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       35 action games starting with N
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1. Ninja Frog - action - 1282 plays
Ninja Frog
Link: Play
The prince Edward turned Ninja Frog, guide Shinobi Kaeru through 48 levels of deadly puzzles and crazy acrobatics. Will you gather the magical gems that will break the witch's curse and return him to his human form? Use your mouse to decide the angle and power of your jump to collect all the coins, Space bar to pickup/throw objects, M to mute, P to Pause, R to Reset.

Size: 3206260 Bytes

2. Ninja Bear - action - 1700 plays
Ninja Bear
Link: Play
Sub-mattress dwelling monsters are super annoying. Fortunately, Ninja Bear and Purple Teddy are here to distribute Monster Justice to these undesirable brown beasts! Choose from lots of special guns and throwing stars to eliminate your many enemies with speed and precision. Join Ninja Bear and Purple Teddy in their fight against the evil monsters. Can you complete all 44 levels in time for Purple Teddy to get back and play Skyrim? Mouse to aim and fire. Click (or press Spacebar) to shoot, Number keys to select a weapon, S to switch character, R to reset level.

Size: 4424512 Bytes

New super mario bros flash
Link: Play
Everyone knows the game Super Mario, so here it is an updated version. The game become more complex and interesting, you can play only one character (Mario), who lost the ability to break bricks with bonuses, but there are new ones.

Size: 1491668 Bytes

4. Ninja - action - 1594 plays
Link: Play
Excellent toy about a daring ninja. At your service 11 characters, 6 combo attacks and other advanced system in 30 levels. Move with arrow keys, jump with SPACE, attack with A and S, throw shuriken with D, bomb with W.

Size: 3241537 Bytes

5. Naked Santa - action - 643 plays
Naked Santa
Link: Play
Throw snowballs at naked santa before they get away

Size: 55255 Bytes

6. Name This Game - action - 782 plays
Name This Game
Link: Play
Guide Carl around trying to find his head! The buttons at the bottom explain what to do. Carl's rema

Size: 1019585 Bytes

7. Ninjack - action - 553 plays
Link: Play
This is an extremely challenging adventure game where you have to play as a Ninja warrior and explor

Size: 530458 Bytes

8. Nimian Flyer - action - 571 plays
Nimian Flyer
Link: Play
In this awesome flying game, you have to maneovuer the eagle or whatever it is through the landscape

Size: 412104 Bytes

9. N Game - action - 1112 plays
N Game
Link: Play
An addictive game. Collect gold squares and don't die.

Size: 1023457 Bytes

10. Night Raptor - action - 647 plays
Night Raptor
Link: Play
Rescue the hostages and beam up cargo.

Size: 409135 Bytes

11. Ninja Air Combat - action - 736 plays
Ninja Air Combat
Link: Play
Upgrade your weapons and fight the evil ninjas while in mid-air.

Size: 2756602 Bytes

12. New Metal Slug - action - 855 plays
New Metal Slug
Link: Play
A new Metal Slug game for your enjoyment.

Size: 3028559 Bytes

13. NinjaMan - action - 820 plays
Link: Play
Chop and slice your way through this side scrolling action game.

Size: 3212542 Bytes

14. National Missile Defense - action - 695 plays
National Missile Defense
Link: Play
President Bush is determined to defend the White House with his newly invented missile defense syste

Size: 97045 Bytes

15. Ninja Keys - action - 619 plays
Ninja Keys
Link: Play
Grab the keys and meet up with the angel. Avoid enemies.

Size: 2345043 Bytes

16. Ninja Ninja - action - 622 plays
Ninja Ninja
Link: Play
Throw your ninja arsenal at enemies. More points for mid-air kills.

Size: 2346602 Bytes

17. Nevermore 1 - action - 683 plays
Nevermore 1
Link: Play
A side scrolling jump and collect balls game.

Size: 932690 Bytes

18. Nevermore 2 - action - 662 plays
Nevermore 2
Link: Play
More adverture and exploration gameplay than the original.

Size: 1980112 Bytes

19. Noodle Fury - action - 573 plays
Noodle Fury
Link: Play
Time attack to shoot the boxes and grab the noodles.

Size: 218064 Bytes

20. Nyrdl - action - 669 plays
Link: Play
You're a foam peanut, progress through world, stay alive.

Size: 3552803 Bytes

21. Ninja Storm - action - 672 plays
Ninja Storm
Link: Play
Sidescrolling hack and slash ninja game.

Size: 483308 Bytes

22. Ninja Rinseout - action - 705 plays
Ninja Rinseout
Link: Play
Attack enemies when they aren't looking. Try to win the entire game as master.

Size: 266781 Bytes

23. Nightmare Kingdom - action - 661 plays
Nightmare Kingdom
Link: Play
A side viewable game where you kill the enemies with a hammer.

Size: 650810 Bytes

24. Ninja Golf - action - 699 plays
Ninja Golf
Link: Play
Mix a golfing game and a ninja sidescroller together to get Ninja Golf!

Size: 3034412 Bytes

25. Nimian Hunter - action - 616 plays
Nimian Hunter
Link: Play
3D game where you chase down large dragon flies and bring them back to a powerful creature.

Size: 2160503 Bytes

26. Numbah - action - 638 plays
Link: Play
Side scroller with some puzzles and badies to defeat.

Size: 933164 Bytes

27. Ninja - Pirate Cave Raid - action - 611 plays
Ninja - Pirate Cave Raid
Link: Play
You are a ninja seeking gold coins. Beat up all that stand between you and your gold coins.

Size: 1379080 Bytes

28. Neon 2 - action - 564 plays
Neon 2
Link: Play
A far off remix of Asteroids, but remixed enough to not be considered retro.

Size: 368179 Bytes

29. Nightmare - action - 652 plays
Link: Play
You're a blue bunny with guns shooting enemies and grabbing carrots for health.

Size: 3059161 Bytes

30. Nimian Flyer II - action - 632 plays
Nimian Flyer II
Link: Play
Blow fireballs at the other dragons and stay alive.

Size: 2571805 Bytes

31. Nevermore Final - action - 702 plays
Nevermore Final
Link: Play
The Nevermore series continues in another sidescrolling, puzzle, adventure game.

Size: 932690 Bytes

32. No Gravity - action - 661 plays
No Gravity
Link: Play
Fly around collecting objects and flying to the wormhole for the next level. Don't crash!

Size: 2111641 Bytes

33. Nuclear Eagle - action - 910 plays
Nuclear Eagle
Link: Play
Feed humans to your baby birds. Pick up police cars and throw 'em. Don't let them shoot your babies.

Size: 1688271 Bytes

34. Night Exorcist - action - 690 plays
Night Exorcist
Link: Play
Shoot the ghosts and send them back where they came from. Jump over obstacles and grab new weapons.

Size: 697922 Bytes

35. Ninja Guiji - action - 781 plays
Ninja Guiji
Link: Play
Use your sneak attacks to gut unsuspecting ninjas. Fight others in a turn based attacks. Explore.

Size: 3336881 Bytes

       35 action games starting with N
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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