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       22 action games starting with Z
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1. Zombie Assault - action - 1696 plays
Zombie Assault
Link: Play
Zombies are back, wave after wave. You are a member of the elite fighting unit, the SAS. You have training, weapons, speed and cunning. They are an army of the undead. How long can you hold off the horde with NO turrets, NO continues, NO barricades? Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move. Want those zombies to taste the deadly balls from your super cool gun? Just click your Mouse to aim and shoot. The more zombies you kill, the more money you get. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons spending some of your hard-earned money. The R key is for reloading and if you want to change weapons just press the key Q or E key. You need to barricade windows with F key or unlock the rooms. Walk over supply crates to pick them up. Press the G key to throw the grenades. Kill enough zombies before they finish you off and if you think this is not crazy enough, just try the apocalypse mode.

Size: 3952745 Bytes

2. Zombotron 2 - action - 2568 plays
Zombotron 2
Link: Play
Zombotron is a new platformer adventure zombie shooting game set on a planet called Zombotron where mutants and zombies live. Rid the planet off these zombies and other hosts of unpleasant creatures. A good zombie – it’s a dead zombie. You will have a chance to test it in practice. Destroy all zombies. Destroy all other enemies. And save the planet. Mouse key to aim, AD to move. W to jump, R to reload. E is for action and to open case/ trigger / purchase equipment, H to use firstaid and enrich blood, Q to switch weapons, Space to relive.

Size: 12100052 Bytes

3. Zombie Balloon Heads 2 - action - 1318 plays
Zombie Balloon Heads 2
Link: Play
In this funny hand-drawn action game you have to kill all Zombie Balloon Heads with ink guns. Johnny's animated stick world waiting for you during a boring school class. Use WASD keys to move your ink shooting stick man and Q or E to switch weapons, Mouse to aim and fire. Target the enemies by firing pen ink at their heads to make them explode, and watch out for the giant octopus.

Size: 4406330 Bytes

4. Zombies Ate My Phone - action - 1885 plays
Zombies Ate My Phone
Link: Play
It's the zombie apocalypse and you love killing zombies, but your phone won't stop ringing. Decide which friends you want to save. You are armed with a fire extinguisher, or other weapons available in the mall like records or a guitar. Each zombie or monster will drop a coin after you kill them, the more you collect, the more you can upgrade between levels. As levels advance you face increasingly fearsome monsters. The character dies by getting swarmed, the character will fade and the screen will boarder with blood the closer you get to death, and you only get three lives. Try to kill all the zombies and monsters in each level to save your friends, if you want. Control movements with the WASD keys and shoot with arrow keys, or move with arrow keys ad shoot with mouse.

Size: 7514983 Bytes

5. Zombieman - action - 1992 plays
Link: Play
Zombieman is a unique survival game, where you play both human and zombie. Run around the dark city streets and try not to die! Convert zombies into humans or vice versa.

Size: 3106311 Bytes

6. Zwill - action - 560 plays
Link: Play
Collect the cheese! You're Zwill!

Size: 943678 Bytes

7. Zed - action - 582 plays
Link: Play
Zed is an Android. But unlike other Androids, he has always had a very special dream - to sport a sp

Size: 1168755 Bytes

8. Zombie Survival - action - 744 plays
Zombie Survival
Link: Play
Shoot down the zombies popping up from the ground with your gun or blow up a pack of them with grena

Size: 2769745 Bytes

9. Zombie Horde - action - 645 plays
Zombie Horde
Link: Play
Don't let the zombies attack your position.

Size: 533858 Bytes

10. Zorro Tank - action - 794 plays
Zorro Tank
Link: Play
Fire and destory the enemies.

Size: 884031 Bytes

11. Zero Race - action - 669 plays
Zero Race
Link: Play
Destroy generators to open the path to finish the levels.

Size: 1442430 Bytes

12. Zero X - action - 742 plays
Zero X
Link: Play
Slash the monsters as they approach Zero X.

Size: 434953 Bytes

13. Zombie Terror - action - 791 plays
Zombie Terror
Link: Play
Indiana Jones like sidescrolling game.

Size: 966988 Bytes

14. Zeromatter - action - 694 plays
Link: Play
1P or 2P top down view of spaceships that shoot each other until the other one is dead.

Size: 662043 Bytes

15. Zombie Storm - action - 703 plays
Zombie Storm
Link: Play
A top down view action shooter with zombies, money, and a shop to increase your loadout.

Size: 1354058 Bytes

16. Zombie Survival SM - action - 1502 plays
Zombie Survival SM
Link: Play
A retuned version with different weapons, new levels and more. SWEET!

Size: 3349782 Bytes

17. Zombie Grinder - action - 809 plays
Zombie Grinder
Link: Play
Run in this sidescroller and blow away all the zombies. Excellent fun!

Size: 740599 Bytes

18. Zombified - action - 798 plays
Link: Play
Sidescrolling action of blowing away zombies and putting them in their graves.

Size: 541256 Bytes

19. Zombie Horde 3 - action - 1017 plays
Zombie Horde 3
Link: Play
A top down looking shooter. Shoot the zombies before they reach you. Complete your mission.

Size: 2377474 Bytes

20. Zelda Poe Catcher - action - 711 plays
Zelda Poe Catcher
Link: Play
Throw your boomerang around and catch guys with your net.

Size: 706431 Bytes

21. Zombie Land - action - 982 plays
Zombie Land
Link: Play
Roll on your skateboard and shoot the tons of zombies. Grab weapon upgrades to make it easier.

Size: 1655496 Bytes

22. Zombie Slayer - action - 860 plays
Zombie Slayer
Link: Play
Awesome game of shooting zombies as you increase your weapons. Similar to Stag Knight.

Size: 206088 Bytes

       22 action games starting with Z
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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