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       33 action games starting with L
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1. Legion Of Red Wolves - action - 1152 plays
Legion Of Red Wolves
Link: Play
Break into the den of the terrorists with a machine gun! Find out hidden hints and items! What is the purpose of terrorists group “Red Wolves”? What is the last scene of the surprise that Eliot will witness? Use your military ops training to infiltrate a terrorist organisation to prevent them acting out their sinister plan. Use your Mouse to click on masked enemy targets as they pop out from cover to blast them with your gun. Once you've cleared an area you can examine the surrounding for clues or useful objects to allow you to progress further into their secret hideout. In shooting scene, press and hold to continue automatic firing. Release the Mouse to reload. In adventure scene, click suspicious place.

Size: 13616887 Bytes

2. Legendary Thieves - action - 775 plays
Legendary Thieves
Link: Play
They are famous thieves in the world. Who don’t know them? Robin Hood, Goemon Ishikawa, Blackbeard, and Jesse James. Play each of them with 15 different missions and extra missions, use 3 weapons, play up to 60 missions. Steal the treasures, save the princess, kill the guards and the enemy’s boss, and escape! Use your Arrow or WASD keys to control your thief as he avoids the Kings security guards, Space bar key to sprint, Number keys 1-3 or Tab to switch between your bow and arrow, explosives or blade. Once you've completed all the Robin Hood levels you'll be able to unlock Jesse James (a thief from the wild west) or Blackbeard the pirate missions.

Size: 11331324 Bytes

3. Liferaft: Zero - action - 1797 plays
Liferaft: Zero
Link: Play
You wake up in a cold cell and placards on the wall gives you an indication of how to get out of this place. The game is made under the style of good old 8-bit adventures, but the background is made in the excellent modern graphics. Press S to jump, climb on walls or to get the rope.

Size: 871076 Bytes

4. Loved - action - 871 plays
Link: Play
Strange chubby have to go through all the obstacles in this black-and-white world. All the time you help the person who created the creature. You can listen to it, but you can ignore advices on deaf ears.

Size: 2695636 Bytes

5. Look out, Mr Johnson! - action - 803 plays
Look out, Mr Johnson!
Link: Play
Mr Johnson is madly afraid of this big pink ghost. Naturally, he did not know that he is trying to save his life ... Size: 9532010 Bytes
6. Lagoon Quest - action - 623 plays
Lagoon Quest
Link: Play
Swim as a dolphin and jump through the hoops. Stay away from other dangerous sea creatures.

Size: 627808 Bytes

7. Little Soldiers - action - 694 plays
Little Soldiers
Link: Play
Your little soldiers do everything you order them to! In this well designed game, you can run, jump,

Size: 364597 Bytes

8. Little Rocketman - action - 640 plays
Little Rocketman
Link: Play
An action pack adventure game, choose where you want little rocketman to fire so he lands on the pla

Size: 424311 Bytes

9. Lone Faction - action - 866 plays
Lone Faction
Link: Play
You are a robot that must escape from your creators you plan to destroy you.

Size: 1445404 Bytes

10. Luigi's Revenge - action - 742 plays
Luigi's Revenge
Link: Play
The sidekick gets his own flash game.

Size: 1539427 Bytes

11. Little Tao Si - action - 644 plays
Little Tao Si
Link: Play
Side scrolling kid action.

Size: 2025632 Bytes

12. Luigi's Run - action - 750 plays
Luigi's Run
Link: Play
Luigi takes center stage in this enemy jumping and dodging game.

Size: 138427 Bytes

13. Lord Of The Stars - action - 549 plays
Lord Of The Stars
Link: Play
The dark lord, Staruman is ruling over all the creatures. Explore all the lands and collect the star

Size: 5166014 Bytes

14. Labirinto - action - 629 plays
Link: Play
Get all the colorful balls scattered around a maze to the goal, before the time runs out.

Size: 2262126 Bytes

15. Luigi's Day - action - 807 plays
Luigi's Day
Link: Play
Why play as Mario when you can take the role of Luigi.

Size: 1181989 Bytes

16. Le Poulet Fou - action - 686 plays
Le Poulet Fou
Link: Play
Crazy birds attack you in this FPS.

Size: 127400 Bytes

17. Let Love Be Your Energy - action - 606 plays
Let Love Be Your Energy
Link: Play
Side scrolling action game where you collect girls within limit to proceed to next level.

Size: 340563 Bytes

18. Longbow - action - 729 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming enemies as they approach your position.

Size: 178255 Bytes

19. Legacy Of Agony - action - 670 plays
Legacy Of Agony
Link: Play
Chop the monsters in this action / adventure game to pieces.

Size: 790293 Bytes

20. Loa and the Island Quest - action - 718 plays
Loa and the Island Quest
Link: Play
A sidescrolling adventure game with some classic and not so classic puzzles to solve. Well drawn.

Size: 1099556 Bytes

21. Little Loki - action - 735 plays
Little Loki
Link: Play
Make your way out of hell. The lava is rising, keep making your way up top.

Size: 897889 Bytes

22. Love Trail - action - 601 plays
Love Trail
Link: Play
In this platform jumper grab the hearts and dodge the little devils or you die on Valentines day.

Size: 394486 Bytes

23. Lar's Adventure - action - 756 plays
Lar's Adventure
Link: Play
A sidescrolling, coin grabbing, enemy crushing, key grabbing, door unlocking adventure.

Size: 1634116 Bytes

24. Little Fat Ninja - action - 627 plays
Little Fat Ninja
Link: Play
The little fat ninja needs to get the gate open. Draw icey platforms to help him finish the levels.

Size: 2235338 Bytes

25. Legacy of Guy - action - 762 plays
Legacy of Guy
Link: Play
Sidescroller where if you don't kill the enemies, they stay on screen until you do. Cool and hard.

Size: 4419353 Bytes

26. Line Runner - action - 711 plays
Line Runner
Link: Play
An awesome line drawing game where you draw the line the runner runs on. Direct him to the goods!

Size: 1133264 Bytes

27. Luigi: Castle On Fire - action - 773 plays
Luigi: Castle On Fire
Link: Play
You're Luigi, jump over openings in the castle floor and dodge the Mario Bros. universe creatures.

Size: 1176463 Bytes

28. Laser War - action - 678 plays
Laser War
Link: Play
Travel the blocks and shoot the tank before it shoots you. Gets a lot more challenging.

Size: 137882 Bytes

29. Luminara - action - 679 plays
Link: Play
Fly around and shoot the enemies and watch them explode into pieces. Grab powerups whenever possible

Size: 2425179 Bytes

Legacy of Guy - Guy's Revenge
Link: Play
Shoot the flying turtle things. Use special powers to bomb large groups.

Size: 5961260 Bytes

31. Little Adventures 2 - action - 665 plays
Little Adventures 2
Link: Play
Chop the guys coming at you with daggers and burning logs.

Size: 2391876 Bytes

32. Labirynt - action - 657 plays
Link: Play
Fly around flipping levers and grabbing items. Avoid the walls at all costs and find the exit doors.

Size: 457917 Bytes

33. Ling Yun - action - 789 plays
Ling Yun
Link: Play
Fly and shoot the incoming flying enemies in this side view jet shooter.

Size: 3148263 Bytes

       33 action games starting with L
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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