43. Air Attack 1 - shoot - 556 plays
Air Attack 1
Link: Play
Shoot down the air planes as they pass by with your machine gun.

Size: 371352 Bytes

44. A Dumb Ass Game - shoot - 539 plays
A Dumb Ass Game
Link: Play
Shoot other spaceships in this 3D like space shooter.

Size: 363996 Bytes

45. Air Attack 3 - shoot - 736 plays
Air Attack 3
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming planes in this sequel.

Size: 343914 Bytes

46. Ant Killer - shoot - 578 plays
Ant Killer
Link: Play
Kill the ants by clicking on them. Zoom in for better accuracy.

Size: 87262 Bytes

47. Aim and Fire - shoot - 548 plays
Aim and Fire
Link: Play
Shoot different objects tossed into the air.

Size: 360186 Bytes

48. Assassination Simulator - shoot - 947 plays
Assassination Simulator
Link: Play
Shoot the moving targets as they move around the airport.

Size: 1657177 Bytes

49. American Ops: War On Iraq - shoot - 709 plays
American Ops: War On Iraq
Link: Play
Shoot down the terrorists and avoid women and children... or not.

Size: 661708 Bytes

50. Alien Scum - shoot - 619 plays
Alien Scum
Link: Play
Shoot the aliens and what their blue brains ooz from their heads.

Size: 160390 Bytes

       67 shoot games starting with A
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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