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       23 action games starting with U
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1. Undead End 2 - action - 1222 plays
Undead End 2
Link: Play
The sequel of Undead End is here, while the game features a new art style and a brand new gameplay. Explore a scary building, collect objects and solve riddles to escape from the weirdest ghost town of United States. Guide the lone agent as he investigates the disappearance of a small town near the Mexican border. Press WASD keys to walk, E to slice and cut your way using your sharp blade. Space bar key to examine your backpack contents, F to cycle through different weapons, R to reload more ammunition into the guns chamber. Left Mouse button to pull the trigger and shoot and try to aim for the soft mushy parts of each zombies head to quickly dispatch them. If you have problems with keyboard, try to use latest flash or another internet browser.

Size: 17407141 Bytes

Ultimate Assassin 3 – Level Pack
Link: Play
Be an ultimate assassin in this stealth game. In every level, your mission is to kill the target and escape the place without getting killed by the guards. You have 2 special abilities: speed and invisibility. You have to think fast and use the environment to succeed. Level Pack features 25 new level designs & 65 new missions. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move. Assasin will knife the target as you touch him. The extraction point will appear as soon as you kill the target. Activate speed with Z key and your invisibility with X key. Use Space to pause and Mute with M. These abilities are important and useful. Speed ability makes it easy to reach the target or run away from guards chasing you. Invisibility drains your energy slower than speed but you can use it only when you are not moving. Guards will also notice you if they touch you. Learn the game with in-game tutorial.

Size: 2245660 Bytes

3. Urban Specialist - action - 1138 plays
Urban Specialist
Link: Play
The people need assistance. Be their savior, get out the terrorists from the city! You will be provided with various kinds of weapons and even air support!

Size: 6892019 Bytes

4. Under Construction - action - 736 plays
Under Construction
Link: Play
Make your way out of the construction site with only 1 life as you jump across platforms and traps t

Size: 124998 Bytes

5. Underground - action - 627 plays
Link: Play
Ant's treasures were taken by the nasty crow. Your job is to get it back. Collect artifacts, run awa

Size: 680455 Bytes

6. Universe 1: Teralae - action - 633 plays
Universe 1: Teralae
Link: Play
Fly through space upgrading your ship fire at others and get stronger weapons.

Size: 3290224 Bytes

7. Universe 2: Andromeda - action - 628 plays
Universe 2: Andromeda
Link: Play
Fight out against other space craft upgrade your ship weaponry armor and more.

Size: 3340979 Bytes

8. Urban Slug 2 - action - 907 plays
Urban Slug 2
Link: Play
complete randomly generated contract missions. (9.8MB)

Size: 10097308 Bytes

9. Up The Platform - action - 688 plays
Up The Platform
Link: Play
Jump and survive while gathering Xs.

Size: 970075 Bytes

10. Urban Slug - action - 636 plays
Urban Slug
Link: Play
The original Urban Slug with all its loadouts and awesome mission glory.

Size: 4776405 Bytes

11. Ultimate Down - action - 1131 plays
Ultimate Down
Link: Play
A side scrolling shooter with multiple weapons.

Size: 338795 Bytes

12. Undead Assault - action - 786 plays
Undead Assault
Link: Play
Attack the oncoming enemies as you progress in this side scroller.

Size: 335807 Bytes

13. Unreal Flash - action - 788 plays
Unreal Flash
Link: Play
An amazing action shooting game with multiple modes, teams, and weapons.

Size: 2560442 Bytes

14. Unusual Side Scroller - action - 689 plays
Unusual Side Scroller
Link: Play
A side scrolling shooter with baby UFOs and a boss.

Size: 1376833 Bytes

15. Ultimate Invader - action - 659 plays
Ultimate Invader
Link: Play
Blow the crap out of the city below without damaging your UFO.

Size: 1973225 Bytes

16. Unbeetable - action - 678 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the bees as they come out of their "hive" ship.

Size: 434456 Bytes

17. UFOMania - action - 724 plays
Link: Play
Abduct those puny humans and transfer them to your own planet for probing. Don't move too fast.

Size: 365316 Bytes

18. Ufobia - action - 666 plays
Link: Play
Drop bombs and launch homing missles on the trucks shooting your UFO.

Size: 292407 Bytes

19. Under Wars - action - 638 plays
Under Wars
Link: Play
Shoot the underwater creatures and don't let them get to you. Blast them and make them POP!

Size: 488648 Bytes

20. Uchuwars - action - 711 plays
Link: Play
Another top-down spaceship shooter. Control with your mouse and take out those bosses too!

Size: 4837755 Bytes

21. U.F.Glow - action - 724 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming enemy spheres. Don't get hit by their weapons.

Size: 1938434 Bytes

22. Unlocked - action - 720 plays
Link: Play
Play and finish 3 games to unlock the main game. Otherwise no game for you!

Size: 1389081 Bytes

23. Uchuforce 2 - action - 672 plays
Uchuforce 2
Link: Play
Fly your spaceship around in space shooting enemies fighters down while grabbing powerups.

Size: 2078329 Bytes

       23 action games starting with U
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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